27 December 2011

Some random FOTD's

 Hey everyone :) Merry late Christmas! I hope everyone got to spend it with the ones they love, I know I did.

Lately my makeup has been neutral and boring, I even used some olives one day! :D I guess my statement is more of lips -__-" I have been staying away from home lately so I haven't had my full makeup drawers at my disposal.

THIS IS WHERE MY NAKED PALETTE COMES IN ;D I can't say how much I love this palette, and now that I own NAKED2 I love that one even more... (I will make a post soon, no more iPhone blogging because my camera doesn't focus anymore and my battery is currently charging)

Here's a neutral eye I put together, I had some CRAZY sparkles on that day and tried to capture it but no luck so no point on posting that! I actually put on nude lipstick which is a shocker to me because I haven't done nude in a while >__<
I curled my hair that day with the HANA 1" Professional straightener. I thought I failed miserably, but I got a lot of compliments that night! ^__~

The next fotd was with second day hair -___-" I didn't feel my hair was oily enough to wash so I just went with it. BAD IDEA, it got so oily later that day... I should really carry dry shampoo on me but I don't have a preferred one though I've only tried a couple. I'm very picky because I prefer the colorless ones...
Any dry shampoo recommendations for dark hair?
I sported the red lip for almost a week straight, it was so weird taking it off! Again, used the NAKED palette again that day. It's so difficult to eat when you want your lipstick to stay on!

I have a lot of posts planned out in my head, just gotta charge up my camera! I also hit the CVS sale they're having O__O... I got a few things I've been wanting but didn't want to cough up the money lol so that will be my next few posts soon, hopefully!

Have a safe New Year if I don't make it in time ^__~


20 December 2011

Review: HANA Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron

Hello lovelies! :) I KNOW I've really been slacking on my blogging, especially with no post for November, but here I am now *waves* I've been busy with who knows what, I'm even curious to what I've been doing...

I was contacted by Brian from misikko.com to do a review on the HANA Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron. I've been looking for a bigger flat iron for quicker straightening and this was the perfect opportunity!

Here's the package:

Misikko always has the most generous packaging, from other blogs and personal experience they've always included freebies in their packages!

The flatiron comes inside of a pouch, inside of the metal box. It also comes with a silicon mat to set your straightener on when you're using it so that you won't damage any surfaces with the heat.

The straightener has a swivel cord which moves with you to prevent memory forming in the cord and keeps it tangle-free! (I REALLY hate when there's memory in my cords..) There's also an adjustable heat setting!

Some of the freebies they included...

There were also a few makeup products from LA Colors but for some reason I didn't get it in the picture.

Alright, I know a post isn't the same without some pictures of the product in action! I know my hair is pretty straight already but it flips in and out in different directions and doesn't look pulled together.

My facial expression looked really goofy and fake so I had to blur it out :P I didn't use any heat protectant and it's still shiny! ^__^

From the back of my head it looks really messy.. lol

Everytime I straighten my hair people always ask if I just got my hair cut. That really tells you I never do my hair! XD

Overall I really enjoyed using this straightener! It's definitely become a staple in the products I use daily. If you're not interested in the HANA Titanium, misikko also carries a variety of products such as hair dryers, other flat irons, and even the model in a bottle! Their newest addition to the HANA family is their Air hair dryer :)

Hopefully this review was helpful and I hope you guys check out some of their stuff ^__^!

See you gals in the next post!