26 January 2010


Hellooooo! Okay so a huge epic fail last night of trying to take pictures of stuff I needed to review! Instead, I ended up hitting all the Japanese websites o_O!!! Yeah, pretty bad.

Amy recommended Ichibankao.com for the lip gloss she just did a look with and I ordered 2 from there.. I'm gonna go back and get 2 more in different shades if I like the texture :D From the pictures.. I think I will like it ^_^ BUT they're like $12 with shipping. I mean that's cheap, but it's expensive at the same time LOL! Yeah, what a fuggin idiot I am :)

THEN if nothing, I found this website like 3 months ago that sells darkness lashes (it's the same one you told me about yesterday linda lol) for a pretty good price so I finally decided to place my order yesterday before I start my budget spending :X I mean I waited so long because I wanted one of each style (and if you know what website I'm talking about that's a lot LOL) and I got one of each style that I liked.. After this lash purchase I will need to clear out a drawer and move all my lashes into that drawer.

Don't worry, my drawers aren't enormous so it's a lot, but not a lot (girls that were on blogtv are probably like dude that's a shitlaod of lashes already! lol). PLUS I like to keep my lashes until they're seriously not looking good anymore and I take very good precaution when I take them off so they last me a while :)

Okay so today I just wanted to post some things I am lemming from iMomoko.com and just wanted to share since I am so not organized with my reviews lately :( These are things I've wanted for a really LONG time. Likeeee... since they were being raved about on the blog scene! :X

(All images taken from imomoko.com)

MANDOM Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion Airly Style
$8.99, BUY IT HERE

I normally don't style my hair. I hardly ever straighten my hair and I curl my hair only on special occassions when I have time and when the power doesn't go out (it seems that everytime I want to curl my hair it does this to me!!!). A lot of girls says that this keeps their curls all day and it's more affordable than other high end one I was interested in :)

Kevin Beautymaker Princess Lip Repairing Balm
$13.50, BUY IT HERE

Okay, I'm more interested in the packaging rather than the product. As long as the product moisturizes I would be happy with the product :) But I wonder how small it is though! Usually things look huge online and then you order it online and get it in the mail you're kinda like.. oooh, so this is it?! lol ^_^

ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops (for Non- Contact Lens)
$10.99, BUY IT HERE

I have the american version and I love the sensation you get! haha, but this pink one is sooooo much cuter! I think it's like $4 more than the american one but hopefully the sensation is more intense with this!

Kevin Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek (PINK & ORANGE!)
$13.99 each, BUY IT HERE

I wanted this a longgggg time ago but I just wasn't interested in blushes then but now I love them! This is just too cute, but I know it's not chalky because other people have used it! ^_^

DHC Lip Cream
$7.50, BUY IT HERE

I saw Erynn's review on this and I usually have the same problem with certain lipsticks and if this smooths out her lips, hopefully it'll smooth out mine! Heck, it's cheaper than most lip primers that are suppose to do the same thing so it wouldn't hurt if I purchased it :P

Schwarzkopf OSIS Magic Hair Fluffy Powder
$17.99, BUY IT HERE

Saw Fuz using it a long time ago and it's suppose to add volume to your hair and mine is super flat so it sounds like a good concept :D

So have you tried out any of these products? Are they worth buying?!?! Because.. if it really sucks then I don't know if I would want to purchase it LOL.

Let me know how it's worked for you if you've tried it! ^_^

Expect a real post tomorrow.. haha! OH BTW, I added a few things into my blog sale! Things I think I can bare to part from :*(



  1. im lemming on Kevin Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek!!!!!

  2. I've been lemming for beautymaker for a while! Luckily for me, my mom is going back to Taiwan during March. If you want any beautymaker items, let me know! :D

  3. eeek all so pretty packaging!!

  4. Wow Linds somebody here in Manila is selling authentic Kevin Beautymaker & I've been ignoring it lol, but because of your post I'm gonna take a second look. That means I'll be spendin' again lol. You you ahaha ^_^

    I received the items Linds thanks so much, I like it & tnx for the Stila lipglaze yay ^_^

    I'll be posting all the items that arrived for me this January including yours ;) tnx again!!

  5. I have tried the last one...
    I don't know how to use it :((

  6. oh the lip balm looks pretty! :D i always get distracted by online shopping damnit! i need a job... :( lol

  7. Cute post!!! Love these. I'll check out that site. Thanks, for sharing!

  8. I knew you couldn't resist! hahaha. ohhhh, the pink lychee thing looks cute! =D and the blush (even though I will never ever use it). Let me know if the curl thing works =] Mine just go back to straight after an hour or so or curling them -__- Recently, it lasted for 2 hours so I'm getting there. hahaha. I need volume in my hair too. hehe. We're the same! We don't straighten our hair. We're such lazy chiqs. Yes, you have a crapload of falsies in your drawer box! lol.

  9. Lol! I'm addicted to Ichibankao now always going on their website to see what's new! I ordered the gloss in Sugar Milk Tea and Rose Macaroon and loved it, I'm in a milky gloss phase at the moment. I was in a sparkley gloss phase for awhile but now that has passed!

    Right now I'm waiting to get my other 2 glosses in Strawberry Milk and Honey Latte..ooh yea! I want them all! :)

    From your list I have the Rohto Lycee for contacts and it's really cute but the sensation is pretty mild compared to the regular ones, but it's just cute to look at! I also have the Osis powder and I'm not sure if it works or not because I always make such a mess attempting to put it on so I never really use it :/

  10. I want volume in my hair!! I really like the packaging for the DHC lip cream, it's cute, and hey if it works that's awesome.

  11. Hey Linda! I haven't tried any of the products you're thinking of getting. I've tried a couple of hair products from the OSIS line and it's pretty good so far. My hair is really flat too and it's not easy to achieve volume that stays (the stays part is key LOL). I'm curious what kind of sensation you're talking about with those eye drops!

  12. The Kevin Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek looks so pretty! I love the packaging! I have never tried any Japanese Items but I will soon. =)

    You should do a post of your makeup collection so we can se your obsessive collection of lashes >_<


  13. RYC - When you're not used to wearing acrylics they can be a pain in the ass, but I think because I used to wear them all the time I've just gotten used to having them :)

  14. Neat stuff.
    Let me know if you like the eye drops. I have been looking for the same thing here in stores (the american one) because I like the cooling sensation, but I can't find it.


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