12 December 2009


Ahhh.. can you tell where I am?!?! :)

I'm at my boyfriend's house.. ahah! We're doing laundry ^_^ (you know.. like on FRIENDS lol just kidding)

Okay, so this is me fresh outta bed :P My lips are so chapped and my face is so OILY! :( haha gross, I was also still wearing the same shirt that I wore in my FOTD "urban beach".. total bum

I just felt like posting a random thought, but seriously though when you don't use protection, your hair gets fried! YES.. I'm talking about straightening your hair! Get your mind outta the gutters :P

I had to shower at night during my final exam week because I know I wouldn't have made it on time to class at all if I didn't. My hair gets all funky when I sleep because it's still wet so when I wake up in the morning, it's CRAZYYYY! In the morning, I straightened it real quick to make it look half decent because I will not tie it up since it's freezing!

Did it 3-4 days straight but on the last day I used protection so it's okay! But I noticed my hair is DRY now on the ends! UGH, I'm pretty mad because I've gone for so long without styling my hair and it's been smooth and silky but now it's kinda dry so I think I'm gonna have to remember to use protection now!

What do you girls use when straightening your hair?!?! I'm using CHI Silk Infusion but my favorite is the Biosilk!! :) I think that one is wayyy better and I love the smell of it so much more ^_^

So what do we learn from this experience?!?! Always put on a thermal protection or your hair will look like Taylor from Tough Love season 2!!! LOL.. simba XD



  1. haha! Suckerrrrr! I finish my laundry yesterday! lol. Use chapsticks babe! Something with SPF is better. I heard aquafina has really god chapstick. I use Treseme, the one with the red cap and black bottle when I curl my hair. I don't straighten. lol. I just blow dry or comb it through and let it air dry. haha. Too lazy to straighten! But I do a certain way as in straightening it to give volume since I'm not a hair teaser person. lol.

    and yeah.... you go girl! Throw those peace signs out like a true Viet fob! lmao. I'm a little hyper -__- I made brownies! I've been eating a bunch of brownies and Breyer's vanilla ice-cream and drinking Martinelli's apple cider. yummy!

  2. you look too cute in that pic. Im bumming right now now i refuse to do laundry. I decided that I will be lazy today :)

  3. Linda is right, chapstick is a good idea girl. Honestly I'm too lazy to blow dry or straighten ahaha, I just comb,it's one of the reasons I decided to get myself a hair rebonding session again by next week :)

    And BTW girl, when I saw your post in my blogger dashboard with the title "when you don't use protection" plus the picture of you just waking up, I thought " Oh nooooo, Lindah's gonna spill the beans yay ahaha ^_^. Tsk tsk , I know I know, me and my green mind lol.

    Anyways, Have a nice day girl, get a good hair treatment, those dry ends on your hair will vanish in no time ^_^.

  4. I've never used any protection on my hair before straightening it, because first: I'm not sure how to apply it (am I stupid or what?) and second: I'm afraid it would make my hair oily or something. But my hair aren't fried, so I'm still happy! One little tip: if you can, avoid straightening your ends (=

  5. oh gosh don't remind me about laundry lol i have piles and piles of dirty clothes and sheets that i just want to some how miraculously disappear! ahhh!!

    i don't usually straighten my hair because it's already straight and limp and thin! so i mostly curl it for more volume and i just got2b heat protection spray cuz their bottles are cute! haha

  6. I do the same thing on school nights! I shower at night then straighten my hair in the morning. I used to use Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide, which I love. Lately I've been trying the generic version of the Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Serum (from Sallys) and it works really well too :)

  7. i never use protection...is that bad? LOL
    all i use is herbal essences long term relationship after i get out the shower but as far as heat protectants go i have none...i should get on that...... ;)

  8. i have to make a confession,1st time i read ur blog post title,im like,geezzzz is lindah pregnant??

  9. truthfully... i can't be bothered using heat proctectant, i've never used it before but i really should... i try not to straighten my hair that often anyway now :P

    i heard the tresemme heaet protectant was good though :D

  10. my hair was totally fried when I forgo heat protection for a fortnight! i won't do that ever again!!

  11. You're hilarious girl!
    You know what - I know this is bad but I haven't been using any heat protectant in my hair lately. That's probably why my ends are sort of looking and feeling ratty. Damn I should get on it esp since I have a bottle of CHI silk infusion under my darn sink LOL. I haven't tried the Biosilk one but I've used Biosilk shampoos and conditioners and do like their products so I'll keep an eye out!
    I really try avoiding sleeping with wet hair because my hair looks crazy in the morning when I do it and also, I heard it can give you headaches if you sleep with damp hair repeatedly...and my girlfriend told me you get dandruff from sleeping with wet hair...so that kinda turned me off LOL

  12. i tagged you in a photo tag game on my blog babe :)

  13. geeeze Lindah I was going to say if you have bum sex you don't need protection. LOL JK JK

    yeah speaking of protection I chemically straightened my hair a few weeks back, it's always straight now but it's sooooo dry. So I spray leave in conditioner about twice per day... hmmm hopefully it will get better

    yeah I agree Bliv stuff does help out my skin but it doesn't 100% take away the redness of pimple scars! Sigh... So much hair and skin drama!


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