25 August 2010


Howdy everyone! :) Long time no see? Ahh... but I have been hauling while I've been gone! LOL... this will be a massive haul post since the last time I've posted any hauls :D No swatches because honestly there's too many things to swatch!

But first... my face! haha, I've been totally neutral since I've been gone. Yeah, I think I'm done with colors.. or just the fact that there's no time to really get ready and wearing neutrals is a no brainer ;D

No clue what I'm wearing so no questions please! I don't even remember where I was going that day...

Everything is in random order of what items I picked up to take pictures of so some are from so long ago that they are not available anymore on the MAC website since they're limited edition!

Clockwise: Shockaholic, Going Bananas, Sassy Grass, Zingy, Louder Please
All are very vibrant and beautiful but I'm kinda clueless on what combos to do. Any ideas? :)

MAC Look in a Box.. the first time I've purchased one! I think It's a pretty good deal since you get 5 full sized items for almost $60.

I purchased Frisky Girl which comes with Mercurial MES, Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara, Pretty Baby BPB, Well Dressed Blush, and Nymphette LG.

I've always wanted Pretty Baby BPB when it released with Hello Kitty but I'm glad I got it now! :) And since I watched one of Ingrid's videos (from youtube) I've always wanted Well Dressed Blush and the other items were just great to have also ^_^

I wasn't going to get Stereo Rose MSF since I was there and totally skipped it when I went to get other IN THE GROOVE items but when I saw the way it looks on medium skin I knew I wanted it! Luckily the MAC website had it restocked when I wanted it lol :) Lucky me I guess!

I want to start collecting pigments now... I really like the new packaging ^_^

The alice+olivia pigments are super pretty too! :D From left-right: Later., Partylicious, and If It Sparkles...

From IN THE GROOVE, I bought two of the MES, Blue My Mind and Togetherness. I'm not a big fan of togetherness so if anyone's interested I'll give it up for $14 with shipping included. This is how it looks after I've used it.

*drumrolls* Urban Decay NAKED Palette! How I love thee, I almost bought a backup but then I said why the hell would I need one since I know I'll never finish it! :)

Super hard to get my grubby hands on this when it released, but I got an email from Urban Decay they'll keep making more until it stays in stock so everyone still has an opportunity to get one ^_^

Benefit Stay Put Set. I really like the cream shadow since I've always wanted the full size one but the baby size will do! Concealer is really creamy and emollient. The primer, I'm not so sure I'm sold on that so I'm glad I didn't jump at it when it came out. This is $10 at sephora.

Stila It Girl Eyeshadow Palette. Or I think that's what it's called.. lol :X Comes with 3 shimmery shades. It's great if you like shimmery neutral shadows but I wish there would've been a not so shimmery shade in the set. This is also $10 at sephora.

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer. I tried the small sample size from my 100-point perk and I really liked it! It's much smaller than Urban Decay Primer Potion and costs more but it's okay, at least I know I'll be able to finish this bottle lol.

Smith's Rosebud Salve in a tube. This was a filler to add into my basket to get free shipping for my NAKED palette hehe.. I'm glad I got it because I keep it on my nightstand and put it on before I sleep. Makes my lips super soft in the morning ^_^

New lippies from MAC! From left to right: Jazzed, Hellraiser, Glaringly Hip. All are super beautiful but Jazzed doesn't look so cute when you got peach fuzz going on haha!

I just loveee the alice+olivia packaging. FYI, it slides out so there's regular mac packaging underneath.

I got I Want Candy dazzleglass creme. It's like a yellowy-greenish color. Not wearable by itself but you can layer them to change your lipstick shade. More of an item I'm collecting than trying to use lol.

MAC Superflash! Superglass. I've had this since it released and I've used it frequently as you can see by the air bubble there lol. I LOVE the shimmery mess it leaves behind! It is a bit "rough" when you rub your lips together but it's not super noticeable. The shape of the tube is a hexagon too so it won't slide all over your table!

LORAC Luminizing Face Powder in Spotlight. It's a highlighter although it looks like a face powder. I think some people get this confused with that and say they don't like it but you're suppose to put it in parts of your face you want to highlight. It's gorgeous and it was only $9!

Dior Lash Extase Set. Comes with a full size extase and two sample sizes of iconic and blackout. I love dior mascaras so I had to buy this for later use! ^_^ It was about... $28 I think but I know for sure it wasn't over $30.

And here's a free sephora VIB gift with any purchase while supplies lasted! Great deal to be able to try out a lot of their products. :) If only the laura mercier TM was my shade.. *sigh* but the stardust shadow is a great size and I'm glad for that! ^_^

Well, this is the end of my haul of things I've purchase since the last one.. I know that there's some items I forgot but I really don't know what's missing so oh well! I hope I didn't make your wallets feel like they're burning haha because I know when I see massive haul posts it makes me feel broke too!

Hopefully I'll think of something for my next post. I've been hauling cheap clothes lately.. lol. I'm in love with LACE! everything looks so pretty with lace over it xD


10 August 2010


*phew* I finally got my blog sale items today so you can go check it out :) I've got a lot more things to post up that I'll take a picture of on Thursday afternoon after I get off of work and done taking the boyfriend's little sister to go get her schedule. Email me if you're interested and I'll get back to you ASAP!

While we're on the topic of blog sales, one of my followers have reached out and asked me if I could let everyone know she's having one too! You can check her blog out here.


I've recently been using the Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal mask lately and I'll have to say I've been loving it a lot more than when I initially reviewed it ^_^ I guess the trick is to put it on before you're about to shower and then the rinsing part of it is a lot easier than trying to reach over the sink and get it off. Oh, mind you, I got it a little too high on my delicate eye area but I was like screw it it's already on there.. might as well make it even!

It's still half-way full so I'm trying to use it before it's expiration date! I will definitely repurchase this sometime.... in the end of winter/beginning of spring LOL.. I really have no money to blow on good skincare right now so I'm going to have to save up for it!


I've got a massive haul coming up! Well, a collective haul of what I've hauled since I stopped posting lol. I guess I'll call it a mostly MAC haul because those are the only things I do remember buying ^_^ Stay tuned for that! I'm also debating if I should do a video but I think pictures are just easier right??