30 July 2009


Hey girlies! :) Last night I did a quick little post with what I wore. I forgot to put details of what I did yesterday! lol xD

My boyfriend, his little sister, & me went to the mall for some back to school shopping for her :) I also bought a few things here and there and we did a little iPhone deal. We posted the ad on craigslist after I got out of the shower yesterday morning and not even an hour later we had about 5 people interested in buying! Well I hope so, it was only $170! Someone in mansfield contacted us and was going to buy it for that price as it (mansfield is about 40 minutes away from me). We wanted to meet them up some place public in case the deal goes bad, you never know! We met them up at the mall and my boyfriend's little sister got some money from her father to buy some things for back to school shopping because I told him it wasn't worth it to wait for tax-free weekend with their busy schedule!

So they person finally got to the mall and says "If you see me first I'm wearing a purple leopard print tank top and black jeans. I have long brown hair." We were like why is this guy wearing LEOPARD tank top? We started to think oh it must be a rocker guy because a lot of them live out there! haha, it turns out to be a girl :) I honestly thought I rolled around with a lot of cash but good lord! She pulls out this wad of twenties and just gave us the money and left! O_O That's one of the easiest customers to purchase a cracked iPhone :P No hassling, no nothing! She was a sweetheart :)

My boyfriend's little sister (angela) got 2 pairs of jeans from charlotte russe (buy 1, $30, get 1 half off, $15). They were a pretty good deal and that's pretty much the jeans I wear too lol! I think they're comfortable and some forever 21 jeans are too :D Angela got 3 shirts total, and then we went to target and got 4 new bras for her :) She spent a total of $125. Was that a good price for the amount of things she got? I'm not sure anymore how much things are suppose to cost to be at a reasonable price. lol! I think she's just going to get a few more shirts and hopefully that's it! She's still growing so I'm not sure if she should stock up on so much clothing right now.

We went back to my boyfriend's house to drop her back off and didn't realize her parents left us there by ourselves. We watched movies and they weren't back yet... we ended up taking her with us and letting her sleep at my house because we didn't want to wait any longer! I ended up doing the colour craft promo pic look on her and this is how it went. (took 1.5hours because I draw like shit with an eyeliner brush lol)

The original look:

Tried to blur everything out and focus on her face only because she doesn't have much hair :P I ghetto airbrushed her face on photoshop so that's not her real skin color! Since I already sold my skinfood bb cream I didn't have anything else to use as foundie to fix up some flaws :P

I blurred out the skintone but I didn't touch the makeup so that's how it looks straight forward :) I think it turned out pretty okay! I messed up her eyeliner because she was complaining about how the brush was hurting so I took a pencil and dabbed it into my smudgepot :P

&& here's her tiny little lips :D I used melon pigment for the inside shimmeriness!

haha, look at her she's so hungry! Don't mind all my clutter in the room. I tried to put the focus on her only :P She got to be the first to eat the chips... and by morning they were almost all gone! I went to go eat one and was like O_O??? Where's my food at lol

So what do you think? Did I do an okay job? lol, her face had pink stains all over it! It was funny looking :D

29 July 2009


Who's that blue eyed girl with the oily face??? THAT'S ME AMERICA! :)

Haha, I didn't bring my mufe hd powder with me to my boyfriend's house because that's where we slept last night so I got to test out the studio fix fluid without setting powder.. holy crap! I did my makeup at around 1:00pm and this picture was taken at 6:30pm! I think it does a lot better when it's set :)

So I've tried out these foundies recently:
  • MAC Select SPF 15 liquid foundation in NC43
  • MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC40
  • MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation in NC40
(I'll probably do a mini review on this because I was talking to the MA at mac and she was asking me how I was liking the other ones and she told me some stuff about some of these!)

I'm on my third sample :P Well, I never even used it all up but these are much better color matches than the MUFE HD one that sephora sales assistant matched me up with! I found out today (since I didn't do my makeup in the dark today) that NC40 in studio fix is a tad too dark for me! :D *cheers* why am I so happy? Because I bought shar's MAC Studio Fix in NC35! So I'm probably a NC37 in studio fix :) She was selling it for dirt cheap so I had to snag it! Beats spending about $30 at mac right? :D

So anyway, here's my look of the day. I usually wear the same look twice a week because I keep that eyeshadow on me xD Sometimes I'm too lazy to go scavenge for some coordinating colors!

I've been raving about these graphic gardens palette because they came with my favorite colors and pretty wearable colors! Although 3 out of 12 colors are lustres but I've actually grown a custom of it! :) The trick is to pack it on.

I used "wild wisteria" purple one and "graphic garden" black one for this look. The black goes on black but if you blend it out into the purple it turns into a really nice color!

Also wearing my angel geo lenses in blue and the heatherette lipgloss! See how the foundie looks perfect with my neck? :D

Pretty basic look. I used 3 colors and the 3rd color is "social climber" to highlight :)

I'm in need of a haircut! look at my hair, there's no shape to them!! @_@ I'm suppose to have side swept bangs (& layers) but it just looks like hair lol

Representing my lipgloss! LOL, and my chipped nails :P

hm.. not looking at anything but I'm trying out the maybelline pulse perfection mascara. It's the vibrating drugstore one. I think it's ALRIGHT. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet :/ I keep having mixed emotions about it..

I'm probably looking at a bunch of crap on the floor now.. lol, this is my boyfriend's room :) I took over so now it's basically OURS <3 haha!

Last but not least, my goofy face :B I like my boyfriend's room a lot. The lighting there is amazing! I could take pictures without flash in there but I didn't because the sun was setting ^_^

Alright, time to eat dinner and then catch up reading blogs and commenting people back :) I posted 3 days in a row! I'm on a roll.. LOL! xD


Iyah is the sweetest girl with the cutest accent :D haha (from her youtube video) She agreed to do a swap with me for my hello kitty brush holder head thingy for her heatherette lipglass in bonus beat :) I've been wanting this since it came out, and again I did not have the money to buy it! lol, and besides, I didn't have the guts to go to a mac counter last year anyway :P

Here's the package! She had hello kitty stamps all over it :D haha, this was one of the CUTEST packages I've got so far :P

She packaged it so nicely! :) It was like getting one of those pre-made gift sets the nordstrom people do lol. It's funny because I sent her almost the same exact color nail polish xD

She sent me two samples of the laneige strawberry yogurt peel :) I tried one of the already and I love it! It smells so GOOD and it makes my face feel softer :D When I finish using it I'm going to go ahead and buy the full size. She also got me her favorite falsies, ipum! I haven't tried them yet but they look like they'll look good :D haha! And I got me some eye treatment cream, candies, hello kitty snack (which I've already ate) and of course the heatherette lippie! It looks sooo pretty. I'm going to do a look with it soon... just don't know when yet!

Her handwriting is so pretty! I thought it was typed up at first when I glanced at it! :) I'm really glad we did this swap lol! Iyah is actually one of the first people I talked to on blogger :D She was so nice and friendly and I'm pretty sure that's just her nature!

Anywho, I drove my sister around all day today (she's 27 in october) and we were talking about taking a trip next year to california! :) I don't know which part of cali to go to though, which parts are the best? :D I want to save up so I can go shopping and waste all my money! LOL xD

We went to go and do my financial aide stuff for school (yeah, really late I know!) I'm so glad I'm already registered even though I just graduated from high school. It's so much more convenient because I saw the line and I've never seen it that long at all! O_O While we were doing that, her husband was at home cooking up some korean bbq and it was so GOOOD! They marinated it overnight so it was super flavorful :) And I bought a few things to organize my vanity/dresser. I think I might make a post on my makeup collection! It's not that much as you would think though. Well to me it's not too much because I don't have tons of eyeshadows :P

Enough of my ramble! I've actually got things planned tomorrow so I think I'll wake up a little earlier than I usually would :D (hopefully if all goes well...)

I've got tons of posts planned so I really think the next few days I'm gonna start popping out with a bunch of posts ^_^ and I think my blog turns one in a few months so I'm thinking about having a contest in celebration of it. But that's on a later note so I'll put details into that when I actually think about it :D


28 July 2009


Hey ladies! How was everyone's weekend? :) I'm so behind on commenting people back and reading blogs! Work is exhausting! I'm not sure why but I'm so pooped lately :( I'll be back in full commision real soon hopefully! I've got so many things to post about and I'm planning to just pop posts up and I hope I stick to that plan! :D

So today's post is about the dior iconic mascara. I've been using this since April and it's officially almost 3 months and I've reached a final verdict... lol, well I already knew how I felt about it but never got to posting it :)

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: $27
Where to buy: Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Dilliards, Macys, pretty much wherever they sell Dior
Repurchase: Yes, when I feel like I have extra cash :D

(with flash)
The tube feels pretty bulky in my opinion. I guess this means there's a lot of product in it?? The packaging is pretty other than it being kinda big. I don't like that BIG factor to the tube because I stick this in my small makeup bag in my purse and sometimes I like to stick a lot of things in it :)

(without flash)
The tube of mascara is actually pretty cool looking :) Do you see the difference in the pictures with and without flash? haha, I think it's pretty cool!

Here's the wand without flash. See the bristles? It's the plastic ones BUT they're not too stiff yet not too soft. I think it's a good balance. They do really good at separating!

The rows of the bristles don't go in a STRAIGHT line, they actually have like a 10 degree angle to them :) I think it actually has something to do with the separation of the lashes!

Here's the experiment!

The left side I used with conjunction of the Clinique Lash Building Primer & the right side is just the Dior Iconic mascara :) Below is my bare nekkid lashes!

This is after my lashes being curled with my shu lash curler.

Here is where I applied one coat of mascara to each side. (Primer is used on the left side.) The mascara grabs on better with the primer if you're only going to be doing one coat of mascara.

Here's two coats. If I wear two coats (which is pretty much every time) primer doesn't really make a difference. It really does define and lengthen your lashes :) It doesn't give much volume but I don't think that's what it's intended to do. My curl stays for the entire day and even though it's been three months it doesn't flake on me throughout the day! And even if it does, there's minimal amounts :D

Overall I really like this mascara because it comes off easily with makeup remover for me. They also have a waterproof version of this mascara now but I bought the regular version. If it weren't so expensive I wouldn't need to think twice about repurchasing! It costs even more than the Diorshow Blackout! GEEZ! haha, but it doesn't have a weird smell and doesn't seem like it's dry so I'll probably keep using it until it smells :P (yes it sounds gross but come on, I gotta make the most of my $27!)

It's a really big splurge for some of us but for others it might not be. It was a splurge for me believe it or not :P They had a little set when I bought it but they don't anymore so I know I won't be repurchasing soon and I still have other mascaras I bought that I have not used yet :)

On a side note, my boyfriend & I went to the mall today to exchange his father's birthday present because he thinks he's too old to sport a jersey :P We got him a dallas cowboys collar shirt instead and he likes it much better! :) My boyfriend offered me to go to mac because he asks me "did they come out with a new collection yet?" and I said yes but I don't want to go in because I don't want to spend any money! He offered to buy me some things with a $50 limit :D hehe, I LOVE him! I got a few things so I'll probably post about it next :)

BTW, I spent about $220 (after tax) on my MAC brushes from my last haul and it was originally suppose to be almost $300 (without tax) if I didn't buy it without the sale! It really does help a lot :D I really do encourage everyone to buy brushes during their once in a while sales :P

23 July 2009


How's life? I've been at my sister's house watching the puppy since it's her once year anniversary since she's been married :) It's much more joyful this time around than last time because the dog is being more cooperative! lol

So I've acquired these items from the past couple of months... Since the week naked honey came out! :) haha, and yeah that is quite some time so this isn't too bad of damage considering I'm such a mac addict :P

This was a week before the 25% off sale and naked honey had free shipping! I was so excited they had popster because it sold out so fast during the HK release! I love the TLC, it really saves me lips! I like the high-light powder but surprisingly it's a little darker than my skin tone but it's really nice on the cheeks as a subtle blush kinda thing :)

I bought 10 brushes from the 25% SUMO Savings sale! :) The BEST time to stock up on brushes because they aren't selling for full price hehe... I got the: 224, 222, 217, 209, 219, 295, 239, 129, 168, and 187 brush :D my full size brush collection is growing slowly... I'll probably get the rest the next time they have a sale XD

only thing I got from euristocrats 2. well I got "internationalist" at first and "roman holiday" on accident so when I went to exchange roman holiday I ended up returning both because the mua gave me roman holiday instead of rue d rouge. someone needs to learn how to read! LOL, just kidding :) no but seriously, this color is gorgeous! I'm gonna have to do a lip swatch whenever I have time hehe

The only things from colour craft I got! I'm so proud. I didn't get tempted to buy any msfs :) I was gonna get smooth merge but I figured it's gonna look similar to grand duo which I already have so I just passed on it. I got assemblage MES and miss marble l/g. it's the only color I thought that stuck out and I had to get just one for collecting sake! I've used assemblage for a few days already and I really love how versatile the color combo is and how many different looks you can do :D

well, you guys already know I got this if you read my review from the other post a while back. this is how it looks. the palette shifts images like the urban decay pocket rocket glosses :) it's pretty cool but I think the palettes that came out during the holiday was a lot prettier when it comes to the packaging.

what I love about this is... THE BIG ASS MIRROR! it's bigger than the holiday ones that's for sure :) and look it's jack! haha he was trying to sniff my eyeshadows with his wet nose.. that's a big NO NO! left one is fresh cut and right one is graphic garden. I used graphic garden today and it's soo pretty. Just my style because I love my bluessss :)

and lastly, I had to go back to get this baby.. I'm going to have to go to an actual mac store to grab the 226 brush :( or maybe I'll order it online?? IDK but I can't wait to test this baby out! :)

Hope I didn't bore you too much :P I hate blogging when I'm not at home. I just don't get "into the zone" LOL!

I've also bought a few other things too, I'm going to post that up next because I think it deserves it's own post :) hehe, I'm gonna go buy another one (of my secret item, for now) for a contest I'm thinking on having in a month or so xD ahh, you girls are gonna love it! I know I do and I haven't even opened it yet! <3

and I received a package from Iyah! Thanks so much for swapping with me :) I LOVE EVERYTHING! haha, and I'll post that up next too :D I was so excited when I saw what else was in there.... *eek* can't wait to put that online haha... I'm such a loser. I get all giddy when I get packages :)

okay, time to stop rambling! good night girls (and guys) time to go watch fast&thefurious 4 with my babyyy.. and doggy :D


20 July 2009


How's everyone? So still haven't got new foundation yet -- trying to save money because I don't need it just yet -- but I'm thinking of getting the studio sculpt from mac. Anyone tried it? How do you like it and how's the coverage? Tell me in the comments pleaseeee :)

I bring you something beauty related todayyy... I feel like such a slacker! I shipped out the packages to everyone who ordered from my sale that live in the states. I'm sending out the international ones on tuesday or wednesday so hang in tight :)

I'm one of the lucky ones that got MAC Peppermint Pattie Nail Lacquer :) It's funny because I went to see it and I didn't get it because I was like "I have too much nail polish". Well my soon to be sister in law went looking for a birthday present for me at the mall with her younger sister and the younger one goes "she already has all this hello kitty stuff" because HK just released :D So she ends up buying me peppermint pattie & seasonal peach. Who knew peppermint pattie would be such a big hit?


A lot of people says For Audrey and peppermint pattie looked the same but they're no where close! For Audrey is too much of a blueish color. Hey! Get in Lime looks pretty close too, but when you look CLOSE (as in more than two feet) it's too light and a teensy bit too green. As I compared it I was thinking what color can I add to make it bluer? So I decided to mix together the OPI and CHINA GLAZE to create this limited edition color :D The measurements are exactly half & half.

Here's an example. Can you tell which is which?? *don't click it to enlarge* my fingers are SUPER dry LOL! I didn't think about it until after I looked at the picture on the computer. I painted my nails pink after I did this :) BUT I HATE the OPI pro wide brush thing. I can't do it neat at all lol! I had to go back in with a cosmetic q-tip and take the pointy end and clean it up :(

Left nail is For Audrey mixed with Hey! Get in Lime. Center nail is Peppermint Pattie. Right nail is Hey! Get in Lime. I forgot to do a swatch of For Audrey alone but everyone knows what that looks like right? (Is it hard to get that color where you live? We're like OVERSTOCKED or something in Texas, it's never sold out!)

Hopefully someone goes to try it out :) It's pretty easy to do. I just put a big drop of For Audrey on my nail and then went in with Hey! Get in Lime on the brush like normal and kinda mixed it up on my nail and then spread it everywhere. I guess you could always poor it into each other but that's kinda ghetto?? Well my way is kinda ghetto too LOL xD

I'm going to have to conjure up all my makeup that I've both in the past two months and do a collective haul post :) eeekk.. SOUNDS SCARY! xD

Tomorrow I start sleeping at my sister's house again to watch the boy/dog JACK!... LOL! He's so adorable though. I'm going to have to get a video of him doing all his crazy stunts :)


17 July 2009


Everyone and their mother is having one of these so I think I need to clean out some makeup with a sale! Everything is GENTLY USED, SWATCHED ONCE, OR NEW!

* For people concern with USED lippies, I don't have any STDs or HIV/AIDS or any of that NASTY stuff so I won't spread anything to you! I don't wear makeup if I get sick but then again I don't really get sick :)


1. I only accept paypal! Immediate payment required. If it's not paid within 48 hours then I will put it back up! Cash/money order is too complicated because I don't want it getting lost in the mail. If you really can't pay by paypal then give me a personal email and maybe we can work something out :) I'll also accept swaps!
2. Shipping will be $3.50 and any additional item will be $0.50 extra. Everything will be shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope. Tracking number will be included! (if possible)
3. US & Canada residents only. Sorry, if you're from somewhere else then maybe we could work something out depending on how much it costs & how heavy it is :)
4. No holding! First come first serve!
5. Everything will be sent out after payment clears!


* I will let you sanitize the products because I don't think I know how to properly do it! LOL xD Don't want to mess up anything.

Click the images to enlarge for a more clear photo :)

(left one is a full size l/g for comparison purposes)
L to R: My Dear, Delicate Crush, Frostlight (looks like it's sorta empty but it's because I leave it laying down)
Condition: SWATCHED ONCE on hand
Retails for: $35 (bought in set)
Price: $5 each or $12 for all three
- beautiful colors but I have too many lipglosses to keep these around. perfect to throw into your makeup bag because they're so small! :D

L to R: *SOLD* Racy (2008 HOLIDAY), *SOLD*Adore it! (2008 HOLIDAY), *SOLD* Big Bow (HK) comes with box
Condition: USED 2x-5x, pink lipstick is brand new and there for comparisons on how much is used!
Retails for: $35 (bought in a set but a MAC lipstick costs $14)
Price: $8 for the 2008 HOLIDAY, $10 for the HK
- holiday lipsticks are gorgeous for the red lip but I found a red lippie that I really like so I have no use for these. hello kitty lipstick gave me an allergic reaction the last time I used it o_O made my lips hurt for some reason! :(

Color: Blonde (BBR), comes with box
Condition: USED 3x
Retails for: $27
Price: $17
- doesn't suit my skintone and I don't wear it as a highlighter often enough to keep it.

Color: Kitty Power (HK)
Condition: BRAND NEW, comes with box
Retails for: $16.50
Price: $10
- pretty when I swatched it at the counter but I don't see myself wearing it after I bought it but I was too lazy to return it.

Color: Shade 2
Condition: USED 3x, at least 85% left
Retails for: $15
Price: $9
- yeah I was curious and it really doesn't match my skintone :P lol, I tried to darken it with powder but leaves a weird look so I can't use it!

L to R: Lucky, *SOLD* 1999, *SOLD* Bourbon
Condition: Lucky is BRAND NEW and the other two are used, click on the picture to see how much is used. Never sharpened before!
Retails for: $29 (bought it in a set)
Price: $5 for Lucky, $4 for the other two.
- I know I won't use these colors, I still have a ton of the bright colored ones but I'm not sure if I want to let them go just yet.. LOL!

L to R: *SOLD* grapefruit, *SOLD* gumdrop, *SOLD* apricot, raisin, vanilla, brown sugar
Condition: BRAND NEW!
Retails for: $29 (bought all of them in a set together)
Price: $5 for one, or $20 for the whole set and I'll leave it in the box it came in!
- again, I have too much lipgloss xD

Color: Shade 01
Condition: BRAND NEW!
Retails for: $32
Price: $10
- Obviously this is not the right color for me so I didn't bother touching it lol

Condition: USED 3x-5x, comes with original box and instructions
Retails for: $38
Price: $15
- this was really nice but I don't really contour ever so I have no need for this

Color: Peachy Keen
Condition: USED 2x, comes with original box and the mirror still has plastic on it!
Retails for: ?? I think they discontinued it
Price: $5
- Didn't show up on my skintone. It's a pretty matte peach blush though :D probably better for fair-light skintones. The luminizer is super pigmented though!

Color: Pinky
Condition: USED 3x, still pretty new
Retails for: $6
Price: $3
- looks like MAC HK Tippy so I don't need this one. Definitely a cheaper alternative and super pigmented!

Color: Taupe
Condition: USED 2x
Retails for: $6
Price: $3
- great for contouring, supposed to be a dupe for MAC Emote Blush which is discontinued.

Color: Narcissus
Condition: USED 2x
Retails for: $3.50
Price: $1.50
- too light for me

Color: B52
Condition: USED 1x
Retails for: $3.50
Price: $1.50
- wasn't a big fan of the color but a lot of people like it

Color: Cocoa
Condition: SWATCHED 1x but you can't even tell
Retails for: $3.50
Price: $1.50
- a little to rich in color for me. super creamy lipsticks though

Color: Creamy Beige
Condition: SWATCHED 1x but you can't even tell
Retails for: $3.50
Price: $1.50
- wasn't a fan of the color but looks like it will be a good nude :)

Color: Real Nude
Condition: SWATCHED 1x
Retails for: $2
Price: $1
- looks like natural so I don't need two of the same shades

Color: Bronze, about 3.5 inch heel
Size: 8, I usually wear size 7 but it says 8 in the shoe so I'm not sure what size it's really suppose to be??? o_O But I usually wear a 7.5 in steve madden!
Condition: USED 1x, no box
Retails for: $55 or more!
Price: $20
- I still don't want to let these go but I don't wear them ever and the only time I did it was for like an hour? lol, Nothing I have matches with these shoes!

Color: Red
Size: Small
Retails for: $12.50
Price: $6
- was going to exchange it for another dress but can't find the receipt. I don't like how it looks on me lol

Color: Black with white writing & rhinestones
Size: Small
Condition: NEW
Retails for: $10.99
Price: $5

Color: Black
Size: Medium
Retails for: $54.90
Price: $25
- nice bubble style dress but too bad I bought the wrong size so it's looser than it's suppose to be :P was going to wear it for a wedding but ended up not going. don't think my legs are long enough for the length too :(

L to R: Blueray, Smokin', Glamerald, Jade-a-Kissed
Condition: SWATCHED 1x
Retails for: 3/$15 or 6/$20
Price: $3 each or $10 for all of them
- I have too many "blueray" colors and the rest of the colors I don't wear on a daily basis so I don't need to have these sitting around. blueray is a good dupe for urban decay peace!

Color: Red
Quantity: 2
Price: $3
- I used one already and it holds a lot of stuff :)

Color: Red
Quantity: 2
Price: $2
- I used one and I used to throw all my lipsticks in it until I started buying too much lol so now they don't fit :)

Color: Develop 10 Calcium Gel (clear), Covergirl Boundless color (amethyst mist)
Condition: Develop 10 is USED and it's at the part where the arrow is pointing! CG is BRAND NEW!
Retails for: Develop 10 - $6.99, Covergirl - $3.50
Price: $2 each
- bought the develop 10 because pursebuzz reviewed it and it ended up not working for me but it leaves your nails really shiny! the covergirl I bought with "disco dazzle" (the silver glitter) but I realized I don't need both sparkley nail polishes :P

Hope you enjoyed looking! lol, I have more stuff to sell, but I don't want to part with them just yet..... *sigh* I don't want to let you go MAC! xD

thanks for looking :)