30 March 2010


Hiiii! :D I have something interesting I'm trying to do! I'm trying to use up all my products in my drawer.. lol, well not all of it but the stuff that should be used up easily! ^_^

I'm going to post up "project 5 pan" and stuff, but I'm sure I would still buy things here and there but I have noticed I've cut down on buying makeup (versus January lol if you guys have seen the posts for that month :X). Plus I do have things to pay for now so I'm learning to be responsible! :D Hopefully, I will get through some real things... like for example hit pan on something or finish a lipstick or even better finish a lipgloss! You girls know finishing lipgloss is like impossible right?! haha!

Okay so onto the products! Volume 1 is going to be the expired edition.

1. Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream, It expired at the beginning of this month. I didn't start using it until mid december and I've probably had it since summer. Being a natural product the life span on this doesn't last too long since it's free of the chemicals that's used to preserve it. It actually started to work really good withing the months I used it. (I was trying to finish my clinique all about eyes eye cream.) I saw my little lines start to disappear and it absorbed really nice. Reviews on sephora says that they give you way too much product so it expires before you use it all up.

2. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara, I've reviewed this and I'm glad I'm done using it. It actually expired before the 3-months was suppose to be up because I can definitely tell from the smell of it and the fact that it's so dry. This is too average of a mascara for me to purchase another but I guess at least it's not shitty to be a waste of money.

3. tokidoki for Smashbox lipgloss in Dolcissima, this gloss is really old. Like I should throw it out soon old because it's sooo contaminated! LOL.. so yeah, now I'm throwing it out! This is before I discovered the hygienic way to use makeup.

4. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, I love this thing but sadly it has dried out. It's so goopy and thick that it doesn't apply evenly to my nails anymore as a top coat so I'm gonna have to just chunk this and buy another one. I know you can buy a thinner but I'd rather just go buy another bottle. It was almost done though, and the brush on it had trouble reaching the product anyway so I guess it's time to let it go lol.

5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance, this was the first thing I ever bought from Sephora with my own money! (My first thing ever was the Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette with the $50 giftcard my sister gave me :D) I used to use it everyday and then I couldn't find it so I started using UDPP, Smashbox primer, and paint pots but the I found it not too long ago hiding in my makeup bag! I was going to go use it again and the consistency isn't the same anymore and it smells really bad.. but I've had it since the end of 2008 so I guess it's served its purpose. It's more than halfway gone so I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the use I got out of it. What I do recommend is that don't buy so many primers to where you can't finish them all! LOL.. that's what happened to me xD

Okay, so I hoped you enjoyed this little project 5 pan thing. I have another one coming up in about a week or two. It might be the "USED UP" edition haha! I think I'm also going to do a monthly favorites kinda thing but differently because if you guys watch hollyannaeree on youtube then you know she does more of the hits/misses kinda thing so I might just do a ROUNDUP :) Look out for that tomorrow!

I'm doing a good job posting everyday, but man my email is getting clogged up! I'm sorry if I've missed your emails, I've got to sort through then tomorrow! All my blog comments goes straight to there because I don't like to go to my actual blog to look at them lol and that way I can read each and every one of them even though I know I don't respond to some questions! :( I guess I could reply in the comments? It seems easiest because I get some questions from people that don't have blogs but they don't leave a way to contact them?


29 March 2010


Hello! This is a "face of the day" from the Friday that the Liberty of London collection was released! I just haven't had time to post it and I really do like the eyeshadow combo I did to work :) And don't forget to join my giveaway! Link is above this post in red ^_^

I had my makeup done at MAC the day it did release and she did a similar look to this.. but I didn't get a picture of that makeup :X I wanted to recreate it but with the colors more similar to the collection! I honestly didn't buy any of their eyeshadows but I think these shadows look really similar to the ones that came out ^_^

Ehh, my face looks whiter than my neck in this picture! WTF... I guess I didn't use the right portions on the Revlon PhotoReady :X Or it might be the SPF since I used a full coverage of this.

I did my brows too! It looks like I have a fake dimple on the side of my face lol.

It's getting harder to smile! I feel really awkward smiling when I'm trying to take a picture of my makeup... haha! And my right eyelid is really annoying me because of the uneven lid! GOSH, but oh well, you barely notice in real life right?

Okay and the last one in natural lighting! See, my foundation matches really well in natural lighting! ^_^ And I had that stupid pimple patch thing on my cheek. It got suuuuper dry and all that bullshit! It looked gross but I'm thankful it's gone now!

- Revlon PhotoReady Foundation
- MUFE HD Powder
- MAC Prim & Proper Blush
- MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
- Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer
- MAC Yogurt Eyeshadow (all over the lid and up to the brow)
- MAC Creme d'Violet Eyeshadow (outer half of lid)
- MAC Smoke & Diamonds Eyeshadow (crease)
- MAC Strike a Pose Eyeshadow (outer v & a little into the crease)
- MAC Carbon Eyeshadow (to darken the outer v a little)
- Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Liner in Leatherette
- Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Glam Black
- Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium Ash
- MAC Blooming Lovely Lipstick
- MAC English Accents Lipglass

This is the only look I've used more than like... 2 eyeshadows on! Ahh, hope you enjoyed! I'm going to post up my Project 5 pan tomorrow.. I actually did 2 in the past 2 weeks (I seriously didn't buy any makeup O_O) so I'll post up the final product tomorrow! HAHA. I think it's more to show that I actually use my makeup more than a buying ban. I've resisted buying anything new for a while!

Still have to post up my makeup collection!


25 March 2010



Omg, it looks horrendous doesn't it!?!? I'm not even sure if a NC35 would be able to pull off this shade alone! lol :) I think the only use for it alone is for the pale gals that want a nude lip for a dramatic smoky look! ^_^ (not a good way to model the bang bang bi0tch earrings lol)

Okay so what am I going to do with this lipstick now that it looks awful on me? (I knew it would be too light when I bought it online, but I just had to prove myself okay!)

So here are my bare lips:

I don't have a very defined lipline and they aren't terribly pigmented.

The lipstick.. okay so when it's lighter than the birch veneer it has got to be terrible on me! lol

The lipstick on my hand with flash..

The lipstick on my hand without flash.. Gosh, you can seriously see my veins! xD

And here is a close up of the lipstick on my lips! Sorry the picture isn't as focused, I didn't realize it when I was taking the picture.

So I saw a post that Livia did last week and I decided to try it out on myself! ^_^ And it worked like a charm.. I took MAC On Display Lipglass to lighten the color of it whenever I apply it over the fleshpot lipstick.

A dark plummy-raspberry color. It's really gorgeous and leaves a wine color on your lips when worn alone :) Unfortunately it only suits the fall/winter seasons.

Here it is on my lips! ^_^ I really like how the picture captures the gold sparkles :D

So I apply FLESHPOT on my lips first and then I take the lipgloss and put some on my finger (don't wanna contaminate the applicator especially with pale nude lipstick) and spread it out evenly on my lips! And here is the result :D

A pretty pinky color! It's actually pretty wearable after I add the super dark vampy gloss.

And without flash it looks even better :D Please excuse my little mustache hairs, I need to touch up on that lol!!

But I totally love the result! I'm still undecided if I want to keep this lipstick or if it'll end up on my blogsale.. only time will tell! ^_^ Thought I would post something different and will benefit the tan girls like me that are too afraid to buy certain nude lipsticks.. this is what you can do if it doesn't work out for you :D

I'm totally on a roll this week with the posts! I've got tons more planned.. *sigh* I guess that means I have too much makeup products LOL...


P.S. Linda I got my car! :D I am totally bummed... the clutch on this one is totally different from my RSX.. T_T I hope I can drive it okay and get used to it!

24 March 2010


"steph: did you get any london stuff? or are you saving. :)"

Well! Since you asked... I was just about to get to that today! I really thought the collection was very nice over all! ^_^ They had a lot of different product selection; eyeshadows, lipglasses, lipsticks, nail lacquers, beauty powers, blushes, makeup bags, SCARF... I'm sure anyone would've found one thing they would've liked from this collection!

Personally, I did want the eyeshadows. I know I said I hate MAC shadows and the way they go on, but I think they're starting to grow on me! :X Yes, more money to waste. I want to be like those chicks with the billion mac palettes LOL.. no but seriously I can save that for the future as a little "HOBBY" to do. It's not like the limited edition shadows aren't dupeable. I really wanted to get birds & berries but I have strike a pose and it was virtually the same color so I passed! I also wanted bough grey but... since I wanted too many lippies I just skipped! The other colors are pretty too, I think I would be able to use them and incorporate them into looks.

All lipsticks are gorgeous! I wanted to get them all, but I know I don't wear hot pinks and I know it doesn't look good on me so I passed on petals & peacocks. The other three I got :X The lipglasses were really nice too.. I skipped on a different groove because it was wayyyy too frosty/shimmery for me and it was pretty dark too so I left that one at the counter.

The blushes were both pretty.. not the norm for me! I wanted both but with my heavy blush hand I knew I had to skip on dirty plum. I also fell in love with both beauty powders but I knew I had to leave one of my loves at the counter because I already have summer rose from another collection and it's definitely not pigmented enough to pick up another one! lol!

Nail lacquers... one was very unique (blue india) but I know it wouldn't be one of my favorites so I left it behind. And vestral white was kinda like... $12 for a white nail polish? Please, I will pass and go buy a china glaze one from one of the discounted sites I found! ^_^

Here's the video on my haul! I know it'll be the last big ones I will be able to haul. It's official! I will be paying on the 15th of every month to Wells Fargo for my car loan :) I'll still be able to haul a few things here and there AFTER I make sure I got the funds for my new baby! ***will be picking her up tomorrow evening!***

Okay! Well since I've been on this buying ban, I find it more and more harder to resist buying things xD I'm really lemming some jewelry now and then sephora has to send me this 10% discount code so now I'm a little frustrated! @$#*$!!!! But I got some birthday money so maybe I'll spend some of it on the things I'm really wanting ^_^

ALRIGHT.. until next time :D I think I will be posting the Project 5 pan tomorrow, and guess what?!?! I think I shall fulfill it in the same day because I was trying to clean out my stash yesterday.. (when I finish things sometimes I'll just leave it in the drawers lol) Also, there's some things that are expired so that's going on there too :P


23 March 2010


Hello gals! Enjoy the serious eye candy today ~~

I planned a swap with Verina from the end of last year and then we finally sent out our packages when March came! I got mine in the beginning of march but just haven't posted it yet :)

The package came in a huge hot pink box! (Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that, doh!) It was like boring day ------> EXCITING DAY! :D I was seriously grinning from ear to ear lol.. but everything came safely over here except for the face shop blush. That one broke on the way, but I'll try to repress it because I swatched the broken powder on my hand and it was sooooo pretty! It's in the shade orange but it's really a beautiful peachy color :)

Okay, so onto the stuff! BEWARE!!! This will make you want to go eat some candy lol

I didn't really ask for anything, I just got stuff lol. The thing I really wanted was the Biore black pore strips! I read on Phoebe's blog that she likes these better than the regular ones :) I really wanted to try them out because the white ones just don't work for me!

She got me 3 things of hand cream! OMG, it's really sad though because I still haven't stuck it in my purse and everytime I'm driving I notice that my hands look really dry and gross and I'm like F*CK!!! I forgot the hand cream again LOL.. I gotta do that tonight, seriously! I will have short reviews up of some of the the things that you might be able to get online :)

This whole stack is sheet masks, except for the pink pen and the hand mask! ^_^ I didn't think she was going to get me a ton of silk whitia masks when I asked! lol, but I'm really excited to use them all up :D hm, what I don't know is... what the little pink cloth thing (not soft enough to be a towl) on the corner is suppose to be for?!?! I was really confused and tried to think of what it's used for. Help? lol

THIS is the part of the package I was looking forward to! OMG, I think when I opened it I was more excited for this than the makeup! ahhaha xD I've already ate some of these and they're super yummy! :) The kit kats... you know we all wonder in america what they taste like! haha, I ate the ones with the "APPLE" and "CARROT" on it and it was super fruity, like you're chewing on gum but it's chocolate so I thought that was SUPER cool!

Honestly though, if they sold different flavored kit kats in America I don't think they will sell just because I know most americans (caucasian primarily, no offense!) aren't willing to try new things and like to stick to the norm from what I've experienced at work. I can't wait to go back and visit asia one day! I'll actually have things to look forward to getting now xD!!

Thanks so much Verina! I will send you more things in the future for sure!!! I feel like what I sent you does not compare to this! :(


I'm working on doing a collection post :) Not a "MAKEUP ORGANIZATION" post because it's not organized, just thrown together kinda neatly but since I'm getting new furniture I thought it would be cool to have a before and after of my makeup area ^_^ Yes, new furniture from my mother that I have to build! She bought it for my birthday LOL..



Hello! Whoooo :) I'm 19 now! LOL, still a young buck but whatevs. I got responsibilities now! :D

I spent the day like any ordinary day though. Well not really. I slept really late because I was so anxious for my history test today (which I'm unsure how I performed... yikes!) I didn't get to sleep much because I couldn't fall asleep last night and I woke up at 7 to get to school early and read the article that I skimped out on last night :X I hauled ass on that test (kinda??) and I pretty much took up like 10-15 minutes to write the essay portion so maybe that's a good sign? IDK, but I can feel better about myself because I got a 90 on my microsoft excel test ^_^.. the fool that cheated off of me got a 87?! WTF o_O.. it seems like everytime he copies he doesn't do it right or something LOL.. *dummy* :)

After that I called the woman I am going to get the car from and we've set up a date for the exchange and form signings ^_^ I'm super excited! I ran into my friend afterwards and then we planned to go out tonight (which we did). I got to lab and oh man, it seems like we're the "in crowd" of the class LOL.. and we're a bunch of NERDS! But I guess because people don't make friends in college like in high school? o_O Lab took forever and we were hauling ass in there too! Man, I don't understand why I'm sucking right now in school?

I got out of lab (only a few strong acids today and I didn't manage to get it on me :P) and got home and ate totino's pizza.. the one in the red box that's like $1 from the supermarket. Well, the center tasted like shit! I like my cheap ass pizza better, this one tasted like some nasty ass medicine :( ugh, but I was hungry so I had to eat it but shit I ain't gonna eat the other one in the freezer! I went to the chiropractor and he fixed my back!!! ^_^ I knew there was something wrong with it today.. I could feel the crick in my back forreal!

I got home and then started playing with makeup and came up with this look! I wanted to try to recreate beyonce's look in Lady Gaga's video TELEPHONE and the sun had already went down so I had to use flash which washed out some part of the pigmentation so oh well! :( here goes the look! :)

I know I shoulda filled in my brows to make them a little darker, but I was too lazy to go look for my brow powder lol.. and you can't even see the brown I put into my crease!

Here's the inspiration! :) I know it must've been hella weird gazing into the camera with "I'm in love" look LOL.. I am camera shy! I hate the camera until I'm the one holding it! xD

hm, lip color turned out more pink than I had planned but I still think it suits the look!

OKAY, so after I did this look I fell asleep as I was watching this youtube video! (I swear youtube is the new way for me to fall asleep LOL) I woke up and then we went to eat Chili's where I planned with my friend earlier :) We were going to go hang out at her house but her boyfriend suggested a movie so we ended up watching Bounty Hunter. It was a cute and sweet movie! I enjoyed watching it and definitely recommend it. It was a funny and [somewhat] obvious ending but what else do you expect right? It wouldn't be right if it ended the other way because then what would have been the point of the movie lol.


What to look forward to this week:
- Project 5 pan (steph and verina knows about this! lol)
- A review of something, I just gotta figure out what I want to post first lol
- LOVE PACK FROM VERINA!!! :D lots of yummies..

Until next time!


18 March 2010


I really like the earrings Steph (http://beautyandgardens.blogspot.com/) sent me as an early birthday present that I decided to make a FOTD with the colors! lol :) ...oh btw, I ate all the candy last night and then I started feeling nauseas from all the candy mixing with wasabi :X

I think I really loved them because blues are my favorite color :D anything blue I will probably love lol ^_^ Okay so onto the look..

Just really simple! and I paired it off with some pinky lips :) Of course I'm wearing the earrings but you can't really see the purple part! :(

I'm wearing..
  • MAC Smoke & Diamonds (on the lid)
  • MAC Strike a Pose (in the crease)
  • MAC Creme de Violet (on the outer corner
  • Rock & Republic Veil Saturated Eye Colour
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Liner
  • Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
  • MAC Victorian Lipstick
  • MAC Cha Cha Lipglass
It was a pretty quick look but I'm kinda like what the eff, the blue and purple wouldn't blend! lol.. my blush rubbed off at the chiropractor so I didn't bother mentioning it! I'm loving the lip color though :) But I love anything pink so it's okay! ^_^


Also wanted to mention that Edna is having a giveaway! Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary girl :)
Go check out her blog to enter and follow her because I love reading her blog when she's not super busy :D I'm serious though, she is one busy gal! I don't know how she does it!!


I'll update again later because I have tons of things to post :)


17 March 2010


I made a quick video when I got home today... if you watch the video, my stomach is feeling a lot better now! LOL, I didn't go take a dump or anything, I guess it was just the wasabi making it upset earlier but I guess sitting it out definitely helps! ^_^

Just a quick update today! I am trying to edit this other video right now.. it's really taking me a while. I really wish I still had my final cut pro software :( iMovie is a confusing mother piece of shit! lol. I have a look to post up from last friday or something like that? O_O I don't remember what day but I really enjoyed the look :)

Before I ramble! Please check out www.julujewelry.com ^_^

P.S. My car hunt had a great turnaround today! I just hope I don't jinx it by saying this written in words.. eek *crosses fingers* PLEASE OH PLEASE LET THIS BE THE ONE!!! xD


11 March 2010


Wow! Thanks to everyone that's participated so far in my giveaway! :) Still have another month so we'll keep that rolling! ^_^ Oh man, they came and towed the car today! It was really sad and the fact that the idiot towing it pretty much just tore off the bumpers! O_O How heartbreaking! It actually looked TOTALED after that shindig!


Today's post is a review about one of the things I've purchased in the month of January! I usually like to wait and use my products before I review them rather than review them right away (like 2 days later) of getting it because I like to see how they last in the long run :)

I've been using the eyeliner for about 1-2 months now and I think it's safe to say I can thoroughly review it now! ^_^

LORAC Front Of The Line
What is it:
A liquid liner in a convenient flow through pen form.

What it does:
It’s a no-budge, no-smudge, long-wearing eyeliner that keeps you looking fresh and fabulous for hours!

What else you need to know:
A unique automatic delivery system makes it easy and effortless to get a clean, precise line with its flexible tip for smooth strokes and ultimate control. Line up your options – from very fine to dramatically bold – and create true Hollywood Red Carpet style!

Price: $10.00
Size: 0.02 fl oz./0.8mL
Where to buy: loraccosmetics.com -- I think it got discontinued and replaced with their newer "PRO" version at sephora and ulta stores!

Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Repurchase? Yes, if they're still offering it for $10 when I'm done with my other eyeliners!

Close up of the tip! It's fine, but not super fine like the MAC Penultimate Liner yet it will draw bold lines or fine lines with ease. If you read my blog when I bought this, you'll know I had a little issue with this item! Mine actually arrived damaged and had to be replaced but they handled it really fast and easily ^_^

Here's a swatch of it, it's not as black as it used to be when I first got it but it still flows really good and comes out an average black color. When I first bought it, you needed no pressure to get the product to apply and it applied so effortlessly and was super rich! This was the first eyeliner pen that I've used so far that actually does that! The Revlon Colorstay one needed a little bit of a test swatch first on my hand to get the product to flow through and so did the MAC Penultimate which was kind've inconvenient at times because I really didn't need a black mark on my hand to wash off!

After a good 2-3 weeks, the effortless application wore off and started applying like the other two liquid liner pens I own. I felt that if I spent $20 (yeah that's how much it was when I bought it but now it's on sale! :O) it should work like new each time until the product is all gone! If I had only spent $10 on it then it would've been a different story.

  • Able to draw fine lines or bold lines
  • Flows through really easily!
  • Comes out a true, rich black color
  • Inexpensive for a high end liquid eyeliner
  • Felt tip makes it very easy to wing out your liner
  • No need to re-dip the brush into a pot to get more product
  • Starts to not flow out easily after 2-3 weeks of daily usage
  • Only available online at loraccosmetics.com
  • My first one came damaged and dried out
Overall, I really love this product! I think for the price it's going for now online it's really worth it to snag one and try out. I will definitely try out their new "PRO" one as soon as I'm finished with these current liquid liner pens :)

I've worn this with most of my recent looks I've done since I've got it and it's really quick and easy to get on and winged out!


I have a plan to keep my blog alive! LOL, it's really hard to go to someone's blog now and actually leave a comment or something. I always end up closing it out but whateverrr.. Okay but anywho, I will try to post reviews at least once a week with a maximum of two a week :) I've got tons of reviews I can spit out of my ass right now since last night I took pictures of a ton of the stuff I've got in line to review and swatched everything so now I just need to write up the reviews ^_^

Hope I can keep up with this blogging scene! I seriously was thinking about quitting but I really wanted to get my giveaway posted lol :X If anything, I will wait until the giveaway is over to quit if it really comes down to it. Well either quit or take a break until the summer.. I think I'll have a contest planned in the summer depending on my financial status since I'm going to have a car note now :(

Take care girlies! And drive safely...


10 March 2010


Hello hello!

Thank you for all the comments telling me to go get checked out! ^_^ I feel SOOO MUCH BETTER NOW!! I went to see the chiropractor and now I'm gonna be going there for the next 6 weeks. Car is totaled so I'm on the search for a new car since they've declared it today... but omg, all the nicer looking cars are sooo ugly and expensive! @_@ I'm trying to go for a G35, but I'm not counting on it LOL..

BUT ANYWHO, ONTO THE GIVEAWAY! My birthday is this month, March 22! I probably would've waited until the 22nd to post this, but I am really excited and wanted to post it right away ^_^ so let's just get to it!

To Enter:
  1. MUST be a follower of my blog, if you aren't you aren't even going to be considered!
  2. Leave a comment below on THIS post saying "I want free stuff!" and telling me things I can do to improve my blog and what you'd like to see more of. (i.e. fotds, hauls, tutorials, things like that)
  3. Must be 18 or older or if you have the consent of your parents.
  4. Leave an email address that is checked regularly because once I declare the winner there will be 48 hours (2 days) to contact me with your mailing information.
  5. To earn an extra 2 entries, you can post about the giveaway on your blog! Be sure to put the link down below in the comments!
  6. Contest is international as long as you can receive mail from the United States! ^_^
  7. Giveaway ends on April 10, 2010 @ 11:59pm CMT.
Prize Video:

And for the video-retarded because I know how it feels to have slow internet...

Good luck!

I'll post a real update tomorrow. I'm kind've still a little sad and depressed from totaling my car :( They're coming to get it tomorrow so when I get home no more little RSX... T_T


07 March 2010


Today is a very sad day for me... and my first car! T_T

This is not beauty related but about something that happened to me this morning.

The Story: I was driving to work like I normally do on a rainy day.. I guess today was rainier than usual rainy days and my car started to hydroplane :( At first it was like going back and forth and then the car started to twirl in circles! I seriously don't know how far and long I was spinning I was just thinking PLEASE DON'T HIT ANYTHING! But then I felt it hit in the rear and I guess that's when I hit my head on the steering wheel :T... I didn't realize it because I was so numb and cold from the rain and when I got home and started defrosting, I felt the bump on my head and then my neck is kind've hurting but I don't think it's anything. My boyfriend really wants me to go get it checked out tomorrow but I don't have time until Tuesday or something. I ended up in the middle lane on the interstate and the car straight as if I could just start my car and keep driving. THAT WOULD BE THE CASE except for the fact that I already hit stuff. A car pulled over to the lane on the right and stopped to see if I were okay and a trucked pulled up next to me and checked if I was okay and told me I needed to move over. I was freaking out because the car wouldn't start but it did afterwards. I was in complete shock because CD's flew everywhere and like literally.... everything flew everywhere! I didn't cry and I ran out of my car with no jacket on and got soaked and was just freaking out and I could feel myself shaking :( The guys told me I needed to call the police over and I did and the truck left but the car stayed with me until help came.

I ended up on the bridge and was like WHOA! I could've fell into the Trinity River! OMG, that would've been even scarier but luckily I didn't. I was no where near any other cars so no one else got hit by me which was even more lucky! I also don't have any real damage to my body so I guess that's another thing to be thankful for. There was a Medstar ambulance passing by and they stopped to check if I was okay. Then there was another ambulance that was already coming, and there was a firetruck coming, and two police cars. It was so embarrassing for me because I'm like do we really need this many people?!?! They really urged me to go to the hospital to get checked out but honestly I wasn't feeling any obvious pain and really thought that all the people that came was so unnecessary! I did start crying like crazy though whenever I called my boyfriend because it really just hit me then that I just smashed my car up! lol, and when I think about my car now I start crying too. I guess I just haven't gotten over it yet.

Okay, so we don't know if the car is totaled yet until the insurance people come to look at it but if it's fixable we're going to fix it and if it's totaled, then I'm going to be really sad! Honestly I love my car... If we fix it then I will drive a rental car until it's fixed and if it's totaled then they're going to take it away and we look for another car and I am forced to drive a Mercedes around! OMG, like seriously?! I just got into an accident with the bridge (which wasn't my fault but maybe the rain) and you're gonna give me a Mercedes to drive :O... I honestly don't want to drive it around because gas is going to be expensive so hopefully my car is fixable! :)

Here are the photos of the car! I tried to put the least painful to look at first.. lol. You can literally see that I rammed into the bridge like all over by the damage :(

What I'm not loving is that I cannot open the trunk and I have text books in there! ZOMG @_@ What about my schoolwork?! LOL, well I can go in from the inside so I'm gonna do that tomorrow.

So what do you think? Is it totaled? I don't know! I'm just really sad to see my baby in this condition :(

My birthday is coming up on the 22nd this month! I'm gonna try to hurry up and get my giveaway posted up but I'm not going to be allowed to drive the Mercedes anywhere except to school and back so I'm gonna have to find someone to drive me to the post office! :T


04 March 2010


Hello ladies! OMG, my blog is dead! :( I feel so bad for it LOL...

My boss asked me to go to work tonight and I said yes but I came home and tried to take a nap, but couldn't fall asleep so I ended up putting this look together ^_^ I used the Kat Von D Memento Mori Palette! It's really gorgeous, but I'm not sure how I'm suppose to use it together for a look other than this LOL..

Oh well, enjoy! I haven't posted my face in a while.. I started to break out on my left side these past few weeks :( Can't really tell in the pictures though so it's okay! LOL :D

Ew... you can kinda see the dry skin/acne patch area! GROSS LOL.. but it's under my apple of my cheek xP

Really hate it! Because my blush isn't applying smoothly because of the acne haha xD

Also waxed my eyebrows myself! I was gonna do a tutorial, but I was too lazy so maybe in a few weeks ^_^ I seriously gotta leave now! I'm suppose to be at work at 5:00 haha!


02 March 2010


Hello! I did something productive last night :)

I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway and if you didn't win this time, don't worry because I have another one coming up real soon and many more to come after that ^_^

I actually had 26 entries, but unfortunately someone didn't qualify because she did not follow my blog! YES, I did check so that's why last night was majorly productive! :D

Here were all the lucky contestants with their corresponding numbers!

And here's the lucky number that was drawn with random.org!

Congratulations Diane! I've already contacted you about your mailing information so look out for my email.

Again, thank you all for entering! I'll try to post MY giveaway tonight because I also split up the prizes last night :) There will be two prizes total and it'll be really simple! I hope everyone can join in ^_^