30 October 2009


A little update...

My wireless isn't working and the computer with the cable modem box is really REALLY slow and lags a lot!

Don't worry though, I have tons of pictures to post :) So expect "scheduled" posts whenever I get my internet running again XD

Yes I said SCHEDULED! I usually forget to post up posts even though I have them planned lol! This is a way to get my lazy butt not lazy ^_^

I do check emails obsessively still on the computer since that doesn't go SUPER SLOW.. :D So if you need me just send an email since I don't have a twitter.. maybe one day I'll get one, but I need someone to help me figure out how to use it xD

Love you all!


  1. i hate when that happens! i'm so addicted to the internet that i feel so naked w/out it haha

    will be looking fwd to your posts... have a good halloweeny weekend

  2. It's okay sweetie! I didn't have internet for awhile before and I lived! It wasn't so bad actually. hahaha. My eye sights got better so AH HA! I know why my eye sights are bad... damn college making me go online and damn boring life! lol.

    Turn the moderm off then back on or reset it with the push or the bottom.... I think you should get on the phone with the technical support before pressing the rest button. lol.

  3. oh ive had that happen to me and for a week until it got fixed i was so unhappy, lol. anyway hope your connection is fixed soon :)

  4. I hate when the Internet goes lame on me. :( I get super bored. lol

    Might as well get Twitter. =D It's not hard to use. I was confused more trying to use it on my phone at first than on the actual laptop. lol

  5. ughh one day without internet ,i'll go crazy !hahaha
    thanks god i can always got to wifi accesible cafe across my house.lolll
    can wait for ur updates !:)

  6. awwww.. i haven;t been to net for a long time too coz of work.. "/

    Anywho, the Pink (Primer) one doesn't alter with complexions. It does add radiance and smooth out the face.. The blue one makes your face whiter and brighter so after I finish with the pink, I'll go back to Blue :P


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