30 November 2009


Hello beautifull! (beautifull with TWO L's not ONE.. you got served)

Here's what I have to thank for the contouring magic on my last post :P LOL.. it's face powder! It was wayyy too dark for me but it works great for contouring since it doesn't get muddy looking.

I bought this set off ebay since they didn't have it available anymore on sephora in medium. You can check it out here if you think you can fit the light shade ^_^ It retails for $59 on there and it's only available there. I think they're about to stop selling this kit because they never restocked up on the other shades LOL.. I've been eyeballing it for a LONG time but never got to purchasing it until now.. they're all FULL SIZE products! :D

Comes with a step by step instructional thing and a dvd.. but you know I don't have time to sit around and watch DVDs :P

everything... the brushes are baby size! They're so small and CUTEEE! I would probably use the "foundation" one for blending out concealer :D

Here's the contouring magic. I once read somewhere in one of those american makeup magazines that you can use a darker foundation to contour because I know a lot of us use bronzer and some contouring powders become too muddy if not applied properly...

See what I mean? TOO DARK... My face and hands are pretty much the same color so I feel like I don't look like myself if I wear it all over my face. I use the darker one for contouring ^_^

I don't know if they sell this separately though because I can't find it on the website :( Sorry gals... try a cheap face powder if you want to try this technique out ^_^ I know loreal true match is an alright powder, but I'm not sure about the staying power anymore since I haven't used it in a few years xD

High Definition Healthy FX Foundation SPF 15
Shade: M2 (I am about NC40 and this is almost a perfect match, just BARELY too dark for my face)

I like the way the pump works, it PUSHES the foundation UPWARDS because I hated the MUFE HD because I could never tell how much was left until I opened up the bottle! Same with MAC Studio Fix Fluid..

It's very sheer.. like tinted moisturizer status! I don't like it at all, but it didn't make me break out so I'll just finish it up since I bought it. I won't be purchasing this since it's almost $40 for a tinted moisturizer coverage! Too bad, I liked it's innovative pump system! :D

Hybrid 2 in 1 Luminizing Primer
$25, BUY HERE or $19.99 HERE

I really like this somewhat since I gave up trying to sell my photo finish primer on my blog sale so I'm just using it daily to finish it up since I don't want it to expire and what not. The clear part is the photo finish primer, but the "inside" part is their artificial light. I think they balance out when applied so it's not shine kill overload!

Don't like the control I have with squeezing out the primer though.. see how much came out before the artificial light came out?!?! That's a lot of primer.. probably 2-3 days worth! O_O

Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer
Shade: 5.0 (Golden Beige)

I thought this would be super drying from the looks of it, but it melts into my skin! I'm not sure about others though. I think it's because I warmed it up first and not applying it straight to my face ^_^

Perfect color match for me! I'll be using this on my blemishes :D I'll test staying power later and if it's worth it I'll review it. I doubt it though! haha, I like to rub my face during the day :X Yes very bad for you, don't do it!

I didn't bother photographing the photo op under eye brightener because I don't think it's anything super special. I'm trying to get rid of one on my blog sale, but no luck! I won't open this one unless I have a sudden change of heart for it. I did read up on how to really use it though. A lot of people mistake it for a concealer o_O! You apply concealer and then dab/pat it on top of it instead of smearing it on because then you just messed up your concealer application! I'll try it out sometime again because I'm developing dark circles :(

Finals are coming up next week.. I have so many things due this week;; essays (psychology - 2/3, government - 2, history - 1, chemistry - 1)... projects (pschology - 1, chemistry - 1)... speech (business communication - 1 persuasive)... and extra credit (every class BY THURSDAY/FRIDAY)

OMG, that's a lot of stuff! Guess how many I've started on? :D... NONE! Linda (xoladiihoneyxo) you would be so ashamed if you're reading this right now :(

So I won't be back in full blast until probably next, next week now that I figured out how much stuff I have to do. I'll still be posting up things I bought and took pictures of already ^_^ I'm sorry for not commenting on your posts! I've been reading them secretly at work and during class LOL.. It's just a pain in the butt to comment on a phone :( I've also switched to using the HTC G1 and it's really annoying.. I'm not loving it so I might change back. We'll see!

I've also read your comments you leave me! YOU GIRLS/BOYFRIEND/ONE RANDOM GUY are so nice :) This blogging thing is seriously a stress reliever! It gives me a little break from all this craziness xD


27 November 2009


Here's the look I wore out yesterday! :) I actually wore it out on tuesday also, but I didn't get to take a picture of it and so I recreated it for yesterday ^_^ The colors are kinda faded since I didn't get a chance to take the picture before I left since we were LATE.

The theme is "thanksgiving" hence my blog post title. I used a peachy color, cranberry, and brown. I think those colors SCREAM thanksgiving and fall and I'm SURE that most of you would agree lol :D

It turned out better the first time because I spent more time on it, but this is just as good :P

Like my clumpy mascara?! :D It's time to hit the trash.. but I was hoping to review it first, but now it's so clumpy I'm just not sure? xD

My eyelashes have been weird the past week, the right eye (left side of this picture) is going in all sorts of directions and the left eye (right side on this picture) is just the way I want it to be.. ehh! What a BITCHHHH...

Also, the colors started to crease this time around also :P I put too much nyx jumbo pencil on and you all know that creases like there's no tomorrow!

Tried to contour my face, can you tell? I recently purchased something that REALLY helps with it! ^_^

- Make Up For Ever HD Primer in Pink
- Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in Medium M2
- Smashbox Pressed Powder/Bronze Lights Duo in Medium/Dark
- NARS Blush in Orgasm
- NARS Highlighter/Blush Duo in Hungry Heart
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Orange
- MAC Fresh Cut Palette (just a peach color, red/cranberry color, and a brown color)
- MAC Solar White Eyeshadow
- Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Vintage Lace
- MAC Penultimate Liquid Liner
- Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero
- Maybelline Pulse Perfection
- Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Kirk
- YSL Rouge Volupt Lipstick in 13 Peach Passion (tapped on for a sheer coverage)

There's a lot of products.. I probably had like a bazillion layers on my face! haha, but it didn't feel like too much, but I could tell there was layers.

The smashbox foundation is a touch too dark for me, but the powder was definitely too dark. Even the medium side! I don't know if I'm getting lighter or are these products getting too dark?!?!

I want to get this Tarte Foundation Set next. It's really yellow, and I'm really yellow so I think it'll match real well. I went to swatch it at the store and the medium matches me perfectly on my hand :D

I tried out the revlon colorstay foundation that a lot of people raved about, and it's really good, but I find that it has too much staying power and it really doesn't come off my skin.. eeekk! Not good so I stopped using it. I might use it with a primer that has a really silicon touch to it and see if it sinks into my skin as much. Hopefully not because I need to finish it! I got two bottles O_O (paid for one, and got the other free)

I need to get dressed now.. I've been sitting on my bed half nekkid for a while now because I'm procrastinating!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?

I had two, one on Wednesday with my family and one on Thursday with my boyfriend's family. Food was better on Thursday, but I think the atmostphere was wayyy better on Wednesday. I got a few pictures of Wednesday to post up, mostly the dog wearing a snuggie, but at least I got some! I haven't been real good at taking pictures of other people anymore.. LOL. I almost died from embarrassment from my Aunt looking through my camera. She was like OMG YOU GOT SO MANY PICTURES OF YOURSELF! I am going through my narcissistic stage right now. Everytime I pass by a mirror I have to look... even if I JUST looked in one. xD Does this ever happen to you?


26 November 2009


Just wanted to thank everyone who said sweet stuff on my last post about the little fight I had with my boyfriend. Well he came back on friday night (he left on wednesday afternoon) and we made up. It'll take a little time to get back to where we were at before but it can be accomplished :)

I love you girls <3!

Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! I'm so relieved for the two days off ^_^ Although I won't be going out to the black friday sales, I wish everyone who is SAFETY and please don't kill anyone that's suppose to be greeting you! :O

Here's a deal I just found on beautyticket.com, Benefit Coralista Blush for $16.99, GO BUY IT! They have really affordable shipping prices, and there's tons of other great deals on there to stock up for christmas presents or maybe if you plan on hosting a giveaway! ^_^

I love this blush and I know a majority of people do too :)

I will come back FOR SURE next week to my regular posting and commenting because right now life is too hectic with all the due dates coming up! I might do some "I'm so bored and don't want to do this right now" kinds of posts though LOL xD


19 November 2009


Added a few things to my blog sale! Check it out here :)
(YSL, DIOR, and some CHI products)

Here's my promised other haul! I still have a few more, but I'm just not in the mood to go find them and take pictures right now :(

I got all the pigment sets and only one lipgloss set this year ^_^ Actually, that's more than last year but it's okay, they'll last me a lifetime :)

These would make a great gift if you have a makeup loving friend! :D I'd suggest the lipglosses because those seem the most easiest to use.

Sexpot Smokey Mini Pigment/Glitter set (Smokey)
$32.50, BUY HERE

I can't wait to do a look with these! ^_^ I think sunnydaze and naked is my favorite from the bottle!

Cool Capers Mini Pigment/Glitter set (Cool)
$32.50, BUY HERE

Look at the teal reflects..! I can't wait to slap that on my eyes! I can't get them to really adhere on my lids though, any suggestions?

Haute High Jinks Mini Pigment/Glitter set (Warm)
$32.50, BUY HERE

I really wanted jardin aires whenever the fafi(?) collection came out, but I knew I had NO funding to buy anything! I like this warm set better than last years though. Last year had good colors, but they all almost looked the same!

Sexy Shenanigans Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass set (Soft)
$29.50, BUY HERE

I love these colors! I'm a SUCKER for light pinks :) I think the most versatile lipgloss set was the frisky business (bright) one since it had a range of colors from soft to bright to a little deep ^_^


I'm a little sad today :( Well, it started yesterday.. my boyfriend and I "separated". I don't want to say broke up because I don't think we're at that exact stage yet, but he did take all of his things and left :/? (he lived with me) So I don't know what's going to happen for sure yet.. It was all over something stupid too which is what frustrates me!!! We haven't had a fight this serious since we've been together.. we've had other fights similar, but it has never gone this far before :( Don't know what's gonna happen for sure yet but I've been moping around all day doing nothing. I was trying to take pictures of all the stuff I got but I just lost interest in trying to do so, so I'll have to finish that another day. *sigh* wish me luck girls! We've been together for almost 4 years (4 in april) so I know I'd be super sad without him.

Thank you for listening! Thank you for following! And I'll have something small planned for the end of the year to celebrate my (active) blogging! It probably won't be finished until after christmas though since this time of the year is hectic :P


17 November 2009


As soon as I got my LORAC palette from my last post I tried it out ASAP! haha, I didn't get a chance to upload it to my computer until now so here it is.. YES I MESSED UP THE LASHES, got a problem? EFF YOU! haha, I told you I was getting rusty :P

It wasn't as evenly blended because I did it in my dim room lighting so yeah.. whatever I don't give a crap!

See the left side? My glue messed it up! GRR..

Just wanted to post a quick look since I haven't done a post since last week and I haven't done a look in ages. ENJOY!

I have more posts of hauls to post up..

I will have swatches posted up as soon as I get to that which may be this week sometime..

I have TONS of homework! It's really taking up a lot of my time :( I'm sorry girls! I'm not taking any classes during the wintermester so I will be available :D And maybe black friday because I don't plan on going shopping in all that mess!


12 November 2009


Hello hello! :)

The long awaited super long haul post is here!! I'm not exactly sure how much I spent, and please don't ask, but I saved up for it! LOL, I loveeee to spend money during holiday season because I honestly think that's the best time to buy makeup :D They have the best deals and such! ^_^

This is from back in August 2009 when MAC came out with "Love that Look" collection.. or something like that? I never got to posting it because that's when life became really busy so better late than ever!

Outside of the box :D

Left to right.
Top: Smoke & Diamonds, Rated R
Bottom: Strike a Pose, Style Snob
(I'm pretty sure these are the right names, but they might not be since I don't really memerize the names LOL)

So here's everything I got from the Sephora Friends & Family Sale that just passed! :) I'm pretty satisfied with my purchases although none were really necessary haha xD

LORAC Double Booked Full Face Collection


The box is pretty huge, I was like O_O!! Because I saw it in store already and was like I don't remember it being that BIG!!

I like to keep it in the box so the actual casing doesn't catch dust since I haven't found room for it yet :P

I personally think it was better than last year's palette they came out with. But that's just my opinion.. I like it because it's already coordinated! ^_^

The other flap since it's "BOOK" style.. like you gotta turn the pages yaaah?

I'm already done a look with it, but I'll post a review up on another post with swatches and such and I'll show you the look I did :D

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II

I think it's the same size as last year's version.. I'm a really big fan of Urban Decay! I think I like them as much as MAC :)

Instead of whimsical things this year, they slapped in a little look book. It's cute I guess? Last year's was COOLER!

I think the little UDPP bottle is so adorable :) I will DEFINITELY take that with me when I sleep over at random places ^_^ This years color selection is kinda "mehhh" because there's more neutrals than colors, but none the less I still like it. There's also LESS chunky glitter shades!!

Givenchy Phenome'eyes Effet Extension & Gloss Interdit Set

Haven't tried it out yet since I have others to finish first, but I've really been wanting to purchase this mascara and I wanted to try out the lipgloss so why not get a sample to try out first?!?! :D

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder

I saw that itsliz89 gave a good mini review on this so I went in stores to check it out! I really lovedd the way it made my hand look and I really don't like "silver" colored highlighters since they don't compliment my skin as well as gold undertones do :)

It comes with a little pink sponge, but I'm not gonna use it haha

I love the mirror :D It's like you read it everytime you open it and it boosts your self-esteem kinda thing!

NARS Blush in Angelika

I just wanted this since a lot of people have it! NOT EVEN GONNA LIE.. haha! But turns out I really like it :D Has chunky glitter when you look at it, but it doesn't really stick on your face as chunky glitter so that's good ^_^

That's all for my Sephora F&F haul.. onto my MAC Holiday Collection 2009 haul! :)

I pretty much wait for these holiday palettes, but this year was NOT impressive at all! I was actually pretty disapointed, I didn't get anything the first time I went. I didn't even swatch them.. lol! But I saw on temptalia the swatches and the colors with flash and stuff and I really did like some of the colors! So being the palette "collector" that I am, I just went and grabbed some before I would feel bad later that I didn't get it haha!

tacky design this year, YES!

Left to right.
Sorceress and Devil May Care (?).. devil may something..
Pigmentation is okay, I think for me I really need a base to get them to show up like I would want it. The size is what really makes me sad... they're so much smaller pans of eyeshadow than last years!! And gosh, the smokey one this year is like.. terrible o_O!! It looks almost the same as last years, but I think last years was better haha :)

BUT, the holiday kits (pigments, lipglasses) are pretty good this year in my opinion. Most of the colors are repromotes and permanent colors but that's a good way to start a pigment collection since you'll never use all of the full size anyway! I'll post that up later since I didn't get a picture of it yet since I'm trying to figure out where the heck I put them :X

I was really sad... I didn't get the photorealism quad... :( I kept seeing everyones looks and I was like man.. I missed out! Luckily my nordies still had a few left so I just picked it up!!

The only reason I didn't grab it instantly was because I had the warm eyes palette from last year and the greens just reminded me of these so I didn't get it.. but since someone bought it off my blog sale I totally have a reason to get this! haha XD

So this concludes it for the haul.. well actually I lied. I have a few more things but I want to post it with other things because I think it'll go better with it LOL.. And I have lots of homework to catch up on this weekend hopefully.. I don't think I'm going to drop any classes, I really want to drop my speech class because I'm not gonna get the grade I want to but I gotta duke it out!

I've been using Cellnique skincare items for almost a week now and so far it's been really good! I just can't believe I got results in a week o_O!!! I'll post up a review on it next week, but I know there's one item I can't review yet since it should only be used once a week so I'll do that one in a months worth of usage ^_^

Going to blog hop now.. eeek! I've been reading but dang, why didn't I leave a comment when I did?!?! I'm such a dumbass.. ha!


11 November 2009


This is what I was for halloween :D It's pretty late posting this since it's mid november now haha!

Me & the boyfriendd was dressed up as A Nightmare Before Christmas! :) His lipstick rubbed off after his first sip of beer! GRR.. whatever!

I didn't even spend more than 10 minutes on my makeup since I was trying to make people look dead.. ha! OH and we were late to the party since my boyfriend was going to DJ but it's okay they had a laptop going with music :P

The dogggy <3!! He's sooooo adorable :) He's dressed up as a police officer ^_^

My brother in law, he's dressed up as a dead jailbird :P Jack is like "WHO ARE YOU!! AND WHERE'S MY POPPA!" hahaha :)

It's funny because they're sitting almost the exact same way o_O! They're a bunch of weirdossss! I didn't get to take a picture with my sister on my camera though so I'm kinda bummed :(

Here's during the party.. my face is coming off! And my boyfriend smeared he eyeliner on his face since he got frustrated at the equipment malfunctioning.. No one noticed though so it's okay :D

A lot of people came up to us to take pictures! I guess we were that unique looking xD

I never realized, but we're like midgets in the real world! He's about 5'5-5'6 and I'm about 5'3-5'4.. I mean I'm pretty tall for an asian girl, but I don't compare to the rest of the American girls! LOL.. I better stock up on some heels ^_^

I have pictures planned to post up tomorrow already :) I'm just trying to get out the things I really need to post before it feels like wayyy too late! lol

Going to do some chemistry homework and hopefully I'll be able to read some blogs tonight if it's not too late! :D


10 November 2009


I suck at introductions.. haha, but my boyfriend was talking to the representative on that fake mac website and omg she totally contradicted what the "about us" says.. which it states that you're not buying authentic MAC products.

I think I just want to do short posts every few days because I don't want to type up a LONGGGG post :)

I chose TEAL (on my color tag) because it's like my favoriteeee color! ^_^ But I KNEW it would be challenging too haha! Sorry girls :) You know I loveee you!

But onto what this post is suppose to be about :P

Here's my style black look I was playing around with last night. Well, I didn't intentionally want to do a look but I found my eyeliner brush and my smudgepot (FINALLY) and I didn't realize how much I LOVE it.. except that it flakes now since it's old :(

Black lips.. well it's not much of a look, but it's a start! I'm so rusty with doing looks I'm not even sure how to start up again O_O..

Still in the process of taking pictures of my hauls..


09 November 2009


Hellooooo! Hope you read my LAST POST. If not, check it out here: *CLICK*

I got tagged by Linda (xoladiihoneyxo) for the color tag.

So the person tagging picks out a color and you go find 7 things that you have that is that color :) Linda picked out RED so I had to go find something red to take pictures of..

I didn't realize that I didn't have many red things! I went through my room and found tons of PINK stuff! hahaha xD

1. Clown nose.

I got this at the film festival I went to in Austin. They were handing it out to promote their movie they made. It was crazy, people walking around dressed like clowns! Oh what people do to promote!

2. Mushroom Massager

Also got this when I was in Austin but I bought it at Waterloo for my boyfriend since his back always hurts. We have YET to use it lol, but I thought it was so cute :)

3. Vans Flats

I got these at the Vans outlet at Grapevine Mills. They are originally $40 but I got mine for $15 :D Hehe! I love themmmmm..

4. iPhone case

Red juicy couture case for my iPhone :D Originally saw one on eki's phone so I asked where she got it and got me one too ^_^ I don't know why I put on the red one, but I like it :)

5. Lip Products

My red lipstick and red dazzleglass :D I love wearing red lipstick, but I can't really eat anything since it might smear.. LOL! x)

6. Benihana Photo

Complimentary of Benihana on my birthday! I also got a free ice cream roll :) I might have been 16 or 17. I don't remember since I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years!

7. Headband

This has already appeared on my blog, but here it is again! My last thing that was visible to me that was red :) It's really comfy and it's a headband I've worn more than 3 times ^_^

I tag:

I choose TEAL... haha! That will probably be super hard :) Well, we all know what teal looks like, I'm not sure if this font color is very accurate ^_^

I hope you enjoyed my quick update! :D And don't forget to check out my last post! It's SUPER important for us bloggers!