30 October 2009


A little update...

My wireless isn't working and the computer with the cable modem box is really REALLY slow and lags a lot!

Don't worry though, I have tons of pictures to post :) So expect "scheduled" posts whenever I get my internet running again XD

Yes I said SCHEDULED! I usually forget to post up posts even though I have them planned lol! This is a way to get my lazy butt not lazy ^_^

I do check emails obsessively still on the computer since that doesn't go SUPER SLOW.. :D So if you need me just send an email since I don't have a twitter.. maybe one day I'll get one, but I need someone to help me figure out how to use it xD

Love you all!

22 October 2009


Hello! Un-beauty related things today ^_^ More like personal life :)

I went to the state fair TWICE this year! The second time I went I didn't take any pictures because I didn't bring my camera, but mann... fried banana pudding *drools* it's good! Anyone know how to make regular banana pudding? I made some for my sister's birthday and her husband ate it ALL! xD

Please excuse my frickin` distorted arms and my scary greasy no makeup face xD

Here's me trying to grab Big Tex's boooty ;D This picture is VERY distorted! I swear my arms are NOT this fat O_O!!

Here's Big Tex from the front. He got some new boots this year ^_^

We didn't take much pictures together the first time and the second time we took pictures on my boyfriend's sister's camera so I don't got a copy of that.

My boyfriend & I in this blurry ass picture.. It was really hard to take a picture without the flash but it looked terrible with flash on!

The transformers camaro!

Battery was disconnected in the car because the trunk wouldn't even open! :( And another super distorted arm picture and plus I was smooshing my arm into my side xD

Onto the food.. :)

Fried Jelly Beans..

Tastes like a fresh out the fryer strawberry jelly doughnut. I think it was pretty good except I think my batter was a little under cooked :( It was kinda gummy in the middle x(

Fried Icecream

Comes with a fried breaded exterior, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and a cinnamon guitar crispy thing on the side. This was pretty good! My boyfriend killed it, I didn't eat as much fried ice cream as much as him.

Next up, right before we left. FYI, 20 tickets is $10.. do the math, this is some expensive bite size unhealthy food!

Fried peanut butter, jelly, & banana sandwich.

This was pretty good, but it's nothing special. We just needed to get rid of some tickets. I could barely taste the banana though so I wish there were more of that because I LOVE BANANAS! :)

Fried Butter, original flavor.

Here's a picture of it when it's spread open

I'm assuming it's cubed butter thrown into batter and fried then topped with powdered sugar. It isn't as gross as it sounded when I heard they were serving fried butter this year. When you hear that you'd expect "stick of butter" but at least it wasn't terrible. Just tasted like an over buttered bread, not totally bad. It actually tasted a little good, but I wish we tried another flavor xD

Funnel cake <3

Of course it isn't complete without buying a funnel cake! I like it original, no toppings because it's wayyy too messy since they don't give you napkins and I didn't come prepared with wet naps. This cost me 10 tickets, not too bad ^_^ You get a lot compared to the other ones.

I also got this FAT turkey leg, but I was SUPER hungry and didn't have time to take a picture of it. I tried it with lemon pepper seasoning and it was GOOD! I would've never expected that lol.

That's it for my post today, I'm just trying to post things I've been meaning to post up for a while now and just never got the opportunity.


21 October 2009


Hello everyone!

First thing is I posted new items onto my blog sale!
Click here to go check that out :)

Sorry I've been MIA again, I've been exhausted with school for some odd reason. Probably staying up too late doing nothing too much. And the weather the past 2 months isn't helping with my mood. I just really don't want to put much makeup on because it's so rainy and my face is going to get wet anyway!

Like today, I was late to class (luckily I made it there and was only late like 5 minutes) and I JUST got out of the shower! My hair was dripping wet still but it dried by the end of the class period. None of my classes are in the same building and are a pretty far distance too. I got out and found out that it was POURING so hard! *tear* So my hair pretty much got all wet again like it never dried in the first place. I refused to run because my shoe will get water inside and it's never fun wearing wet flats. After that class was almost done, my hair was still a little damp and I had to go to ANOTHER building even further! I went back into the first one where my first class is to cut through to get to the other building but HOPELESS! I was soaked. My hair never ended up drying at all through that class and I had to go to lab after. I was not about to walk across campus to go to lab and be soaking wet some more when I get out and walk back across campus to get to my car! So I decided to move my car to the other side...

It starts to pour even HARDER this time! I said screw it, I'm gonna kinda run a little so my shoes were wet, my jeans, my shirt, my tote, my purse, my hair, and my face was dripping with water! OMG I was so pissed! I cranked up the heater in the car while driving across campus and it sorta dried me off and made me feel a little warmer. I got to the other side and COULD NOT find any close parking! (still better than walking across campus though) And lucky me, it was still pouring SUPER hard! I finally got into the lab room and my lab partner laughed at me. I mean, it was pretty funny but I was wet like all day. I dried off my face, my arms, my tote, and my purse and then I stuck layers of napkins into my shoes in hope of drying then up a little. It helped for like 10 minutes and then they were soaked too -____-"

When I got out of lab, it wasn't raining. Just a little sprinkle which was really good compared to what I went through today. I ran to my boyfriend's store so we could go grab some food to eat and whenever we were leaving to go get food, it starts to pour again! :( It's not as bad because the walking distance wasn't like at school but I was just tired of it at this point. I got to the place so excited that we were there and I get to eat the food since I've been craving for a while... and we found out "CLOSED WEDNESDAYS"!!!! OMG T_T.. Ran back into the car and ran home real quick.. nothing too much after that because I didn't walk very long distances in the rain.

Then I went to MAC tonight when he closed up the store and GEEZ.. it's STILL pouring! omg, did they run out of water yet? THIS IS TEXAS!! I went to exchange the face kit he bought for me (hocus focus) I mean it was kinda small, I thought it would've been a bit bigger so I figured it wasn't worth the money since I have pretty baby beauty powder and I didn't like the sunsparkle(?) color so much and peachy keen is permanent anyway. I could always go to the counter and pick up the regular size. I got the eyeshadow palette instead, but I can post about that next time right? :)

So after the mall, we decided to run to Saginaw (about 20 minute drive) to get some songs for my boyfriend to DJ with. The DJ wasn't home and was supposedly in Dallas (40-50 minutes from Saginaw) and wouldn't be home for a while. *stupid bailer* I decided lets go to walmart instead to get some more black ink for my printer and to buy an umbrella and nail filer. It was raining casually whenever we got there but when we left... *EEK* It was pouring as hard as when I got out of class and went to move my car! I got wet yet another time.... *sigh*

Well anyway, went home after that and now I have an umbrella for class tomorrow :) Thank you if you read my rant! I honestly haven't read anyone's blog. I mean I click on some and read it real quick but didn't leave any comments. I will definitely get to catching up tomorrow and posting some things :)


13 October 2009


I tried to make a video review today, but the lighting is soooo DARK! It's raining a pretty good amount.. AGAIN! But at least it wasn't freezing today. I had to walk in the rain across campus just to get to my car! UGH, my hair was soaking wet too! Well, everything was wet. Even worse, I think I did really bad with my chemistry test too :( I'm kind've bummed but then again, I didn't study as hard as I did with my other test I had in chemistry.

Anywho, onto the review! ^_^ I've had this mascara for almost 3 months now and it's time to throw it out. It's also time to throw it out because the lettering has faded on the tube!

Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula
"Vows to look pretty for 24 hours without a smudge or smear. One stroke and these pretty lashes last through rain, sweat, humidity, tears. Yet the formula removes easily with warm water. Unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest lashes. Ophthalmologist tested, too." -Sephora.com

This mascara really doesn't come off for 24 hours! I fell asleep before wearing the mascara and it was still on in the morning! I mean, my lashes were kind've retarded looking because I sleep on my side, but the point is that it's still on! Lash Power is a tubing kind've mascara meaning that it washes off with warm water and it comes off in little tubes (more like lines). If you're stuck in the rain like I was today, your mascara won't smudge, smear, or begin to look like it's washing off because of the formula to this!

I love the brush on this! It's super small meaning that I can actually use it on my lower lashes and not make a complete mess as I would with ordinary wands. See how thin it is? And I get a crapload of mascara on my face when I don't wear any eyeshadows because I end up spending way too much time trying to make my lashes look long and defined but with this mascara it's so easy to come off!

The only thing is really don't like about it is that the tube is shorter compared with my other mascaras. I guess it's a love hate relationship because it's easy to just throw it in my makeup bag and it won't take up a lot of room.

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4.8 out of 5
Price: $14
Where to buy: Sephora, Clinique.com, and Clinique counters
Repurchase: Yes!

I tested it out with primer and without primer. Of course I'm using the Clinique Lash Building Primer as I'm trying to stay consistent with my mascara reviewing.

Here's the first trial with the primer.

The mascara went on easily because of the primer already coating my lashes. I didn't have to work with it much even though my lashes are being stupid today because they're not going in the same direction! You can see that it's not clumpy looking and it's consistent. I didn't use primer on my lower lashes, just combed the wand through them to give it some color ^_^

The final result with primer:

Moving onto the one without primer:

I had to work with this side more because my lashes were bare. I first had to put some on to evenly coat my lashes and make them "wet". I went back in to define and separate them but the lashes were already drying due to the formula and it was on the verge of making little clumps. It did separate and lengthen my lashes but I think it did better separating with the primer on versus none at all.

The final result without primer:

I think the mascara did good with or without primer because from a distance you won't really notice the separation. You'll only notice the length which seems to be equal in my opinion. I like this mascara for more of an everyday, natural wear. And with the easy removal, it'll be less tugging on your eyes for that last hint of mascara!

If you've got the extra bucks I'd recommend picking it up to try it out because it's not totally pricey. And if you don't like it, you could always just go ahead and return it. Hope you enjoyed my review and if you've tried it out I'd like to hear your thoughts about it :)


12 October 2009


.... from studying! haha :) I'm tired of school right now. I need some time to do something else!

I have some thing to fill out before I sleep tonight and hopefully I make it through the chapter I'm supposed to read ^_^

So what did I do today...?
- bought the new telescopic mascara even though reviews said it sucks! I just want to try it out ^_^
- did two chapters worth of chemistry homework
- eat my flamin' hot lays :)
- took a LONG ass nap! haha, then FINISHED my homework for the most part. We have a test tomorrow :(

Here's my boyfriend & I :) Haven't posted him in a long time haha. I don't really post him on here, but then again I don't really go TOO into my personal life :P

So can anyone do the clover with their tongue? haha, HE CAN'T! :D
...(why does my head look so HUGE?!?!)

And we bought some jolly rancher one-a-day gummies! I need to start taking them more often if I'm gonna eat shit (not literally) everyday.

Can you tell I haven't been wearing makeup? I've been SOO LAZY! I just get up right in time for class but then again I'm starting to be on the verge of being late! :( I'm going to do a look soon hopefully because I'm overdo :P

On a side note, I think my face is clearing up :D I just need something to quickly face my acne scars now ^_^ Any suggestions?

And the weather in Texas has been TERRIBLE! It's been raining for almost a month now and the temperature is going down. It's just COLD now! I can't imagine how you northern-ers can handle this weather for half the year! I also got some shoes.. They're cute in my opinion! I'm anxious to wear them but no where to go :P

Paranormal activity.. anyone went to watch it this weekend? It was FREAKY! I was so scared (and my boyfriend too) and I keep having these dreams about it! :( It's worth going to see though! Someone in the theatre threw up! I don't know if he was sick or drunk or just plain scared?

Ahh.. It's time to go finish up my homework! I'm going to do a mascara review tomorrow ^_^ Hopefully I can post the video within the same day :D

Thank you to all of my followers! I want to have a contest soon, but I need to go pick up some prizes so I'll say around christmas time will be when I'll have it so it can be a token of my appreciation ^_^ And I'm going to go read everyone's comments tomorrow after class and get back to everyone :)


08 October 2009


No, not Sally's Beauty Supply, but Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. :)

I'm going to be her for halloween :D No skank outfit this year because last year I was a nurse.. haha! You all know how super skanky that probably was, and the outfit was a little short when I bent over so YEAHHHH! haha :)

I was brainstorming on how I was going to do the makeup for this look. I did a quick greasepaint crap all over my face and then realized her skin was BLUE! haha, so I think I'm going to go buy a cheap little nyx eyeshadow in a baby blue color to set the greasepaint crap. I had to use on of my mac ones T_T I was so sad! So that's why it might look more white still rather than blue.

Super simple! Just drew in with some black eyeliner and slapped on some red lipstick, then I went back over the edges with a black one. Can't tell in the picture but when I redo and brainstorm how I can make this look crazy, I'll use my real camera :)

I'm thinking about getting that stuff to make the fake wounds with and putting it on my face as the stitching then going over it with some black liquid or gel liner for that "3D" effect. What do you think?

Here's my hello kitty hero mirror :) I LOVE IT! haha, it's so cute and when I get it out in public, people think I'm super weird. But then again I am but I always keep another regular mirror in my purse too just in case I want to look professional haha! Also I didn't put it all over my face since it's a pain in the butt to get off :P and I'm also wearing the same falsies in my last post. No eyeliner though :D I really got to trim them a little before I wear them because they're a little too long for my eyes.

I'm trying to figure out if I want to do a video review about this mascara. I like it when people actually show them putting on the mascara because it gives me an idea of how it'll be when I put it on my lashes. What do you girls think? I know my mascara reviews are LENGTHY.. haha but I try to make them as detailed as I can :)


05 October 2009


If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to post my packages in order on my "WHY HELLO THERE" post :)

Sephora post! I love what I got although I haven't used any of them yet! I'm in the process of trying to re-organize my makeup and post more things for sale that I don't touch anymore so look out for that sometime this week ^_^

First up, Urban Decay - Box of Potions, $65 (BUY HERE)
It comes with a brightening complexion primer potion, pore perfecting complexion primer potion, lip primer potion, eyeshadow primer potion, and a eyelash primer potion.

These are ALL full size products so you definitely save some $$$. I've actually gone to the store to play with these before I bought it though. The face primers do not have that silicon feeling to it (which I'm looking for) although I think it has dimethicone. The other products look mediocre or hopefully they perform well. I LOVE urban decay products so I hope this really works great :)

The next item I got, you ladies already know about it. Make Up For Ever - Best of Make Up For Ever Set, $49 (BUY HERE)
It comes with 3 full size items; HD Powder, Aqua Eyes 0L, Smoky Lash and 2 deluxe sample items; HD Microperfecting Primer, Sens'eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser.

Of course I wanted this because the HD Powder costs $30 alone and I need to restock up on some even though I'm barely half way.. LOL! :) And I've been wanting to try out the liner because of fuz's showdown she posted a while back. The primer would be nice for traveling since I do roam around a lot and it'd be a pain in the ass to carry the pink one I bought and it takes up so much room too! Haven't tried any of these items yet either and I'm not sure when I plan to because I lack free time :(

These are the samples I got for free! Smashbox Lash DNA mascara to try out as my beauty insider sample (this was before I found out that they were giving away that kat von d palette as the 500 point one!! How frustrating) and a deluxe sample of korres primer with the code I used :) It's a fair size for something that was free! I don't think the code works anymore though so sorryyy!

I went to lurk around in Dallas today so I ran into some asian stores! I'm talking about a 30 minute drive here... LOL :) I'm glad I found some interesting things though! I FINALLY ran into some SHISEM LASHES and got me some (not posted up today, deserves it's own post). I'm thinking about buying a crapload and maybe selling them on my blogsale? Would anyone be interested in buying them? I know that there's someone else selling them from the beauty blog sale directory but I don't know if I can trust a random person without a blog with my money? lol.. BUT on another note, I think one of my packages to Canada got lost because the person hasn't gotten it yet :( I'm so angry because the post office lady helped me fill out the customs form so I'm hoping it'll end up being sent back to me if anything.

I found this in the market I found. All the packaging was soooooo CUTE! OMG.. I wanted everything just because of that but I only got this to show my boyfriend :) I also had my first cup of frozen yogurt with STRAWBERRY && MOCHI! haha, so many experiences today xD

And I stocked up in on some random falsies, I'm a little sad because I don't think it's real human hair so they're not as soft as the ones I usually wear but none the less, they're still comfy :)

Here's a webcam pic of me wearing them, it's on my left side FYI! What a huge difference right? :D I might sell some away because I think I bought too many.. LOL

The highlight of my day was buying the SHISEM lashes and I ran into a ear scraper thing too! It was too cute I had to get it ^_^ But back to the shisem, where did I get them? I found an AMORE store! OMG.. I passed by I was like amore?!?! And I read the door and it had all the brands and I was so ECSTATIC! I don't want to order things online because I fear that something might happen on the trip to my mailbox like things getting damaged. I'm going to go back and buy all the things I've eyeballed in the past whenever I have enough money ^_^ That's why I was wondering if you girls would like the eyelashes too :D

And last but not least, GIVEAWAYS! I know I normally don't post these up because it's usually people I'm not following and I don't want to feel like a "free-loader". You girls know what I'm talking about? lol, I just feel guilty!

Rai @ La.Morena has teamed up with beauty ticket for this awesome giveaway!
Julie @ Pop Champagne is also having a giveaway featuring her Glam, Sparkle, and Pop items ^_^

Prize 1:

Prize 2:

I think that's it? I've been slacking on reading posts, BUT I do read them no matter how late it is! haha, and regarding comments on my posts, I will have to go through tomorrow after classes and answer any questions and such so if you get a random comment and you don't remember why I'm saying it, just assume it was in an old post of mine :) haha

until next time lovelies!

PS. I didn't go to class today that's why I went shopping xD haha, I KNOW BADDD!


01 October 2009


Hellooo beautiful ladies :D

So why did it take me so long to post up these pictures?
Well first, I didn't have my camera so I wasn't able to take photos of anything I got except through webcam. THEN when I started to take pictures of my hautelook stuff, my camera started dying so I can only post up my Rock&Republic things first :) Better than nothing right? ^_^

It comes in a medium size box and has one layer of bubble wrap and your items are inside of that wrapped up in a tissue paper sort of thing sealed off with a haute look sticker. It took 15 days for me to receive this package so it was average for how they describe how long it takes to get.

I think packaging is ALRIGHT. I'm not sure how much throwing around it gets but my items made it to me safely without cracking :) But if it does get thrown around a lot, I'm not sure if it'll be able to handle without breaking or cracking the powder. Don't you think so? The packaging and size of the stuff was huger than I expected! I was expecting mac size products but then again their stuff is pretty much double the mac prices and maybe a little bit more.

This is the gel liner. I really like the packaging, its so sleek and lots of black! (which is my preference when it comes to packaging unless it's meant to look super cute) This is the only one that was a pain in the ass to get out of the box! I had to break the box thing it came in to get it out :( So depressing! But it's still a little bit attached so it looks okay :)

Here's all the stuff I ordered:
(without flash)

(with flash)

They also sent me a little sample size of their mascara. I tried it out, it's nothing special imo.

A little breakdown of what I think about everything:
Pressed Blush ($40): I got the shade "spank" and it's so gorgeous! It's a pretty pink color and it has a matte finish. The shade on me looks like an actual blushing shade haha. I prefer matte blushes because I don't want my pores accentuated on my cheeks which looks really ugly! lol, but the texture of the blush is super smooth and finely milled. You don't need to swirl it much at all or else you get a lot of excess powder on your brush and all over the compact. It also comes with a mirror unlike some blushes.

Gel Eye Liner ($24): I got the shade "smut" and it's a basic matte black color. The consistency isn't very gel like in comparison to the MAC Fluidline. I personally haven't used the fluidline before but I've tried it out at the counter and I can totally tell a difference. The consistency is more of a hard creamy texture similar to Loreal HIP liners. I think the one I got wasn't shut all the way because I can see that it shrunk a little on the sides because there's a gap where I can actually fit my brush into! It goes on pretty smoothly still despite that fact. It's a little hard to pick up product but maybe I just need to break the surface layer?

Lip Gloss ($26): The shades I got are "mistress" and "alpha blonde". In the product images on hautelook.com, they definitely looked different. (click to see my original post) Alpha blonde looked like a creamy nude shade with no shimmers and mistress looks almost the same as in person but without shimmers. But when i got them in person they definitely have tons of shimmer in it! I was expecting more of a finish like MAC Cremesheen glasses. Never the less, these are true to the colors in the tube and go on smoothly and are nicely pigmented! It reminds me of NARS lipglosses because they aren't sticky but I think NARS' staying power is better and to me NARS is less drying on my lips.

Mascara: It's not available on the website, it says "coming soon" but I think if it's the same formula and brush as the one I got, then they should rethink about releasing it! It goes on easily, but it doesn't give me volume or length. It just looks like my lashes are a little tinted which is absolutely worthless because I have no lashes! The formula leaves your lashes soft and still moveable but it has a bit of a waxy finish to it. I didn't really care though because I didn't get any flakes on my face throughout the day but when I went to wash it off in the shower (because that's how I usually wash my face & makeup lately due to laziness) nothing came off! Well some did, but it smeared all over my eyes! My facial cleanser that I use usually gets most of it off easily without any hassle but this mascara stuck like a magnet! It didn't struggle when I went to take it off with makeup remover though but that was because half of it was already gone.

Overall I am satisfied with everything I purchased but my favorite out of the bunch is the blush! (and I usually don't like to wear blush) :)

Here I am wearing everything I bought and nothing else! You can really see how vibrant the blush it! The eyeliner does smudge though but I didn't put on a primer at all because my eyelids are super oily :P Wearing mistress lipgloss with a little bit of alpha blonde in the middle but you can't really tell.

Not sure when I'll be able to post again because I need to find my charger for the camera lol. My room is a mess, there's probably a snake living in there somewhere! I'm still trying to get organized but school is definitely keeping me busy too! I think I'm doing okay in my classes but I need to excell if I want the pell grant! :(

Have a good day everyone!