25 December 2010


Hello beauties!

I'm sure you can all tell by the title this isn't a beauty-related post. It's Christmas over in Texas and it's wet & rainy. Just wanted to swing by this blog thing and wish you all a Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year! I'll make a post before then though :)

I leave you with my hat... with built in gloves! hehe, it's super cute :)


13 December 2010


Hello girls! My, oh my has it been a minute! I've got great news :)... well great for me but I don't know about you. My mom just got out of surgery today and this is the last week of the fall semester so after this week I'm going to be so relieved and not stressed anymore! *PHEW* Also, I am not taking any wintermesters this year so I'll have some time for real updates (hopefully).

I will start you off with a picture of me & my boyfriend. We were at one of my girlfriend's birthday dinner on the freezing cold rooftop! That was a CRAZY night. My friends (2) got high, my other friend (1) had a hit and run.. on her fault, my other other friend (1) got mistaken identity for causing a fight, then my other other other friends (5) got their car searched. LOL, it was a fun but crazy night and my boyfriend got super drunk and threw up everywhere and I got harassed by some dude. GROSS... Anyway, here we are before all the alcohol! ^_^

I'm wearing Kat Von D Painted Lipstick in.... (forgot the name but it's a slightly deep red). Lasting power is very good and I only had to touch up after dinner from the pesto I had and then one time at the club! It was a little drying but that might be because I didn't apply any gloss over it and I tried not to lick my lips so that it'll last longer, lol.


I recently picked up the Wet&Wild holiday palettes. I had to go to 2 different Walgreens to find these and I got the last ones! :D I already own the four other palettes they have so I knew these were super pigmented before I even bought them. These are well-worth the $4.99 I spent and apparently my Walgreens didn't keep the 50% sale because it was "limited edition". GRR, what the fuck!! Whatever though it was still really cheap :)

Sugar Plum Fairy Palette & Violet Eyeliner

Snow Sprite Palette & Silver Eyeliner

Night Elf Palette & Black Eyeliner

Golden Goddess Palette & Gold Eyeliner

Sorry there's no swatches! It was really hard to even photograph it with my shitty camera so I had to pass on posting up swatches at all. I'll be doing looks with these and probably get them posted in a month or so :) haha! I'll also go through my eyeshadow collection and see if they're dupes for any higher end shadows so maybe you can scoop 'em up before they're gone.

Hope you enjoyed this post! No one probably reads this anymore but if you do I hope this helps :)


12 November 2010


Howdy y`all :)

No I really don't say that in person though. I think I would sound like a ditzy "valley" girl trying to say that... haha, you've all heard my voice right? ^_^

Today I'm featuring my SUPER late Venomous Villains haul from MAC Cosmetics. I went and got it on September 30 and my MAC ladies threw in this free patent leather purse/tote-ish thing. It sounded cooler over the phone but in person... it was like "holy crap that's shiny!" I think I will just keep it in my room to hold things :)

I got all the nail polishes (left to right; bad fairy, formidable, and mean&green), pigments (push the edge, brash&bold), the cruella lipstick (heartless), magically cool liquid powder (truth&light), and a beauty powder blush (briar rose).

Not too many things, but I still spend a shitload lol.

Here's a sneak peek at my makeup station! ^_^ the top-right drawer of my MALM is filled with makeup. It starting to topple over so now I gotta reorganize and sell some away :( BOO! I'll do my collection video one day.. soon hopefully?

So that's it for today! lol, I got a SHIT ton of stuff from the sephora friends & family sale.. eek! Stay tuned for that :)


07 November 2010


HELLO! I've been gone for a while now... a month and a half I think?? I've been swamped with school (sorta) but since I got bored for 2 days out of my week I picked up a second job at a local Subway! LOL.. yeah so I'm not sure if I'm really swamped with school if I got that bored BUT after I picked up a second job my whole week is filled with an agenda so that means I'm soooooo not motivated to blog! Plus, no one requests anything since hardly anyone stops here anymore, haha!


Here's what I was for halloween :) .... can you guess although my crown is cut off and I'm covered by my nephew?

I was Princess Peach! My boyfriend was Mario but he was already dj-ing at a party and I got totally drunk when I got there so we didn't get a picture. This is actually the only picture of the night I took that I have access to LOL.. and don't you think my nephew has gotten big since my last post :D he's two months now ^_^


This is a look I did between the time I've been gone from blogging and currently. I'm sure it was before it started to cool down in Texas because I'm sporting a tank top!

In this look, I used MAC Zingy Eyeshadow (on the outer V) from the Dare to Wear collection from wayyy back when! The color is so GORGEOUSS... but what other looks can I do with it??? It's so bright, and blue!

Please excuse the broken lip! That's why there's no lipstick because I was wearing lip balm :)


I wore this look out to my friend's birthday dinner. It was simple because it was just a bunch of neutrals but dramatic because of the smokiness and lashes :D btw, I'm wearing the same lashes as the previous look which are ardell demi wispies :) my favorite!

Nothing on my lips once again because I was still at home and haven't put anything on yet! I think I just threw on some nudy pink lipgloss :)!

I used MAC Naked Pigment & NARS Mekong Eyeshadow and a whole sheeetload of blending lol. Not so sure about the highlight but I know it's a matte off-white shade ^_^


Well that's all for now! Hopefully I get back in the flow of blogging and any requests are welcomed because then I'll feel more obliged to blog :D Have a beautiful day/night everyone!


23 September 2010


Hello lovelies! I'm going to show you the newest addition to my family today! (Not my kiddo.. but I'm the auntie lol)

Here's Mr. Andrew Arthur S.! This is him on his second day in this world.. he's such a cutie!

I can gladly say I haven't changed any of his diapers yet LOL.. not planning to for a while. He doesn't even like it when I try to feed him so I don't try changing his diapey.. HE MIGHT PEE ON ME!

That's his father and him. super cute but a little dangerous because they're sleeping on the couch while the mommy finally got to party!!

Anywho, enough of this celebration of the kiddo... onto the makeup parts of this blog :P Here's some looks I've done and have been sitting on my camera. I finally get to post them up ^_^

In the photo above, we were getting ready to go to Fat Daddy's in downtown Fort Worth for a night out. Coincidentally there was the Beastie Boys Tribute Band performing that night. HAHA, those old guys shoulda been home sleeping or something!

But enough making fun of them, I was really digging the red lip. I'm wearing the L'oreal Infallible Lipcolour in Beyonce. OMG... it's so GORGEOUS!! I want to go get a backup or two of it because I take like 3 years to apply it and it might get dried out before I can finish the tube :(

Okay, this look is from the same day but just wearing a different lip color. I REALLY love the lipstick I'm wearing! Can you gals guess what shade it is?? :) Well, in case you're wondering.. it's MAC Jazzed Lipstick! It's sooo pretty but I'm sorry I'm telling you this now because you can't really find it anymore :(

I wore this the other day when I went to pick up my paycheck. One of the homies was like.. "ooh, I like your makeup! It's blue right?" I was like.. thanks at first then I'm like are you blind little dude?! It's BLACK.. lol. Can you believe that the eyemakeup (excluding mascara) in this look was less than $5!? Man.. it was actually less than $4.50 LOL.. More about that in an upcoming post ^_^

And I'm also super bronzed in the look because of the NARS Orgasm Illuminator or whatever it's called. I mixed it in with my foundie and this was the result! It's really glowy in person but DAMN, I don't wanna look super bronzed too :( I usually just add it to the higher planes of my face now :D

OKAY.. I have a temptu airbrush session I got done the other day! OMG.. when the friends and family sale comes around, that's where my cash is going! ^_^ That ishh is amazingggg! I'm seeing tons of makeup collection posts going around so that's really inspiring me to actually getting to posting my pictures... plus I've got a tag from Linda to do which I think I'm actually going to do right this time and tag people.

Time to continue BONES now.. toodles for now!


14 September 2010


YO! :) So this post sounds like one FOTD... but actually there's two! ^_^ I was feeling a little edgy one day before class so I decided to use my MAC Night Violet that I purchased from style black last year. It's gorgeous... but vampy colors are too edgy to wear out for me lol.

Sorry about the MASK.. it really looks crazy because I've tanned so much this summer (unintentionally of course!) that my foundie looks crazy! I should've attacked it with my beautyblender... but I didn't realize it until the pictures were uploaded :( SORRY EVERYONE! I hate seeing people with different faces and necks LOL..

Here it is.. again excuse my face/neck! *doh..

I wish I wore some falsies with this look! GRR.. oh well.

dark lipsticks with cool undertones makes your teeth look brighter ^_^

I took off the lipstick since I was about to go to class and slapped some lipbalm on and this was the result! ^_^ stained lips.. they looked like MAC's most popular in my opinion.


Here's my soft smoky pink look :) I was playing around with the MERCURIAL MES I got from the look in a box. Color is super gorgeous! I thought it would've turned out more purpley than pink but I guess it's not a color I have in my collection so it all worked out. Let me tell you though.. fall out was crazy!

I also did this look before class and wanted to try the "no upper lash liner" look. temptalia always sports it so I decided to and I think she pulls it off WAYY better! lol, if only my lashes were full and lush :(

I'm also wearing my NARS Oasis blush that steph got me! ^_^ so gorgeous BUT I overapplied at first and it took forever to blend out! lol, be careful with these NARS blushes... they're hella pigmented.

On my lips I'm wearing Bare Escentuals Buxom lipstick in amsterdamn and I topped it off with their buxom lipgloss in dolly. SUPER pretty and natural! For some reason the lipstick is minty too ^_^ ... oh and that sheen on my face is the stupid MES fallout! lol

That's it for now! I think I'm getting the hang of blogging again :P


12 September 2010


Howdy! So I participated in the secret angel/secret devil gift exchange this summer hosted by Linda. Lucky me I got Steph as my secret angel.

Of course she's an angel, what else could she be?! She was super sweet to get me some things that I've been wanting to get for the LONGEST time ever but I just never got to buying them. I was super stoked to get the package that I opened it at work! LOL!

Lily of France satchel! That's a bra brand, am I correct?! lol, angel with a seductive side :P okay, just kidding.. I don't think that was what she was aiming for haha.

The packaging was soooooo pretty! All the cooks were watching me open all these goodies.. lol, they're probably like what?! MORE makeup.... are you serious?!

I got my MAC brush cleanser and NARS oasis blush! She also had a card... but it didn't make it into this picture :( Steph also threw in a white peach hi-chew! That shit was the BOMB.. but of course it's all gone by now lol

See how precise her packaging is?!?! I was too amaze.. but from previous things I've gotten from miss Steph, her packaging is always the best! ^_^

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I can finally stop window shopping when I go to look at these items in the store! xD haha.. oh you're the best!

Goodnight for now! I have some swap items to post up next :D


07 September 2010


HOLY CRAP! Its been almost two weeks! I was going to post last week but I got really busy and life got in the way... yeah :) but here I am now! I actually have another couple of posts planned so hopefully I'll have time to type it up! ^_^

I tried doing a gradient nail design the other day! :D I actually took this picture like 2-3 days later as you can see my nail is already growing out! :(

What do you think? I used all sephora by opi nail polishes. No clue on the names but if you really wanna know just ask and I'll look! lol

Here's all my MAC goodies I hauled from fabulous felines! I was really looking forward to this collection but it was sorta meh... I spent a lot only because I got the quad, pigments, and blushes! The eyeliners were AMAZING... but where in the hell would I wear colored eyeliner?!?! Well I mean I would, but how often would it occur? lol but anywho, I'll maybe go back for the black, purple, blue, silver, and gold.. we'll see :)

So here's the quad I got! It's the palace pedigreed quad I was loving the swatches on temptalia but I guess on my skintone and undertone they just don't work :( This is going back to mac and I'll probably exchange it for something in a newer collection ^_^ Smart ehh?

Above is utterly game mineralized blush. It's soooo pretty! Below is pet me mineralized blush. It's also gorgeous :P

I guess I just fell in love with blushes since I finally figured out how to apply them :P

The pigments I got were Lithe, Antique Green, and Bloodline. All were LE so I just went ahead and grabbed these first since the permanent ones will be there for a while.

Lithe is LOVE.... I love that color! Bloodline turned out looking better than I had anticipated. I'll post up my look I did with it later but for now just trust me :)

And these were from the Jin Soon Choi F/W '10 nail polish launch. I purchased Earthly Harmony and Jade Dragon. (that's what they're called right??) Both are gorgeous because one is muted which is how I like my nail polishes and the other one is like a tealish glitter inside :D BEAUTIFUL!!!

Well, that concludes my hauls for now.. I'm gonna post up my secret angel/devil by Friday because LINDA is so anxious to read it! I was so excited because no one told me I had mail so the next morning I was like WTF I GOTTA GO TO WORK! So I go eff this, I'm taking this to work with me LOL... man those guys at work were like... why the hell you taking pictures of makeup for?!?! xD

OKAY, goodnight everyone! I got some friends over now ^_^


25 August 2010


Howdy everyone! :) Long time no see? Ahh... but I have been hauling while I've been gone! LOL... this will be a massive haul post since the last time I've posted any hauls :D No swatches because honestly there's too many things to swatch!

But first... my face! haha, I've been totally neutral since I've been gone. Yeah, I think I'm done with colors.. or just the fact that there's no time to really get ready and wearing neutrals is a no brainer ;D

No clue what I'm wearing so no questions please! I don't even remember where I was going that day...

Everything is in random order of what items I picked up to take pictures of so some are from so long ago that they are not available anymore on the MAC website since they're limited edition!

Clockwise: Shockaholic, Going Bananas, Sassy Grass, Zingy, Louder Please
All are very vibrant and beautiful but I'm kinda clueless on what combos to do. Any ideas? :)

MAC Look in a Box.. the first time I've purchased one! I think It's a pretty good deal since you get 5 full sized items for almost $60.

I purchased Frisky Girl which comes with Mercurial MES, Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara, Pretty Baby BPB, Well Dressed Blush, and Nymphette LG.

I've always wanted Pretty Baby BPB when it released with Hello Kitty but I'm glad I got it now! :) And since I watched one of Ingrid's videos (from youtube) I've always wanted Well Dressed Blush and the other items were just great to have also ^_^

I wasn't going to get Stereo Rose MSF since I was there and totally skipped it when I went to get other IN THE GROOVE items but when I saw the way it looks on medium skin I knew I wanted it! Luckily the MAC website had it restocked when I wanted it lol :) Lucky me I guess!

I want to start collecting pigments now... I really like the new packaging ^_^

The alice+olivia pigments are super pretty too! :D From left-right: Later., Partylicious, and If It Sparkles...

From IN THE GROOVE, I bought two of the MES, Blue My Mind and Togetherness. I'm not a big fan of togetherness so if anyone's interested I'll give it up for $14 with shipping included. This is how it looks after I've used it.

*drumrolls* Urban Decay NAKED Palette! How I love thee, I almost bought a backup but then I said why the hell would I need one since I know I'll never finish it! :)

Super hard to get my grubby hands on this when it released, but I got an email from Urban Decay they'll keep making more until it stays in stock so everyone still has an opportunity to get one ^_^

Benefit Stay Put Set. I really like the cream shadow since I've always wanted the full size one but the baby size will do! Concealer is really creamy and emollient. The primer, I'm not so sure I'm sold on that so I'm glad I didn't jump at it when it came out. This is $10 at sephora.

Stila It Girl Eyeshadow Palette. Or I think that's what it's called.. lol :X Comes with 3 shimmery shades. It's great if you like shimmery neutral shadows but I wish there would've been a not so shimmery shade in the set. This is also $10 at sephora.

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer. I tried the small sample size from my 100-point perk and I really liked it! It's much smaller than Urban Decay Primer Potion and costs more but it's okay, at least I know I'll be able to finish this bottle lol.

Smith's Rosebud Salve in a tube. This was a filler to add into my basket to get free shipping for my NAKED palette hehe.. I'm glad I got it because I keep it on my nightstand and put it on before I sleep. Makes my lips super soft in the morning ^_^

New lippies from MAC! From left to right: Jazzed, Hellraiser, Glaringly Hip. All are super beautiful but Jazzed doesn't look so cute when you got peach fuzz going on haha!

I just loveee the alice+olivia packaging. FYI, it slides out so there's regular mac packaging underneath.

I got I Want Candy dazzleglass creme. It's like a yellowy-greenish color. Not wearable by itself but you can layer them to change your lipstick shade. More of an item I'm collecting than trying to use lol.

MAC Superflash! Superglass. I've had this since it released and I've used it frequently as you can see by the air bubble there lol. I LOVE the shimmery mess it leaves behind! It is a bit "rough" when you rub your lips together but it's not super noticeable. The shape of the tube is a hexagon too so it won't slide all over your table!

LORAC Luminizing Face Powder in Spotlight. It's a highlighter although it looks like a face powder. I think some people get this confused with that and say they don't like it but you're suppose to put it in parts of your face you want to highlight. It's gorgeous and it was only $9!

Dior Lash Extase Set. Comes with a full size extase and two sample sizes of iconic and blackout. I love dior mascaras so I had to buy this for later use! ^_^ It was about... $28 I think but I know for sure it wasn't over $30.

And here's a free sephora VIB gift with any purchase while supplies lasted! Great deal to be able to try out a lot of their products. :) If only the laura mercier TM was my shade.. *sigh* but the stardust shadow is a great size and I'm glad for that! ^_^

Well, this is the end of my haul of things I've purchase since the last one.. I know that there's some items I forgot but I really don't know what's missing so oh well! I hope I didn't make your wallets feel like they're burning haha because I know when I see massive haul posts it makes me feel broke too!

Hopefully I'll think of something for my next post. I've been hauling cheap clothes lately.. lol. I'm in love with LACE! everything looks so pretty with lace over it xD