30 December 2009


Hello world! I've been going simple on the makeup lately :) Just haven't found any urges to wear BRIGHT makeup ^_^

Here's a simple one I wore this one day.. I'm not sure what I'm wearing though but I thought I'd post it :) I'm almost sure that it's the MAC Devil May Care (or was it dare) palette that came out this year during the holiday! :D I really love that palette and wish that it had bigger shadows like the '08 palettes! Oh well.. I'm also wearing my geo angel blue lenses! ^_^
Really awkward smile.. ahh! I had trouble taking pictures that day because of the lighting and my smile was not working right hahaha!

A lot of you girls asked about the victoria's secret eyeshadow that katelyn sent me and so I tested it out in this look! I only used like a dab or two (not swirl) on each eye and it came out super pigmented.. it's going to last me a LONG time! haha, and the pots are huge! Definitely worth the money if you get one :)
Rockin' ruby-ish lips with my on display lipglass :) I layered it on some more later because it wasn't dark enough haha! It is FOR SURE not an everyday color for me!
Here's a close up, I used family silver mineralized eyeshadow with this look, I will use it WET next time because it didn't give me the intensity I wanted :(

I stopped by ulta today to pick up the photoready foundation (revlon, maybelline, loreal, almay is having a buy 2 get 2 free right now) but they didn't have it so I was like whatever! I did pick up the loreal lineur intense for $4.99! Super cheap.. so it was buy 2 get 2 free :) I used to use this when I was a sophomore, which was wayyy before I was interested in makeup and I remembered how much I loved it! I know a lot of youtuber/bloggers use this now but I'm not using it for the hype, I used to use it all the time years ago! :D

Okay, back to photoready, ulta didn't have it so I dropped by CVS after and they had it for buy 1 get 1 free so I grabbed two in golden beige! ^_^ Okay, I bought this because I saw a blog post on someone's blog and then fafinette posted a review about it and she's the same mac color so that's why I just picked up two of the same shade :P I will test it out tomorrow and hopefully a review later? IDK, we'll see!
Here's a shade comparison. (left to right: MAC studio fix fluid NC35, Revlon Photoready 008 Golden beige, Revlon Colorstay 350 Rich Tan, MAC studio fix fluid NC40) All of them have the same amount of product in it which is 1 fluid ounce :D

Now random stuff I wanted to share..
Cleaning out under my bed last week and ZOMG.. there was this huge ass dust bunny under my bed! First I was like WTF IS THAT?!! A MOUSE?!?! So I grabbed a flash light and thank goodness that it was just gross yucky thing.. that doesn't move! hahaha... can you tell that I don't clean under there very often? I'm gonna have to try to clean more often... xD

This is CAThy
She is a homeless cat that found her way to my boyfriend's store.. She likes to talk to you and wants to be petted, but I refuse to pet her because she might have all sorts of yucky stuff on her! *YUCK* But ocassionally I will pet her on the head haha! Man she is FAT! xD

OH! And we can't forget jack, he's the doggy that fell in the snow on christmas eve :) I didn't get a picture of it or video, but we got one of him running out of the snow haha! Well I bought him a new toy for christmas and he didn't not let go of that thing!
Look at him! haha, he looks like a teddy bear :) He lovesss that thing, still hasn't let go of it -___-" I didn't think he would love it that much! :X

And here's all the presents that I wrapped! :) Some were covered up but whatever! I got them wrapped up in one nigh so I'm pretty proud of myself ^_^
Forgot to take one of the tree at my sister's house though.. GRR!

So I placed an order at sephora Tuesday at work.. I was about to buy something at ulta online which was $53+tax but I hesitated and changed my mind.. I'm so glad I did! OMG, I would totally rather spend the same amount at Sephora because I have stupid coupons for ulta! haha, I will go to ulta every other day just to save like $3.50-$5.00 a day :) EFF YOU FREE SHIPPING WITH $50 PURCHASE!!! Oh, and I got my 500 point perk too at sephora so booyah! :D Can't wait for my nail polishes ^_^ ... although those colors are not too interesting to me but maybe I'll love them? :)

I'm planning on blowing the rest of my christmas money on toofaced.com on those stupid ass teddy bear hair brushes they have! OMG, those things are so SOFT! But shit for $65?!?! You're fuckin` kidding me! I also want the walk of shame set thing.. because it has TFSI and totally nude lipstick in there! :) I will use that luckybreaks code which is 30% off your purchase so the total won't be super crazy.. I'm still debating on the brushes, but I've been wanting them ever since May 2008.. Yeah, it's been that long LOL...

Other news, I got a nail in my front passenger tire and I have no clue how long it was there! :( I had to spend $240 to get two new front tires :/? So much money.. and I replaced both because after I experienced snow I realized that my tires are BALD and NEED to be replaced so I am going to replace my rear tires in the next month or two?.. farewell makeup purchases for a while.. haha!


25 December 2009


Hope everyone is having a great christmas day! As for me, it's pretty much over when I woke up today lol because we opened up gifts last night ^_^ I don't really ask for anything for christmas so when I open presents it's pretty much a surprise to me LOL :) As for things on my wishlist, I will buy those on my own with my money or maybe drjon817 will get some for me xD

I also posted a few more things up in my blogsale, there's a link above this post to my blogsale blog so just click that if you want to see what I posted up :)

Okay so as for the post.. I bought a few more things off of hautelook during their rock&republic sale :) I am pretty much done buying R&R stuff unless I feel an urge to "collect" all of their blushes and in that case, it'd be during the hautelook sales lol xD

This time I got a lipgloss (vacant), eyeshadow (veil), and a blush(call me).

They're so pretty! ^_^

I am very happy with the colors that came this time, I had to do my research online first and look at swatches. I really wanted a matte highlight color so I got veil. I'm really loving it, I have used it everyday when I do my makeup ^_^

swatches! :) lipgloss is very muted and neutral which was why I bought it :P It's not as pigmented as the other ones I got but I mean it's still pretty pigmented compared other lipglosses!

A lot of the sites I went to said the R&R call me blush looks like NARS orgasm so I decided to compare for you!

In the pan it doesn't look as if they'd be the same but when you swatch it it's virtually the same shade! :) NARS has more "chunkier" shimmers but it's still very fine. The R&R blush has very subtle small shimmers that just gives your skin a beautiful sheen! :D I love it...

Well that's it! And don't forget, check out my blogsale if you're interested! It's actually a couple of limited edition things lol. I don't want to return it because when you return things they have to throw it away! It's so sad.. I rather try to post it up here and get less of my money back then see a perfectly unused product get thrown in the trash! *sigh* all that wasted makeup.. LOL XD

Hope everyone had a great holiday! ^_^


24 December 2009


Made a video for you girls! :) haha, omg my hands are freezing! My mother made me go outside and take pictures of her in the snow -___-" but oh well, this is why I made a video! LOLL :D

Happy holidays everyone and I hope you get everything you wanted and more for christmas! ^_^


23 December 2009


I'm still alive, I've just been working everyday (pretty much) since thursday! So busy, and thanks Steph (from julu jewelry) for the heads up about the mac stuff! I got the last treasured :D


Angela over at sparklemidori is having a "Happy New Year Giveaway"! :)

Giveaway Rules:
* Participants ave to be either a follower of my blog or a subscriber through e-mail.
* For main entry, please leave a comment with e-mail address, link to where you blogged about this giveaway (if you don't have a blog, then you can either twitter or Facebook this giveaway), and answer to this question: Name a product or a brand that you really want to try but couldn't get your hands on.
* Open to U.S. + International readers. However, please keep in mind that if you are not really interested in the prizes or if they are things you can easily get, please leave the chance to others because this giveaway is for those who are interested but couldn't get these products.
* The winner will be picked through random.org
* Winner must respond to the notification e-mail within 48 hours or another winner will be picked.
* This giveaway ends on 1/15/2010 11:59PM PST

Extra Entries: (please leave a separate comment for each additional entries)
* 1 entry: Follow or subscrib to Free 4 Beauty. (http://free4beauty.blogspot.com/)
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* 1 entry: Become a fan on Facebook. (click here)
* 3 entries: Make a Youtube video about this giveaway.
* 2 entries: if you did the main entry and at least 2 of the extra entries type.

16 December 2009


Hello, hello! :)

So I will be working all day for the next 4-5 days depending if my co-worker will work on Monday... I don't mind so much because I want to make some money and sitting at home through the whole break is just gonna make me fat LOL.. Plus if I wanna get my items I have on my browser that's been opened for like 1-2 weeks, I'm gonna need to work!

I also placed another order on hautelook a few weeks ago when rock&republic was on sale again and picked up a few items... I think this will be my last time unless I find this product in person to see what the colors really look like because I swear the picture is so innacurate! Well, the colors I picked looked pretty good since I googled swatches and stuff of everythinggg lol..

Placed ANOTHER order today on hautelook because I saw diesel shoes on sale and drjon817 loves the diesel brand so I thought it would be a good present idea for him since I wasn't sure what to get him for christmas.. I spent about $90 which got me 2 pairs of shoes and paid for the shipping. I still think this shipping cost is more reasonable than stila's shipping since their stuff is LIGHTWEIGHT and these shoes are gonna be HEAVY...

Well, onto what this post is about! Chomsiri (Katelyn) sent me a few things. At first I thought she was just going to send me a pack of shisems to try out but when I got home I was like GOOD LORD.. O_O!! The box was enormous than what I expected it to be.. Ahhh, she is too sweet! :)

She wrapped up everything in little tissue papers & I loved how she used the priority tape to tape everything! :D haha, I thought it was cute ^_^

She made it look so fun in there! I mean, look at it :D

Her little hello kitty envelope :) I need to get me some cute stationary! lol, well I do have some, just not envelopes! xD

It's so cuteee.. she typed up the note! LOL, but it didn't really seem long to read? I think I might write super long emails that's why haha!

She sent me this because it reminded her of my culture, and I totally agree! (I am Laos.. okay linda?! LOL, not vietnamese although I may understand some hehe :P) I will probably use this as my camera case maybe because I am currently using a makeup bag to carry it around hahaha!

My first jesse's girl pigment. Well product actually! :) I am probably going to try this out this weekened and do a look with it ^_^ Hope I don't get shadow all over my face LOL!

cute little candies! :D The faces are soooo cute.. The flavors are lemon & orange! ^_^ I think they're yummy and cute and they're milky in the middle :D

She remembered reading that this was the makeup remover I was using and I didn't know where else to repurchase since I won it in a giveaway :D THANK YOU! I am halfway done with my current bottle.. lol but when I do use it I end up using a lot! I am super happy that she sent me another one :)

A victoria's secret eyeshadow ^_^ I like dark colors, and this one is matte so I really like that :D Can't wait to use it!!

Chocolate sheet mask!! She reviewed this on her blog and she says it smells like chocolate.. I hope I don't eat it when I use it lol! The funny thing is the guy on there.. how did they just choose that guy to be on the cover of this sheetmask?!?! ha..

She makes jewelery as a little hobby :) So she made me a SNOWFLAKE necklace since it's the holiday season ^_^

It's so pretty! Look at the way the color looks. It twinkles like... well not like a snowflake but something else!

A tokidoki baggie! She doesn't know if it's real or fake because her mom's friend got a bunch from thailand.. of course it's fake!! LOL, I don't care because only I know! XD And I know it has to be fake because I been there and back :P Dude, I got a LV purse from there and it's on point! Plus a gucci watch and it works greattt :)

And lastly, the lashes she sent me to try! :) And she also sent me some pa lashes ^_^ I'm going to try this out next week because I am going to work pretty much for the rest of this week and I will NOT wake up early to make my makeup extra nice! haha, I am too lazy for that!

Thank you so much katelyn!! I am going to surprise you after new years when the post office settles down.. LOL :) I loved everything I got, I really do! Since your asian markets over there have jacked up the price hopefully I can be the one supplying you some shisem now! LOL


So Linda started a blogtv session the other night! I seriously don't know how to use that thing at all LOL, well I know how to go live but that's about it haha, and I recently figured out how to change my picture :D

We're thinking of doing a secret santa... but in the summer! It'd be a cool little thing where you get a present in the summer instead of during the winter since people usually get junk anyway. It'll be more of like a pick me up :) I mean it's obvious we missed the opportunity to do it right LOL! So who's interested?!?! :D


14 December 2009


*WARNING* If you don't want to see my yucky, disgusting, hairy face I suggest you leave! :) .. also pretty long due to my acne history, but you can skip reading that if you want! ALSO, I think these products are all-natural but don't take my word on it! LOL..

Giveaway opportunity on the bottom!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by a PR (Selina) from Cellnique for free to try out (actually I had to pay a $20 customs fee @#$% to DHL!!!). I am not getting paid or have a biased opinion. This is my personal review and experience with these products. Please use products at your own risk!

I was ecstatic when I got an email asking if I wanted to test drive these babies!

My skin is in terrible condition because I suffered from acne since the 3rd grade!!! Let's talk about the story behind that.. so my mother & father worked 2nd shift (4pm-4am) and she would have enough time time to take me to school and pick me up. I never ate dinner with them for years until maybe during middle school. I was not supervised in anything and I could do WHATEVER I wanted! I ate what I wanted and that consisted of chips, greasy foods, pizza, and just pretty much empty-calorie foods! I guess I didn't realize that was what led to my severe acne until high school because it just never dawned on me.

But I started to break out with acne all over my forehead starting in the third grade. It was super embarrassing and a self-esteem killer to be so young and have raging acne. My forehead acne finally started to clear up when I got to middle school and even then it was still somewhat severe, just not as much. I never got rid of it until the end of my 8th grade year. Then I had kinda clear skin for about half a year then someone with cheek acne slept on my pillow! And stupid me, I didn't think nothing of it and then I started to get crazy acne all over my cheek. These were cystic acne and it hurt so much... There would be like mountains all over my cheeks and it was not cute. I finally went to the dermatologist in 10th grade and got treatment.

It was like $130 my first visit and then $70 every visit after and I had to pay for the medication they gave me! After it cleared up I just stopped going because I know we can't really afford that and insurance didn't cover it. It stayed clear but when I ran out of my ointment and medicine some started to come back. Now this isn't as bad as before at all, I would only have like 2-4 pimples at a time but there was never a clear day. I was fortunate enough not to be left with pock marks on my face but only a lot of acne scarring because my skin doesn't not heal well even if I don't mess with the pimple it still scars! (UGH!) But see, scars can be mostly covered up with makeup so I don't mind it much and they usually fade within a year or two.

So that's just a short history about my past. I still eat those crap foods a lot, but I'm not eating them to survive anymore, LOL.. I gotta get my nutrition first :P

I was sent these products to try out:
  • Skin Action Sebum Gel
  • Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion
  • Advanced Bio-Renewal Masque
  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  • Vital Repair Cleansing Milk
  • Amino Collagen-C Intense Set
  • Total Day Time Protection 30

All products are sealed so you know that they weren't tampered with! :) But this is a con also because it doesn't peel off all the way and the OCD in me is going crazy...

A tiny sample of the emulsion.. I love this stuff! It's amazing.

I like the sample packaging! It's great :)

Here is my testimonial.. Beware, and please do not click to enlarge this LOL.. All pictures of my face are nekkid and bare!

Before & After (my left side of my face, aka the most damaged!)

See the pimple? It flattened out overnight! OMG, I was super impressed because I have stubborn pimples on my cheek area that just stay there for a MONTH.. and it's so distracting when I talk to customers. AND I can see if from my periphery! You can definitely see there's texture on my face but after it's just smooth with some scarring because my skin doesn't heal well. I've never had skin this smooth since a long time.. :)

Before & After of the right side

This side of my face doesn't really break out anymore I guess because I don't really sleep on it? LOL.. but there is definitely a texture to it. Like when you look at my face in the sun at high noon, you can see some shadows from the little bumps that wouldn't go away. I think it looks gross and makes me feel like I have pock marks! T_T But it smoothed most of it out! I just have a little near my mouth left but I'll survive...

Before & After of my NOSE, not much difference, just the texture is a lot smoother.

I don't use pore strips at all because it just doesn't dig deep enough. I just have to wait until the time is ready for the little junk to come out of my nose. These pictures look like they're identical I know, but I just thought I would post it! What I've noticed that may have not been captured by the photos are that my pores have become smaller & tighter! Before they were kinda large and yucky.. my makeup would sometimes sink into them by the end of the day :(

Okay so the separate reviews of the items I received.. (Pictures taken from Cellnique.com)

Advanced Bio Renewal Masque
Price: $55
Size: 50g jar
Main Functions: dull, uneven skintone, congestion, pigmentation, wrinkles, discoloration, open pores, enlarged pores, scars/marks
About the product: This unparalleled clay masque is formulated with bio-captured fresh fruit enzymes and acid complexes. Advanced Bio Renewal Masque effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, optimizing cellular renewal performance and deep pore cleansing, thus revealing a softer, fresher, and healthier skin.

My Experience: This left my skin feeling unbelievably soft but I was really turned off by how messy it is! It's a clay mask so I mean I should've expected that but I'm not sure if the mess is worth it for me. I may have to suck it up and use it more often if I really want to get rid of my acne scarring. My skin after using it did feel softer, fresher, and healthier as it claimed so it did its job. This smells like dried bananas to me (but I may be retarded) not pineapply like it says! But its okay, I love bananas so no problem in the scent department. This is something I would recommend unless you're just clumsy like me because I ended up with some of this gunk in my hair!

Vital Repair Cleansing Milk
Size: 200ml
Main Functions:
Remove facial makeup and pollutants
About the product: A hydrophilic cleansing milk that removes make-up and pollutants, leaving skin feeling silky soft and moist after cleansing. It contains natural antioxidants and micellar vitamins to counter the assault of free radicals.

My Experience:
Okay so it doesn't do it's function. I wear foundation on a daily basis to even out my skintone and whatever the heck is in it helps keep my skin clear! (I went without foundation for a week and I started to break out so that's where my verdict comes from and it went away when I wore it again.) I thought it took off all of my makeup but I was wrong when I went to dry my face on my white towel *cries, poor towel*.. It didn't take off the makeup that was sunk deep in my pores but heck, it made my skin feel sooooo soft and smooth! (This was the first product I slapped on my face from Cellnique) I couldn't stop touching my face after I washed it because it was so soft which I haven't experienced in a while! ^_^ I'd say skip it if you're wanting something that will take off your makeup, but if you don't wear much face makeup then it will probably work better for you than it did for me and you'll have super soft skin!

Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Size: 200ml
Main Functions:
removing dead skin cells and excess oil
About the product: A gentle cleanser, containing alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and tomato extract, designed for all skin types to remove dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil. Contains no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

My Experience:
I tried this on the second day in place of the cleansing milk to see if it would take off all my face makeup. Another failure, but then again this doesn't claim that. This doesn't contain anything beady in it so I'm not sure how it's suppose to remove skin cells but I guess the acid is suppose to eat it up. I'm also sure that if I washed my face my excess oil would dissipate because I just washed my face?! LOL, I'm neutral on this product because I'm not really sure if it does anything for my skin. I would just skip on this one.

Amino Collagen-C Intense Set
$85 introductory price, I guess $105 originally
Size: 10ml each bottle
Main Functions:
open pores, enlarged pores, visible pores, scars/marks, wrinkles, sagging, pre-mature, mature, anti-aging
About the product: The Amino-Collagen C Intense Set consists of two bottles of oil-free serum. This highly rejuvenating combination refines pores, increases skin elasticity, and repairs damaged cells, while firming up skin for a radiant complexion. INTENSE I: This high-potency vitamin C serum helps improve skin resilience and refine open pores. INTENSE II: This oil-free serum contains a proven low-density hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizer that is able to attract 1000 times its own weight in water. Rich in soy and silk protein, INTENSE II repairs damaged cells and instantly delivers a silky smooth texture after application.

My Experience: This product has kinda an unpleasant smell but I'd expect that from a serum. It took me a few days of using it separately to figure it out LOL.. I think this is what made my skin smooth overnight but at the price it's going for, it better! At first the "intense I" gave me a slight burning sensation on my face but after I applied "intense II" it went away. I think this product may be for the more mature skin but it saddens me because they recommended it for me :( lol! My skin is old I guess, but it's really a great product aside from the smell. I also noticed that one night I didn't wash my hands after applying and this product turned my hands yellow! (the serum is clear) I guess this has to do with the natural properties of this product but I wonder if it made my face more yellow? :T I didn't notice anything though but I guess my face is too yellow to begin with LOL..

Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion Price: $88
Size: 30g
Main Functions: dehydration, post peel, post acne, sensitive, scars/marks
About the product: Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion is an innovative formulation, consisting of reparatory ingredients, specifically designed to repair damaged cells and promote the healing process.

My Experience: I love this stuff, but unfortunately I only received a sample! :( I've still got a little chunk left and I try to use it on my bad skin days because it's so amazing. It's kinda thick but the thing I love about it is that it absorbs amazing quick and doesn't have any greasy feel to it! I wish this was a little more cheaper.. like the $50 range otherwise there would be nothing keeping me from purchasing the full-size in a heart beat! It doesn't have a scent to it which is great for me because I don't wanna smell my face throughout the day. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that can afford it!

Total Daytime Protection 30 Price: $55
Size: 50g
Main Functions: 2-in-1 UV defender and daytime moisturizer
About the product: Total Daytime Protection 30 is a highly acclaimed daytime formulation with a dual function: it is an ultra-light, skin-friendly water-based daytime moisturizer as well as providing maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun (SPF30). This non-greasy, non-comedogenic formulation contains French grape seeds and Japanese green tea extract, both powerful free radical scavengers, leaving skin silky smooth to the touch.

My Experience: I don't really use sunblock and I think I will regret it later but oh well.. This is very lightweight and I think it's wearable for daytime. It had a sunblock kinda smell to it at first but then faded into this strange scent that I'm still unsure if I like or not. My main concern to put sunblock on my face (such as the neutrogena one with helioplex) is that it may clog my pores and cause me to break out. This one claims that it's non-comedogenic so it makes me feel a little easier. I didn't try it out long enough to really see if it will break me out or not but you can't go wrong with SPF 30. I don't really know what to look for in a sunblock so I don't know if I should recommend this one because I haven't had much experience with any.

Skin Action Sebum Gel
Price: $55
Size: 30ml
Main Functions: blackheads, whiteheads, congestion, open&closed comedone, excessive sebum, control oil
About the product: A gentle formula designed for comedogenic, oily and combination skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads. This daily maintenance gel also reduces oil secretion, leaving the skin clean and clear.

My Experience: I use this on a daily basis and it's made it into my routine in the morning! I really love this stuff and I guess it really does its job. The first week of using it my blackheads on my cheeks literally started to fall off.. well I guess I kinda helped pull it out but still, it got rid of most of my cheek blackheads which is great so that I don't get more cystic acne! ^_^ It has a tingling (menthol) sensation at first when I apply it but after 5 minutes or less it'll go away. I'm not sure if it really controls my oil secretion but it doesn't make it worse. This is another product I would highly recommend! :D

So this is my review on Cellnique skincare products, overall the products are great and amazing but are a little pricey but then again, I will pay more to take care of my skin now through my experiences :)

If anyone is interested, Cellnique is providing samples of the Skin Action Sebum Gel (3ml) to the first 50 readers that contact them! ^_^ It's simple, just email them at fbfreesample@cellnique.com with the subject "onlyxlindah.blogspot.com". They would like you to please provide your full name and mailing address and seriously don't forget that part because it's really important!

If you're interested in trying out their line and don't know which products to choose from, they offer a skin dermalysis to determine which products will treat your skin concerns :D They also do free shipping to the entire world so that is definitely a plus, but be aware that you may have to pay a customs fee like I did (or maybe because I didn't get to send DHL my information until the last minute o_O!)



Oops! Sorry I didn't get a chance to select the winner on Saturday night! I went out to the club for a change :D

So here's the line up. There were some I wasn't sure about but I just went ahead and threw them in there LOL..

1) Diane
2) Clara
3) Amy
4) Verina
5) Gaby
6) April
7) Linda
8) Chomsiri
9) Ems
10) Jaclyn Rose
11) Phoebe
12) Denysia
13) Jenn

So the winner is Ems! :) I'll be contacting you to get your shipping address! ^_^


12 December 2009


Ahhh.. can you tell where I am?!?! :)

I'm at my boyfriend's house.. ahah! We're doing laundry ^_^ (you know.. like on FRIENDS lol just kidding)

Okay, so this is me fresh outta bed :P My lips are so chapped and my face is so OILY! :( haha gross, I was also still wearing the same shirt that I wore in my FOTD "urban beach".. total bum

I just felt like posting a random thought, but seriously though when you don't use protection, your hair gets fried! YES.. I'm talking about straightening your hair! Get your mind outta the gutters :P

I had to shower at night during my final exam week because I know I wouldn't have made it on time to class at all if I didn't. My hair gets all funky when I sleep because it's still wet so when I wake up in the morning, it's CRAZYYYY! In the morning, I straightened it real quick to make it look half decent because I will not tie it up since it's freezing!

Did it 3-4 days straight but on the last day I used protection so it's okay! But I noticed my hair is DRY now on the ends! UGH, I'm pretty mad because I've gone for so long without styling my hair and it's been smooth and silky but now it's kinda dry so I think I'm gonna have to remember to use protection now!

What do you girls use when straightening your hair?!?! I'm using CHI Silk Infusion but my favorite is the Biosilk!! :) I think that one is wayyy better and I love the smell of it so much more ^_^

So what do we learn from this experience?!?! Always put on a thermal protection or your hair will look like Taylor from Tough Love season 2!!! LOL.. simba XD


10 December 2009


Uhh.. let me start off my saying there's a lot of photos of me once again haha! So beware, if you don't wanna see my face then you should just go to another website :P

Good news! Finals are done with, but I did really shitty on all of them because I didn't study :P But whatever, I didn't study for any of them so I'm happy with that HA! xD

I won this eyeshadow quad from Shar's arabic contest a while back and I've swatched it here and there but never really put it to use until today :) I've used pretty much all of the other stuff already though ^_^ I realized I never posted up what I actually won and I won't be able to because I put it into my makeup stash and now I can't tell the difference :D

So here's the quad:

It's by Rimmel and it contains a warm medium-dark brown, a warm yellow brown, an aqua blue, and a white highlighter shade.

I did the makeup and then I was like "hmm, this reminds me of a beach!".. and then I read the back of the quad like a retard and it's called Urban Beach.. ha! I'm stupid. YEEAPP!

So here's the face of the day :P (just an fyi, I don't do my makeup when I go to school but when I get out is when I do it since I actually go places.) This quad is okay pigmented, but I've experienced better drugstore brands that have better pigmentation. I might invest in a few just to do looks with instead of all these department store brands! -___-" I've really come a label whore but at least it's not all I'll use ^_^

The blue & yellow based brown blends together to create kinda a green color :D

Some eye shots.. eek! I finally plucked my eyebrows sorta :)

It's pretty simple to do, the darker brown didn't show up very well in the photos, but then again since it was a drugstore quad the pigmentation was a little off and a little chalky. Except you gotta work with what you got ya know?

My lipps! :) haha, I'm likin` my lip shots lately. I've always tried to do it with flash but it was always so complicated so I called it quits!

This is what happens...

when you don't wash your makeup brushes! I have no clean brushes left so I really gotta show my brushes some TLC and clean them.. ha! I tried to wipe off all the black eyeshadow to use my crease brush but didn't work. It just keep smearing black everywhere so I dug up another brush I haven't opened yet :P I really want to go buy the MAC brush cleaner for in-between uses! ^_^

Feeling a little goofy today. Maybe because my fuggin left eye won't stop twitching! I swearrrr it's making me mad. I remember it did this before when I didn't get enough sleep, but now I'm sleeping enough and I'm not really stressed out and it starts twitching again! What do you do to make it stop if this happens to you?!?! I need a solution.. ehh!

- Smashbox Photofinish Primer (original)
- MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC40
- Make Up For Ever HD Powder
- Benefit Coralista Blush (love this, gives me a light neutral flush and I can never apply too much :D)
- Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer
- Rimmel London Urban Beach Eyeshadow Quad (white as highlight & inner tear duct, aqua on lid, yellow-brown on crease, medium-dark brown on outer corner)
- Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Pen
- Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara (loving this so far... eek! :D)
- MAC Lollipop Loving Lipstick (Heatherette/Sugar Sweet Collection)
- MAC Nice to be Nice Lipglass (Hello Kitty Collection)

Didn't use very much today (LOL.. even though the list is hella long) Probably only took like 10-15 minutes today! :)

I went out to eat lunch this afternoon with the boyfriend. I was like "I'M NOT HUNGRY, I'M NOT GONNA EAT MUCH".. know what I ordered?!?! 2 spring rolls, 2 egg rolls, grilled pork, and a rootbeer... and I finished the whole entire thing! hahaha.. Saw a lot of friends over there too!

Today we learned.... don't make an assumption just because a chick and a dude are riding in the same car together. They probably aren't dating! Just because me&the boyfriend never really rode with the opposite sex before by ourselves unless they were family. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW! Don't think someones cheating because they're in a car with the opposite sex :P

I've got a review coming up for Cellnique and an opportunity for 50 readers! :) I have pretty much all of the pictures done, just need to shrink them down and finalize them before I post it up! ^_^ BEWARE, I HAVE REALLY BAD SKIN AND DARK HAIR! But I've learn to not give a shit so it's okay :D