04 January 2010


Hello my loves! Happy new years everyone :) I know I am a few days late but it's better late than never right?! ^_^ So far, this year is sucking and I have a feeling this year is gonna be sucky.. but I'll try to look forward to it anyway :D

So I wanted to post this look before it gets old and I forget, haha! I wore this out on New Year's Eve to my brother-in-law's house since they threw a house party. The weather was freezing, the winds were blowing hard, and I didn't get drunk! (so it was colder LOL)

I wanted to try out the Jesse's Girl Eye Dust that Chomsiri sent me :) I am really impressed with this product and I will probably buy more online since there isn't a retailer that carries Jesse's Girl around here ^_^

Recreating the eyeball -- products in order of application
- Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
- Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Galaxy (if I'm correct)
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
- Rock & Republic Saturate Eye Color in Veil
- Maybelline Line Stiletto (not sure what I used for my lower lashline though)
- Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara
- Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes in Flirty

Used very few eyeshadows for this look as I usually do LOL.. it just takes more time to blend out :) The eyeshadow that Chomsiri sent me is more navy in person.. it's a gorgeous deep navy blue with tons of blue sparkles.. Too bad it didn't capture on camera as well!

Here's me and the boyfriend.. this is the only picture he had his eyes open for and I didn't realize he tilted his head back! DARN YOU..
Hung out with my nephew and played games with him for most of the night. He's 4 now and he's so cute because he can talk but the fact is... when he talks he sounds like a little girl ^_^ hahahaha! xD He also kept shooting me the entire time I was taking this picture with the nerf gun we got him for his birthday.. oh, and he's a christmas baby!

I'm gonna round up all the awards I got tonight and will post them tomorrow.. I'm lucky that most of them are really simple! LOL :)



  1. Loveeeeeeeee this! It's so simple but beautiful!

  2. Beautiful look! Love the makeup. Cute pics!

  3. simple yet pwetty!

  4. thanks for ur sweet comments always! heheh i love this black smokey ish look.. i havent done black smokeyish in a long time! i kinda suck at it.. im all about raindbows hahhah i should try again tho... u look great lindah! & happy new year

  5. So pretty! Jesse's Girl is a nice brand. Try your local Rite Aid. You can usually find something there.

    I didn't drink New Year's, but I did on Christmas. lol I plan on drinking on my birthday though. =D

  6. happy new year!

    love the look! you and drjon look so cute together

    i have seen jesse's girl stuff around but never bothered to pick any up! now i'm curious about their pigments so will have to try it out next time i see them :)

  7. oh wow that pigment i sent you looks really good on you!!!! :D im glad you like it! i cant find jesse's girl product anywhere except online and Rite Aids o_0"

    about the stealers, they used cash so i couldnt track them down :(


  9. Such a pretty look... lashes look awesome too.

  10. You look super pretty! :)

    I know what you mean! My boyfriend buys my dad oil and helps my dad when he needs his car fixed. All I do is pass the keys from my dad to my boyfriend. It's pretty funny actually, because my parents have never met my boyfriend!

  11. very pretty honey! similar to what i do when i go out clubbing :D

    thanks for sharing with us honey :)

  12. You're super gorgeous =D Love the eye look. I think you can get Jesse Girl's product at Rite-Aid or Walgreens. I know I've seen them before at one of those drug stores. Your boo seems tired. lol. and awwww, that's cute that your nephew is 4 now and he's a Christmas baby. lol. I wonder does he get extra gifts on his birthday or less gifts than he would on other days? lol.

  13. Happy New Year too! your EOTD is really pretty! :)

  14. Belated happy new year! I'm so in love with the two colors you used on your eyes! So beautiful! <3

  15. Your, EOTD is very glamorous girl and those lashes are WOW ^_^.

    I tagged you Linds, you MUST do it ahaha, bring it on Linds, your 10th photo :)

  16. so pretty! Where Exactly do you get your shisem lashes? I'm gonna go to Korea town soon, and I wanna know where I can pick them up.

  17. The makeup, esp the lashes, looks good on you :) Happy new year!

  18. This is a lovely look, loved how you smoked it out!

  19. beautiful eyes^^~~ those lashes look amazing x

  20. Love the Look! You look very Sexy =D


  21. Holy smokes! Your eyes look FANTASTIC! Those contacts really made your eyes pop even more. I'm going to try this look!



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