11 January 2010


MEEE! :) I think this is the most creative title I've come up with in a long time LOL :P (besides my "when you don't use protection" post) This is a post dedicated to all the awards and tags I've been getting lately :D

So I don't like to post awards up because I usually forget about then by the time I go to make a new post ^_^ I would like to thank everyone who gives me an award or a tag because I'm really surprised you think about my blog! I honestly made this blog to just write about my makeup addiction, I never expected to even get any followers especially because I didn't go around other people's blog and mingled.. it just wasn't my thing to try to get "followers" and "readers". That's just my nature, even in person, I don't like to approach people, people approach me haha! Yeah it's kinda rude but I'm just a shy person underneath it all :P

The lovely Edna (http://www.abcgrrrl.com/) tagged me with the color tag! ^_^ I've already done the color tag but that color was RED but this time it's GUNMETAL GREY so I decided I'd do it :) This was wayyyy tougher than the red one, so excuse me if the colors are not so "GUNMETAL" ahah!
  • my forever 21 shirt that looks really ugly when it's not worn ha! I'll post a picture of me wearing it with my other tag I got since it kinda involves it :P
  • the second thing is what my boyfriend's sister brought back for him from disneyland (the one in california) and it had some gray in it so I thought it would do :X
  • free kat von d sephora bag they were giving away with a purchase of $25 or something from a while back. I plan on throwing some school things in it ahah! Hope it holds up until I get a backpack -___-" it looks silver in the picture, but I swear it looks like a gray color in person :D
Some shoes I got at Ross for like $12.99.. I really love them! ^_^ Some dude in my class always commented about the little balls -__-" gosh, he is really weird and distracting! I'm so glad I don't have any classes with him this semester especially because I changed professors! haha xD Sorry they're really dirty because I wear them often okay?! :P

  • footed tights from express. I was looking for something to wear with black dresses and picked these up during my christmas shopping ^_^ I really like them, but I still like black more so I will probably pick up some lacy ones next fall or something :P
  • OPI nailpolish in suzi skys in the pyreness. It's also the suede one.. I really love it the way it naturally dries and even with a shiny top coat :D
  • Milani eyeshadow, I'm not even sure the shade name because it's stolen :X It's from years ago from before I got with my boyfriend but I still keep it around because its a very pretty color :) One of my first eyeshadows to be exact!

Another award I think I've gotten before is the gorgeous blogger award! The beautiful Phoebe (http://xphoebelinax.blogspot.com/) gave me this one ^_^ ---thank you dear!
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award
4. Tell you guys 7 interesting things about myself
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

Okay so here goes nothing.. like literally! This is gonna be short :X
1. I played violin in the 5th graded.
2. English is my second language :P First is LAO of course.
3. I have been hauling my ass off the past few months but you bloggers don't know about it xD
4. I've been in Texas my whole entire life.
5. I don't work out.. but after looking at my legs I'm reconsidering it. Any leg workout suggestions?
6. I fit a B-cup.. Linda knows! haha
7. My sister's number in the new year's pageant (from 2000 I think) was number 7 :D

The gorgeous Erynn (http://ectini.blogspot.com/) & Rai (http://laxmorena.blogspot.com/)nominated me for the "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD" a while ago also ^_^
Rules for recipients:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

Honestly, if I follow your blog, I think your blog is fabulous! :D I really don't follow blogs I don't enjoy reading and even then I think some blogs are fabulous but I keep forgetting to follow -__-

Clara (http://frugalmakeupholic.blogspot.com/) gave me an award a while ago before the holiday started I think! haha :X

So in order to accept your award, you must nominate 10 bloggers for the award and post it on your blog. Again, if I'm following your blog and you update regularly.. I will frequently read your blog! I actually read every post that each person I follow posts up :P I know I will forget to comment occasionally but I try to so you know I'm there :)

Emily (http://twinsouls888.blogspot.com/) and Linda (http://xoladiihoneyxo.blogspot.com/) tagged me with the photo tag! I've done this one before and I will do it again, differently. I went to my flash drive and chose from those files ^_^

The rules of the Tag:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.
So this is the photo! ^_^ It says "happy b-day Linda" on it.. it was at Mochi Kitchen where my family & I went to eat for my 18th birthday. My brother-in-law Chandra was the one that wrote it! I went there the other day and they finally cleaned off the walls for a new year of graffiti! haha :D Great food, great people but piranha's is my first choice of sushi any day just because of their appetizers and desserts :P
Here's the outfit I wore that day.. this was later on during the night when I was really drunk. The only picture that shows the shirt (from the beginning of the post) well :) Sorry babe! I had to post up your grumpy drunk face :D

If you're still reading this post, thank you! haha.. it was a REALLY long but I did it! ^_^ I'm not sure if I had any other tags but these were the only ones I was aware of :P Sorry if I forgot!

I was gonna make a swatch post of the lippies I got but the sunlight went away so I couldn't :P I still have tons of hauls I need to post *sigh* ..yeah I blew most of my money on makeup and my tires! whateverrrr, I just gotta finish my wishlist and I'll be done!



  1. 培養健全孩子最好的方法是父母先成為健全的人。.........................

  2. WOE hehehe nice awards! hehe =D i love the color tag

  3. oh em gee. gunmetal? That's def. a hard one. lol. and of course I know! I probably can get you a sexy lingerie outfit, knowing your size. LOL. but I don't think your parents will be too happy about that. hahaha! You lazy bum -__- You compiled all the tags/awards. lol. Procrastination much? At least you got it done. haha. Boo woman! I started school yesterday =[

  4. i could not find a darn thing gunmetal grey either lol

  5. congrats on all the awards!! it is tough to keep up with them sometimes but it does make you feel all warm and tingly inside when you get 'em haha :)

    are you planning to finish your wishlist and not shop for the rest of the year? lol!

  6. i have yet to do that gunmetal grey tag too but its hard to find grey stuff in the room besides my clothes.

    and yay for the awards!

    you've been hauling again girl?! show us!! :D

  7. OMG! I forgot to do all my color tags! lmao.

    You stole a Milani Eyeshadow?!!
    I'm posting my MAC haul today. =D

  8. That Milani Eye shadow looks very Pretty! I think I have it ha ha not sure

    You and Your bf always look so adorable!!!!


  9. i've always wanted to try the studio sculpt foundation but i've heard so many bad stuff about it it kinda put me off! nice to know that some people like it though! i tried some on the back of my hand and the consistency kinda freaked me out a bit :P

  10. Yay for the gun metal color, I think it perfectly fits the description. Lovely lovely pic with the BF ^_^.

    We have something in common girl, we're both shy in person. I'm just blabber mouth here in blogging but I'm really shy underneath it all tsk tsk ^_^

  11. haha good to know your bra size LOL! And I just got my gym routine down again when I went back home in december. I find that swimming and the eliptical helps a lot with your thighs and butt and it's anti resistence :D lol at the guy that comments on the balls on your shoes, that is kind of weird, most guys that check out girls would comment on other things other than the balls on their shoes. maybe he has a feet fetish. hawt. mmmm!


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