31 August 2011

Haul & Review: MAC Me Over

Hello everyone!

I've recently hauled some stuff from MAC.. like release date last thursday recent lol. I wanted to give everything a test run before I tell y'all about it! Of course here's the haul photo!
Sorry it's not the best photo, I'm still iPhone blogging because now my camera is missing.

I purchased;;
  • MAC Moleskin Eyeshadow
  • MAC Stunner Blush
  • Deborah Lippman Today Was A Fairytale Nail Lacquer
  • MAC 211 (with two more on the way)
  • MAC 226 (two of them)
I love the eyeshadow, it works the same as MAC Soft Brown but it has more of a cool tone to it.

The blush is absolutely gorgeous, but it's not a "must have" because I'm sure I have like 10 more shades similar to this in my stash. I really wanted to get Equilibrium but I'm not sure if I would ever use it.

The nail polish is heaven, if you love yourself some glitter! With only one coat the glitter transfers lovely. Likeeee, you wouldn't need 3 billion coats to get an opaque glitter finish. It's on the pricier side though (of $20!) and is a pain in the ass to remove.

The 211 brush is AMAZINGGGG. It's the BEST eyeliner brush I've used! It's amazing when I use it with my Bobbie Brown Gel Eyeliner. I haven't used it yet with a liquid liner but I can imagine it'd be even better! It's very easy to create the thinnest line or you can easily build on it and create a thick line and it makes winging eyeliner a piece of cake! I've noticed my wings are almost identical whenever I use this brush :) ...thus why I love it so much I've ordered two more to keep as back ups LOL..

The 226 brush is also a great brush! In my opinion I'd probably prefer the 217 for crease work still but if you want a really precise darkened crease this is perfect. It's fine tapered tip helps blend colors in effortlessly and gives you great precision control. I already own one of these so I just got two more in case it's dirty or if I ever lose one.

Overall the collection was a really good one. It has dark and neutral colors with some purples in the mix. I think everyone could benefit from this release and find something they like... which could be bad for one's wallet! It didn't rape my wallet as bad as I thought though ^_^ I leave you with some swatches...

Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, Blushes, Lipglasses

Cream Coloured Bases

Lipglasses, Lipsticks, Lady Grey Quad, Evil Eye Quad

Evil Eye Quad, Shadesticks

So what did everyone end up purchasing?

If you have any other questions about the collection I have a pretty strong opinion LOL.. I just couldn't cover the rest of the collection since I'm about to head to work but I definitely spent like 2 hours there swatching and comparing and debating :3

See you in the next post!

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24 August 2011

NOTW: Hopelessly in Love {ft. Hello Kitty}

Hey gals! I was gonna post my haul but I haven't had time to make some swatches so that's gonna wait. Plus I wanted to do haul/review of the quality also ^_~

Here's a quick post. I'm sitting in the AT&T store waiting for my boyfriend to do his phone thing and I got bored. I've been admiring my nails since I've painted them last night LOL! It's the first pink nail polish I've purchased in a while. It's OPI Hopelessly In Love paired with an HK decal from sephora.

Illamasqua base coat + 2 coats of OPI Hopelessly In Love + Seche Vite results in this...
It's a beautiful soft pink that almost matches my purse! I'm really in love with it and it wasn't super opaque on the second coat so I feel like it gets that jelly look ;) or it might just be my imagination lol.

I used the camera+ app to add the blurred effect in case some of you were looking for a somewhat photo editing program for the iPhone.


On a side note, I went and got cupcakes today! I've only ate one so far (red velvet) and it was delicious! Can't wait to get home and try the rest ;)
They look so scrumptious! And all five were only $12.50! A heck of a lot cheaper than sprinkles for sure. ;)

--- edit;; I purchased the cupcakes from a store called Cupcake Bliss off Cheek Sparger in Bedford if you guys live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and want to check them out! :D

Talk to you soon!


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P.S. MAC's mac me over collection is releasing tomorrow! I'm very excited to pick up some more 226 brushes! ^_^
Anyone picking anything up from this collection? ;)

16 August 2011

NOTW: Silver Sparkles

hello all!

I finally had a chance to paint my nails the other day because I had a day off from work. Because I have to constantly wash my hands at work my nail polish chips off so easily that I feel like it's a waste of time sometimes so then I get super lazy but I know it's not a waste because I love to paint my nails so I'm trying to get back in the habit! :)


Short intermission from the Cheesecake Factory. If you're a facebook friend I'm sure you've seen my food pictures lol. We finally got to dress up together in a while so I really like this picture :) Plus it was daylight and surprisingly good for a iPhone picture! I did brighten it up a little bit on photoshop.


I purchase a little set from Ulta which was an inspired by Serena Williams theme. (I think it was Serena. Just one of the Williams sister okay!) It was about $14 but I saw it on sale the other day for about $10 -____- SIGHH!

Servin' Up Sparkle | Your Royal Shine-ness

I applied the shiny silver color on first with only one coat since it was pretty opaque and I was going to layer it. I then used two coats of the glitter polish.

It was that pretty holographic sparkle to it :) ooh I love the glitter topcoat! I think the possiblities will be endless in the future xD


Lastly, I leave you with my son! If you've been following my blog for over a year now you'll see how small he was. He's already got four teeth in and learned how to walk and say the dogs name... awwhhh :) ...and if you've been following for a long time you'll know it's my nephew ^_^

BUT I do look like his mother right?! Same skin tone, his hair goes to the same side, same nose, same mole on our arm in the same spot, and the same stupid thin top lip :P


03 August 2011

FOTD: Lucky Green && HAUL: Fashion Flower

ALRIGHT, so I was gonna post earlier but after I had posted this post, I totally went back and fell asleep. -___-" Then I had work and now I'm finally off so I shall post what I planned!


Here's my ever so late fashion flower haul ^_^ I told y'all I haven't hauled much from these MAC launches! I guess the reason I'm showing this is because it has to do with my FOTD today :)

Budding Beauty Lip Gelee | Lucky Green Eyeshadow

I didn't realize that Lucky Green is a permanent color because I was going to go with the gray shade but the color payoff on the green was too good to pass up! :3


So I took goofy looking photos in the GAP fitting room while trying on some workout gear! I didn't know how comfortable sports bras are! I'm definitely gonna go buy the gFast capri leggings and a sports bra from GAP... I'm trying to get back in shape with the help of my boyfriend :)

I guess I wasn't in a smiling mood because the ones with me smiling look super fake so I'll go with the goofy face! :)

  • NARS Sheer Glow Stromboli
  • NARS Blush Orgasm
  • Too Faced Bronzer Sun bunny
  • MAC Eyeshadow Going Bananas
  • MAC Eyeshadow Lucky Green
  • MAC Eyeshadow Sassy Grass
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner Black Ink
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liner Zero
  • Dior Diorshow Blackout Mascara
  • Nothing in the photo since it wore off but I did pair the look with the MAC Budding Beauty Lip Gelee :)

So I've never seen a hallway in Texas that looked so... not in Texas! I was waiting outside for my boyfriend to use the restroom... YES I WAS WAITING not him LOL. Snapped this picture and used the Camera+ app on my iPhone and slapped an effect on it. I like it! :3

We were getting ready to leave the mall at this point but I said wait, let's stop and take a picture! LOL, I guess the first picture turned out the best (ON MY PHONE TOO!) even though I pulled out my actual camera. SIGHHH.. oh well, I'm just glad I have a picture that didn't cut off one of our faces LOL XD

Goodnight! I'm gonna post my haul from the mall tomorrow :P There's not really much but I was super excited when I saw what I purchase :)


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OOTD: 'Cause I'm a Window Shopper

Hello all!

Somewhat an outfit of the day post.. LOL, I went [window] shopping yesterday because I am broke but I had to make a run to MAC for an empty palette so I can finally depot some eyeshadows since they're getting no love in the pots :(

I had to make the trip worth it because it was a FAR drive so the boyfriend and I spent almost 5 hours there shopping ;)

I just grabbed a bunch of clothes and thought what the heck, I'll try to put some outfits together. Mind you, I am not a fashionable person and just like to wear what's comfortable. Too many pieces and then I'm confused what to do with it so I'll keep this simple!


Express shirt | Express shorts

I really liked the fit of the shirt so I'm gonna go back for it when I get paid! I just wished they had a red color :(

Shorts however were too big. I tried on a size 4 and they were massive, size 2 were still loose, but I didn't bother asking the lady to get me a size 0 because I wasn't going to purchase anything :X


Express shirt | Express shorts

The shirt fits really nicely on me and is super comfy! I may go back for this too when I get paid but I'm not completely sold yet because of the color selection. I would want this in a deep purple shade or a deep pink shade. Something a little more bold and not so pastel-like.

Shorts were also a size 4, huge again but these were a little more forgiving in looks lol. They're a dark charcoal shade although the lighting doesn't agree. If the price wasn't so steep on these I'd consider buying them but I'd rather go with something cheaper at forever 21 although these feel like they'd last a long time.


Express shirt | Express shorts

I think express really nails the ruffle shirts. They're not too small yet it's not too big. The material they use also drapes really nicely and the way the style of the shirts are also compliments the ruffles! I really liked this one too, plus I like shirts that aren't short since I feel like my torso is longer than other peoples.

Same shorts as outfit 2.


Gap Dress

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS! :) I would've gotten it if it weren't for the steep $70 price tag. Plus I have a closer gap to me so I could always go back for it. I tried on a size 2 and it looked a little big. The lady went and got me a size 0 and it fits like a dream! It has a small elastic waistband that cinches your waistline giving you shape although it's very loose and flowy. There's also a ruffle-type thing that goes down one side but you can't tell in the picture, more of an in person type of thing.

I do notice that in the stock picture it looks shorter. Guess that's where my stubby asian legs kick in LOL. Still a great dress because the fabric seems very nice and that it'll last a long time!


Urban Outfitters Dress

I took my bra off to try this dress on and it still looks a little snug around my chest! I could've opted for a medium instead of a small but again I wasn't buying anything. I had trouble zipping the dress up on my own so it's halfway zipped in the photo lol. It's cute but it's cuter on the hanger type of dress for me.

I tried to find this on the website but no luck! Sorry :(


Urban Outfitters Dress

A very unflattering picture of my legs LOL. Yes, I have huge fat girl legs but not so fat body!? I don't understand how they got so big -_- ... lol.

I didn't wear a bra for this dress either. The strap detailing was sooo pretty but they're unadjustable so it ended up loose on me since I'm lacking on the bust area :P I think if there were only 3 straps instead of 4 it would've fit better too! The back has snap 4 or 5 snap closures and then there's a bra-like hook closure for the very top. I thought the back was gorgeous but too bad I didn't get a photo of it! Also, it's not on the website :(

This dress was really nice, if there weren't so many flaws with it I would totally consider a future purchase!


That's basically it for the outfits! I tried on a few more at urban outfitters but they didn't look so good so I just didn't take a picture. Went to forever 21 and there were so many people so I was like "forget it I'm leaving!"

I'm off to make a haul post and a fotd post of my mall trip! :)

And then more haul posts from past purchases -__- yes, they're very late and I hope they aren't too want-worthy because I'm not sure if they're still available D:

Expect more posts from me today :P


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