19 June 2011

2011 Sucks....

Hey gals!

Sorry for being MIA again but I've started a summer one class and lately money has been tight so I gotta work my ass off and get nothing in return! -_-" even worse my phone recently got stolen at the mall with all my lecture materials on it :( ....had to replace that too! Grr... And we just got into ANOTHER car accident that wasn't our fault again today. Yes, that's right, another one as if the one on my birthday wasn't bad enough!

Spring 2011 was really sucky too because I transferred to a university from a community college and price of tuition totally killed me!! D: with all that being said, I haven't been splurging on any makeup and been paying ridiculous amounts for premium gas and oil changes! Ugh, 2011 sucks!!!

I will be posting up items on the blog sale soon because I am really in need of money and need to get this stuff out of my room anyway so hope some of you are interested in some of the items and will help me out!


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01 June 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean NOTW

Hello! I know, it's been a long time and I definitely miss blogging but life is just too interesting to pass up right now :)

Stuff used:

- OPI Mermaid's Tears (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)
- China Glaze Cracked Concrete (Crackle Collection)
- Out the Door Northern Lights

Apply your base color!

I'm using Mermaid's Tears, obviously.

Apply the crackle to select fingers.

I applied it to my ring and thumb :)

Since the crackle leaves an ugly, matte, not long lasting finish we're going to apply a top coat!

I'm using northern lights today, just to be fancy ;P

It gives a beautiful holographic effect and it was only $3!! :D

Here's a somewhat better picture of it. It's really hard to photograph >_<

Super gorgeous!! I'm posting this right after I painted them and it's night time so I can't wait to see them in the sun tomorrow ;) !!

Did you haul anything from the OPI Pirates collection? If so what, and is it a must have?! XD I need to know if I need them all lmao!

See you gals later!

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