03 November 2009


It's been a while my darlings! My internet went out last week so I really couldn't do anything -- not even study properly for my test! Well, I had to actually crack open the book rather than using the online one LOL xD

First thing's first! I JUST saw this on CNN when I got home today and OMG.. how does this happen?!?! It's like disturbia! Click on the picture to fully read it :) I got it from cnn.com/nancygrace if you wanted to read up more about it, but I'm not sure if there's more info?

I tell you this is crazy! But onto my post...

I actually took these pictures at least a week ago but I never got around to posting them because of the dumb internet :( I didn't even get to say happy halloween!

*happy late halloween*

First thing, I took a picture of was Kym's herrohachi shirts! I finally got a chance to order some because I've really been wanting to get it but didn't have sufficient funds. (And why do I have so much makeup? Well, I avoid ordering online as much as possible.)

So I got the "everybody loves an asian girl" shirt and a "blognerd" shirt. They're super comfy :) It's like.. I bought it out of a franchise store! lol, and they are VERY affordable too! Everyone needs to make at least one order over there ^_^

She also threw in some candies, which I chomped down right after I took the picture, and a little charm for straps! So if you ladies ever want to poison and kill me, that's the way you should do it! I don't think twice because I trust you blogger ladies... SO HOPEFULLY THAT WON'T HAPPEN! xD

The day after Kym's order came in, Julie's package came in! I didn't technically order anything from Glam, Sparkle, & Pop, but she's just a sweetheart to send it out a few things from kindness in her heart <3
Again, I chomped down the candies right away! I REALLY loved the marshmallow candy thing.. It was yummy and fluffy :) I took a picture with that too, but I don't know where it went? Maybe I accidently deleted it lol ! I've tried on the clips but didn't get to take a picture because I look hella crazy that day haha!

I'm really excited to wear the necklace too, but I haven't been wearing non-round neck t-shirts so it doesn't look right :( I guess I'm really trying to study and be a hard worker :)

And the first package that came was from Denysia! I don't know why it didn't upload first, you know how blogger uploads backwards right? (well does that happen to anyone else??) Well since she won my giveaway a while back she wanted to send a thank you gift! ^_^ I finally got the chance to try sheet masks! LOL.. I'm a little late on jumping onto that bandwagon xD

She also sent me a missha bb cream sample and a sample of shu uemera *something*.. don't have it anymore so I don't remember what it's called! I guess I could look at the original file size to read the name lol :)

I tried the sheet mask after a super long night of studying and I just slapped it on and laid down on my bed.. it felt so relaxing because it had like an effect on your face! IDK how to explain it haha, but my skin felt super soft afterwards :D

Also, she had this sticker on the package...

I thought it was so cute and HILARIOUS! Does anyone see a threesome hump going on? I mean, the birdy probably doesn't count but the bears totally do! haha :) maybe I'm just a pervert... xD

And here's my ugly muggg :D In case you forgot what I looked like, ha!

I also added some commentaries on the picture & I am modeling Kym's shirt in here. (Hope I didn't bring it to shame LOL)

So I recently swapped with Amy for some concealer and those are working out really well, I'll post it up next time ^_^ And I'm developing some dark circles and it's really sad because I don't get them no matter how late I stay up or how much sleep I'm lacking! :( I guess no more late nights watching tv series online.. LOL! That's why I hate watching online because they're all on there so you just want to watch them all xD

And I have upper lip hair which is super noticeable since I have really black hair! Well I have a few on my face too, but I'll occasionally get that taken care of. I need to wax my mustache soon because it's really making me self-conscious! :X But I'll live -- I will get laser hair removal one day in the distant future when I'm in my midst 20's but until then, wax is my best friend!

Now regarding my flat chest! I think I'm wearing the wrong types of fitted shirts because I'm used to the ones that hugs your curves, but lately it's just the regular tshirts for example....

These that goes straight down..
....|__ |..... (imagine this is under your boobs!)
Instead of like this where it hugs your waist...
....)__ (....

But anywho, back to my breasts :P My bra isn't fitting right so maybe they're growing or maybe I'm shrinking them. I know Whit did a piece about getting fitted for a bra and realizing she's been wearing the wrong size! Maybe I should go do that, or just take a bunch of different size and try them on haha! :)

I got lots of stuff to post up, for yours and my reference...
- Sephora F&F haulage
- MAC collective haulage (from love that look to the holiday collections lol)
- concealers from Amy
- a cellinique review in about a month or until I can thoroughly review the skincare products
- my halloween costume! :)
- mascara reviews

Have a good night! I shall study for my test now ^_^


  1. Cute shirts! And the Glam, Sparkle, & Pop stuff looks really pretty.

    That's exactly what I hate about watching stuff online...I keep watching the next video/episode then realize it's 4 a.m.

  2. nice packages! the asian girl and blog nerd tees are totally cute! haha i need me one of those

    i'm glad you finally had the chance to try those sheet masks, they are really addictive!! they feel really nice and relaxing and sometimes i just like to lay on my couch and kind of doze off with them on hehe

    my boobs look really flat in tees too, but when i try to wear the bras that make them look bigger they just look too fake so i just stick with flat

  3. lindah! omg the shirts are really cute! i like the one that says everybody loves an asian girl! haha

    every time someone sends me a love package, i eat all the goodies right away too. such a fattie. i nom nom it right away! :D

    and you do not have a mustache! LOL!

    cant wait to see your sephora ff haul and others!


  4. Yikes they found more bodies?! What's crazy to me is how all these people live around him and have the slightest clue... I mean how does that happen?!!!!!! Anyways.

    HAHAH! Linda you crack me up!
    You know they say a big majority of us wear the wrong bra size, could be it. I need to go fitted one in VS so I can get a free lipgloss (LOL!) I'm not buying a bra though.

  5. eheheheh i LOOOVE that shirt soo much

  6. go get new bras! Did you know, you're suppose to wear a near bra every 6 months? lol. I don't do that but yeah... I heard it from somewhere. I think it's from blog. lol. You should try the measuring thing and then try on bras around that size and that size. haha. For my boobies, it depends on the style of the bra but yeah.... try them on! Your boobies are still growing!!! haha. I sound so childish saying that.

  7. Love the haul! And the news has been talking about this. How crazy..

  8. lmao ur pic is hot girl!! i <3 those shirts ;)

  9. You are sooo funny Linds yet still manage to look cute & pretty huh ^_^.

    And happy late halloween to you girl, I missed you really ahaha. You & your amazing sense of humor.


  10. hey Lindah, great blog :)
    I sent you an e-mail regarding your blog sale.
    have a lovely day, susan

  11. You're hilarious Linda!
    Loving the "everybody loves an asian girl" t-shirt...haha.
    I see we share a weakness: candy. Awww...LOL...nobody would want to poison you girl! Thanks for trusing us though!
    Yah, I think the threesome sticker would be more evident if it was the other way around (small guy stacked below bigger guy instead of the other way around ;) )...stil cute nonetheless!

  12. im also ordering two tees from KIM !!loll
    denysia is so sweet to send u those love pack !im waiting for my swap from her !hehehe
    yaeh i have tried the woohoo and make a baby on sims !lol
    wow 10 times !hahahaha
    u been to laos?what were u doing there?never heard anyone go to laos !hehe
    yeah i would do video but my english sucks and i dont know what to do in my video,definitely not woohoo !lol

  13. Haha, thanks! I didn't want to be a slutty nurse... I rather look cute, besides the BF would be mad.... :-/ I really like your shirts! They're adorable... and the candy corns... MMmMMm i love candy corns! You literally had me laughing with your photo... and here's my flat chest haha... funny! I have those moments. Anyway, this just turned into a long comment, so I'll ttyl! lol

  14. it looks so pretty^^ this shirts are so cute^^

  15. Haha! I didn't even realize that sticker was on there, until now!

    I really want that shirt that says, everyone loves an asian girl, but Kym made it after I bought my shirt!

    And damn, that story about the rapist guy is freaky! I can't imagine living next to someone who kills women!

  16. oh my gosh that story about the rapis is so scary. :/ i cant image how Id feel if I learned that my neighbor was keeping bodies. ekkk. so creepy

  17. hey girl.i saw that you were a follower on my previous blog (hiswifeyy.blogspot.com) and unfortunately i have shut it down. i am relaunching my new blog in a few days and am making it private so if you'd like to be able to view my new blog could you please send me your blogger email to CMRamil@gmail.com so i can invite you. thanks :) take care

  18. lol! You do not have super flat chest! I do!! lol.. Anyway, great haul! I love the shirts! Asking Kym for a his/her shirts for christmas but I dunno if she came up with any ideas yet.. Any suggestion? ahahah! :] I love the shirt on you.. I think I need one "everybody loves an asian girl" shirt too! :]

  19. hahaha I want bigger boobs too!! Some people are on a quest for the holy grail but I'm on a quest for bigger boobs without the implants... and yay we got matching shirts :D that article you post sounds like something from Criminal Minds! Holy. So those things are true!

  20. haha i missed this post! nice mugg shot complete with commentary. haha! ;P


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