12 November 2010


Howdy y`all :)

No I really don't say that in person though. I think I would sound like a ditzy "valley" girl trying to say that... haha, you've all heard my voice right? ^_^

Today I'm featuring my SUPER late Venomous Villains haul from MAC Cosmetics. I went and got it on September 30 and my MAC ladies threw in this free patent leather purse/tote-ish thing. It sounded cooler over the phone but in person... it was like "holy crap that's shiny!" I think I will just keep it in my room to hold things :)

I got all the nail polishes (left to right; bad fairy, formidable, and mean&green), pigments (push the edge, brash&bold), the cruella lipstick (heartless), magically cool liquid powder (truth&light), and a beauty powder blush (briar rose).

Not too many things, but I still spend a shitload lol.

Here's a sneak peek at my makeup station! ^_^ the top-right drawer of my MALM is filled with makeup. It starting to topple over so now I gotta reorganize and sell some away :( BOO! I'll do my collection video one day.. soon hopefully?

So that's it for today! lol, I got a SHIT ton of stuff from the sephora friends & family sale.. eek! Stay tuned for that :)


07 November 2010


HELLO! I've been gone for a while now... a month and a half I think?? I've been swamped with school (sorta) but since I got bored for 2 days out of my week I picked up a second job at a local Subway! LOL.. yeah so I'm not sure if I'm really swamped with school if I got that bored BUT after I picked up a second job my whole week is filled with an agenda so that means I'm soooooo not motivated to blog! Plus, no one requests anything since hardly anyone stops here anymore, haha!


Here's what I was for halloween :) .... can you guess although my crown is cut off and I'm covered by my nephew?

I was Princess Peach! My boyfriend was Mario but he was already dj-ing at a party and I got totally drunk when I got there so we didn't get a picture. This is actually the only picture of the night I took that I have access to LOL.. and don't you think my nephew has gotten big since my last post :D he's two months now ^_^


This is a look I did between the time I've been gone from blogging and currently. I'm sure it was before it started to cool down in Texas because I'm sporting a tank top!

In this look, I used MAC Zingy Eyeshadow (on the outer V) from the Dare to Wear collection from wayyy back when! The color is so GORGEOUSS... but what other looks can I do with it??? It's so bright, and blue!

Please excuse the broken lip! That's why there's no lipstick because I was wearing lip balm :)


I wore this look out to my friend's birthday dinner. It was simple because it was just a bunch of neutrals but dramatic because of the smokiness and lashes :D btw, I'm wearing the same lashes as the previous look which are ardell demi wispies :) my favorite!

Nothing on my lips once again because I was still at home and haven't put anything on yet! I think I just threw on some nudy pink lipgloss :)!

I used MAC Naked Pigment & NARS Mekong Eyeshadow and a whole sheeetload of blending lol. Not so sure about the highlight but I know it's a matte off-white shade ^_^


Well that's all for now! Hopefully I get back in the flow of blogging and any requests are welcomed because then I'll feel more obliged to blog :D Have a beautiful day/night everyone!