13 January 2010


Hello girls :) Back with another haul! OKAY, so I got this on sale for 30% off using the code "luckybreaks" on toofaced.com. The offer ended on January 5, 2010 and I was deciding that day whether I was gonna get the walk of shame set ($38) and the teddy bear hair brush set ($65). I ended up changing my mind about the brush set because I can get more brushes for that amount and the fact that they were incredibly soft so I thought maybe it won't be able to pick up enough pigment as I'd like?!?! Eh, I think I made the right decision! ha, but I did manage to get some things on my wishlist from too faced.. BTW, I've always loved too faced products! :) I swear I'm not a MAC snob :P


Website Review:
Right after I placed my order on the website it goes to the page where it says "an confirmation email has been sent". Okay, so usually things don't send right away to my email sometimes but I waited for like an hour and was like WTF!! Where's my confirmation email?!?! I've read on Clara's blog (http://frugalmakeupholic.blogspot.com/) that they had GREAT customer service so that's why I ordered from the site! I know that sometimes it takes forever for something to ship.. *cough* STILA *cough*. Well I never received an email for my confirmation of my order but I did have my browser page opened still so I had the order number! I emailed them the next night after waiting for the confirmation. When I woke up the next morning, I had an email from them saying that the order has been fulfilled and I'll get an email when the order ships.

I was really impressed with the speed of their response! That made me feel more reassured that I was going to get my order! Surely enough, the email did send when it was on it's way to my house. It sent by USPS so you can track it on there.. BUT when I got the email it said "your UPS tracking number is..." and I went to go track it on UPS and was like WTF! I mean it was odd when I didn't see letters AND numbers on the tracking number and I was freaking out. I went back to the email and looked at the number again and was like dude this is a frickin` USPS tracking number! Everything got sent to me really fast, but my area gets mail from USPS pretty fast so it depends on how long it usually takes you to get USPS mail :)

Customer Service - very responsive and quick!
Shipping - only $5.95 for the entire order (and it comes super cute.. you'll see with my photos!) and they offer free shipping after you've purchased $50 worth of items.
Free gifts - every purchase made allows you to choose a sample of their lip injection, shadow insurance, or lipsticks! They also have "online exclusives" that change pretty often and you can qualify for it depending on how much you have to spend on your order. The amount to qualify also changes often depending on the product they offer. (okay I think I repeated myself but I guess it makes sense too?!)

Overall, I will definitely purchase from the too faced website again. The order took 5 days to get to me and that is extremely fast, like maybe faster than sephora?!?! ha :X (I ordered on January 4 and it got to me on January 9). I highly recommend anyone in the US to order from them! I'm not sure if they do international though?!


Okay, so here's my actual haul! :)
OMG, isn't the box so pretty?!?! It was like a small-medium sized package, not too big or small but I can see this from the street in front of my door! It's gorgeous but I'm afraid someone will go and steal it from me! x(
Everything that I ordered..
  • Walk of Shame set
  • Girls dig pearls in mermaid
  • Lip of Luxury in Centerfold and Free Love
Everything I got free..
  • Beauty addict palette (might use it for a giveaway)
  • Mini shadow insurance (keeping this for a giveaway)
gosh I'm so glad I didn't order those brushes! But when they have another big sale and I have money to spare, I will definitely snag them! ahah :D
Lipstick boxes.. I adore their packaging! :) It's so vintage-y feeling and do cute! The lipsticks have this champagne smell to them and depending on my mood I may like it or I may be disgusted lol
I really like the lipgloss.. it reminds me of resort life from MAC unfortunately -__-" but I still love it because of all the sparkles! ^_^
Walk of shame set, it's a great deal if you wanna try out their things! :D The pouch looks like a bathing cap doesn't it?!?! hahaha!
It's so small.. no lie either :P
I opened it to check it out, it looks kinda cheap o_O! But whatever, I got it for free.
The contents inside the walk of shame set. It comes with a toothbrush, full size shadow primer, sample size face primer, full size lipstick - totally nude, compact with two eyeshadows and bronzer, and mints! Well don't forget the "showercap" inspired clutch lol ^_^
All the lippies! The one on the top is the girls dig pearls lipgloss in mermaid. The lipsticks from left to right is centerfold, free love, and totally nude!

Again, I am pretty satisfied with my order! This year I've already started it out with spending a TON of money :( Like... you can calculate it in your head! IDK if you want to include warm & cozy or not but everything I've posted so far is purchased this year and I still have a lot more hauls to post up. ZOMG I'm a shopaholic for real now! haha :)

I'm catching up on reading some blogs. No let me rephrase, I'm catching up on COMMENTING on blogs since I've already read them LOL xD

I hope you girls check out toofaced.com, they have pretty fast shipping and really reasonable rates for the US considering that super cute pink box I got :D



  1. I love your haul! Can't wait to see some looks with your new lipsticks :D

  2. ooh, enjoy your haul! too faced has such pretty packaging.

  3. i only have one thing from them and i already love it haha

  4. I was going to buy a too faced e/s duo yesterday but decided not to..Im def going back for it...

  5. do u like the shadow insurance

  6. great haul....gotta check out the site...

  7. Awesome haul Linda! I've been doing a lot of online shopping, but my boyfriend doesn't know it! :)

  8. awesome haul, the lippies look so nice !

  9. oh gee... another haul. lol. you are now an official shopaholic! pretty box by the way =]

  10. i'm so jealous! that's an awesome haul!! :D

    tell us how you go with the products yes? :) now i'm off to perve on more online shopping thanks to you ;P

  11. woww
    swatches and review??hehe
    did u just say that they just leave the box at ur doorstep?i'd be so worried

  12. what a cute package you got! i gotta say, too faced and benefit have the MOST CUTEST packaging and it makes me want to buy them! im glad you had a great experience with the customer service! enjoy the products!

  13. too faced was my first fav make up brand b4!!! i love the box, packaging everythinnng. so cutee.

  14. The products are so cute! And the lipsticks look very nice, could we have some swatches? :)

    I found your blog today, and I really like the way you write, plus your layout is so nice and makes the posts easy to read! I followed you :)

  15. Well I'm glad you liked their service because I for one was not pleased. I didn't get a confirmation e-mail nor did they reply to my e-mail. I had to freaking call them to get a hold of someone. smh.


  16. I love love their packaging as well! Too cute... kinda reminds me of Juicy as well. Great haul!!


  18. I'm GLAD you experienced great customer service! I actually got my confirmation email right away, Hmmm that's Weird maybe it went to your spam inbox? I got my packaged delivered by UPS and it was free since I spent over $50.

    The Compact looks VERY similar to the on in Queen for A Day, Didn't you get that set?

    You got really nice stuff, you sure are shopping twice as hard for me! ha ha


  19. i agree that too faced has great CS. my primer leaked within the first use and they replaced it right away.

    love the package!! so pink!! can't believe they included a toothbrush lol

  20. love the box!

    by the way I nominated you on my blog :)

  21. LOL, when I saw the toothbrush I understand why it was called "Walk of Shame" haha.

    Nice haul though, and I love the way they packaged it too. But they just leave your packages at your doorstep? Damn!

  22. No, I thought they would have that metal smell too, but they have been left out for a good month or more, and nothing yet.. :)


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