12 October 2009


.... from studying! haha :) I'm tired of school right now. I need some time to do something else!

I have some thing to fill out before I sleep tonight and hopefully I make it through the chapter I'm supposed to read ^_^

So what did I do today...?
- bought the new telescopic mascara even though reviews said it sucks! I just want to try it out ^_^
- did two chapters worth of chemistry homework
- eat my flamin' hot lays :)
- took a LONG ass nap! haha, then FINISHED my homework for the most part. We have a test tomorrow :(

Here's my boyfriend & I :) Haven't posted him in a long time haha. I don't really post him on here, but then again I don't really go TOO into my personal life :P

So can anyone do the clover with their tongue? haha, HE CAN'T! :D
...(why does my head look so HUGE?!?!)

And we bought some jolly rancher one-a-day gummies! I need to start taking them more often if I'm gonna eat shit (not literally) everyday.

Can you tell I haven't been wearing makeup? I've been SOO LAZY! I just get up right in time for class but then again I'm starting to be on the verge of being late! :( I'm going to do a look soon hopefully because I'm overdo :P

On a side note, I think my face is clearing up :D I just need something to quickly face my acne scars now ^_^ Any suggestions?

And the weather in Texas has been TERRIBLE! It's been raining for almost a month now and the temperature is going down. It's just COLD now! I can't imagine how you northern-ers can handle this weather for half the year! I also got some shoes.. They're cute in my opinion! I'm anxious to wear them but no where to go :P

Paranormal activity.. anyone went to watch it this weekend? It was FREAKY! I was so scared (and my boyfriend too) and I keep having these dreams about it! :( It's worth going to see though! Someone in the theatre threw up! I don't know if he was sick or drunk or just plain scared?

Ahh.. It's time to go finish up my homework! I'm going to do a mascara review tomorrow ^_^ Hopefully I can post the video within the same day :D

Thank you to all of my followers! I want to have a contest soon, but I need to go pick up some prizes so I'll say around christmas time will be when I'll have it so it can be a token of my appreciation ^_^ And I'm going to go read everyone's comments tomorrow after class and get back to everyone :)



  1. I love Flamin Hot Lays! Here in Oklahoma it's been gloomy and rainy for quite a while...I miss the heat already.

    Now I keep trying to figure out how to make a damn clover with my tongue...I can't do it :D.

  2. i cant do any tricks with my tongue :( the clover looks cool!

  3. Boston is effin freezing around new years..... hahaha!

    I want some chips! I can't do the clover =[ Oh wellzy! It's okay for not wearing make up every single day.... I get too lazy to do that. haha.

    I don't know why but I keep thinking that you're from Canada. haha. worps, my bad c[=

    so I have a question.... what's one a day for? hahaha.

    damn woman, I need to get off and continue to study =T I have an exam tomorrow too!!! But I've been studying for so many daysssssssssssssssss!

  4. woah! that picture of your tongue is crazy, you go talent girl! i can't do that with my tongue for sure haha

    and yummm i love everything that has the flamin hot flavor, but i think my fav would have to be flamin hot funyuns! mmm mm good

    i haven't been wearing much make up either! i always wake up late to go to work so i feel lazy and un motivated for the most part

    glad you are taking some break from studying, i always end up getting stuff despite bad reviews anyways, because sometimes the stuff that i get that had good reviews suck!

  5. contest yeay !
    how did u do that clover tongue??wow !lol
    whats with this paranormal thingie?i think i saw the schedule on my tv but never bother to watch coz i dont wanna watch anything scary in my room.hahaha

  6. I cannot do the tongue thingie, but I have a girl friend who can.

    & oh my gosh, I CANNOT watch stuff like that! >__< at all!! It scares the crap out of me, I can't even watch the previews or I freak out. I'm probably the biggest scardy cat ever! X__X My roommate is always having to "rescue" or "reassure" me on things because I'm scared or start freaking out at weird noises. (though in my opinion my room is haunted) But everyone else says i'm just paranoid! LOL

  7. omg how'd you do that with your tongue! thats awesome ;D :D

  8. I can't do that with my tongue. :/ lol.

    OMG! The weather is depressing. lol My mom said yessterday she feels like she's in England.
    Some days it's hot & humid, but mostly it's a bit chilly.

    I want to do a contest, too! Not sure when... I was just trying to wait until I have 500 followers though. December is when I made my blog so FOR SURE I'm holding one then.

  9. heheh this looks fun!

  10. Flaming hot anything is the BOMB!!! Have you tried them with Nacho Cheese? Even better! Hehe! I have test after test every day. So that sucks for me right now! But I find some time to blog at least! :)

    It just rained this morning! I couldn't believe it! My alarm woke me up, and I can tell when it's raining because my house makes this creaking noise near the roof. I think it's probably the gutters.

    By the way, which My Melody fabric were you looking at? There are two of them, the one that has blue, and the other one which is all pink! :)

  11. OMGOSH!! how can you do that with your tongue? I bet you can twist a cherry into a knot.. ahahah! :)

    You look so pretty without make up! Your skin is so flawless.. I'm still breaking out but it cleared most of my acne! YAY! its barely noticeable in the pics :D

  12. i got the same vitmensss there yummy!!!!

  13. whoa.. i can't do that w/ my tounge!! haha..


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