31 January 2012

Ricky & Nicki Early Release?!

Long time no see! (kinda)

School has officially begun and my first test is this thursday :(

I have been wearing absolutely no makeup so there is no fotd's but hopefully soon to come..

What this post is about is this down below!! D:
Who else got this email?! AND purchased?! Well guess what... I didn't :)!!! I was ready to check out but there were no free shipping codes so I didn't purchase it lol. If you don't know usually when MAC has a new contract with a celebrity for their viva glam campaign they stick around for about a year so I was thinking to just pick this up later when it hits counters.

Just excited to say I think I'm cured! XD lol

Night gals, time for me to study!


23 January 2012

New Year, New Fat.

Hello everyone!

Starting off the new year strong with a bunch of food in my body.

Massive amounts of food + No working out = New FAT  :( OH WELL.


I swung by Barnes&Nobles the other day to kill time waiting to go somewhere. I checked out a lot of random things and then ran into the baking books and grabbed a bunch and sat down and flipped through them. By the time I was finished I was in serious craving of some sweets!

Betty Crocker Cookie Book, 500 Cupcakes, whoopie pies

I adored the Maxim Green Tea Lattes that Amy had given me in a love pack a while back and they do not sell them in Texas and are always sold out online on mitsuwa :( I finally realized I can order this at starbucks and I have to admit it was quite delicious! This will be one of my new regular drinks :)!!

Starbucks Green Tea Latte

I've also been having the BIGGEST dimsum craving for the longest time and I finally got a Sunday off to grab some :)! I went to Kowloon in Arlington, TX because it was the nearest location to me that had a decent selection. I was so hungry and just dug in without thinking of taking a picture so I snapped a quick one after half the food was gone :P

shu mai, hargow, bbq pork buns, shrimp balls, jasmine tea

My friend and I grabbed dinner at the new location of Pho 95 off Cooper in Arlington, TX. I live near another location which is a lot older and has been around forever. The new location has a bar and looks really fancy! I think it's more catered to the non-asian customers lol, and they actually do an awesome job of refilling drinks :D! Best thing is it's the same prices as the one near my house so that's a definite plus ;)

pho, BBQ pork with steamed rice, eggroll, and soup on the side

I took my younger cousin out to eat for his 17th birthday, graduation, and 18th birthday... finally! I told him I was in the mood for hibachi and ask if he had a preferred place so we ended up at Shogun in Southlake, TX. The place was very small compared to other hibachi places I've been to and I didn't realize he's only been to one. We got there after dinner time was over so there wasn't anyone else eating while we were, just getting ready to leave. The cook was mediocre during the show and staff seemed like they were ready to close shop and leave. I'm just glad the food was yummy!

Sauteed vegetables, scallops, shrimp and steak

Some friends and I stopped by braums after dinner one day. I finished every last bite of my meal and I had the banana split and finished that too lol! I was SOOO hungry. One of our friends missed the dinner memo so he ended up buying a burger at braums.

burger, strawberry shortcake sundae, black forest sundae, old fashioned banana split

Co-workers and I went to TGIFridays in celebration of my co-worker Cassie turning 20! Cheers to her, she's finally old! I had the parmesan crusted chicken which is a crispy chicken breast served with cheese tortelloni in spinach alfredo sauce which also came with a tomato-mozzarella chese salad. Quite yummy if I recall! :)

parmesan crusted chicken


That all the food porn I have from the past couple of weeks, I guess I haven't exactly documented every meal I'm ate/made because I'm always so hungry and dig right in! PLUS my iphone camera is pretty crappy as you can tell :( OH WELL!

I'm planning on making an eyebrow tutorial :) Just depends how the video comes out will be whether I post it up or not! Hopefully nothing malfunctions lol.

Good day to you all :P


14 January 2012

FOTD: Blooming Lovely

Hello Everyone (:

I did this look the other day. I don't remember where I was going or what I was doing but in real life my eyes were REALLY sparkly. The camera doesn't capture it for some reason which may be because of the lighting.
yikeees! Dark circles, I know >__<

  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli
  • Make Up For Ever HD Powder

  • MAC Lipstick in Blooming Lovely

  • NARS Smudgeproof Primer
  • MAC Paintpot in Let's Skate!
  • Urban Decay NAKED Palette (Naked, Darkhorse)
  • Rock&Republic Eyeshadow in Veil
  • Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner in Ultra Black
  • Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara
  • Anastasia Brow Duo in Medium Ash
A really simple, sparkly, and fast look with one of my new favorite products Let's Skate! paintpot :) If I could have one paintpot for the rest of my life, this would be it!

Until next time! ^__^


12 January 2012

Review: Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner

Today's post is about a product I've recently discovered from Mona's Blog. I'm always on the hunt for a good liquid liner. I've gone off and on from gel to liquid but I always come running back to liquid liners...

The Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner has a calligraphy type of tip rather than a felt or brush. This is the first time I've ever used one of these and I have to say I now prefer it! I know that the kpalette 24hour liner, kat von d, lorac, and shiseido ones have it but it's a little out of the price range I'd want to spend on a liquid liner pen that I don't know will dry out within a week or so.
Comes in sleek shiny silver packaging. It leaves fingerprints but it's round packaging kinda "reduces" it in a way to where you don't really see it.
The applicator! I've been using this for about three weeks now and it has yet to dry up! I'll give it a couple weeks, give or take, before I use up all the so called "ink".
Shown in Ultra Black

With it's extra fine tip you have the ability to create fine lines to thick lines. It's really awesome for winging out liner too! The color ultra black isn't too "ultra black". It's like a soft black but as you layer it it becomes a nice black shade. As for the lash boosting part of this product, I can't vouch for it saying it'll give you lush lashes. I never intended for this product to give my sad wimpy lashes any enhancement but I don't think it really helps for that.

I purchased this at CVS for about $10. Physician's Formula has always been on the pricier side of the drugstore lines but I think it's reasonably priced. I'll definitely repurchase this after I run out. They usually have BOGO 1/2 off so buying two at a time will most likely be the cheapest way.


08 January 2012

Updated Blog Sale!

I just posted items up for sale :)
Please check it out, thanks!

Be sure to check out my most recent post too ^__^


06 January 2012

FOTD: Suicide Pinup

Hey all (:

I was going through some blogs and I found a pinup tutorial! [Check Chrissy's look out] I've always wanted to post up a pinup look on here and everytime I've attempted one and took picture my camera always washed out the colors since they were basically skintone.

When I think of pinup makeup I think flawless skin, contoured face, bold brows, red lip, and a matte defined eye.

I didn't use flash this time and used my lighted vanity mirror for lighting and it turned out pretty good! I even attempted a suicide roll for you, which by the way FAILED miserably. The end result was my fourth time and it still wasn't smooth!

Apologizing in advance since I also cam-whored a bit because I haven't done an actual look in a LONG time :D
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli
  • Make Up For Ever HD Powder
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in Medium
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer
  • Prestige Lipliner in Amore
  • MAC Mattene Lipstick in Eden Rouge
  • NARS Smudgeproof Primer
  • Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette (Foxy, Bootycall)
  • Urban Decay NAKED Palette (Virgin, Naked, Buck)
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso and Carbon
  • Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner in Ultra Black
  • Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara
  • Ardell Wispies False Eyelashes ....I DIDN'T USE LASH GLUE! LOL
  • Anastasia Brow Duo in Medium Ash
Next picture was just a random unattractive picture but whatever! lol

Hopefully this will be a trend for 2012, me getting back to posting FOTD's! I really enjoyed getting dolled up just to take it all off and go to sleep. With the stress of school and work coming up I'm sure blogging would be a great way to relieve stress just hopefully I will have enough time!

Have a good day everyone!


Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

 Happy New Years everyone! (:

I hope the new year is treating everyone good! Every year I literally do nothing for New Years Eve. I usually just stay home but this year my friend invited me to take a family trip to Wichita, Kansas!

We stayed at his aunt's lakehouse. I only snapped a few pictures while I was there because there was literally nothing to take photos of since we were there for about a day and half >__<
 It was suuuuper cold. I only brought a light cardigan since I was thinking "Texas weather." I guess I didn't realize where we were staying!

His puppy Momo! He's such a cutie, his hair is sooo long that it just blows in the breeze lol! He looks like he's gonna sweep the floor sometimes too :)
 This is my friend Kiet. He has long hair also that I sometimes straighten LOL.
 The photo below I think is very interesting.... I tried to enlarge it so you can all see!
 We both have iPhones... my phone has a tokidoki case which I purchased from sephora. His is PINK!

Here's the makeup for the day. I did a simple, not so dark look using the NAKED2 palette! It was just a little more for definition that you can't see in the photo lol.
 This is my friend and I! I'm in serious need of a haircut yet haven't made my way to the salon yet...
We were also in need of an eyebrow touchup. I actually took care of this the next day :P

What was there to do in Kansas? NOTHINGGG. The previous night when we arrived we ended up playing hide&seek in the dark. It was actually pretty fun! The next day we went to the mall. THERE WERE NO STORES WORTH LOOKING IN!!! I ended up at Victoria's Secret for their 7/$25 panty raid they had and that's all I ended up with. We also ended up eating at Outback Steakhouse and I would've had food pictures but I didn't want to embarrass their family by whipping out my camera lol :)

When the clock struck 12, I was knocked out in the car since we were driving back. Soooo technically I didn't do much for New Year's but I did a lot more than normal. PLUS I got to visit a new state! ^__^

I have another post I'm working on. I was INSPIRED to do makeup and I've already done it and taken photos just gotta build the post and resize everything. I'm really excited about that one but I've gotta head to bed now because I need to be up in a couple of hours >__<