29 January 2010


Hola! (I'm trying to speak spanish now LOL.. you should know I can't speak for shit!)

OKAY, so since me and LINDA (http://xoladiihoneyxo.blogspot.com/) have no life on Fridays, we're going to do blogtv tomorrow night! ^_^ Here's my account. I'm sure you can find the other Linda on there since I have oooh so many friends -___-" I think we have the time planned to 12AM eastern time, 11PM central time, 10PM (??utah??) time, and 9PM pacific time! IDK, I shoulda looked over my time zone notes or something first but I'm kinda lazy :)

Let me know if you're gonna stop by :D It'd be fun to chat it up since we have no lives and we shall do laundry all night! :P


Okay, so here's a look I did like a week or two ago :D I just never got it off my camera until now but I only have one picture haha! Good enough right?!?!
So I really sported my pinks in this look ^_^ I guess I'm ready for valentine's day! what to get the boyfriend.. any ideas?!?!


Yumeko & Steph asked what style lashes I used for my "A BIG DIFFERENCE" post.
You know.. I have no clue what the heck this say so here's a picture of the box :) I really, really, really like these but I think I'm gonna have to chunk this style soon! :( ...used them too many times LOL


Okay so here's some nail colors I've been wearing the past weeks ^_^
Above is Mesmerize by Essie and below is Mint Candy Apple by Essie. I am trying to grow out my nails but the pinky is the only one succeeding LOL!


Here's swatches of everything from my past haul posts! I'll put a link of the posts for reference:
[left to right]: LORAC Imagine Lipstick, LORAC Premiere Lipstick, Too Faced Free Love Lipstick, Too Faced Centerfold Lipstick, Too Faced Totally Nude Lipstick
[left to right]: MAC Myself Lipstick (the one that was never named in my MAC haul from All Ages, All Races, All Sexes), MAC Warm Me Up Lipstick, Rimmel Crush Lipstick, Rimmel Pink Blush Lipstick, Rimmel Celeb Lipstick, Rimmel Alarm Lipstick
[left to right]: MAC Feeling Dreamy Lipglass, MAC 2N Lipglass, Too Faced Mermaid Lipgloss, MAC Resort Life Lip Gelee, MAC Naked Frost Lipglass, MAC Glamour For All Lipglass

I swatched this for you Livia! I know you're debating but I said I liked resort life better because it's bigger but honestly I like glittery glosses more than the "frosty" looking one. LOL! But here's a comparison :) You can't really see the pink reflects in Resort Life that well though :( ...oh and mermaid and resort life are basically the same!
This is the little circle compact thing that came with the 2 shadows and bronzer from the Too Faced Walk of Shame set.. gosh this is perfect :) Bronzer didn't pick up too well with the camera flash :(
And this is from the LORAC haul. This is the Showstopper Palette... I love the colors! Although the blue doesn't look too navy :T I think you need a base to really pick up on the navy tone! Also, the camera washed out the blush but hey, what's new? It always washes out the blushes on my skintone! LOL. Can't wait to post up a look with this palette ^_^

OKAY, so I'm doing pretty good with posting really often this week! :D I'm proud of myself and I finish a homework assignment! I should've really done more, but I was too lazy so I said EFF IT!

Remember if you're not busy! BLOGTV tonight! :)



  1. Love the pink look you did. The lipstick is such a pretty color!! :)
    Oooh such pretty lippies, especailly MAC Warm Me Up, Rimmel Celeb & Rimmel Alarm. I love the sparkle finish in MAC Feeling Dreamy. You always have such good taste in the shades you pick!! ^^

  2. I love the pinks on you!! I've been looking for red lippies and after seeing Alarm on you I think I must go and get it, lol.

    What's your blog tv??

  3. I'm going to be chatting with you on blogtv tonight! I added you as a friend so I won't forget where you are! :D YAY!

    And I love that blue Essie nail color!

  4. thanks for the swatches! mint candy apple is cute. i still need a minty green polish.

  5. Wow! thanks for sharing the swatches. I know that they can be time consuming in large bunches like those.

  6. whoa woman. lol. yippy for blogtv! Even though some bitch decided to kick me out of no where. lol. *ahem* haha. blogtv tomorrow night too so I can watch you doing your laundry. haha. c[= I already did mine last night! hehehe.

  7. WOW Linds too many swatches, I love 'em all ;) I love the Mint Candy Apple nail polish by Essie. I'm gonna find somethin' that looks like it lol ^_^ Lovely pink lips, lovely FOTD ^_^. You look so good in pink, I don't. I can't wear pink lips, I'll look like a Marsian or is it Martian? ahaha.

    It'd be fun to chat it up since we have no lives and we shall do laundry all night! :P

    Now that's really funny ahaha, a hearty laugh from me tsk tsk ^_^

    About the gift for your BF on Valentines Day? I suggest a perfume but not the one he likes, the one YOU like. You'll be the one smelling him anyways lol ^_^

    Have a happy weekend girl, tnx for visitin' me and for the sweet comments too ;)

  8. Oohhh, I love your Valentine's day look. I don't know what I'm going to do! I probably won't even do anything, haha.

    And both of those polishes are sooooo pretty. And lol @ your pinky winning, I like long nails but mine always break :/

    And thanks for the swatches!

  9. nice valentine's look there.. u look great with shocking pink lippie too.. :D
    I don't think I'll pull that off. Haha.

  10. i love the pink lippy on you! i can't pull of pink lipsticks to save my life :P

  11. Pink is so pretty on you Linda! I still can't pull off pink eye shadow properly - I have to work on it!
    Great swatches of your products. You make me want so many things now LOL
    Hmmm...Valentines gift ideas. I don't know. If you plan on going out earlier in the evening or afternoon, you could get a his and hers spa package or get tickets to a nice show? Cologne or nice shirts are always good gifts too!

  12. shisem lashes looks really great...nice look linda ^_^

  13. Love the swatches!! I'm defo checking out Myself and Glamour For All. :) Thank you so much!! xx

  14. awww sorry didn't make it for blog tv, had dinner plans that night! love your all pink look, what lip color are you wearing? it's so pretty! i think hot pink lips look good on slightly tanned skin :)

    thanks for all the swatches, daaang i really want some mac stuff now

  15. Loving the pink lips! And both nail polishes look amazing =D

  16. Pink color is my favorite. And when it is in lips very sexy i know. I use pink . The girl looking very Se... and if i am a boy i would love to kis...her. You fashion conscious people may watch beauty tips in Dish Network .

  17. I have been on the hunt for a pretty, creamy pink polish. That looks amazing! Thank you for taking the time to do all of those swatches. I know it can be tedious work at times! :)


  18. i always like how you do a post because the beauty related stuff are detailed enough for me to want to go and buy the product :). i have only a pair of shishem lashes because they are hard to find or are expensive.. :/ but those look great.

  19. 弱者困於環境,智者利用環境~~加油!.........................

  20. What an amazing haul!

    I love the pretty pink look!!!

    I wish we have LORAC here...the colours are really pretty!!


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