28 May 2009

Lashblast + Colossal Showdown + Review

What a pretty day in Texas :D SO HOT THOUGH! I roll around with a mashimaro plush doll on my dashboard, yeah I know I'm cool LOL! I think I was driving to dairy queen to eat with my boyfriend :) DQ's are almost extinct in my area

So today's post is about covergirl's lashblast versus the maybelline colossal. Everyone knows that maybelline carries the #1 leading drugstore mascara. UNTIL covergirl came out with lashblast! All my friends use this mascara, even the ones who doesn't really wear any makeup. But they all have the lashblast! So I'm doing my very own comparison thanks to BOGO's from cvs! xD

Some things you should know about my lashes:
- the eye with the covergirl mascara on it is very slightly shorter than the maybelline one, there's not that much difference though.
- I have almost no lashes on my bottom so I'm not even going to any on there lol.
- Mascara is usually a hit or miss with my lashes :P
- You'll also notice my eyelids aren't symmetrical so that's why in some pictures my eyeliner doesn't look even! They are I swear, it's just the eyelids! haha :D

The Victims:

- Clinique lash building primer, $13, available at clinique.com, department stores, and sephora
- Maybelline Colossal volume mascara in glam black, $6-$8 depending where you buy it, available at ulta, drugstores, supercenters
- CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara Waterproof in very black, $6-$8 depending where you buy it, available at ulta, drugstores, supercenters

The Wands:

Colossal's wand is big and fat. The bristles are like the old school mascaras but you can see there's more space at the beginning and after it's not curved anymore they're all bunched up. It's pretty stiff so when I accidently poke myself in the eye I tend to tear up a little bit. There's a definite shape to it that the picture doesn't capture. Smells like.. something? It's not pleasant but it doesn't really smell bad. 3 month life span like all mascaras.

Lashblast's wand is big and fat too. Unlike the other mascara, the wand is plastic like most of the new mascara that's been coming out lately. It's very soft and doesn't really hurt when I poke myself in the eye on accident lol. I don't like how the beginning of the wand starts, there's barely any length to the bristles and it's always hard to get the baby lashes. It separates lashes great!

The Experiment:

Here's how my lashes look uncurled. you can definitely tell my lids are uneven now that there's no eyemakeup! LOL, sometimes I feel like one eye looks bigger because of it.

I curled my lashes with my shu uemura eyelash curler and took a picture of how they look before any mascara.

CG Lashblast is on the left and Maybelline colossal is on the right. I applied my primer and then 1 coat of the mascaras and took a picture. You can definitely tell that the colossal mascara lengthen my lashes a bit more.

Here's how it looks with 2 coats of mascara. Colossal makes my lashes stick together a little and is darker and looks like it thickens more. I think maybe because the way the brush is designed because it only did it to my inner lashes. If you look closely at the brush picture you'll see what I mean. Lashblast separated my lashes neatly but did not lengthen as much as the other mascara and doesn't seem to be as deep of a black.

I didn't get to take a side view of how they looked in the end but you definitely notice that there's length difference. I don't really prefer one or the other. I think I like them both the same. Nothing really wowed me with either of these mascaras. I would definitely repurchase both of them when I run out probably depending on which one is having a better BOGO at the moment lol. I don't like to read the casing and read what they have to offer because I don't judge them on that. I like to judge them on how they perform because the colossal mascara says it has "collagen" in it but who cares? Well maybe some of you do but I don't haha. Depending on the occasion, I'll probably chose lashblash if I want a more natural look because it separates my lashes reall well and the other one for maybe a dark, smokey look.

Hopefully everyone didn't get tired of reading my blabber. I think I'm starting to actually write more nowadays instead of just posting tons of pictures LOL! I also took time to watermark my pictures. I don't think anyone would steal my shit because I don't really have a billion followers like some other bloggers but just in case they do I watermark now :P Besides, I have photoshop on the PC unlike the mac :D

So who found this useful? Give me some constructive criticism (and not be rude because there's a difference!) on what I should improve, add on, and other stuff :) Thankss everyone!

I want to have a small sale, but I still don't know how to use paypal! xD I feel like a dork :P


26 May 2009

Drugstore Haul + NYX Lip Swatches + Hilary Duff Inspired

I'm sort of on a makeup diet. Well, a high end makeup diet lol. I don't really think I splurge on drugstore makeup much, I usually only buy a few things unlike at the mac counter or something. But it's been since "a rose romance" collection came out (literally the first day) since I've bought anything high end.

Anywho, I went to cvs (I'm sure you can tell by the label) and maybelline mascaras were buy one get on free :) I finally try out the lash stilleto and colossal one! yay, so review/showdown coming soon. (I think I said showdown because of fuz)

I also went to walmart last night to go buy more ram for my old school mac (shown wayyy below) but ended up being DDR instead of SDR which was what I needed. My boyfriend insisted we go look around and insisted I buy something so it won't be a waste of gas xD I love him, haha <3 Definitely excited to try out the pen :) The only other pen style I tried out was the physician's formula one and I LOVED it but I dried out so fast :( So I picked up my HG one in case it does LOL!

Here's the swatches of the lippies stuff from my cherry culture haul :) Hope it's useful and I'm an NC40 so it's probably aroud that area or it's darker since it's my driving arm :X

Top row, left to right.
round glosses: dolly pink, ballerina pink, peach, real nude, natural, amethyst, true red;; lipliners: pinky, coffee, deep purple, plush red, natural
Bottown row, left to right.
round lipsticks: paris, narcissus, b52, cocoa, creamy beige, thalia, eggplant

Here's my entry for Rai's "celeb neutral/smokey eye contest" Check it out if you haven't already :D You have until THIS friday! I think it said a total of 3 pictures including the inspiration. I cam whored just a teensy bit LOL! First few pictures I used a different lipcolor than the rest :P My camera was being a little gay so some might be blurry!

Hilary duff was my inspiration since she always has nice smoke eye makeup :) Poor hilary with her bad veneers, they look oversized!

Trying to pose like her! haha

My lips look super thin right here, and you can see my old school mac :)

I shouldn't have mixed too much light foundation with my dark foundation :P (I have no nose!)

Half face!

Changed the lipcolor up because I thought it wasn't dark enough.. then it was too dark!

Looks a little hazy, I think I could sport this look for the holidays :)

of course I have to finish with my stupd pose :) haha

Products used:

-- eyes
benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner in skinny jeans
mac e/s in mont black
milani e/s in a gray color, the label isn't there anymore :(
revlon matte e/s in vintage lace
dior iconic mascara
urban decay 24/7 e/l in zero
n.y.c. brow/eye pencil in taupe (not pictured)

-- face
mufe hd foundation in 155, yeah it totally doesn't match LOL (I blended it with some really light foundation to lighten it up, looks like it worked too well :P)
mac msf in brunette
mac beauty powder blush in stark naked

-- lips (not pictured)
nyx round gloss in amethyst, first few pics (light red shade)
nyx round gloss in true red, last few pics (darker red shade)

Hope you guys liked it :)

Next up, nyx jumbo pencil swatches :D Seems fairly easy... LOL!

20 May 2009

Doggy-Sitting + Cotton Candy Kisses

I've been staying at my sister's house since Saturday since she went out of town to California :) That's why its been so hard to update! Sorry if I haven't been commenting, I promise I'm reading them on my phone when I really shouldn't be.. :P

Meet Jack. He's the reason I'm even here! LOL, she didn't want him to starve and go crazy :P

His hair was so long before but I took him to go get a haircut :) The lady that cut his hair had to give him an oatmeal shampoo because he had a red rash or something :( I feel so bad like it's my fault but hopefully it wasn't! My brother in law said he might've left the flea shampoo on too long before he left :/

Anywho, onto beauty related things! Here's my look for Katrina's contest. I think she moved the date to end on 05/25 so go join! :D I'm gonna have to say I didn't get to put as much time as I wanted to into this look as I planned because of Jack lol. He just wants so much attention! I had to do this at home before I left to my sister's house. Didn't want to lug all that makeup with me :P

She had two options, "boom boom pow" and "candy shop". I actually did both looks but I didn't like the way the other one turned out. My inspiration was cotton candy because I always have to get fresh cotton candy everytime the state fair comes :D

I messed up putting the falsies on but the glue dried before I could fix it :P

Not sure why my face looks so light in the pictures. I think I have the "lighter skin tone" setting on or something?

I tried to blend the lipstick together with "purple in the inside" and "pink on the outside" like I been sucking on a grape lollipop or something but it didn't show up on camera right.

Tried to look as much of a little kid as I could lol! That's why my hair is in pig tails :P

-- eyes
Urban Decay Peace e/s, all over the lid
MAC Romping e/s, in the crease
Urban Decay Ransom e/s, outer v
Benefit Pre-Nup cream e/s, inner corner
Urban Decay Scratch e/s, highlight
Urban Decay Lush e/l, top lashline but I don't think you can see it in the photo
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
Ardell 103(?)

-- cheeks
NYX Pinky blush

-- lips
NYX Narcissus l/s on outer lip
NYX Eggplant l/s on inner lip

Hope you like my entry Katrina! Did my best with my little time I had before I had to go spend time with Jack :D

I have a lot of posts saved that I need to finish with lol :) Until next time ladies!


12 May 2009

ReVisit: Too Dolly Palette + CherryCulture Haul

I was cleaning out my makeup today (yes, even all my old mascaras I don't use. chunked them all!) and I decided to play with my HK Too dolly palette. I didn't use the teal color this time. I usually stray away from the pinkt in there but today I decided to use it :)

I used a base, then I put NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on top like in my lady gaga video..

The bitch crease! :( I should've stuck with UDPP like I was going to use in the first place but I used TFSI! I mean it's good when there's not something creamy on top. But anywho, I liked the way it turned out besides the creasing :)

I'm breaking out all over my face! :( you can't tell much in the picture because I guess the flash was reflected off my "light reflecting" shimmers lol. Wearing the "B52" lipstick with "Nice Kitty l/g" on top :D I also went motion crazy today and edit the photos with labels :P I should really do it to all my photos but I'm just too lazy!

I took advantage of the NYX sale but I ordered off cherry culture :D I didn't really own any NYX before this because it's really hard to find NYX products over here. I see they're finally putting some into Ulta but the ones they have are really natural (and full price :P)

Click the images to enlarge :)

Here's all I got:

A comparison picture with MAC HK since I was playing around with them today :) I didn't swatch them yet but "Pinky" and "Tippy" look so similar in the pics!

Lipliners. I only own one before this and it was a NYX one LOL! Hasn't even been sharpened yet, that's how much I use it

Round Glosses. Haven't tested them out yet, I was just real excited to post this up. Honestly, I didn't even open them yet! x)

Round lipsticks. I used B52 today but I don't think it matched real well with my eyeshadow haha! They were real moisturizing :)

Stupid mail man stuck it in my mailbox and it was so hot today in texas! See cocoa? All that sweat! I guess that one didn't recover yet :P I left them in front of my fan for almost an hour to try to cool them down. I was thinking freezer but then I'd probably forget all about it lol

I got more jumbo pencils :) *Note to self* Don't use TFSI underneath! Use UDPP!

I'm definitely going to join Katrina's contest :D I got a whole rainbow to use now xP Will definitely work on a look for you Wednesday or Thursday :) Check it out if you haven't yet, it sounds really fun and colorful.

I have a scheduled appointment with myself and the boyfriend's little sister to wash makeup brushes this week.. I hope I remember and don't get sidetracked :P


07 May 2009

What the French? + Hauls + Award

School was closed due to swine so we(boyfriend, me, and our friend george) went to Vie a Paris for lunch :)

This croissant sandwich was big! Ham&Swiss babyy.. I thought it was funny that there's a chocolate covered strawberry in the middle haha. It tasted good but not the best.
My boyfriend.. he looks grumpy LOL, if you look to the left of his shoulder you can see our friend's head in the back haha
Strawberry shortcake -- yummm :)
Strawberry napolean to go :D 

My "A Rose Romance" haul. I actually bought Mutiny pigment and Silverthorn e/s but I ended up returning it because I asked myself... "how many blues do I have?"
Left to Right: Summer Rose beauty powder blush, Loving Touch see thru lip color, A rose romance l/s, way to love l/s, creme d' violet e/s, and circa plum pigment.

I really love how sheer the blush is because I tend to always pick up too much blush than I need; with this one it's buildable! The see-thru lipcolor isn't bad either. I have the one from the emanuel ungaro collection and I have to see I love this one wayy better although they changed the size and made them smaller :/ Loving touch has a pearly sheen to it! Lipsticks & eyeshadow I picked up because I thought they were pretty, nothing really special. I actually wish I can return the eyeshadow but I lost the receipt. And for the pigment, I really love it! I love the way it's so everyday wearable because it's not like "in your face!" haha. I've actually been wearing it almost everyday this week :)

And I went to ulta to pick up the OPI Gargantuan Green Grape for someone ;D
A lot of people say it's a dupe for peppermint pattie so here's what they look like side by side. Peppermint pattie is more of a deeper green while OPI is more on the yellow-green side.

And then we passed by the hello kitty stand and I saw this mouse + pad! I just had to get it :P I need a mouse to use with my mac anyways. Editing videos really suck on a touchpad lol

Yay for mail :)
Wearing "love and friendship" nail polish in this picture. Forgot to mention that in my haul oops :P
From Whit, thanks for everything! I really love the mask, and the moisturizer doesn't smell like the one I got! :O I think it's a keeper.
From singapore. If you click and enlarge, it's the mispelled last name I use for my email address xD I thought it looked a little funny when I got it! Then my boyfriend goes "why'd he spelled your name wrong"
I got brown and blue circle lenses in geo angel(?) lenses :) The blues are really bright in the picture but I haven't tried the brown ones yet. I hope they look good too :P They really make my eyes look bigger because when I put one on I looked at myself and my non-contact eye looked puny! haha xD

Thanks Fuz for this award :D

The rules are:
1. Take your award here
2. Put the logo on your post
3. Link the person who awarded you
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I nominate --
1. Mimi - http://beautyisandrogynous.blogspot.com/
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3. Jessica - http://jesmakeup.blogspot.com/
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until next time!