27 May 2010


HELLO & hi to my new followers :)

I've been very busy! Well, mostly today, but I slept in yesterday so that took up most of my day. Skip the big paragraphs if you don't wanna read and just get onto the haul LOL :)


I slept in for a LONGGG time yesterday! When we finally got done and ready my mother was already home so that brings it to around 3:30pm. Then I took her to get her glasses and what not but didn't turn out so good so we're going to try somewhere else in a few days or something. THEN we went to go eat sushi! I was going to take pictures, really! I took pictures of our drink, which was ordinary but the colors were fun, but then I was SOOO HUNGRY that I just dug into the appetizers and by the time I remembered to take photos.... I was like oh shit I already ate half the food lol. I got 3 sushi rolls, 2 appetizers, 1 soup, and 3 drinks all for me and JON. Yeah, we were in over our heads haha!

Then he went to watch his store with his daddy and I went home. His niece's birthday is today *HAPPY BIRTHDAY IDALYIS!* and she is now 7! So we went and bought some clothes for her to ship out to where she lives. Yeah, kinda late but hey at least we got her something :D... then we planned on watching Nightmare on Elm Street after. Mall closes at 9:00pm. Movie starts at 10:10pm. What the heck are we gonna do for an hour?!?! Well first we were thinking of going to visit my sister down the street. NOPE! She's out and the dog is too complicated for us to leave through the front door without anyone holding him. So we sat at Starbucks for 40 minutes drinking SOY Strawberries & Creme Frapp and a EXTRA COFFEE Caramel Frapp. Both were pretty good, but the people were fuckin` grumpy as shit!! I thought they're suppose to be perky all day?!?! lol, that's how it usually is everytime I go :P

We finally headed towards the movie and we were still early so we played Time Crisis. (that's what it's called right?) JON sucks! He kept losing first so that means I am better ^_^ Game was pretty fun, I want to play again!! My stupid foot pedal thing was being gay and retarded and I had to slam my foot on it everytime so I was getting tired haha. When we went into the theater, there was only 3 other people... DUN DUN DUN!!! Scary ehh? Well the screen started rolling down so I was like O_O!!! WTFFF because it was squeaking and scared me. haha, what a wimp right?! Good thing more people showed up and kinda filled up the room so it wasn't too freaky. Movie was VERY suspenseful but not really scary.

TODAY was a very good day and I got tons of errands done! Woke up early to go check out the collection and I got THE LAST marine life's!!!! haha, I seriously called everywhere to find this stupid powder -_____-" .... Got everything and then I went to order my mom her birthday cake for tomorrow. Super hungry so me and the doctor went to waffle house and ate our butts off. Afterwards went to sell back my school books and get my current books which took like an hour since we had to go from there to here and back over that way o_O! Super HOT today too. About 101 degrees FAHRENHEIT! Oh lordy, I was so happy to get back home and into the a/c and STAY here lol. That pretty much concludes my day as of now.... ONTO THE HAUL! :) There's video form, or if you just wanna look then there's pictures for ya!


Watch the video, or just look at the pictures :) I finally didn't take up like 10 minutes of the thing this time.... almost but I cleared it ^_^

Here's everything I got!

  • 2 Marine Life High Light Powders
  • Hipness Powder Blush
  • In The Buff Nail Lacquer
  • NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic Pencil
  • Thrills Lipstick
  • Lazy Day Lipstick
Didn't spend as much as I thought it would! The doctor was like "oh, not too bad" haha! Too many bronzers for me which I don't really use or like the look of. I like my natural bronzed color so I'm trying to maintain this color :P

@_@ look at it!!

Isn't it so pretty?! :) It's supppppper soft especially when I swatched the one at the counter. I gotta be careful not to drop it, eh?

I really like the packaging because of the funky colors and the beachy feeling ^_^

I think this color is really pretty, but it gets really pigmented so use a light hand!

MY LOVEEEE! Yes, I'm still obsessed with lippies! I seriously gotta blog sale soon because there's so much stuff piling up @_@.. eeeek!

Lazy Day, a lustre and it's super pretty but it's dupeable.

Thrills lipstick, a rose color with golden shimmers so it makes it a little bronzey. I tried it on and I actually like it on me :)

And I cannot see why people hate mac nail polishes! I really like them :)

It's a pea/poop/gren color. I can see some people hating it but I'm lovinggg it because it's creamy and pastel-ish! ^_^

This is from MAC's pret-a-papier collection but it sold out super fast at the counter and I didn't have enough money for it the first trip. Then the second trip it was gone -_-" Luckily this counter had it so I feel like they're not as popular or something. THEN the lady clarified that they get over-amount they need of the stuff so pretty much if they don't have it, you won't find it lol. I still prefer nordies since they all know me there haha!

Tried it on my waterline. Makes me look more awake! BUT I should try with dark eyeshadows because the combo I did today makes me look awake already :P I wanted to wait to go to the MAC PRO and get the regular black packaging instead of the wood work but I was too anxious ^_^

OVERALL, this is a nice collection. If I was like NC30/NC35 I would totally have been drooling over the bronzers but since I'm already satisfied with my tan I had to skip. I can see lots of pale girls wanting a tan loving this collection! Everything about this release just screams SUMMER so I'm sure it really as big as it seems.

Until next time! I'm going to post a picture of my collection SOON hopefully.. I'm still trying to get my furniture in ahahaha! It's been like 1-2 months xD


24 May 2010


*waves hand* Why hello there! I know I said I'd be posting more, but I just honestly haven't been in the mood! I haven't really bought makeup like I usually do, but I still have been purchasing some things! I unintentionally ended up saving more money than I had planned so that tells you something! lol :) Plus things I have wanted to put up for review aren't available anymore because you girls know that I LOVE my limited edition things lol, I might still review the individual items because those are available still.

The blogging scene is not what it used to be when I first got hooked on blogging. All these companies trying to get their name out there is pretty much what happened to the blogging scene! I know I've been there too, but the things I accepted to review is kinda something I was already interested in and was in need of. (ex. new skincare, new moisturizer) And I've seen quite a few blogs that are just interested in getting a bunch of followers and stuff and I don't know, it just turns me off from reading them. I know some of you girls know what I am talking about though! (especially Arezu)


Okay but onto the review! I bought this mascara a while back and just got to using it. I'm not gonna lie, I bought this because of someone's review on a blog and her lashes looked AMAZING. And then in a lot of her posts she always raved about this mascara so I caved in and bought it because it was buy one get one free :P

Rimmel Glam'eyes Mascara in Black.

Cute simple little packaging. Black tube with some metallic pink accents and a fishnet textured top. This baby retails from around $6.50-$9.00 from stores I've seen in the States but if you're lucky you can most likely find it on sale at CVS, Walgreens, or use the $3.50 off coupon at Ulta with their deals which makes the total even sweeter. The formula is a bit dry even when you first open it so I can see this guy drying out quickly, maybe about a month of daily use. I can also confirm it'll start flaking on you if you're trying to pull a 12-hour day. But on the other hand, it delivers great length and good volume while still providing separation. Washes off easily with soap and water, or should I say face wash and water. It'll definitely come off easily with makeup remover.

I really like the cute little crown on the bottle :) I think it adds a cute touch, but I know some might think it's tacky.

Here's one side of the brush. The bristles are long and far apart. I think this makes my lashes clump and stick together, but then this can also comb them back out so it's a love-hate thing.

Then you rotate the brush 90-degrees and you get this side of the brush. I like this side better because they're close together and short so it can lift my lashes up while distributing an even amount of product.

Okay so enough gibberish about the packaging and wand. How does it perform?

These are my nekkid lashes, freshly curled. The outer corner of my lashes are being really retarded and they're going in all sorts of direction.

This is one coat of mascara. Doesn't give too much volume but on the other hand it gives me some pretty good lengthening. Plus, the short side of the brush makes it easy to apply some mascara to my bottom lashes without getting it everywhere.

This is how it looks with two coats. It's starting to get borderline clumpy as you can see in the middle of the lashes and it's already looking like it's about to flake from the tips of the lashes. The formula is way too dry for me with the amount of coats I like to put on my lashes. (I usually do 2-3 coats) This was a good day of the Rimmel Glam'eyes application too. Usually it doesn't look this good on my lashes! lol, but I guess it sucked it up for this review.

Overall, I will throw this tube of mascara out because it never looks like my eye up there. NEVER! Bottom line is that the formula is too dry for me to layer on the coats the way I would like to. If this mascara had the wet formulation like Rimmel's Sexy Curves but with this brush then I think I would definitely like it much better.

Hoped this post helped! I feel super weird making a review post because it's been so long lol. I'll try to make another post soon. No promises, but I feel like blogging is a way to take some stress off. LATELY though, there has been no stress so no need for me to blog lol. Plus like I've mentioned before, it feels like a commercial. Like oh geez, not trying to offend anyone but the guru makeupbyrenren. Has anyone seen her videos since she came back from the Philippines?! That's when I think they started anyway, but they're all reviews about companies. I mean yes, that's a nice product and all but it just keeps going on about different companies and seriously I try to use my products until they're almost used up because usually things do work good at first but then sometimes it goes south. I think it's great that you're introducing new companies and doing tutorials with them but man I know I'm not alone when I say I liked the old stuff better.

I'm not trying to criticize, but I'm just trying to point things out. I know blogs are things that are your own opinion and of course you're not forced to read anything but ehh.. it's just not the same as it was maybe..... say 2 years ago? Oh well, see you later!


20 May 2010


A very unattractive angle of myself, but I'm happy I got the snapshot! haha :)

I LOVE this dog! haha, I went over to my sister's house on Tuesday morning to join her when she went to the baby doctor place. Unfortunately I didn't get to figure out the sex of the baby -____-" SO I GUESS I won't be able to plan the COLORS of the baby shower!

But anywho, my sister and brother in law never really just baby the dog so usually when I come over I baby him like crazy :) This day was just funny because he was so comfortable just laying on my chest haha! I don't know, I just thought this picture was super cute.

Just a quick update today! I will probably make another post later on today but for now I should go shower and what not. I've also got assloads of laundry to fold from yesterday :X YES I AM LAZY! haha


14 May 2010


Hello! I made a video yesterday, lol and it turns out something happened to it while it was exporting because half of the sound doesn't work?!?! o_O! BUT, since it's not a very wordy process I'm just not gonna reupload it unless YOU GIRLS really want some sound haha! You can always turn on some music on the background when it gets silent... haha! XD

Yes, I'm sorry about the sound once again, but I hoped this help somehow! I'll probably not like it in the end... and maybe I'll remake one another day with a voiceover since.. that seems like it'll be the quickest way LOL xD

OH, BTW I finally slept in today!! ^_^ I woke up like 5 times though but I did sleep in :) I guess I'm satisfied with that. Now to go off and shower and maybe another video.. that has the complete audio! haha :)


13 May 2010


Hello beautifuls! :) It's been a long time since a real update hasn't it? Well I have until June 1st to give you girls[guys] real updates ^_^ I plan on making basic videos (maybe) but I'm not going to promise anything!

Here's what I HAVE BEEN doing the past 2 weeks :D

Below here is when I went to the dentist to get my lower left wisdom tooth removed.

I was trying to frown, but this is when I was waiting for the anesthesia to kick in ^_^ As you can tell, it's already kicked in full blast when I finally got a non-blurry picture lol. I got my towel under in case I drool (which I did) and then I had the spit sucker thing in my other hand.

I totally went in all calm and was like I'm ready! I never realized how much of a big deal people make it. They kept asking if I was nervous (since I went solo). I was like o_O! What are you talking about? I'm just getting a tooth extracted, why would I be nervous? I guess I was just like whatever so nothing dawned on me. THEN when he injected the anesthesia thats when I got a little nervous! That was why it was so HARD to take the stupid picture up there because I was trembling. Within 10 minutes I was calm again though lol and it only took 30 minutes for the tooth to come out :) Yeahhh, I guess it was pretty painless and hopefully when I go get my next one removed it'll be just as painless.

On the other hand, I'm going in for a root canal in a week or two :( I'm really scaredddd.. omg! I guess I'm more scared that my other tooth MIGHT need one too lol and the thought of the expenses makes me wanna pee my pants! LOL...

Moving on..

This is when I went to go do a photoshoot at drjon's house. It was for an art project ^_^

I figured jon wanted to get in the shot.. btw, we're inside of my infiniti g35 :) this baby eats gas like no other *sigh*

How much is gas per the gallon where you live?Just curious.

So since Jon wanted in on the picture, I put him in! He's bald still from his grandmother's funeral :) hehe, he looks so funny! I like to sleep with my face in the back of his head to bother him since he's always putting his face into my back when he sleeps -_____-"

This was on the way back from the photoshoot... It was a success! I got a 100 :) BUT, since it was a day late, I got a 90 :( BUT I guess it's still an A right? lol

The ball in my hand is a big wad of plastic wrap (saran wrap, however you call it). I wrapped up his little sister with this and didn't wanna throw it away at their house so I wouldn't get caught wasting plastic wrap LOL :X I think that was one of the favorite pictures I took since of the coloring and the lighting!


Good lord, I spent a total of at least 16 hours in the science learning center getting my chemistry homework done in the 2 days. Then I spent some more time in there getting my review done.. Geez, I'm so sick of that place! BUT I have to admit, it's a really good learning environment and the people that work there are really helpful :) If you can't tell in the picture, this is the second day I was there and I was starting to go delirious! LOL, I seriously couldn't stop laughing because I was so tired...

OKAY! So I'm thinking about making a video right now.. :) I'm thinking contouring since I've been into that lately ^_^! Although my face is super chiseled from studying for the past 2-3 weeks because I have not been eating right. Also going to pick up some protein bars as a snack kinda thing since I feel like I've developed somewhat "anorexic" type of eating habbit lol. Stupid studying!

I'll be back with another post tomorrow. FINALLY GET THESE REVIEWS IN! :D

BTW, I did terrible this semester! I am just super happy ONLY BECAUSE I managed to get a B in chemistry 2! :) hahaha, I guess because everyone bombed the finals (including me) but I managed to get a 72 on it so I'm satisfied with that lol.


03 May 2010


Hello ladies! Today's post is in video form because last time I tried this new thing I'm doing, it took a real long time to type! lol So just listen if you want to :)

Thank you for watching! I'll edit the post and add swatches later, or I might just make another post with the swatches ^_^

Finals week is almost here.. busy busy busy! Sooo sorry, just have to get everything turned in. Also I'm planning on going to the museum tomorrow with my friend from art class for our exhibit paper :X It's due on the 6th... LOL! I've also gotta PERFECT my chemistry homework and I'm also working with another friend on that.. we actually did chemistry all weekend! I'm relieved to have done government homework tonight but now I shall go do some more chemistry -_____-" YES LINDA THIS IS ALL YOU HEAR ABOUT!! ahhaha, it's because I don't like to do homework :)

Real update in a few days.. I'm just trying to get through everything! lol ^_^