30 April 2010


OMG! Hello new followers & the people that still lurk onto here lol. I can't believe April is finished! I have finals coming up and I am sure as hell not ready for them! Let alone taking summer classes -___-'...

Here's the last face of the day for April ^_^ It was from..... sometime this week?? o_O who knows... Or it could be from last Thursday?? I sure know it wasn't from last Saturday or Sunday and I haven't worn makeup this entire week until today.. Whateverrrs! I just wanna post it up because I haven't been posting much this month :)

The smokiness is very subtle because I didn't bring the color up super high! My skin is looking super dull lately and I am in need of a mustache wax! LOL... So the peachiness in the lipstick brings out the dullness & mustache :P

I did this look when I was trying to clean out my makeup and decide what I wanna keep and use and what I need to throw away or GIVE away... as some of you bloggers already know since I contacted people to give things to LOL.. Like you girls don't have enough makeup of your own, but who can say no to free things? :)

I used:
- Stila Red Carpet Palette
- MAC Freckletone Lipstick
- probably the revlon photoready foundie since my face looks hella white lol.
Well, that's the basicness of the look, other things I forgot because I really wasn't wearing much and I don't think I went anywhere with this look except maybe the MAC counter?!?! YEAHH, that's right, I wore this on Thursday to check out the Pret-A-Papier collection! ^_^ Will post that minor haulage soon... I haven't set foot in a MAC related area since then, and I haven't been to sephora for almost 2 weeks now!!! :D I am so PROUD of myself...

Goodnight! Time to go suck-up to one of my professors now ahahhaha XD I didn't get my assignment done because the program wasn't working right :( And on top of that, windows kept crashing! UGH, gayness..


27 April 2010


Hello everyone!

Another quick fotd, I did this before work again on Friday lol. I used the same basic eyeshadows (HEY, PREPPED FOR GLAMOR, GLAMOR CHECK! instead of SORCERY) but instead of red lips I used NYX's Pinky Lipliner and applied the DO IT UP dazzleglass creme on top of it :)

The eyeshadows are very great for everyday and are super easy to apply! This look only took like 10-minutes tops to do the entire face ^_^

Me, on the other hand, I NEED A HAIRCUT!!! The bangs are getting super long. I can't for the life of me remember what foundation I am wearing because it looks really good in the photos! :( Oh well, I guess I should try to "write" down what foundie I wear because I've been alternating a lot to finish up my foundations! GRR..

Oh well, good night girls!

P.S. I've got a video to edit and post up! omg, if it's short enough I might just post it as it is lol! I am sooo lazy xD I haven't even done any homework o_O!!!


26 April 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates! It was New Year's this weekend and getting my wisdom tooth pulled hasn't really helped! I've been sleeping, A LOT! haha, I blame the pain killers but it might be because I wanna sleep too ^_^

I was cleaning out my receipt box last week and omg, look at how many Nordstrom receipts I have! BTW, I go to Nordies to get my MAC makeup because they are more friendlier there :) There are more receipts underneath but I didn't wanna lay out every receipt I had! haha, oh well, enjoy the peek :P

You can click the image to enlarge it lol..

I have some reviews coming up! Maybe a blog sale.. like some drugstore things I've never used lol xD I'm not sure, I should get rid of some mac lippies that I haven't used.. but I'm not sure because I think I swatched them! GAHH, this is when you KNOW you have too much makeup lol

Some quick reviews to follow :)


22 April 2010


YUP! Exactly like it sounds :)

I went to my sister's house tonight to get my FAFSA (financial aid) done and finish looking up what classes I was going to take this summer.. I am officially going to be taking MACROECONOMICS in the classroom and I'm going to try out MICROECONOMICS online and see how online classes work :D Then for my second summer semester I'm taking ACCOUNTING in the class and that's about it this summer.. Just tryna take it easy :D If all goes well then I plan on finishing maybe... 2012? If the world doesn't end first ya know... :X

Okay, so I used to go over everyday after class and feed him, walk him, hang out with him... but since my accident I can't go over because 1) I cannot afford the gas and 2) I have been busy lol. So I was super happy that I got to hang out with the puppy today ^_^ His name is JACK btw.

Look at him! He needs a haircut :) I'm gonna take him for one early June.. $40 for everything so not too bad of a deal. I was busy laughing that's why my mouth is open lol

hehe, keep watching him... he's falling asleep! xD

aww..... he's so cute! His eyes were still open but the hair is blocking the way lol xD His head was partially on the pillow too ^_^

Jack is pretty much sleeping now... haha! :) He's sooo adorable, I kept messing with him and he knows he liked it :P

Okay, sorry I've been slacking on my beauty posts! Life is kinda hectic right now and I'm really sad about my grades.. =_= I've let them slip because I've been too lazy to study for tests so my finals really need to be a kick-ass grade! Also got a video to post up tomorrow so look out for that ^_^ Real beauty posts coming up soon! I'm gonna switch up my reviewing style.. and try to make it less reading for some ahah! I know I am very descriptive :P


20 April 2010


Thank you for everyone who joined my giveaway! :) I got a total of 167 valid entries, which includes the extra ones but overall I still got over 100+ people participate. I wanted to hold a giveaway as a thank you for following my blog and such. I also wanted some feedback and wanted to see what I should post.
(image taken from google)
How did I choose a winner?
First I had to go to my comments section and make a chart! I put a column of "username, follower?, repost?" and then I went and wrote down everyone's names. I clicked on their link and usually it goes to your profile and sometimes if you have the option on you'll see everyone they're following. The hard way is to dig through your followers and I did that with my "find" function on my browser lol. Still relatively easy, but does take a long time whenever there's a lot of people! Yeah so there's my devotion LOL! ^_^ Ohhh, and then I went to an excel spreadsheet and typed up all the entries (+ extra entries) and after I finished with that I went to www.random.org and put it "1 - 167" and choose the first place winner. (Her number was #2) And then after I did that I took out that entry and did "4-167" since she had 3 total entries I eliminated her from being able to be counted again so that there's more of a chance of winning for others. The second winner was chosen after that. (Her number was #154)

I didn't get a screen shot of the numbers before I went to go and did another random draw so no pictures of that sorry! The winners are....
1st place: April
2nd place: shaynajo
April won only because she reposted so that was a good call! ^_^ So reposting does help you win sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. In this case it was a 50/50 chance so yeahhhhh.. I shall contact the both of you for the mailing address! Remember, first place winner has the option of prize and the second place winner will end up with the other one :)

Thanks for entering everyone! I'll hold more giveaways later in the future ^_^


16 April 2010


HELLO! Yes two fotd's before work :) Not from the same day though haha! One is from last week and one is from today ^_^

Also before I get into this post... I've gone through every entry and wrote everyone down already and there's a few people that I'm not for sure if they're actual followers so I'm going to check up on that tonight! Maybe about 5 out of 100 I'm not sure about but mostly everyone followed the rules! Some didn't say "I want free stuff" but left their email address so I'm assuming you want to enter :P I started going through the entries from when I posted that last post and I went to sleep maybe around 3:00-3:30... yeah! IT TOOK A LONGGGGGGG TIME... lol but I wanted to check if everyone followed the rules because you can't freeload off of me xP

Okay, onto my looks! ^_^ First is the one from last week. I was testing out the new products from MAC I recently got.

New products from MAC on the eyes&lips:
- HEY eyeshadow
- SORCERY eyeshadow
- PURPOSEFULLY RED prolong lipstain marker
I went into work and the guy that works down the complex comes in and wanted some eggrolls... as he was paying he was like "I hope you don't mind me saying but... DAMN you look good with red lipstick!" hahahahha! I emphasize DAMN because that's how he said it :P

The next one is what I'm currently wearing right this moment! I saw a video that hollyannaeree (however you spell her name because I don't feel like going to youtube and looking right now since i always misspell it lol) did on youtube and I really liked the color combos so I wanted to try out something similar :P I wanted to do deeper, but I didn't feel like rummaging through my makeup to find a deeper blue so I settled with this ^_^

I didn't use anything new for this, but I'll list it anyway :P. Everything is MAC btw.
- RATED R eyeshadow
- GRAPHIC GARDENS eyeshadow palette (the two blues & purple for lower lashline)
- CREME D' VIOLET eyeshadow
I don't know about you girls... but my cutester lipstick is all jacked up! And the fact that I don't use it that much and it's like halfway gone o_O!! I love the color, but as soon as I finish that thing I don't think I'll miss it very much lol xD

Here's the look after drinking my strawberry banana icestorm :P haha, no more lipstick. I'm scared to reapply because it might break on me :( if you own cutester, you should know what I mean.. lol

Okay that's it today! I'll finish up all my giveaway nonsense when I get home and I'll announce the winner ASAP! ^_^


15 April 2010


Hello! I'm so sorry I've been MIA this week.. which isn't like me o_O! Something super serious happened this weekend! My boyfriend's grandmother started to have heart problems and breathing problems on Saturday night. She was finally brought back to the house on Monday around 7:30pm and we all knew she was going to go soon and we all wanted to say our goodbyes. I got to say my goodbye when I left on Monday night.

By Tuesday when I came back to see her she was gone. I was less than an hour too late! Frustrating yes because I was cleaning up my ramen noodle mess I made since the soup spilled everywhere when I was almost done eating! Gosh, and let me tell you.. traffic! It's already like a 20 minute drive to get there so yeahhh.. I got there and we immediately started to plan the mourning ceremonies. Funeral is going to be next Saturday.. It's okay, I'm happy she's in a better place now and not feeling all this pain!


About the giveaway. I have not had a chance to look at all the entries yet so if you posted the link to the giveaway on your sidebar, please don't take it down yet or if you do I won't be able to award you those extra entries! I'll have it finished by this weekend for sure but I'm probably going to start right now after I place my order on Sephora.. yes an order! Man, the sales are robbing me. I guess it's a good time to scoop up the things I've been wanting with the discounts!

Okay, but I promise this is gonna happen soon! I'm a little frustrated that my head is so jampacked with things right now, hope everyone understands!

P.S. JULU STEPH, I did get the shadows! Very pretty for everyday wear :) I need to buy a pro palette and depot this bullshit because It would be soooo much easier to store! Depotting help? :X


08 April 2010


I've been trying this mascara out for a little over a month now.. (since the weekend I got into my car accident!) I think it's time for a formal review! Because I've done so many mascara reviews, I'm getting a little too critical now haha! Also made a video for whoever would rather listen than read all this nonsense lol. (there's a demo at the end of the video too if you want to see the application process)

Hm, but first! did you girls get anything from that Sephora sale?.. I did! haha, my mother's like since you paid your car bill already you can spend your next paycheck :P I was like pshhh, I'm spending the other part of my current paycheck first! LOL, plus I got a little pocket change from the insurance company for missing work on Sunday ^_^

I'll show you guys tomorrow! Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends on... sometime this weekend? o_O haha, I don't even remember but I know it's coming up so get them entries in! Link is above this post :)

Rimmel London Sexy Curves
What is it:
A mascara with a full-figured brush that curves in all the right places.

What it does:
The first Triple Plump brush with 3x the curves for 70% curlier lashes. Voluptuous brush with CurveControl technology wiggles easily through your lashes quickly coating them. Exclusive brush design curves IN to maximize lash loading, curves OUT to curl and de-clump each lash for a complete curved look. Lashes look lusciously curled, plumped and defined. Plump `em up! Enriched with proteins, the plumping formula strengthens lashes over time for a continuous lash boosting effect. Rich cream texture instantly amplifies your natural volume x 7 and fixes the curl for 12 hour hold. Fabulously fuller lashes.

What else you need to know:
Also available in waterproof.

Price: $7.50-$8.99
Size: 0.27 fl oz./8mL
Shade: 003 Extreme Black
Where to buy: drugstores, super centers, ulta.. where they sell Rimmel London products!

Packaging: 3/5
Quality: 4/5
Overall: 3.6/5
Repurchase? No, I want to keep my eyeball :X

Brush is very unique, takes some getting used to! I kept poking out my eyes forreals :/ ...but the brush doesn't work well with my right eye for some reason o_O!


The photos above are the results without using primer on my lashes. It looks okay, nothing special whenever I apply my eyeliner and eyeshadow since the inner half just kinda gets lost. The curl factor doesn't last all day for me though, they just end up kinda... mehhh! But it's not shitty though.


When I do wear primer though, the results are even worse! It actually doesn't curve at all but it does give it more definition... which then lacks on the volume -_- Also the mascara with primer weighs down my lashes so they look a little limp :(

For me, this was a miss! I think more of the fact that when it would kinda poke me in the eye, it would hurt like hell! That was my deal breaker. It's a good everyday mascara, but my makeup style is that I like to wear things dramatic. Lashes always needs to be noticeable! This is a good natural mascara but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who's in a rush when they do makeup or else maybe you'll end up with an eye infection haha!

But on the other hand, the regular version I have washes off really easily with face wash and water. Also, when it dries it's not too crunchy and it's not wet either. I can still feel my eyelashes flex and move around. It's also good that you can achieve good results without using a primer :)

Good mascara, but depending on what you're looking for you can either love this or hate this! Hope you enjoyed the post. Check it out if it's ever on sale!


07 April 2010


(image taken from http://anastasiatravels.blogspot.com because I wasn't going to post about this at first)

Lots of talking/reading today, beauty related though, but if you're not into that kinda stuff then you might want to skip this post.

I swung by Sephora today to go exchange the Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow in Diamond Dog for something else. I really liked the shadow, but the color was a bit dirty for me although it looked great swatched! I'll go back and get Atmosphere later since it seems to be the most pigmented but at the moment I am not really feeling the loud bright colors. Most likely when May hits or something though ^_^

Today's post is more of a story rather than anything, but I know when I first got into makeup I was very intimidated to go into makeup boutiques, counters, and even Ulta! LOL xD Sad yes, but if I felt this way I'm sure some of you have right?!?! :S I know on blogtv we'll talk about what happened when we went to sephora or something so just want to share what happens when I go to Sephora!

I usually swing by there at least ONCE every two weeks. Sometimes once a week if I have money lol :) I was always under the interpretation that the people that work there are stuck up bitches that think they're hot (ahem, Victoria's secret workers at my location). BUT if you go in with that attitude of course you're gonna be like.. ohh no thanks I don't need your help. Usually when I go in they always greet me and of course being friendly I'll greet them back especially when I greet people at my job and they don't answer me I'll feel like an idiot :X.. Just go in with a good attitude and you'll usually receive the same! Now I can't speak for all the sales people because you might just end up with the bitchy one but most of the ones I've encountered are super friendly and helpful!

Sometimes I know what I want and go and just scoop it up real quick but sometimes I just want to look around. I'm sure by now they remember my face so they usually know the story lol. I went to exchange my eyeshadow today because like I said, it was too dirty looking on my lids. I brought it over there and seriously, no questions asked! lol :) I'm not gonna really return things but this thing I really felt like I wouldn't be able to make it work.

Since I was there I thought I'd ask someone to color match me and ...the girl with the bangin lashes... helped me! I wanted to really give the MUFE HD Foundation another try and was ready to find something that's my color. Unfortunately in the end we didn't find a definite match but the closest I got was 153 but it'll probably suit a little better in the summer so that's what I'm gonna go back for later on around May or something. I also wanted to try the MUFE Mat Velvet + but we didn't get to color match on that because we spent like 30 minutes on the HD foundie haha!

After the first 2 she tried, she just couldn't find a good enough match so ...the guy with the pretty lashes... came over and tried to help. Then Coleen... yes the only person's name I remembered because I see her all the time lol... came over with a clean brush and they were pretty much just hanging out and watching after that. We put on #153 and they all gave their opinions but I walked around the store to look at it and that's when we officially said it's a little too dark. So then the guy recommended I use the NARS Sheer glow foundation.
  • NARS Sheer Glow = Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. Both have the same finish, which is a little dewy and about the same coverage. Good alternative if you can't find the right undertone in the MUFE HD line since most of it is pink/beige.
  • NARS Sheer Matte = Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation. Both turns into a matte finish except I think that the MUFE one is just straight up full coverage if you're looking for that. Plus it's about $10 cheaper.
Okay so after we figured out that the 153 was too dark, all three of them came up to my face; the guy on the left side, girl on the right side, and Coleen was picking up bottles. They all tried to match it up and the best match would have to be the one I was wearing. I was just like WOW! I have like 3 sales people helping out at once xD Some people can barely even get one hahaha!

They really did help because when I bought this foundation the first time, I didn't really get much help. And the way they talked about it with me today was so much more different than the other time. Plus, they even commented about my eye makeup and we ended up talking about the Barbie <3 Stila collection! haha, I guess it does help a little to know some kind of make up background but from reading blogs, I'm sure you will too!

I told them I like to alternate between my foundations because if I use the same one everyday I get different results everyday since my skin changes so much! Overall, this was probably like the most customer service I got and the fact that it was for like 30 minutes really means they took time out of what they're doing to help me! ^_^

So the next time you go into Sephora needing help, don't forget to ask! And please, don't be rude either. If they do say something that seems rude, they're just trying to tell you the truth like if something doesn't suit your skintone. It really does help if you go in with a good attitude because no one likes someone that seems like they're gonna be an asshole. I mean put yourself in their perspective. They work there and of course there's gonna be typical people that go in there that gives them shit! I would hate it too LOL.. and I do actually but I just try not to be rude until they really piss me off xD

I ended up exchanging the eyeshadow for the new MUFE Microfinish Blush! I got #6 Quickie since that seems to be the most popular shade going around. If I really like it, I'll end up getting some more shades :) I'll put a review up in a week or two to give you my two cents about it! I've got a few coming up for recent purchases.

Hope whoever stuck around and read this enjoyed my crazy experience today LOL... that's what I call good customer service ^_^


06 April 2010


Hii! :) Here's my post for today, just a quickie! I never got around to posting this up but here it is ^_^

Well, the one I never got to was a swatch of Essie - Mink Muffs. It was THE LAST one at Ulta and it was hidden somewhere so I seriously DIGGED and finally found it! haha ^_^ Sucks for whoever was trying to hide it though.. they should've done a better job lol.

(image taken after 1-2days of wear so it's a little scuffed lol)
It's a pretty muted color since before this I have been sporting some crazy colors! You probably can't get this anymore but if you do I highly recommend it! It's not like an ugly brown when you wear it because it's not too dark.. But the only thing that sucks about this nail color is when it starts to chip because it's super noticeable!

The next one is MAC - Studded. It's actually a matte color but the way I applied it didn't look too good since it dried too fast for me so I applied a top coat. I actually prefer the top coat! :D

(it's about 1.5-2 coats. I say 1.5 because it applied really shitty since it's a matte)
I'm actually wearing this polish as I'm typing this, I'll probably take it off in a few days because it looks so aluminum foil-esque for me. But we'll see how lazy I get because then it'll probably end up being on Monday night lol :) This is actually the only thing I bought from MAC's Riveting collection!

Okay! I actually gotta take real pictures tonight so I can post some things I've been wanting too.. laziness has gotten the best of me!

One more thing, I got an 84 on my Chemistry test today :( I'm really sad... because that's AFTER my extra points added on! I was pretty sure I only missed likeee.... 3-4 questions out of 20 but I guess I missed more? :/ oh well, I guess it's at least it's passing. (Passing in Chemistry is a 65)

Goodnight gals!


05 April 2010


Hello beautifulllllls!

First of all, THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE ENTERING MY GIVEAWAY! I might add in another small prize depending how many people I result in... I actually do got a few more things that are unopen that I've hauled... I don't even know when? o_O

Okay, so I got this on the 25th of March actually but I didn't get to post it up yet! :) Not the typical haul I usually post up, but it will do ^_^ I'm gonna try to post every weekday... since I have a billion things to post! haha XD

Well, I give you a 180-degree view of the car... I mean cars are symmetrical so you should know what it looks like on the other side haha!

The front -- it's fuckin huge. Well, compared to my other car haha. This one feels MUCH more heavier! Has some rock chips in the front, but versus the other one it's a hell of a lot less!

This one has both of the side markers! A lot of the ones I found online were missing either the right of the left and it would be a hassle to go get a new one and stick it on.. lol

You can kinda see me, I'm the pair of legs to the left of the door ^_^

The only thing I don't like so far is just that the headlights are red, and the car is red -___-" so it's really monochromatic in the daytime! xD

Trunk is huge from the body of it, but when you open that shit it's punyyy.. like I think there's less room than my Acura RSX and that was a hatchback! o_O oh, and the license plate it all crooked but I don't know why :(

Interior is black ^_^ You see my shifter?!?! I'm gonna end up polishing it with lotion LOL.. and the e-brake seriously needs to be all the way up or else this baby doesn't want to stay parked sometimes!

And my car comes with the brembo brake package! This shit is ELITE, but because of that it's gonna cost an arm, a leg, and half of my makeup collection to pay for a maintenance!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, did I oggle your eyes enough? lol :)


02 April 2010


I'm jumping on the bandwagon. haha! :) I wanted to a while ago, but I would always forget so I'll start this month! ^_^

I watch hollyannaeree on youtube and she does "hits and misses" and that's where she shows you everything she bought that month and tells you if she likes them or not! Well, I love the concept and I know sometimes I can't get my reviews up so if I do them here it can be a SHORT review :D

I'm also going to add my favorites for the month so that's why I am going to call this a round up.. like a monthly round up! It can also help me keep track of when I buy my makeup and stuff so that's another perk of this :P

To kick start this post I'm gonna begin with my favorites of the month! ^_^

If you've followed me for a really long time and kept up with my posts, I was so anti-blush. Maybe because the way I was applying it didn't compliment my face shape? :/ ... but I gave blush another try and now I'm absolutely in love with it ^_^ Sorry I didn't number label the products but these products are so recent I'm sure you'll recognize them haha!

1.MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass: I'm so close to finishing this tube.. remember what I said in my last post right? It's impossible to finish a lipgloss.. well something like that but this one is pretty much done for. I love this sticky shit! It lasts a longgg time for me and if I layer it over lipstick it helps my lipstick last long too :) Plus I love how it's so sparkly!

2. MAC Melt in Your Mouth Cremesheen Glass: This isn't from the new collection that released a few weeks ago, this is actually from the original launch! As you can tell, I loveee this lipgloss too! There's less product than baby sparks in there. I love to add it to a super nude lipstick so I don't look totally dead and it'll give me some color ^_^ But this one isn't sticky and doesn't last as long as the dazzleglass.

3. MAC Ripe Peach & Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre: I just love the shade of these blushes! And you can somewhat customize your own shade depending where you concentrate your blush. Another plus is that the pan is enormous so I don't think I'll ever run out of this! And the beautiful gradient is also a perk :)

4. MAC Prim & Proper Powder Blush: I've used this blush for two weeks straight now. I didn't realize how beautiful this shade would be on my face! It looked way too boring on the swatch for me so I'm so happy that I tried it on ^_^ It's great for everyday because it's so natural and brings life to your face. Plus it's a satin so it's super pigmented!


Okay, so here's the "hits and misses" section.. I think you can figure out how it works if you read lol. I'm gonna split it up into three little sections...


1. Maybelline Eyestudio Shadow: This is pigmented and I have forgotten the name.. I think it might be lavender something? But IDK it's the purple one! The eyeshadow is very smooth and you get a lot for how much you pay but I don't think it's worth it. I haven't actually used it but when I swatch it, I know if I'll love it or hate it. The colors (solid lavender side and marbelized pinkish side) look almost the same when you swatch it so I don't think it's worth it. Maybe it'll be different with another shade but I won't be buying another one. Miss!

2. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara: Okay so I didn't technically buy this during this month but I used it during this month. It gives really good length (I used it in my "Liberty of London" FOTD) but I think it applies nicely but eventually my lashes aren't really curled anymore as the day goes on.. Miss!


1. Shell Pearl Beauty Powder: it's super pigmented for a beauty powder and gives a great highlight to my cheekbones. Be careful though, if you apply too much it can be over kill on the shimmer! Hit!

2. Prim & Proper Powder Blush: okay, so I've already said enough from my favorite part of this post right? lol :) Hit!

3. Frankly Fresh, English Accents, Perennial High Style Lipglass: I love the colors of these lipglosses so much but I've only used one so far and it was only for one time.. like I didn't even touch it up through the day after it faded! If you used then often throughout the day, the colors are gorgeous but for me this is a miss. I'll still use them though since I've already scooped them up. Miss!

4. Blooming Lovely, Peachstock, Ever Hip Lipstick: these lipsticks are great :) Although they all come in different finishes I will categorize them together lol. The coral shade is really nice since it's buildable because I know sometimes coral doesn't look good on my skin. Blooming lovely is really purple-ish so it's not too practical for everyday but if you top it off with a pinkish or nudish lipgloss it'll tone it down. Overall I really like all the lipsticks! Hit!

Sephora: (all bought when I lost my car so I was really sad and just wanted some retail therapy.. lol, not a good idea! If you're sad just please stay home or to the icecream shop.. It's CHEAPER! xD)

1. LipFusion Lipgloss: I got this for $10 and I know it retails for like $30-somethingish?!?! My shade I got is BARE. It has that tingling sensation you get with lip plumpers but it doesn't bother me since I actually like that sensation :) The color is super natural too on the lips! Hit!

2. Buxom Lash Liner: I've already used a good little chunk during that week and a half I used it constantly everyday. I didn't see any lash growth but it might be because I didn't use it for a really long period of time. (I will start again soon so I can properly review it.) The liner doesn't last all day for me and it's super fluid. I find that it starts to transfer from the upper lashline to my bottom one during the day but I think that's because I have super oily skin and especially the weather changing like crazy made my skin even oilier! Another think I noticed is that it doesn't wash off as easily as my other pot liners I've tried. I probably won't repurchase this even if my lashes starts growing. Miss!

3. NARS Pencil Sharpener: I've been wanting this for a while now. Like all the NARS products it has that rubbery texture so shimmer will stick to it eventually. At first I couldn't get the removable cap off but now I can't really keep it stuck. It just comes off really easily when you pull it off now :( On the plus side it can fit 3 different size pencils and it only cost $6 which is cheap for a NARS product and compared to the other high end sharpeners. Oh, and it doesn't break my eyeliner pencil when I try to make it super pointy! Hit!

4. Benefit Legally Bronze: (upcoming post on this set..) The whole set is really a good deal! It was only $35 when one of the products is $28. I like all the products but it's not something you NEED to have. Bronzer(hoola) is great because it's matte and applies really smoothly and evenly! The golden highlighter pencil (gilded) is nice too but I find this shade is unnecessary for me because I don't like to wear bronzey shades because it makes me look tanned. The mascara is also unnecessary for me because it's BROWN and I don't really like the badgal brushes. I think I'll give it to someone since I haven't used it yet or use it for my brows. Don't be surprised if you get this in the mail LOL.. The high beam.. I love it! It's inconvenient for me too sometimes because I don't decide what I want to use as a highlighter until after I powder my face. With this product you gotta put it on before you apply powder products. The applicator is also.. weird? It's pretty much a nail polish bottle so yeahhh if you can imagine that. :) Although it's such a good deal.. I would say this isn't a practical product if I were buying it for myself. As a gift it'll be great. It just depends on your makeup style though but for me it's a... Miss!


Okay, so this turned out longer than I thought it would! :X I guess I bought a lot of stuff this month that I didn't realize. Usually the stuff I get when I'm sad or angry makes me feel like I didn't buy it ahah! :) Okay but seriously, I am going to cut down on the spending! If you read this all, tell me if you like it, don't like it, what I can change about it pleaseee :) Greatly appreciated!


P.S. I'm answering people in my comments now so if you asked a question check back please! I'm gonna be super side tracked until the semester is over so yeahh.. life sucks right now!