23 March 2012

Lush, The Comforter

Hey ladies! It's been quite some time. (Hasn't it always everytime I post?!)

Today's post is about Lush's "The Comforter". It's a bubble bar and retails for $9.95 available in store or online. I actually went there the other day and had a small haul :) Because I already used the bubble bar there is not picture of it BUT here is their stock photo online which is very accurate of what it looks like in person :)
I've tried other bubble bars and I've enjoyed them all, no particular favorite so maybe I haven't found that scent that makes me go nuts yet.
This time when I used it I crumpled up the portion I wanted to use first before I cranked up the water. It looks pretty! ^__^
Still resulted in about the same amount of bubbles I always get. I think this way is less work! LOL! I crumpled it up, let the water do its magic, then went around looking for things I can do while I bathe :)
Yes, I am naked BUT I am wearing a shirt made of bubbles haha! My friend told me I looked like a 15 year old kid. OH WELL! This was a much needed bath after all this stress I've been dealing with from school.

Recommend you check out "the comforter", or any of the bubble bars for that matter. I want to try the super glittery one next! The dude said the glitter was water soluble so that lured me in...

Have a great weekend everyone!


02 March 2012

Curls & Feeling Artsy :3

Hello blogger world :D!

Hope I didn't fall off the face of the world again.

I put on neutral makeup today and decided to make it un-boring by curling my hair... since I finally got a haircut! ^__^ I think it was semi-successful!

 .... HEY GUYS! Did you know I had a minor butt chin?! YEEEAH, check the photo above :3 I'm surprised it photographed somewhat! My older sister says that when I was a baby it was like mega butt chin but it went away as I got older -___-
 I really like my bigggggo eyebrows :) I was going to do a tutorial on how I shape them, but I'm gonna go through this box of wax I dislike first. Wouldn't make sense if I didn't like the product I was using right? lol
Last photo, I was feeling artsy outside :) I think it turned out nice with the gradation of the grass and sun. Wish I posed cooler so my shadow looked cool lol! (thank you mom for mowing the lawn.)

SOOOO I'm really wanting to hit the mac counter to look at the Nicki Minaj lipstick. It's crazy bright pink from what I've been seeing all over the blogosphere and I WANT!

Hope to see you soon!