20 December 2008

Update && FOTD

It's been quite some time since I've updated. So much to do so little time =( So what have i been doing? 1) doing a quick short for this film festival, 2) essays, 3) trying to keep up with calculus, booo, and 4) christmas shopping =)

I got up early today and had time for some makeup so here's the FOTD.

What I used:

- Monistat as a primer
- MUFE HD Foundation in 155(?)

- MAC Scant e/s
- MAC Satin Taupe e/s
- MAC Mont Black e/s
- Stila Smudge Pot in Black
- Maybelline Define-A-Lash in Black

- MAC Icescape l/g

So the other day I went to Nordstrom's and found myself to the new collection xD I got "Mont Black" e/s, "Naked Frost" l/g, and "Icescape" l/g. BUT first I bought these Kenneth Cole shoes for my boyfriend (and went broke) I
still just had to buy it =( Was it worth it? Not sure yet.

I got some blogs to catch up reading on =) And if I don't blog until after the holidays, be safe and have fun =D

20 November 2008

Collective Haul (Picture Heavy)

Okay I've definitely shopped a lot in the past month & a half.
There's Nordstrom, Sephora, then Nordstrom again LOL

This haul I got:
- enough said beauty powder blush
- stark naked beauty powder blush
- red lips set
- neutral lips set
- pink lips set
- smokey eyes palette
- warm eyes palette
- cool pigments

This haul was from last weekend. I was in need of some seriousss
eye cream and they suggested "All About Eyes" but I got a free GWP

The sephora came in on the following tuesday the sale started
I was so excited when I came home to find this sitting on the table
I got:
- urban decay 24/7 mini eyeliner set in velvet rope & VIP
- urban decay primer potion
- urban decay book of shadows
- stila "gift of glaze" set
- smashbox photofinish primer (only $39 for a full and travel size)
- MUFE HD foundation in the shade 155

the teal is gorgeoussssss

the GWP, the purple shadow is soo beautifullll
I think this was a pretty sweet deal

the urban decay stuff =P

a closer look at the shadows but you've probably seen them before
lol and the size comparison to the UDPP

but anywho, I used to the teal pigment and "goddess" eyeshadow
from the book of shadows together last saturday to work. But
after work we drank at my boyfriends sister's house and he got
drunk so I had to sleep there too. I was surprised to find that
my eyeshadow was still as vibrant in the morning as when I had
put it on before I went to workk! So worth the money =)

my camera washed out the colors =( it's so much bolder in person

but i think that's it for this post. any constructive criticism is

07 November 2008

Gothic Lolita Contest

my entry for the gothic lolita contest on kimberly tia's blog =)

i put this together real quick before work LOL
the dress is my halloween costume from last year
when i went trick-o-treating with my nephews
it's little miss muffet =) and then i just put a long sleve
shirt under and my lacey shirt over that. didn't
have much time to do anything to my hair though
but i hope everyone enjoys.. still gotta work on this
layout! i have NOO time

08 October 2008

Gotta Start Somewhere

I've known about beauty bloggers for a while now. But I've never really gotten into makeup.. until recently, lol.

So don't mind if I add you onto my blogroll. Thankss =D