22 January 2009

Blondes & Brunettes

Hello ladies! =)

On MLK day;;

- I had a shopping day with my boyfriend's little sister but my boyfriend ended up coming along too! =) We went to the mall looking for Vans I promised to buy her but they didn't have the ones she wanted. Of course I picked up some things looking for the Vans store. I got
a cute blouse from F21 for only $13.50! Something I can wear for the film competition coming up =). I saw a black satin shirt from Guess and I fell in lovee!! I thought that one was $29 but when the guy rang me up it was only $14! =D Sorry no pics of those, can't find my camera at the moment.

- I went to Nordies to visit the MAC counter to originally pick up the Redhead MSF but they didn't have anymore =( I got Blonde & Brunette instead. So I sat down and she put the Blonde on me first. I have a darker skintone so she used it as a highlighter and put a pink blush on me. I really wasn't going to pick up the Brunette but she insisted on letting me see how it looks and she sold me lol. I did leave looking very "clowned-out" from the many layers of items that got slapped on =P

Blonde is on the right, Brunette is on the left. (all three pictures)

Sorry it's not very noticable on the last pic. Brunette's lightly applied on my face. Didn't realize how it looked until I uploaded the pictures. Please ignore my dark circles =) School is killing my sleeping hours. My earliest class is at 7:30 and unfortunately it's british literature =( I don't understand what they're saying and it puts me to sleep! GEEZ!

19 January 2009

More Haulage

I had a sephora giftcard for xmas =) and so I saw they were having a sale so I stopped by a few weeks ago and grabbed some things I've been eyeballin` but been too scared to shell out on.. I got the NARS eyeshadow palette, NARS lipgloss set, and Anastasia Powder Duo in Medium Ash. I also got a free Sephora liquid eyeliner and a bunch of samples but those are lost in my drawers at the moment... Eyeliner works pretty good to make a super fine line =) Haven't tried out the samples yet but will do soon.

Left to Right -
1st Row: Kilimanjaro I, Bohemian Gold II, Surabaya II
2nd Row: Himilayas, Ondine, Night Flight

So my camera cooperated to take those swatches but I tried with the lipglosses and I got a blurry mess. =( I also took advantage of the MAC sale they had on the website hehe but I didn't buy as much as I thought I would've. I got the Fix + spray, Charming Garnet holiday set, Family Silver mineralized e/s, Earthly Riches mineralized e/s, and the 109 brush. The charming garnet came with a belightful iridescent powder, slimshine in bare, mini zoomlash, mini eye khol, and a 181 mini buffer brush. I think that's a pretty good deal for 40 bucks?

16 January 2009

Dame Edna, Boots, & Contouring

The other, other, other day I went to Nordstrom and I picked up a few things =) I got the "Kanga-rouge" l/s and the "wisteria" eye trio. I really liked "possum nose" l/g but I'm not sure if I'd really wear it.

See how fuzzy everything looks? This was the best picture I had too! I need a new camera =(

This time I didn't get just makeup =D I bought me some boots too! They're pretty short height-wise aside from all the boots that everyone's wearing. I think I might go back and grab the steve madden ones. They're only 80 bucks! That's pretty cheap for boots.

Rockin` my boots =P

ack! So I lost my camera cable =( I'm not really sure where it is. Maybe under all the clothes lol. If I can't find it I'll probably just go borrow my sister's camera... because I got some more things. =)


I tested out the contouring trio =P ignore the blueness/greeness of the picture.



See the chiseledness? Haha, I'm not wearing anything but the contouring powders so my skin is pretty uneven right now. I'll probably use it this weekend and take another picture then with the camera =)

15 January 2009

Beauty Crunch Haul

Hellooooo! It's been a while x)

So I saw that beautycrunch.com had the stila conturing trio =). Of course, I snagged it =P but I also got a the peachy keen blush. The conturing trio is pretty pigmented so you don't need much to get color. The blush is a little chalky though but the luminizer part that comes with it gets good color payoff.

I've been doing some fotd's but I'm not diggin' the camera quality so maybe I'll sit in the car with my laptop and take some photos next time =P I think it picks better than my camera does ha.

I'm going to do my best to update more. I have tons of pictures to share and I've been taking advantages of the New Year's sales =D