10 January 2010



*sigh* I went to MAC again.. well to check out the new collections that released! hahaha, it was in my planner so it was a "scheduled" thing :P

MAC in Lillyland released & so did the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection ^_^
These are all the items I got from the Lillyland collection!
  • Pearlmatte face powder
  • Resort Life lip gelee
  • So Sweet, So Easy cremeblend blush
The face powder is more of a collector item for me, although I am going to use it :D! I didn't really want anything from this collection until I got there LOL..! Makeup artist there tried on florida cremeblend blush on me and it was gorgeous! ^_^ I didn't get that shade because it reminded me too much of MAC's tippy blush that came out with the hello kitty collection... I swatched the one I got on my hand heavily and it didn't look overdone so I figured even if I used a heavy hand I don't think I'll over do it :P

I also grabbed the close for comfort tinted lip conditioner (from warm&cozy) because I have been into trying to fix my lips lately! This one will cover up my bloody looking lips because they get so dry and then I pick at it and then my skin is bare and it hurts even worse than before -___-"
I like it and it's not too bright like popster so I know I will use it daily along side with my other lip balms/conditioners :)

And from the other collection I got these two products -___-" I already have naked frost so no need for that lippie :P I almost passed this lipgloss up! I had to try it on and first it didn't look good because it's so opaque.. then I used my fingers to blend it in some more and then I was like YES! I love it!!! :D It's like a nude pink on me and I will use the lipstick under it :) ..although I should've waited and debated if I really needed the lipstick :/ but you girls know me... just cannot resist!
Maybe I'll do lip swatches another day..

OH FYI, the lip gelees are like dazzleglasses but in a tube! OMG, the shimmer on that baby is like BAM IN YOUR FACE! haha xD And the best thing is, the size is ENORMOUS and it comes out of a tube so no double dipping your brush :P And I guess it'll extend the life of your lipgloss because it doesn't contaminate it? o_O

I'm working on an awards blog post.. haha! I'll probably do it during work or something if it's slow :P

I am also gonna get rid of my hello kitty palettes.. *GASPS* I know! I just figured I'm only keeping them as a "collector" kinda item, but I honestly don't like the frickin colors! They're so unwearable for me, or at least the too dolly palette and the lucky tom palette just doesn't really show up on my skintone! UGH.. so frustrating right? So I figured, I might at well let someone else have it to use because I know it's just gonna sit in my drawers right? Up on the blog sale it goes... *SIGH*

Goodnight! I can't sleep so I'm gonna try to organize my makeup area.. AGHHH, it's so messy in here! There's probably a REAL mouse living in the dust bunnies LOL!



  1. LOL its not that bad u have REAL MOUSE there !
    awww the blush looks so pretty !

  2. I have not used my kitty palettes as well but I dont wanna get rid of them.. lol..

    Anyway, I want some cream blushes from the lilyland collection and I kind of want the lip geeles. Are they sticky?

  3. :( ive been trying SO hard not to go into mac. but the lilyland collection might ruin that. i want all the creme blushes and lipjelles whatever there called

  4. ohh the cream blush look so pretty! :D

    if your lips are super chapped, try lanolips :D it's like a medical grade lip balm or something? and it's pretty cheap :)

  5. does the glamour for all ages look like this on your lips temptalia swatch It looks pretty in the tube, but kinda creepy on her lips...

    plus you didn't say the name of the lipstick! :)

  6. Hmm...I think it was a good decision that I had walked past the MAC counter today while in the mall...but I think I might be making a trip back to see all the new items that came in =]

    http://trueconfessionsofablackcollegegirl.blogspot.com/ - check it out=]

  7. oh em gee. I've been missing for awhile and I knew you were going to get some Mac products when I come back!!! lol.

  8. Oooooh Mac Haulage! <3
    I'll be glad when my damn package comes Monday, I'm so anxious. lol

  9. Wow, look at all the Mac stuff! I bought some hello kitty eyeshadows the other day! :)

  10. dang girl! you've been hauling lots of mac lately huh? so jealous! lol let me know if you want to part w/ any of them so u wont have to return them and they wont get thrown away!!

    i have had my eyes on the cremeblend blushes and like everything from the all race collection haha but haven't gotten anything yet!

  11. LMAO, you are SO CUTE. I love how you scheduled to go to MAC, haha! That sounds like something I would do.

    And about the school thing, I think the reason why it's so expensive/not free it's so that students actually think about where they want to go and not just apply everywhere to see where they would get accepted, so it's less unneccessary applications for the uni/colleges to go through.

    I would say apply for Fall 2010! That way, you still have a break, but you still have school. If you apply in Fall 2011 it's a long way off, know what I mean? Buttt, it's up to you! I was thinking of taking a year off to work and save, but I decided not to because I didn't want to get so "used" to the idea of working and making money and not being motivated to go to school cause of that.

    Buttt, good luck with your classes, keep me updated (:

    LOL and yes, Canada does/did suffer from the recession :P

  12. the new collection looks nice, oh boy it's been so long since i've actually bought something from a particular collection in a long time. i like it though, i might just go check it out.

  13. Your HAULs are always awesome Linds, I'm always eager and excited when I see your hauls, " oh Linda is haulin' again yay ^_^"

    And that Pearlmatte face powder is really good lookin. Yay, it looks like chocolate too like a combination of white chocolate and brown chocolate ahhaha, now I'm hungry ^_^

  14. Too Bad i am in a no buy,I might buy the Pearlmatte Face powder though... Lol

    I love the item in this collection.


  15. Oh my gosh, I think I totally missed this post!! I love love your haul!! Since you have both now, which one do you like better? Resort Life or Naked Frost? I'm contemplating between the two.. and which lippies did you get from the All Races etc collection??? ♥♥♥


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