24 February 2009

Getting My Blair On

My contest entry for M's contest! I had fun dressing up and actually wearing a dress to work! xD

I don't think I'd make a very good prep! I mean I don't even have a headband :O haha, but I DID take time to curl my hair :) the curls actually stayed on all day, even through the busy workday. they were soft too.. I didn't think the bedhead would work so well! (Although the curls looked good, what is up with my bangs?!?!)

I wore this to my dad's birthday brunch and decided too much wanna-be "cleavage" for dim sum lol and changed into this:

Sorry it's so bright! I took it outside and didn't realize how high my ISO was. It was so windy that day that I need a jacket and pulled out my handy dandy plaid trench :) I think that's pretty "preppy." I also wore the black dress I got from my last post with some tights underneath (don't want the wind to reveal anything!)

These were my main inspiration for the contest:

1) ruffle shirt

2) Soft waves and easy makeup :D

So my only preparation for the curling was combing a little bit of Bedhead Small Talk through my hair. I didn't think it'd work so well because I've tried it before and it left my hair a little hard. I guess I wasn't using it right because after I spritzed my hair with the bedhead maniac something hair spray I combed through it with the brush and my curls lasted until I got come from work :) I was very impressed!

BTW, I ordered a few more items from hello kitty before they were gone for good -- so then I won't be bummed that I didn't buy it :) My boyfriend said it's okay because it's almost my birthday.. :D

<333 Lindah

18 February 2009

Too Dolly Tutorial

Yay my video uploaded :) This is for the contest on makeupbyrenren's blog. Eeek it's my first video too :D

17 February 2009

too dolly FOTD & haul


Yesterday I tried to make a video of my look right below but the webcam stopped recording after 4 minutes?!?! I was so mad! So I re-recorded it today :) It hasn't uploaded yet but I'll post it up right when it's done! :D
(original look)

-- MAC too dolly e/s (inner third)
-- MAC stylin' e/s (middle third)
-- MAC slately black e/s (outer third)
-- MAC scant e/s (highlight)
-- sephora long-lasting liquid liner in black
-- UD 24/7 eyeliner in zero (bottom lashline)
-- zoomlash mascara in black
-- anastashia brow duo in medium ash (light side)

-- MUFE HD in 155
-- MAC beauty powder blush in Fun&Games

-- MAC cute-ster l/s
-- MAC mimmy l/g

On the look I recorded today, I didn't use stylin'. Instead of scant I used Phloof! and when I first put it on apparently the recording skipped that part? LOL! I'm totally going to use a real camera next time if I make a video. And on my lips I used Naked Frost l/g

(Valentine's day look at the very end of my night xD I forgot to take a picture after I left MAC)

Now onto my haulage :D
I got this top from F21 for $15. I could wear it alone.. or I could wear it with a tank top :D I don't think I'd wear the "belt" with it though

I got this ruffle-ly shirt from F21 in a pinky color. It's definitely a "wear it on a skinny day" kinda shirt LOL

This black dress is also form F21 and it was only $11! It goes all the way to the middle of the thigh on me. I really love it :D I think I'm going to wear it when I go eat for my dad's birthday dinner.

MAC damage!

Lucky Tom palette, Too Dolly palette, On The Prowl nail polish, Mimmy l/g, Fast Friends l/g, Nice Kitty l/g, Cute-ster l/s, Big Bow l/s, Tippy BPB... (not shown: Fun&Games BPB, Kitty Power glitter e/l)

I loved the nailpolish so much I wore it on the first day I got it :D In the video it's definitely chipped off a ton :X

NEXT POST ~ Hello Kitty Too Dolly Tutorial ~ :D

16 February 2009

fixed my comments

I didn't know my comments were messed up xD
Well it's all fixed now LOL thanks everyone

12 February 2009

Valentine's Smokey Pink EOTD

Another photo :) Still working on them blending skills :P I'm not too good at blending. I'm even suckier at putting color combos together LOL

goofing around with my boyfriend's little sister's camera while he was trying to teach her how to make breakbeats :D That metal line is my retainer...so uncomfortable! I really like how her camera captures the color! More vibrant than my camera would LOL but still a tad washed out but it's okay :)

-- MAC threesome mineralized e/s duo (pink on the right, lid color)
-- MAC mont black e/s (outer-v & a little in the crease)
-- MAC yogurt e/s (from HK! :D, highlight)
-- sephora long-lasting liquid e/l in black (on top lashline)
-- stila smudgepot in black (lower lashline)
-- MAC zoomlash mascara in black

-- cremesheen l/g in melt in your mouth

-- bare minerals foundation in medium beige (mostly faded lol)
-- MAC tippy blush (applied very sheer, don't wanna be the brightest thing outside xD)

okay, my next post is going to be hello kitty! :) it came out early at Nordstrom's on the 10th. I also have an even appointment on valentine's day :) I'll be sure to take pictures of that!

10 February 2009

Quietly Riches EOTD & Weekend Haul

I think I have a purple thing going :D lol, and I suck at naming entries!

I used quietly pigment from the cool pigments holiday set on my lid and then the purple color from the earthly riches mineralized e/s duo in the outer-vish area lol. then on my bottom lashline quetly 2/3 of the way and purple on the outer. I don't remember the highlight color but I'm sure it's phloof! and my mascara sucks! I'm trying to finish the tube because it's almost out just another week xD can't waste it with the economy going down! :P

Over the weekend I've picked up a few things... of course LOL. I snagged some things from sephora and mac. At sephora I got myself the NARS Love Set, and it comes with the "Orgasm" blush, "sex machine" lip liner, and a "pillow talk" l/g. I really thought the blush wayy over-rated... but now that I've tried it I love it! :) It applies wonderfully and it's so pigmented!

$49 at Sephora or Sephora.com
From mac I got 3 things from the cream team (or I think that's what it's called) that just came out. I'm really glad I did.. but the l/g was a total rip off. There was so much air inside of it whenever I opened the box to try it out for the first time! But I really wanted to get more because after I applied it I fell in lovee.. The gloss is not sticky at all! Usually I hate wearing l/g because of unpredictable texas weather because it's always ends up being windy! If they were cheaper I would go buy them all xD Well anyway, I got one in "Melt in Your Mouth". They're all very sheer so I got one of the more deeper shades so it'll actually show up on my darker skintone. I got two l/s also. One in "creme cup" and of course "lavender whip". I really liked lickable too but I'm going to save my money for HK's lipsticks.. I wasn't such a big lipstick fan because of my braces but now it's a total different story because my lips aren't chapped anymore! xD

look at all that air! :O
I'm going to try to do some more fotd's/eotd's. I think I wanna give a try at the contest that makeupbyrenren is having. It'll be my first video appearance (for makeup anyway :P) maybe, though I'm not sure yet.. we'll see how the macbook holds up. the webcam really sucks without good lighting and it makes everything look all grainy!

And for the "xoannie" I tried to comment on your blog but idk if my mac is being stupid or something else but just shoot me an email to: onlylindah@gmail.com :)

until next time ladies :D

06 February 2009

Smokey Purple & Nude Lips FOTD

Got my braces off :) My webcam sucks lol, the picture is so blurry! Hope you can see the smokey purple look :D

I used ransom&fishnet e/s together on my lid then on my crease and outer v I used oil slick e/s. (All from the UD Deluxe palette.) Forgot what I used for a highlight but on my lips I used my MAC freckletone l/s and Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme on top for a smooth finish :)

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

03 February 2009

"ULTA"mate haul

Driving through downtown fort worth the other day trying to get to work.. Then the day after that it was bright and sunny?!?! Crazy Texas weather! Reminds me of Stephen King's "The Mist" You can't even see where the buildings stop and trust me, it's way higher.

Anywho, my Ulta package came in the mail the other day! :) I got the "ULTA"mate stila set and a stila eyeshadow in "Diamond Lil." I really wanted the eyeshadow because I missed out on "smoke&diamonds" from the starflash collection. I swear they said it was going to be a permanent but it never got restocked! :(

MAC e/s in "Go" and Stila e/s in "GoLightly"

MAC e/s in "Grand Entrance" and Stila e/s in "Kitten"

So these colors look exactly the same! Well there's a teensy bit of difference in the pictures but when you apply it, it does look the same! Oh well, the whole set was only $40 :) The tinted moisturizer is going to end up in the trash because I tried the sample a while back and it didn't do anything. The texture is thick and greasy feeling and pretty much invisible lol. I'll probably throw it out unless someone wants it? It's in shade 01. And the shade would be too light anyways :P

So ladies, are you ready for Hello Kitty?!?! I know I am :D I already made a list of what I wanted lol. My boyfriend is going to pay for half since he didn't get me a christmas present and this will double for valentine's day :) I think I'm going to buy a two lipsticks from the "Creme Team" this week also :D

Until next time! :)

02 February 2009

Time for an Update

Just a little update :) I've been neglecting this blog xD I paired the neutral eyes with some bright red lips && please excuse my eyebrows. They look a lot tidier now :) Until next time! (I think this is the first post without any haulage LOL)