30 December 2009


Hello world! I've been going simple on the makeup lately :) Just haven't found any urges to wear BRIGHT makeup ^_^

Here's a simple one I wore this one day.. I'm not sure what I'm wearing though but I thought I'd post it :) I'm almost sure that it's the MAC Devil May Care (or was it dare) palette that came out this year during the holiday! :D I really love that palette and wish that it had bigger shadows like the '08 palettes! Oh well.. I'm also wearing my geo angel blue lenses! ^_^
Really awkward smile.. ahh! I had trouble taking pictures that day because of the lighting and my smile was not working right hahaha!

A lot of you girls asked about the victoria's secret eyeshadow that katelyn sent me and so I tested it out in this look! I only used like a dab or two (not swirl) on each eye and it came out super pigmented.. it's going to last me a LONG time! haha, and the pots are huge! Definitely worth the money if you get one :)
Rockin' ruby-ish lips with my on display lipglass :) I layered it on some more later because it wasn't dark enough haha! It is FOR SURE not an everyday color for me!
Here's a close up, I used family silver mineralized eyeshadow with this look, I will use it WET next time because it didn't give me the intensity I wanted :(

I stopped by ulta today to pick up the photoready foundation (revlon, maybelline, loreal, almay is having a buy 2 get 2 free right now) but they didn't have it so I was like whatever! I did pick up the loreal lineur intense for $4.99! Super cheap.. so it was buy 2 get 2 free :) I used to use this when I was a sophomore, which was wayyy before I was interested in makeup and I remembered how much I loved it! I know a lot of youtuber/bloggers use this now but I'm not using it for the hype, I used to use it all the time years ago! :D

Okay, back to photoready, ulta didn't have it so I dropped by CVS after and they had it for buy 1 get 1 free so I grabbed two in golden beige! ^_^ Okay, I bought this because I saw a blog post on someone's blog and then fafinette posted a review about it and she's the same mac color so that's why I just picked up two of the same shade :P I will test it out tomorrow and hopefully a review later? IDK, we'll see!
Here's a shade comparison. (left to right: MAC studio fix fluid NC35, Revlon Photoready 008 Golden beige, Revlon Colorstay 350 Rich Tan, MAC studio fix fluid NC40) All of them have the same amount of product in it which is 1 fluid ounce :D

Now random stuff I wanted to share..
Cleaning out under my bed last week and ZOMG.. there was this huge ass dust bunny under my bed! First I was like WTF IS THAT?!! A MOUSE?!?! So I grabbed a flash light and thank goodness that it was just gross yucky thing.. that doesn't move! hahaha... can you tell that I don't clean under there very often? I'm gonna have to try to clean more often... xD

This is CAThy
She is a homeless cat that found her way to my boyfriend's store.. She likes to talk to you and wants to be petted, but I refuse to pet her because she might have all sorts of yucky stuff on her! *YUCK* But ocassionally I will pet her on the head haha! Man she is FAT! xD

OH! And we can't forget jack, he's the doggy that fell in the snow on christmas eve :) I didn't get a picture of it or video, but we got one of him running out of the snow haha! Well I bought him a new toy for christmas and he didn't not let go of that thing!
Look at him! haha, he looks like a teddy bear :) He lovesss that thing, still hasn't let go of it -___-" I didn't think he would love it that much! :X

And here's all the presents that I wrapped! :) Some were covered up but whatever! I got them wrapped up in one nigh so I'm pretty proud of myself ^_^
Forgot to take one of the tree at my sister's house though.. GRR!

So I placed an order at sephora Tuesday at work.. I was about to buy something at ulta online which was $53+tax but I hesitated and changed my mind.. I'm so glad I did! OMG, I would totally rather spend the same amount at Sephora because I have stupid coupons for ulta! haha, I will go to ulta every other day just to save like $3.50-$5.00 a day :) EFF YOU FREE SHIPPING WITH $50 PURCHASE!!! Oh, and I got my 500 point perk too at sephora so booyah! :D Can't wait for my nail polishes ^_^ ... although those colors are not too interesting to me but maybe I'll love them? :)

I'm planning on blowing the rest of my christmas money on toofaced.com on those stupid ass teddy bear hair brushes they have! OMG, those things are so SOFT! But shit for $65?!?! You're fuckin` kidding me! I also want the walk of shame set thing.. because it has TFSI and totally nude lipstick in there! :) I will use that luckybreaks code which is 30% off your purchase so the total won't be super crazy.. I'm still debating on the brushes, but I've been wanting them ever since May 2008.. Yeah, it's been that long LOL...

Other news, I got a nail in my front passenger tire and I have no clue how long it was there! :( I had to spend $240 to get two new front tires :/? So much money.. and I replaced both because after I experienced snow I realized that my tires are BALD and NEED to be replaced so I am going to replace my rear tires in the next month or two?.. farewell makeup purchases for a while.. haha!



  1. LADDDDY!!! just wanted to drop by to greet you a verry merry happpy NEW YEAR!!! i hope you have an awesome 2010! <3

  2. both looks are pretty..I need to get that foundation

  3. yeah, f ulta online. I go there for the coupons too!

    all those shades of foundation look really close, good job!

    haha, I see that you hauled warm & cozy!!

  4. i love all of your fotd pictures! esp the first one. i think those blue contact lens look good on you! and im glad you like the vs e/s i got you! :D

    and i havent seen the new revlon foundation yet. cant wait to see it! tell me how it goes!

    oh wow that dust bunny is huge! i didnt think it'll be that big since i only see it in cartoon, you know?

    OMG kitty! i love cats!! i noticed homeless cats are so fat! idk why :P are you or your bf going to keep her?

  5. Super pretty looks! I think you have a nice smile ^^ Oo, I wanna hear about that foundatioN!

    Hehe my doggy has one of those blue squeaky toys too, but it's a lot smaller XD

  6. looooove the eotd's!!!! gorge!
    i needa try those foundations!!

    LMAO!!! @your dust bunny! hahaha that is so funny!

    happy new year lindah!!

  7. cute fotd! ooh now i wanna try some vs shadows, they sound nice :D

    i want to try revlon photo ready as well but haven't gotten a chance to go to the stores yet, do a review on it if u get the chance! bf won't take me anywhere so i'm just stuck indoors grrrr..well i did go to mall of america but had limited time and i just mainly shopped for clothess

    sorry to hear about your tires, i hate when that happens!! i'm sure you'll find a way to sneak in some beauty stuff here and there :)

    happy new year

  8. Cute pics & makeup, love! Have an awesome New Year!

  9. I've always love your eyeshadow application, chic and subtle which I love yay !!!

    Cathy looks fierce ahaha ^_^ Happy New Year girl :)

  10. Damn, that sucks that your tires cost so much! My boyfriend recently got a flat tire on his scion tC, and he had to change it out. Thank goodness he's a mechanic, and he had extra tires! I can't imagine him shelling out 200 something bucks for tires!

  11. At Sears auto, if you purchase three tires from them, you get the fourth one free. Maybe some bitch decided to put a nail near your tire or stuck it in there somehow -___-'

    Is that a hairball!? LOL. I bet it's all your hair. hahahaha! EWWWW! clean up clean up!

    Your dog is cute, just like you said... like a teddy bear! lol.

    Lindahhhhhh! You're prettyyyy but what is up with the first picture smile? lol.

  12. i cant wait for your review on the photoready foundation babe!

    happy new year too hun! wishing you the best for 2010! :D

  13. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee both the looks! You are so cute, I just want to pinch your cheeks!

    And LMAO @ the dust bunny thing, I thought that was a mouse too, ahaha.

    I hope you had a good xmas, and happy new year!

  14. look at all the presents i wouldnt have been able to wrap those in one night im a lazy person, lol. anyhoo. i love the look its so simple as far as the geo lenses they match you. looks really pretty on you. the lens doesnt look super overwhelming. when i wear those lenses i look super weird, lol. happy new year hun

  15. hey girl, im an nc42 in mac and the ginger shade of the nars duo concealer is close to my the skin tone on my face :)

    By the way, I love this simple fotd. So pretty :)

  16. i need to replace ALL my tires :( 600 bucks or 600 each idk but fml lol

  17. hey!! :D

    about the k palette liquid eyeliner. i went thru 2 pens already! that shit works like a tattoo i swear! the thing is, if you put it on your hand, that shit lasts more than 2 days (if you dont rub it). i recommend it as eyeliner but if you want to use on the bottom lashes, just be careful and take it slow since it's liquid but really, it works WELL :) there are some eotd that i used it too. if i have time ill do a post on it! school starts tmr T-T

    and OMG trust me, those mexicans used my mom's credit card like 8 times! im so angry at them you have no idea!

    i believe the hello kitty keyboard stickers work on MAC too cause i googled it and there are ppl who did it on their mac. but then again if i have mac then i wont let a fly touch that shit, you know? cause it's expensive!!! i bet your bf will go crazy once he finds the hk stickers, LOL!!!!

  18. THat's a lot of foundations! I sold my MAC Studio Fix Fluid because my skin didn't like it :( That dust bunny is huge lol, I thought it was a mouse from the photos! And I'm with you on not petting that stray cat! Though its cute, you never know what little bugs that thing might have.. :o

    Love the look by the way ;)

    What did you haul from Warm n Cozy?? xx

  19. yeah tires are freaking expensive... a few months ago I had to get winter tires and 4 tires plus rim costed me $1100 :S WTF! sighhhh. and haha $65 for brushes huh... that's pretty expensive! Do they come with a midget to apply make up for you? jk jk! You look lovely in the photos and hope you're having a great 2010 so far!

  20. pretty eyes~~ i really wanted to get the devil may care palette but was all sold out here.. too bad.. cz it looks gorgeous.

    lol.. they dust bunny. i would have been shocked if i found that too. it does look like a little rodent.

    hope you had a great xmas n new year~~ all the best for 2010 xx

  21. The story behind the dust bunny is funny. If it was a mouse, I'm sure your bf's cat will get it. What a pretty, but "dirty" cat.

  22. Such a nice, simple look. I would like to try Revlon's Colorstay Foundation, but I haven't been able to find my shade. Do you know where I can go to find one that matches a MAC NC45?


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