28 January 2010


HIIII! :D *CHEESE* Okay, I'm really happy today all of a sudden! MAYBE I've been on the computer too long avoiding homework.. :X

I was going to attempt to do a falsies tutorial for amy & linda, but I was in the camera half the time, and the other half I was outside of the frame so I'll retry tomorrow because I'm not gonna just take my lashes off and restart! LOL :)

I'm also excited.. the boyfriend says he's gonna buy me the new alice in wonderland palette!!!!!! :D I think we might go check it out tonight but I doubt they'd have it out tonight right? lol ^_^

Okay, so I signed up for the formspring.me thing...
So any questions?!?! Ask me :D

Watch my video concerning CARGO cosmetics. Well, I actually have some other personal blabber in there too but I understand if you don't wanna waste like 9 minutes of your life :) I totally didn't edit this video down LOL!

So the lovely Amy (http://amynaree.blogspot.com) sent me a little lovely thank you package for the shisems I sent her! o_O I was not expecting this when I went to check my mail today.. LOL
California rain went away... but it came to texas :( If you didn't watch the video.. then grr let me tell you, I got stuck in the rain! LOL... but my pooor packageeee! Oh well, nothing is damaged though ^_^
I was too excited I slapped on the alarm lipstick. OMG, thank you! I seriously cannot find this color near me for some reason! o_O
O2 cream thingy, O2 loose shadow thingy, jesse's girl eye dust, FIRST Majolica majorca product (besides the mascara), and rimmel cream shadow :D
I have this hello kitty in my room! It's all hard and old but I have the pink one ^_^ Now it has a buddy LOL :X and super excited for the mask too!
But best of all.. she sent me falsies! ^_^ Supposedly they're handmade so we'll see how they perform! Let's just say I love falsies in general :) I get a lot of lashes from swaps too so it's not just me inducing the addiction! LOL
And the Rimmel alarm lipstick! Gah.. I love it :) I'm scared it'll bleed because I just slapped it on without any lipliner because I got too happy.. hope not if I do go check out sephora!

I'm going to be doing a review and a DEMONSTRATION on some review products. And I will be having a giveaway near the end of February for followers only! ^_^ Some things I review I will include in the giveaway and I really can't promise you girls a massive giveaway since I will be on a budget -________-" But I still have goodies to give out :)



  1. lol love your silly picks! and what a long tongue you got there haha

    alarm looks really fab on you, I'm always afraid to wear red lips for some reason but I should start trying out more bold colors!

    let me know how the handmade lashes compare to the other ones!

  2. You look gorgeous with that red lipstick!! I love it!! And you're bf's getting you that alice in wonderland palette?? Awesome! I'm jealous lol xx

  3. Cute post & new goods! :-) Love it!

  4. I watched your video! :D

    I agree with you, the rain sucks! It sucks that it went towards Texas.

  5. Aww your bf is so sweet! =) what earrings are you wearing? they're so cute~

  6. Lol, I think its just that my face is small lol. Like sometimes I find the 239 brush too big for my lids so I use the 213 instead!! Envious of the other bloggers using the 239 lol. Thank you so much for comparing them! :) I think I will get Resort Life, but it sucks though since I know All Races etc is going to be out in the UK next week, but I heard rumours that Lillyland wont be available until March! AAhh :(

    I'd still like to know what lippies you got from the All Races etc collection :) Gah that collection's name is just too long!

  7. cute video and pictures! i love your bangs. :)

  8. ohh...so sweet of amy...you're so lucky that red lippy looks so good on u...I really can't wear red lips..hehe...

  9. There will be more surprise gifts for you. lol. Woman! I think you should just do it on blogtv. Yeah, yeah!? haha. Remind me to get my hunnie's mic for tomorrow night! lol. What time womannn? I think there's no more excuse for you to get falsies. haha. That's a lot plus your shitload of them in your drawer. lol.

  10. haha love the video, you're so funny you neeeed to do more!!

  11. nooo dont apply makeup while driving
    love ur vids!:)

  12. You look stunning with that red lippie on! <3

    Wished, I could pull it off so well!

  13. Love your pictures! I agree The lipstick looks very SEXY on you!

    How long has it been raining? I was so Scared at night when we had thunderstorms && I was afraid of driving home from work since we were on tornado watch here...


  14. yay package!

    i like the red lippie on you! LOL you at you all giddy with all those goodies! i like the pictures! :)

    and yea, the faceshop masks have lots of juice inside! i dont like how the masks are so big tho!

    ive never heard about being reborn into the second life and have old hands! but thats interesting!

    i love how you totally know the mac brush number by justing looking at it! so pro!

    and i def got my money back from the bank but it took around a week to get it back and it was a really bad time for me because i have to pay bills!

  15. the red lipstick looks so nice on you!

  16. Hi HUn~ <3

    you looks uber happy XD and the red lippie looks good on you! :D

    Thank you for the super sweet testimonial!! <3 Looks really pretty on you great model <3

  17. getting treats is fun and i'm excited for you since you're getting the new palette!! : D

    we're having winter storms here..again..so my internet is off and on but i'll try to check out the video soon! and i'm getting tempted left and right by all these sephora sales, uh oh lol

  18. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog and you're soo cute! I actually watched the video and loved it when you said "I might look like shit but I'm probably more ballin than your ass" LOL

    Anyway, I hope you don't mind me adding you to my blogroll!

  19. I know I said this in your other post, but I loooooovee Alarm on you! :D

  20. Why haven't I seen this post before? LOL ^_^. You are so pretty girl and red lippie looks good on you . The love package that you received looks so yummy, Majolica Majorca sounds interesting ^_^

    So you are rocking youtube now Linds? ahaha. You're like a pro already , love your voice as always tis so cute and I really like the color of the nail polish that you use. ^_^


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