29 January 2010


Hola! (I'm trying to speak spanish now LOL.. you should know I can't speak for shit!)

OKAY, so since me and LINDA (http://xoladiihoneyxo.blogspot.com/) have no life on Fridays, we're going to do blogtv tomorrow night! ^_^ Here's my account. I'm sure you can find the other Linda on there since I have oooh so many friends -___-" I think we have the time planned to 12AM eastern time, 11PM central time, 10PM (??utah??) time, and 9PM pacific time! IDK, I shoulda looked over my time zone notes or something first but I'm kinda lazy :)

Let me know if you're gonna stop by :D It'd be fun to chat it up since we have no lives and we shall do laundry all night! :P


Okay, so here's a look I did like a week or two ago :D I just never got it off my camera until now but I only have one picture haha! Good enough right?!?!
So I really sported my pinks in this look ^_^ I guess I'm ready for valentine's day! what to get the boyfriend.. any ideas?!?!


Yumeko & Steph asked what style lashes I used for my "A BIG DIFFERENCE" post.
You know.. I have no clue what the heck this say so here's a picture of the box :) I really, really, really like these but I think I'm gonna have to chunk this style soon! :( ...used them too many times LOL


Okay so here's some nail colors I've been wearing the past weeks ^_^
Above is Mesmerize by Essie and below is Mint Candy Apple by Essie. I am trying to grow out my nails but the pinky is the only one succeeding LOL!


Here's swatches of everything from my past haul posts! I'll put a link of the posts for reference:
[left to right]: LORAC Imagine Lipstick, LORAC Premiere Lipstick, Too Faced Free Love Lipstick, Too Faced Centerfold Lipstick, Too Faced Totally Nude Lipstick
[left to right]: MAC Myself Lipstick (the one that was never named in my MAC haul from All Ages, All Races, All Sexes), MAC Warm Me Up Lipstick, Rimmel Crush Lipstick, Rimmel Pink Blush Lipstick, Rimmel Celeb Lipstick, Rimmel Alarm Lipstick
[left to right]: MAC Feeling Dreamy Lipglass, MAC 2N Lipglass, Too Faced Mermaid Lipgloss, MAC Resort Life Lip Gelee, MAC Naked Frost Lipglass, MAC Glamour For All Lipglass

I swatched this for you Livia! I know you're debating but I said I liked resort life better because it's bigger but honestly I like glittery glosses more than the "frosty" looking one. LOL! But here's a comparison :) You can't really see the pink reflects in Resort Life that well though :( ...oh and mermaid and resort life are basically the same!
This is the little circle compact thing that came with the 2 shadows and bronzer from the Too Faced Walk of Shame set.. gosh this is perfect :) Bronzer didn't pick up too well with the camera flash :(
And this is from the LORAC haul. This is the Showstopper Palette... I love the colors! Although the blue doesn't look too navy :T I think you need a base to really pick up on the navy tone! Also, the camera washed out the blush but hey, what's new? It always washes out the blushes on my skintone! LOL. Can't wait to post up a look with this palette ^_^

OKAY, so I'm doing pretty good with posting really often this week! :D I'm proud of myself and I finish a homework assignment! I should've really done more, but I was too lazy so I said EFF IT!

Remember if you're not busy! BLOGTV tonight! :)


28 January 2010


HIIII! :D *CHEESE* Okay, I'm really happy today all of a sudden! MAYBE I've been on the computer too long avoiding homework.. :X

I was going to attempt to do a falsies tutorial for amy & linda, but I was in the camera half the time, and the other half I was outside of the frame so I'll retry tomorrow because I'm not gonna just take my lashes off and restart! LOL :)

I'm also excited.. the boyfriend says he's gonna buy me the new alice in wonderland palette!!!!!! :D I think we might go check it out tonight but I doubt they'd have it out tonight right? lol ^_^

Okay, so I signed up for the formspring.me thing...
So any questions?!?! Ask me :D

Watch my video concerning CARGO cosmetics. Well, I actually have some other personal blabber in there too but I understand if you don't wanna waste like 9 minutes of your life :) I totally didn't edit this video down LOL!

So the lovely Amy (http://amynaree.blogspot.com) sent me a little lovely thank you package for the shisems I sent her! o_O I was not expecting this when I went to check my mail today.. LOL
California rain went away... but it came to texas :( If you didn't watch the video.. then grr let me tell you, I got stuck in the rain! LOL... but my pooor packageeee! Oh well, nothing is damaged though ^_^
I was too excited I slapped on the alarm lipstick. OMG, thank you! I seriously cannot find this color near me for some reason! o_O
O2 cream thingy, O2 loose shadow thingy, jesse's girl eye dust, FIRST Majolica majorca product (besides the mascara), and rimmel cream shadow :D
I have this hello kitty in my room! It's all hard and old but I have the pink one ^_^ Now it has a buddy LOL :X and super excited for the mask too!
But best of all.. she sent me falsies! ^_^ Supposedly they're handmade so we'll see how they perform! Let's just say I love falsies in general :) I get a lot of lashes from swaps too so it's not just me inducing the addiction! LOL
And the Rimmel alarm lipstick! Gah.. I love it :) I'm scared it'll bleed because I just slapped it on without any lipliner because I got too happy.. hope not if I do go check out sephora!

I'm going to be doing a review and a DEMONSTRATION on some review products. And I will be having a giveaway near the end of February for followers only! ^_^ Some things I review I will include in the giveaway and I really can't promise you girls a massive giveaway since I will be on a budget -________-" But I still have goodies to give out :)


26 January 2010


Hellooooo! Okay so a huge epic fail last night of trying to take pictures of stuff I needed to review! Instead, I ended up hitting all the Japanese websites o_O!!! Yeah, pretty bad.

Amy recommended Ichibankao.com for the lip gloss she just did a look with and I ordered 2 from there.. I'm gonna go back and get 2 more in different shades if I like the texture :D From the pictures.. I think I will like it ^_^ BUT they're like $12 with shipping. I mean that's cheap, but it's expensive at the same time LOL! Yeah, what a fuggin idiot I am :)

THEN if nothing, I found this website like 3 months ago that sells darkness lashes (it's the same one you told me about yesterday linda lol) for a pretty good price so I finally decided to place my order yesterday before I start my budget spending :X I mean I waited so long because I wanted one of each style (and if you know what website I'm talking about that's a lot LOL) and I got one of each style that I liked.. After this lash purchase I will need to clear out a drawer and move all my lashes into that drawer.

Don't worry, my drawers aren't enormous so it's a lot, but not a lot (girls that were on blogtv are probably like dude that's a shitlaod of lashes already! lol). PLUS I like to keep my lashes until they're seriously not looking good anymore and I take very good precaution when I take them off so they last me a while :)

Okay so today I just wanted to post some things I am lemming from iMomoko.com and just wanted to share since I am so not organized with my reviews lately :( These are things I've wanted for a really LONG time. Likeeee... since they were being raved about on the blog scene! :X

(All images taken from imomoko.com)

MANDOM Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion Airly Style
$8.99, BUY IT HERE

I normally don't style my hair. I hardly ever straighten my hair and I curl my hair only on special occassions when I have time and when the power doesn't go out (it seems that everytime I want to curl my hair it does this to me!!!). A lot of girls says that this keeps their curls all day and it's more affordable than other high end one I was interested in :)

Kevin Beautymaker Princess Lip Repairing Balm
$13.50, BUY IT HERE

Okay, I'm more interested in the packaging rather than the product. As long as the product moisturizes I would be happy with the product :) But I wonder how small it is though! Usually things look huge online and then you order it online and get it in the mail you're kinda like.. oooh, so this is it?! lol ^_^

ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops (for Non- Contact Lens)
$10.99, BUY IT HERE

I have the american version and I love the sensation you get! haha, but this pink one is sooooo much cuter! I think it's like $4 more than the american one but hopefully the sensation is more intense with this!

Kevin Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek (PINK & ORANGE!)
$13.99 each, BUY IT HERE

I wanted this a longgggg time ago but I just wasn't interested in blushes then but now I love them! This is just too cute, but I know it's not chalky because other people have used it! ^_^

DHC Lip Cream
$7.50, BUY IT HERE

I saw Erynn's review on this and I usually have the same problem with certain lipsticks and if this smooths out her lips, hopefully it'll smooth out mine! Heck, it's cheaper than most lip primers that are suppose to do the same thing so it wouldn't hurt if I purchased it :P

Schwarzkopf OSIS Magic Hair Fluffy Powder
$17.99, BUY IT HERE

Saw Fuz using it a long time ago and it's suppose to add volume to your hair and mine is super flat so it sounds like a good concept :D

So have you tried out any of these products? Are they worth buying?!?! Because.. if it really sucks then I don't know if I would want to purchase it LOL.

Let me know how it's worked for you if you've tried it! ^_^

Expect a real post tomorrow.. haha! OH BTW, I added a few things into my blog sale! Things I think I can bare to part from :*(


25 January 2010


OMG! It's been forever.. I attempted to catch up reading on blogs last night but it was starting to get late (and I'm still suffering from insomnia!) but I attempted to sleep and it took a little while but I fell asleep :) I will try to finish reading/commenting blogs tonight and then comment back.. so if you get a weird comment back just try to remember what we were talking about! haha ^_^

I've had these pictures laying on my desktop for a little while trying to figure out when I'm going to post them so now that I posted all of my hauls (I think..) now I can post swatches, reviews, and other things I've been waiting to get up :D Today's post is just something quick but still beauty related ^_^

Something that makes a huge difference when I wear makeup is false lashes! I LOVE, love, LOVEEEEE lashes! When I wear them I honestly get cocky, if they're applied fully right, but if they aren't, then I feel self conscious! So PLEASE apply them right unlike me..LOL. Trust me, I have those days too :X
Look how full those babies are?!?! And isn't this style gorgeous?! :D Even the MAC makeup artist was like.. "WHERE DID YOU GET THEM, ARE THEY OURS?" But no, these are shisems (how do you pronounce it? I'm totally not korean and I've never heard anyone pronounce it in a video lol). Without the falsies, my lashes totally looks crappy so once it got removed at night, I was kinda sad because they were so short afterwards :(

Another thing I enjoy wearing but don't wear often are circle lenses! I DON'T need contacts but I honestly just wear it for cosmetic reasons :X I know it's bad and it may mess up my eyes, but it's been about a year since I wore it and nothing has happened yet? I do want to say that I don't wear them on a regular basis.. I'd say like once every two weeks? I don't usually wear them too long either, only when I go out somewhere and I feel like I have a huge ego that day (like Kanye West sized ego) LOL!

A lot of people say that it's dried out their eyes and I'm so grateful that I haven't had a bad experience with them. I read a post by J. Rose (http://www.jroseonline.com/) that she posted about the Clear Care contact solution and how they helped her with her lenses becoming more comfortable so considering that I just went ahead and used that to soak it! ^_^ & honestly, no problems unless I didn't clean them :X
Look at the difference it makes! My eyes pop out more with the circle lense(s? do I really need the S since it's only one eye? o_O) eye ^_^ It definitely makes me feel a little more made up than normal since I'm not used to wearing colored contacts on a daily basis so it's more of a special occasion for me lol!

For some reason though, in pictures it doesn't pop up as well! I made a video this one day on my digital camera and I watched it and it was like BAM IN YOUR FACE blue! lol, I didn't post the video though because I quit half way but thought I'd rewatch myself anyway :P

OKAY, time to put an end to this post! Just thought I'd share with you some "little boosts" you can do to yourself for a little extra oomph to your look :) Now imagine if I filled in my eyebrows a little.. that would make the world of difference! ^_^ I am also going to take pictures of some reviews I am going to put up :D


19 January 2010


OMG! So sorry I have been missing from the blogger world :( I was pretty much working last week and the day I had off I just slept because I was exhausted! School started today and I was EXHAUSTED! I got home after running errands at around 3pm today and was going to get some things done for class but I fell asleep until around 7:30pm.. Also I fell asleep in chemistry class during the last 20 minutes! UGH, I'm so mad at myself, but I got all my notes written so I'm not sure how "sleeping" I was haha!

HOPEFULLY tomorrow I don't knock out again and I will spend about 2-3 hours reading & commenting blogs :D I also need to go out and buy the rest of my school books tomorrow and send out a package(S?)! PLUS go set up a new bank account for the boyfriend at wells fargo and then maybe I'll get a savings account with them too tomorrow to put my financial aid stash in?!?! IDK yet, I'm inbetween chase, wells fargo, and bank of america. At the moment, I'm banking with chase so.... idk who are you girls banking with? :)


Website Review: Okay, so onto my lorac stuff! ^_^ I ordered online from loraccosmetics.com a few weeks ago and haven't posted it yet. It didn't take long to get here but it wasn't like quick, I'd say it was moderate. I really like their "VIP DISCOUNT" section because the products there are so inexpensive! ^_^ Yeah I am cheap, you might not think so but I like good deals for good products LOL! LORAC stuff is kinda pricey when you buy it regular price, but trust me they are very good quality. After buying my lorac double stacked book thing from sephora I became addicted to lorac stuff! I really want to buy and try out a lot of their products, but I'll save that for the future :) OKAY, back to the review! The shipping is free after $50 purchase which I would prefer because shipping is around $8 I think and I think it's kinda pricey if my purchase is gonna be $30 already and after tax and shipping it'd be about $40 so I might as well pay the extra $10 and get more things right?! IDK, my philosophy haha :D

So I received my package on Monday and didn't get to open the products until Wednesday night because I was busy at work. I checked the package to see if I got everything though and everything was there so I was like cool and just left it in my room and went to work. So I opened all the products and swatched them and of course the liquid liner I'm gonna swatch last because I mean it's an eyeliner?! What else is it gonna look like lol. But yeah, it was dried out and I was waiting for it to flow through but it never did so I waited to swatch it in fives minutes or so. Still didn't work so I closely examined it! It was CRACKED on the bottom so it must've done something to it!

Customer Service - I emailed them around 2am I guess I would say thursday morning and didn't get a response until around 4pm on thursday. It felt like it took a while because too faced email me back already (I contacted them both at the same time) but I guess honestly it didn't take long because it wasn't even more than a day. I told them my situation and they said they've never heard of this happening before but they didn't ask any questions and asked for my address to send out a replacement. I was like wow no questions asked? I thought they were lying just to shut me up so I waited for my replacement to come before I posted about it. It came in about 2-3 business days so pretty quick! ^_^
Shipping - It comes in a reasonable box that fits everything really well! My items came in bubble wrap so if you're ordering powder products they don't break on the way. I think the shipping is pretty pricey if you're just buying a few things but they offer free shipping on purchases $50 and over. Took a reasonable amount of time to come so I'm not complaining.
Free Gifts - LORAC doesn't offer any kind of free gifts so that's kinda a bummer but they have some pretty nice sets that change pretty often for a reasonable price so you get a lot of things.

I will definitely order from them again especially their special sets that they have! ^_^ I really love the quality of the products and they are definitely worth the money.


So here's everything I got:
  • Showstopper Palette ($17.50)
  • Cheek stamp in Hibiscus ($4.99)
  • Matte lipstick in imagine ($4.99)
  • Cream lipstick in Premiere ($4.99)
  • Front of the line liquid eyeliner in black ($20 -- now on sale for $10! #$@!%)
So the expensivest thing I bought was damage! If it were a lipstick, I probably wouldn't have contacted for a replacement lol but since it cost a lot I did!
The showstopper palette! I like the colors, it's neutral and they have a navy shade in there plus a blush ^_^ I really like the packaging because it's super sparkley, like a fancy shamncy dress or something :D Comes in a bag thing like high end brands like dior, but my double book palette didn't come it a bag, it came in a biggo box thing lol!
Cheek stamp! Cool concept, but you still need to blend out the edges so I just stamp it on and then go over with a brush to "perfect" it. It's great to put on the right amount so you don't over apply. FYI, it's really small though! But then again, it fits perfectly on the apples of your cheeks ^_^
The lipsticks are really pigmented! I'm not sure which is which on here though lol, but my favorite is premiere and I'm gonna guess it's the one on the right HA! Packaging is lightweight though, feels kinda cheap but not really?
And the crappy liner... ahh look at the tip of the pen! It's like gray.. the replacement I got is saturated and flows right on contact with your skin. Not like the revlon colorstay pen or the MAC penultimate I have. I think I'm gonna buy a few to stock up on lol! It actually stays on all day including my inner corner of my eyes which usually fades away by the end of my work day ^_^
See the crack?!!? OMG.. I didn't even notice it until I had to closely examine what could have caused it to dry out.. SEE THAT LORAC COSMETICS! I DIDN'T LIE ABOUT MY DAMAGED LINER!! But the weird thing was, the box was sealed and it's one of those boxes that if someones open it you'll know. LIKE.. you gotta break the seal!

OKAY, so tomorrow I'll try to catch up on blogs. I feel so out of the loop and I feel like a bitch for not reading your posts! LOL.. Linda & I have planned me on going to a no buy sometime soon. So my birthday is MARCH 22 (mark your calenders!) and I like to spoil myself for my birthday so I'm planning maybe in april? But my anniversary is on April 13 and then my mother's birthday is May 28 and then there's mother's day.. and then we're going to have secret angel thing in the summer.. So then we realized that a no buy isn't going to work! Instead, I am going to set a $50 limit to spend on whatever I want each week and then the rest I am going to save for a special occasion (like roadtrip, or maybe car failure?!) and for school I guess -___-".. yeah, so that's the plan! I am not looking forward to it, so I'm trying to get my spending out of the way before I start this I guess after my birthday?! I'll probably do it until middle of the summer or maybe at the end of summer (because all the good mac collections comes out during the fall/winter in my opinion, haha!).. WISH ME LUCK EVERYONE!!


14 January 2010


OMG.. I am a terrible person! I've been online shopping so much more than I've been actually in the stores shopping! :( Today's edition is the sephora haul... I took advantage of their under $10 steals and I thought I should get my dior mascara set at the same time! Plus, they had a online VIB nail polish thingy I wanted to claim ^_^

I'm just trying to get all my hauls posted up and then I'll start to post reviews and swatches of things.. in about two weeks! :) I have so many hauls laying around my room from the past month and haven't had a chance to post them up so it's not ALL from one week! :X


Website Review: Sephora has yet to mess up my order and I am very glad. It usually takes about a week for me to receive my order which isn't bad. If I get regular ground shipping it takes about 7 days. If I upgrade my shipping (it's only $3 extra after you qualify for free ground shipping) and it takes about 5 days to arrive at my house. I always receive an order confirmation within 5 minutes of placing my order and there's also a shipment confirmation the day they send it out.

They always ship using UPS and I know that it's limited to different countries they send to so if you have a sephora in your country then I'm sure you can order online. I'm not familiar with international shipping and communication because I am located in the US.

Customer Service - I got a "recycled" tracking number from UPS on my most recent order and I freaked out because it says that it's been delivered already to Plano (which is a surrounding city to me) and that it was signed by "LINDA".. so of course I was like I was never in Plano and I never signed for anything?!?! I immediately called them and they told me that it should update the information later. They were real nice and very helpful and I wasn't on hold for a long time, although I called in the morning so maybe it wasn't too busy since everyone's working.
Shipping - Everything is nicely package in a pretty big box depending on what you get. Even if you don't order big things I would still say the box is huge. They fill it up with tissue paper -- tons of it -- so that your powder products don't get broken on the way. The box on the outside has the sephora logo on it so no need to look at where it got shipped from. :) Also they do free returns! Each order comes with a return sticker in case you want to return something, you just have to drop it off at UPS or I think you can schedule UPS to pick it up from your house?
Free gifts - Sephora always gives complimentary samples with every purchase. The supply changes a lot and you get to pick 3 that you want to try out. The "supply" is always viewable before you even order anything and there's a link to it on the home page. When the sample is out of stock they'll throw in a different sample for you. I was kinda mad when I ordered from the F&F sale and got something else instead of what I originally wanted, but hey you can't get upset because it's complimentary -- it's not like I paid for it. If you're a beauty insider, every 100 points (or I guess $100 you spend) you get a free deluxe sample. You can either choose a sample or you can save it for next time. If you save up to 500 points, you should be a VIB insider and then you can choose from a "full size" gift. The selection changes but not too often so you'll have "time" to save for it.

Overall, I will continue to keep purchasing from sephora for probably the rest of my life! Everything isn't available at my sephora (such as illamasqua, givenchy, guerlain) so it's nice to be able to order it online instead of driving 30 minutes out to another one that may have it.


Okay so here's all I got:
  • Benefit to go beauty bestsellers ($10)
  • NARS duo concealer in custard/ginger ($10)
  • Bliss vanilla + bergamot body butter ($4)
  • Dior diorshow lash essentials set ($29)
  • Sephora by OPI 500-point gift (FREE, but I guess it costs 500 points)
  • Fekkai shampoo/conditioner sample, striVectin sample, philosophy unconditional love sample (FREE)
These are nice samples to try out :) I think the high beam and posie tint will last a little while because you don't need much when you use it. I'm not so sure about the some kinda gorgeous or that gal brightening primer because I haven't tried it yet though.
The NARS concealer matches my skin perfectly! ^_^ It was on my wishlist too and I'm so glad they had my shade on sale for only $10! That's definitely a steal :D You can already see my finger marks in it already LOL..
This is great to throw in your purse! It's super portable :) The scent of it I'm unsure of.. it smells good but I guess I'm not too fond of the bergamot scent?! It's really thick and hydrating though ^_^
I was excited to see another kit for my dear iconic mascara.. I love this mascara because I don't have to work with it! :D But priced at $27 a tube really scared me away and now I'm currently in the search for a more affordable holy grail.
yup.. I had to snag it! I'm gonna wait to use it though.. like until my other ones run out :)
my free gift! :X I haven't had a chance to paint my nails yet but I know I would like this more than the kat von d one they have in stores! A lot of people said that the shadows were chalky so I was glad I didn't waste my points on them ^_^
My free samples! ^_^ I have ALWAYS been interested in the fekkai shampoos! I wonder if they're really good as the hype.. I know bed head liters are on sale right now for $9.99 so I'm gonna stock up on those next week and hopefully will start a 2 week no makeup buy -___-" I already stocked up on my skincare already last week because my face wash is almost gone so I think I am okay in that department too! :D

Swatches and review will follow. I've already reviewed the mascara so you can check that out here!

Also, here's a video of all the things I got from CARGO because sephora is kicking them to the curb! Everything is 50% off so I would suggest going to check out their selection! ^_^ I went back today and pretty much everything is sold out -- including their foundation! Sucks I couldn't get more things today but whateverrr :P

Until tomorrow (no seriously, I'm trying to get all my haul posts posted this week LOL) my lovely ladiesss!


13 January 2010


Hello girls :) Back with another haul! OKAY, so I got this on sale for 30% off using the code "luckybreaks" on toofaced.com. The offer ended on January 5, 2010 and I was deciding that day whether I was gonna get the walk of shame set ($38) and the teddy bear hair brush set ($65). I ended up changing my mind about the brush set because I can get more brushes for that amount and the fact that they were incredibly soft so I thought maybe it won't be able to pick up enough pigment as I'd like?!?! Eh, I think I made the right decision! ha, but I did manage to get some things on my wishlist from too faced.. BTW, I've always loved too faced products! :) I swear I'm not a MAC snob :P


Website Review:
Right after I placed my order on the website it goes to the page where it says "an confirmation email has been sent". Okay, so usually things don't send right away to my email sometimes but I waited for like an hour and was like WTF!! Where's my confirmation email?!?! I've read on Clara's blog (http://frugalmakeupholic.blogspot.com/) that they had GREAT customer service so that's why I ordered from the site! I know that sometimes it takes forever for something to ship.. *cough* STILA *cough*. Well I never received an email for my confirmation of my order but I did have my browser page opened still so I had the order number! I emailed them the next night after waiting for the confirmation. When I woke up the next morning, I had an email from them saying that the order has been fulfilled and I'll get an email when the order ships.

I was really impressed with the speed of their response! That made me feel more reassured that I was going to get my order! Surely enough, the email did send when it was on it's way to my house. It sent by USPS so you can track it on there.. BUT when I got the email it said "your UPS tracking number is..." and I went to go track it on UPS and was like WTF! I mean it was odd when I didn't see letters AND numbers on the tracking number and I was freaking out. I went back to the email and looked at the number again and was like dude this is a frickin` USPS tracking number! Everything got sent to me really fast, but my area gets mail from USPS pretty fast so it depends on how long it usually takes you to get USPS mail :)

Customer Service - very responsive and quick!
Shipping - only $5.95 for the entire order (and it comes super cute.. you'll see with my photos!) and they offer free shipping after you've purchased $50 worth of items.
Free gifts - every purchase made allows you to choose a sample of their lip injection, shadow insurance, or lipsticks! They also have "online exclusives" that change pretty often and you can qualify for it depending on how much you have to spend on your order. The amount to qualify also changes often depending on the product they offer. (okay I think I repeated myself but I guess it makes sense too?!)

Overall, I will definitely purchase from the too faced website again. The order took 5 days to get to me and that is extremely fast, like maybe faster than sephora?!?! ha :X (I ordered on January 4 and it got to me on January 9). I highly recommend anyone in the US to order from them! I'm not sure if they do international though?!


Okay, so here's my actual haul! :)
OMG, isn't the box so pretty?!?! It was like a small-medium sized package, not too big or small but I can see this from the street in front of my door! It's gorgeous but I'm afraid someone will go and steal it from me! x(
Everything that I ordered..
  • Walk of Shame set
  • Girls dig pearls in mermaid
  • Lip of Luxury in Centerfold and Free Love
Everything I got free..
  • Beauty addict palette (might use it for a giveaway)
  • Mini shadow insurance (keeping this for a giveaway)
gosh I'm so glad I didn't order those brushes! But when they have another big sale and I have money to spare, I will definitely snag them! ahah :D
Lipstick boxes.. I adore their packaging! :) It's so vintage-y feeling and do cute! The lipsticks have this champagne smell to them and depending on my mood I may like it or I may be disgusted lol
I really like the lipgloss.. it reminds me of resort life from MAC unfortunately -__-" but I still love it because of all the sparkles! ^_^
Walk of shame set, it's a great deal if you wanna try out their things! :D The pouch looks like a bathing cap doesn't it?!?! hahaha!
It's so small.. no lie either :P
I opened it to check it out, it looks kinda cheap o_O! But whatever, I got it for free.
The contents inside the walk of shame set. It comes with a toothbrush, full size shadow primer, sample size face primer, full size lipstick - totally nude, compact with two eyeshadows and bronzer, and mints! Well don't forget the "showercap" inspired clutch lol ^_^
All the lippies! The one on the top is the girls dig pearls lipgloss in mermaid. The lipsticks from left to right is centerfold, free love, and totally nude!

Again, I am pretty satisfied with my order! This year I've already started it out with spending a TON of money :( Like... you can calculate it in your head! IDK if you want to include warm & cozy or not but everything I've posted so far is purchased this year and I still have a lot more hauls to post up. ZOMG I'm a shopaholic for real now! haha :)

I'm catching up on reading some blogs. No let me rephrase, I'm catching up on COMMENTING on blogs since I've already read them LOL xD

I hope you girls check out toofaced.com, they have pretty fast shipping and really reasonable rates for the US considering that super cute pink box I got :D


11 January 2010


MEEE! :) I think this is the most creative title I've come up with in a long time LOL :P (besides my "when you don't use protection" post) This is a post dedicated to all the awards and tags I've been getting lately :D

So I don't like to post awards up because I usually forget about then by the time I go to make a new post ^_^ I would like to thank everyone who gives me an award or a tag because I'm really surprised you think about my blog! I honestly made this blog to just write about my makeup addiction, I never expected to even get any followers especially because I didn't go around other people's blog and mingled.. it just wasn't my thing to try to get "followers" and "readers". That's just my nature, even in person, I don't like to approach people, people approach me haha! Yeah it's kinda rude but I'm just a shy person underneath it all :P

The lovely Edna (http://www.abcgrrrl.com/) tagged me with the color tag! ^_^ I've already done the color tag but that color was RED but this time it's GUNMETAL GREY so I decided I'd do it :) This was wayyyy tougher than the red one, so excuse me if the colors are not so "GUNMETAL" ahah!
  • my forever 21 shirt that looks really ugly when it's not worn ha! I'll post a picture of me wearing it with my other tag I got since it kinda involves it :P
  • the second thing is what my boyfriend's sister brought back for him from disneyland (the one in california) and it had some gray in it so I thought it would do :X
  • free kat von d sephora bag they were giving away with a purchase of $25 or something from a while back. I plan on throwing some school things in it ahah! Hope it holds up until I get a backpack -___-" it looks silver in the picture, but I swear it looks like a gray color in person :D
Some shoes I got at Ross for like $12.99.. I really love them! ^_^ Some dude in my class always commented about the little balls -__-" gosh, he is really weird and distracting! I'm so glad I don't have any classes with him this semester especially because I changed professors! haha xD Sorry they're really dirty because I wear them often okay?! :P

  • footed tights from express. I was looking for something to wear with black dresses and picked these up during my christmas shopping ^_^ I really like them, but I still like black more so I will probably pick up some lacy ones next fall or something :P
  • OPI nailpolish in suzi skys in the pyreness. It's also the suede one.. I really love it the way it naturally dries and even with a shiny top coat :D
  • Milani eyeshadow, I'm not even sure the shade name because it's stolen :X It's from years ago from before I got with my boyfriend but I still keep it around because its a very pretty color :) One of my first eyeshadows to be exact!

Another award I think I've gotten before is the gorgeous blogger award! The beautiful Phoebe (http://xphoebelinax.blogspot.com/) gave me this one ^_^ ---thank you dear!
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award
4. Tell you guys 7 interesting things about myself
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

Okay so here goes nothing.. like literally! This is gonna be short :X
1. I played violin in the 5th graded.
2. English is my second language :P First is LAO of course.
3. I have been hauling my ass off the past few months but you bloggers don't know about it xD
4. I've been in Texas my whole entire life.
5. I don't work out.. but after looking at my legs I'm reconsidering it. Any leg workout suggestions?
6. I fit a B-cup.. Linda knows! haha
7. My sister's number in the new year's pageant (from 2000 I think) was number 7 :D

The gorgeous Erynn (http://ectini.blogspot.com/) & Rai (http://laxmorena.blogspot.com/)nominated me for the "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD" a while ago also ^_^
Rules for recipients:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

Honestly, if I follow your blog, I think your blog is fabulous! :D I really don't follow blogs I don't enjoy reading and even then I think some blogs are fabulous but I keep forgetting to follow -__-

Clara (http://frugalmakeupholic.blogspot.com/) gave me an award a while ago before the holiday started I think! haha :X

So in order to accept your award, you must nominate 10 bloggers for the award and post it on your blog. Again, if I'm following your blog and you update regularly.. I will frequently read your blog! I actually read every post that each person I follow posts up :P I know I will forget to comment occasionally but I try to so you know I'm there :)

Emily (http://twinsouls888.blogspot.com/) and Linda (http://xoladiihoneyxo.blogspot.com/) tagged me with the photo tag! I've done this one before and I will do it again, differently. I went to my flash drive and chose from those files ^_^

The rules of the Tag:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.
So this is the photo! ^_^ It says "happy b-day Linda" on it.. it was at Mochi Kitchen where my family & I went to eat for my 18th birthday. My brother-in-law Chandra was the one that wrote it! I went there the other day and they finally cleaned off the walls for a new year of graffiti! haha :D Great food, great people but piranha's is my first choice of sushi any day just because of their appetizers and desserts :P
Here's the outfit I wore that day.. this was later on during the night when I was really drunk. The only picture that shows the shirt (from the beginning of the post) well :) Sorry babe! I had to post up your grumpy drunk face :D

If you're still reading this post, thank you! haha.. it was a REALLY long but I did it! ^_^ I'm not sure if I had any other tags but these were the only ones I was aware of :P Sorry if I forgot!

I was gonna make a swatch post of the lippies I got but the sunlight went away so I couldn't :P I still have tons of hauls I need to post *sigh* ..yeah I blew most of my money on makeup and my tires! whateverrrr, I just gotta finish my wishlist and I'll be done!