28 September 2011

Depotting Project...

Had a little depotting project last night... I almost finished without breaking anything, BUT THEN my shockaholic chipped on the edge cause of the screw driver. D'oh!

Ahh well. As long as it's still useable :)


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22 September 2011

Haul: Posh Paradise & Styledriven

First off, I want to say thank you for all the gals that checked out my blog sale, it was much appreciated! Now I can go and get my passport made so I can flee the country lol...

There's still some items left on my blog sale and I've got some eyeliners and other things I want to put up there shortly!


Since the holidays are swiftly approaching, MAC is coming out with insane amounts of collections. My MAC artist Casey literally calls me in whenever the new shipment comes in since they always get it a week or so early and I get early access :) ...relatively lol.

No hand swatches for these collection. I actually forgot to go early to check out Posh Paradise so I went on release date and she showed me Styledriven and the Matchmaster foundations :) There were SOO many people getting their makeup done... on a Thursday people?! I mean come on, where are you going?!

I purchased 3 items from Posh Paradise and 1 item from Styledriven.

Sorry it's not the best lighting, I'm trying to use the tungsten lamp lighting since it's night time.

(Left to Right) Nubile Paint Pot | Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

I've actually used Nubile but the one I photographed is the extra one I got for my friend. It's a beautiful nude with pink undertones with a shimmery, slightly metallic finish. Great for evening out the lid before eyeshadow application and the shimmers aren't too obvious on the lids versus swatching it on the hand.

Genuine Treasure is like the paint pots that were released with ChamPale in terms of texture and I was obsessed with those! The color is like a antique gold/bronzey color and would be great used as an all over lid color if you're in a hurry and don't have time for blending. It's chunky shimmer gives enough sparkle so that it's not completely boring either.

Nice 'n' Spicy Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

I haven't used Nice 'n' Spicy yet but from the swatch on the back of my hand it's a neutral lipliner that's darker than my skintone so that my nude lipsticks just don't disappear and you can tell where my lipstick starts. I've been needing a neutral lipliner so I'm very excited to use this! Plus it's super long wearing because NONE of the swatches from Styledriven and the Posh Paradise's mattenes would come off the back of my hand.

Eden Rouge Mattene Lipstick

Is this another red lipstick to add to my collection?! Why yes, but Eden Rouge is different! It's actually not too drying for the amount of time it stays on my lips. (Which is almost the full day with minimal touch-up.) This lipstick never once got on my teeth when I wore it! It didn't slip or slide, but it did start to feather at the end of the day which I won't blame the lipstick since I didn't use any lipliner. I am really considering going back for more mattenes to add to my makeup collection since it was such a success with me.

Here's a photo a took shortly after I applied Eden Rouge. It's a very vivid red color with a little sheen :)

Now here it is after I chomped down some food! I thought I was ready to head out for the day but I realized I didn't eat yet so I had to scarf down what I could find. I saw lipstick coming off on the bread from my sandwich and some on the banana I ate so I didn't expect it to be on after I finished (although I was being careful) but to my surprise it was nearly fully in-tact!

See! That's why I was so impressed because most of my reds after I eat kinda just start to disappear. Plus it stayed on the entire day with minimal problems for me ^_~

What's your favorite red lipstick?

OKAYYY. So I don't haul as much as I used to, and I'm proud & glad so sorry it's not as visualizing like my hauls used to be lol. I've also got a crush on Deborah Lippman now but if I start seeing her I think my wallet is gonna hurt badly 'cause she's a gold digger. I'll show you the new nail polish I got soon! It's boring and I feel like I have something similar but the formula was so nice I couldn't resist. This is why they shouldn't have testers.

Did anyone get anything from these collections? If so, I'd like to see your hauls :)

I'll see you gals later!


01 September 2011

New items up for sale!

Hey all :)

I have just listed some items up on my blog sale!

If you know anyone that may be interested could you please direct them my way! Thanks in advance ^_^

Please have a look and if you're interested email me <3