24 September 2009


I just got back from MAC! :D I checked out their style black collection and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! ^_^ BUT, they gave me two of the same color lipsticks so I gotta go back tomorrow after class and exchange it :( OH WELL! Has anyone else checked it out yet? :)

I was going to do a real post today because:
- I got my Rock and Republic haul
- I got my sephora haul
- I got my MAC haul
- I got Shar's prize package! (see photo below)

BUT I can't post because my boyfriend took our camera so I refuse to use shitty webcam pics! LOL :) anyway, look at the size of that envelope! OMG O_O When my boyfriend brought it into the room to show me whenever it came in, I was like WTF?! I thought all my stuff already came in already so I just left it there because I had a chemistry test the next day.. When I opened it it was like heaven because I didn't even know what the prizes were for her contest LOL! xD

I have lots of posts planned... but I'll start off with awards from fellow bloggers :)

I got both of these awards from Momo Monroe & Makeup Before Coffee (Crystal). Thank you for these awards dolls :)!

I've already done honest scrap in this post here so you can check that out ^_^

But I haven't done the other award yet. The rules are simple, list 10 useless facts! lol :)

1. I need to shave my legs :X
2. I trip over the bare floor... o_O??
3. I'm doing great in all my classes EXCEPT government! :( Boo hoo! I hope I don't have to drop it.
4. I have boxes of unopened makeup sitting around my room still. Anyone wanna see a post on that? :)
5. I LOVEEEEE the television series BONES! It's so gooood :)
6. I don't wash my makeup brushes for about a week or maybe more sometimes... :O!
7. I'm on episode 115 on Bleach... almost finished with it hopefully! LOL
8. I love Justin Timberlake!
9. Twilight fan! Not as big as some other people, but definitely a fan still :D
10. I don't fold my laundry until after like a week... LOL! What a LAZY ass! Do you guys see how lazy I am? O_O

BTW, I got an 86 on my psychology test! FUCK YEA! :) I got an 84 on my Chem test (I think) and I'm pretty sure I passed my speech test I stayed up all night studying for with at least an 80! :) I have another test on monday which is history and I'm a little skeptical about this one. :(


18 September 2009


Helloooo! It's been ages since I've updated! School is really hectic right now because the tests came all at once and honestly I haven't been keeping up with the reading because of all this internet shopping... LOL! :) I know, I'm bad but last night I stayed up until 4:30am reading for my speech test I had today. I totally aced it though! I just know it haha because I took practice tests online and they were the same questions!! :D

On the other hand, I have a psychology test tomorrow and I tried to read the chapter over but I just couldn't concentrate and understand what I was being read?!?! That's so frustrating because the online textbook was reading to me too! GRR.. haha I'll just have to study my piece of crap notes! Wish me luck tomorrow :) I think we might be allowed to take another test at the end of the semester to replace that test but I'm not sure... I just hope I get a 68% or more! lol, even though that's already a BAD grade :X

So online shopping? I hauled a crap load of things from sephora... oh mannnn! I was so happy today to come home to this HUGE ASS BOX! haha :) But I'm officially broke. My bank account is cryinggg! xD

But this is what I want to show you girls: Best of Make Up For Ever... for beauty insiders only! Its $49 and you get three full size things (hd powder, aqua eyeliner, and smokey lash mascara) I have a shitload of my hd powder still but this was so cheap I had to snag it! Just letting out the word to you girls who want a good deal that can afford it :) It's frustrating though because you need to add $1 in to get free shipping.. that's so annoying! So I ended up grabbing a lot of other crap I've been eyeballing.. and I didn't even get anything on my wishlist! LOL *what a dumbass*

I also got something yesterday (wednesday) too! I got a COLD! I haven't been sick in FOREVERRR.. it's a really sucky feeling. I think Jack (the fluffy cute little dog) has a little cold and yesterday he came over and jumped on my bed while I was still sleeping and licked me all over :( *stupid dog* and he has a little ear infection! I feel so bad for the little fellow but he's going to get the spa treatment next week. LOL :)

Real updates coming soon after I finish all of my test! I'll probably post quick pictures of things I got with like.. no details! lol

08 September 2009


I was tagged by Rai to do this daily makeup routine post :D Thanks girl!

I'm sure everyone's already following her so I won't even tell you girls to :P

So I start off with a fresh face in the morning after all the hot sex I had last night... lol, JUST KIDDING! :)

I've also included links to where you can buy these products if you're interested in trying them out. Just letting everyone know I'm taking my time to post entries! haha

Morning Skincare.

1. I wash my face with Purity made simple foaming face wash after brushing my teeth ^_^. I got the biggest size for $34. It lasts a really long time because I've had this for almost a year now :D
2. I apply Clinique All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream to my entire eye area.
3. Then I go in with Korres Yogurt Cream all over my face and into a little bit of my neck area.


1. Prime my face with Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Primer in 7 Pink. It's suppose to brighten the complexion and counteract sallow undertones.
2. Apply my MAC Studio Fix Foundation all over my cheeks (with an intent for full coverage) with a stippling brush and whatever is left over I use for the rest of my face :)
3. Take a big fluffy powder brush (I use MAC 150) and apply the Make Up For Ever HD Powder all over the face to set my foundation and leave a nice smooth feeling on my skin ^_^


1. Apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance (not pictured) or Urban Decay Primer Potion (not pictured) all over my eyelids to prevent creasing because of Texas' hot ass weather!
2. Take my MAC Starflash Eyeshadow in Bold & Brazen (LE) or one of the lower eyeshadows in the Cargo Eyeshadow Palette in Baja and apply it all over my lid up to above the crease. Apply Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Vintage lace as a highlight.
3. If there's enough time because I didn't sleep in, I take the darkest color in the palette and put it into my crease area for some dimension and so that my eyes don't look so fat and pudgey haha.
4. Take any angled liner brush and take some of the Anastashia Duo Brow Powder (medium ash) and fill in my brows so I don't look so nekkid!
5. Apply liquid eyeliner using the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Pen all over the top lash line starting from thinner on the inside and getting thicker as you go out :D
6. Grab whatever mascara I feel like using that day and slap some on and then head out the door. Or if anything, slap some on when I'm at a stop light on the road. Yes I am that girl that does that but not while the car is moving because I can't shift at the same time! HAHA! (here I have pictured: Clinique Lash Power Mascara, Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara, and Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara.)


1. Apply some blush onto your cheeks for a little bit of color & glow :) I usually skip this step but if anything I use Benefit Coralista Blush most of the time and then NARS Orgasm Blush if I'm not feeling the pinkyness of the other one :D


1. Take some chapstick (pictured if aquafina flavor splash in citrus something and burts bees lip balm) when I'm on the step before I put on eyeshadow :)
2. Apply a lipstick of choice, these are the ones I usually use left to right: Revlon Matte Lipstick in 002, MAC Please Me Lipstick (just bought this and it's becoming a fav), and MAC Freckletone Lipstick.
3. Top it off with a lipgloss. Here I have left to right: MAC Lipglass in Pastel Emotion (LE), MAC Tinted Lipglass in Young Thing, MAC Cremesheen Glass in Melt in Your Mouth (LE), MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks, NARS Lipgloss in Pillow Talk.


1. The Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Total Makeup Remover is the one I'm currently using ^_^ It's actually pretty good! Takes everything off pretty much in one/two swipes :)

Nightime Skincare.

1. Take something to exfoliate your face. I use St. Ives Invigorating Face Scrub nightly but occasionally I use Neutrogena's Wave with Clean&Clear Blackhead Eraser circle thingies to really scrub down :)
2. I finish off with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Cream Cleanser afterwards and my face feeels super smooth ^_^

3. Apply an eyecream. I usually use Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream or Cosmedicine Optimologist Eye Cream for night time since it feels heavier to me and doesn't completely absorb all the way with my skin.
4. I apply a really sheer layer of Korres Yogurt Mask and sleep with it on as a night cream instead of washing it off after 20 minutes since I feel like it works better that way :D

That was super long.. took me over an hour to do this! hahaha xD Probably because I tried to look up every product :P

I don't know who to specifically tag, but I want to tag all the girls that I follow because I'd love to read about what you use and what works for you :) I'm currently looking for a concealer, but it's not on my top priority list because I'm not in dyer need of one lol, but it'd be nice to have one to use :D

I also got an award from Amy Naree & Beauty Inside and Out for the beautiful blogger award :) Thank you ladies! It's very flattering :P haha. I'm not sure who to pass this onto either because I'm running out of blogging time for right now! I have to go read my lab for tomorrow and read some chapters of psychology.. *yawn* so BORING!

But anywho, how's everyone doing that started classes? I guess I'm doing okay but I do have something that I'm frustrated about! I studied for my government quiz (read chapter 1 because we were quizzed over it) and I frickin got a 5 out of 10!!! WTF?!?! That's bullshit man! I took my other quizzes, psychology, history, speech, and chemistry lab, and I got a perfect score on all of those and I didn't even study nor I really knew what I was doing.. I'm kind've bummed out about that :( But hopefully I'll do okay on the test in a few weeks to make up for it! ^_^

That's it today, I have a few post that I know what I'm going to post but I'm just so lazy to bust out the camera and take pictures LOL xD


03 September 2009


I placed my order on Hautelook already :D I'm just really pissed off that this stupid survey thing didn't go through. I did it yesterday on my macbook but apparently it doesn't work good with macs! So I wasted 30 minutes last night and was like F*CK IT! And I just now did it and it went through and everything and then everything cleared out @_@... $#*@$!!!! So in the end, I hope I only waste 90 minutes total on this survey ordeal... ehh, but ANYWAY....

I spent a total of: $69! Not totally bad, I usually spend about the same at mac for four items and the fact that I didn't buy any of the mac palettes that came out says that I've been good :)

I got:
all images taken from hautelook.com




It says it takes about 2 weeks to get to me, but sometimes it could take 3 weeks! Hope it doesn't take too long x) I can't wait to try this out and review it :D and I shouldn't be disappointed because of the packaging! LOL :X

Anywho, I lied about posting one HUGE post! I'm too lazy to edit my pictures because as you can see there's a lot of clutter in the background and my boyfriend is somewhere on the floor trying to repair a 3g iPhone.. I'll really show you how messy my room looks when I do rai's tag post :D

This is the dress I'm going to wear to a wedding on Saturday ^_^ It's super cute and it's nice and body hugging :D BUT.. it's not a satin fabric so it won't show off EVERY ripple I have ahha, just a little bit :)

Sorry for the super blurry picture! How should I wear my makeup? I don't know what color combos I should do. Any suggestions? :) And the dress was only $22.80! What a steal.. I'm glad I got it because I would've shelled out some money for a more expensive one lol

How does everyone like it? I like it, but the only complaint I have is the ZIPPER. Just be careful when you zip it up because sometimes it doesn't go and you might end up breaking it LOL... I'm also wearing DSK earrings in the picture but you can't see :( I'll take a better "MODEL" picture of it later in the daylight ^_^

Good night girls! I'm thinking of having a contest soon, but I need prizes first haha! But I have an idea in mind :) It's really vague so I think everyone can participate lol



Hey ladies! Sorry, I feel like I'm advertising spamming BUT I found another good steal :D

I've been wanting to try out rock&republic makeup for so long and I think this is the time ^_^

Everything is pretty much about 40% off which is a GOOD price compared to their normal prices!

I was too late on buying the cosmedicine when I got home because I went to watch inglorious basterds (which was pretty good in my opinion) and then I forgot I had to take a quiz for class. We were suppose to submit it before 11:55pm yesterday and it took me like 45minutes to take it and it turns out that that website doesn't like mac's so I lost all of my information! :(

You can view the sale at: *CLICK*

Or get invited by me at: *CLICK*

The prices are almost the same as MAC after the sale so I don't think that's bad at all! Their packaging is so pretty from what I've seen on Whitz blog. She reviews some of the "underdog" brands :D It's worth trying out right now! :)

Here's what I'm going to get to try out ^_^ ... and this is my list to remind me later :D
- Alpha Blonde Lipgloss
- Vacant Lipgloss
- Smut Gel Liner
- Spank Pressed Blush

I just gotta get home to a secure connection before I purchase :)

BTW, I've got a huge clothing haul post coming soon because I've been going to forever 21 like crazy lately! I love their prices! And I've got some faux LEATHER pants that I've been looking for, for like EVER! :D

01 September 2009


Hey girls! Just a heads up, Cosmedicine is on sale at Haute Look! :)

Click here to check it out ^_^

Or click here to get an invite :D

Whitney from Whitz World of Makeup & Beauty has reviewed most of the items on there. Check it out here!

It ends around September 2nd a little after midnight, or if you see it as ending EARLY September 3rd.

Some pretty good prices going on :) I'm gonna have to buy some things whenever I get back home! Off to run some errands now ^_^