08 October 2009


No, not Sally's Beauty Supply, but Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. :)

I'm going to be her for halloween :D No skank outfit this year because last year I was a nurse.. haha! You all know how super skanky that probably was, and the outfit was a little short when I bent over so YEAHHHH! haha :)

I was brainstorming on how I was going to do the makeup for this look. I did a quick greasepaint crap all over my face and then realized her skin was BLUE! haha, so I think I'm going to go buy a cheap little nyx eyeshadow in a baby blue color to set the greasepaint crap. I had to use on of my mac ones T_T I was so sad! So that's why it might look more white still rather than blue.

Super simple! Just drew in with some black eyeliner and slapped on some red lipstick, then I went back over the edges with a black one. Can't tell in the picture but when I redo and brainstorm how I can make this look crazy, I'll use my real camera :)

I'm thinking about getting that stuff to make the fake wounds with and putting it on my face as the stitching then going over it with some black liquid or gel liner for that "3D" effect. What do you think?

Here's my hello kitty hero mirror :) I LOVE IT! haha, it's so cute and when I get it out in public, people think I'm super weird. But then again I am but I always keep another regular mirror in my purse too just in case I want to look professional haha! Also I didn't put it all over my face since it's a pain in the butt to get off :P and I'm also wearing the same falsies in my last post. No eyeliner though :D I really got to trim them a little before I wear them because they're a little too long for my eyes.

I'm trying to figure out if I want to do a video review about this mascara. I like it when people actually show them putting on the mascara because it gives me an idea of how it'll be when I put it on my lashes. What do you girls think? I know my mascara reviews are LENGTHY.. haha but I try to make them as detailed as I can :)



  1. Scary but cute ahaha !!! I like it Linds ^_^

  2. What a cute look u are so adorable :D

  3. oh my buddha, there goes my sleep. LOL. j/p. looking adorable yet a little creepy (especially the first picture -__-')

    I've never really done anything for Halloween besides passing out candy (yeah... my whole entire life. joyful isn't it?) If ever, I did went to two Halloween dance in middle school and that's about it. LOL.

    sigh, I'm such a boring child.

  4. Wow, this looks awesome. You look kinda scary but yet adorable.. haha.

  5. Too cute!! I've been wanting to do Halloween makeup already, but haven't had the time. Love Nightmare before Christmas. Awesome! Love the look!

  6. you are so adorable lindah! the 2nd pic is my fave! very nice look u did!

  7. super cute! I think this halloween, I'm going to dress up as a salior! hehe! :)

  8. I love it! I don't know what I want to be for Halloween yet. I love the Hello Kitty mirror too. I had a Hello Kitty background on my phone before, and when someone would use it they'd always give me weird looks.

  9. very nice job
    scary but that means good


  10. hahahah! YOu are just looking too cute Lindah! Love the make up! :D I don't think I'll be dressing for Halloween! :(

    Anyway, what are you getting for the Sephora FF Sale on Oct 19?

  11. Good job, Lindah! I love it, cause it's scary but still cute, hehe... <3


    Aw you're so cute!!

  13. cuuute! lol no skanking this year?! Halloween is the only night where a girl gets to skank it up and get away with it :D Yeah I also saw something from the Mac's Hello Kitty collection that I want on ebay, but I'm also scared that it's fake. ugh, next time I want something I'm just going to buy it so this doesn't happen again!

  14. great halloween idea!! nice job on the make up , the stitches are freaky looking lol

    taking the skanky route on halloween is always the easiest lol my last resort for every halloween if i absolutely have no costume is just a slutty school girl... i mean i'm already asian so just throw on a skirt, white shirt, and pig tails and i'm good!

    video mascara review would be nice, i suck at doing mascara reviews because pictures never come out right!

  15. Oh gosh I'm a chicken - that first pic scared me at first! LOL. But awesome job with the makeup- I love the Nightmare Before Christmas!
    I know what you mean about skanky Halloween costumes ;) I personally want to go scary this Halloween but all my friends want me skanked up *sigh* Oh well, at least I won't have to experiment with how to do scary makeup (which is not that easy for me actually because I have very little practice there!)

  16. cool idea! i tried to do a porcelain doll look last year + i took my creepy (but it think its cute) doll out with me. some of my mates stayed clear away from me.haha cz they were scared of my doll. but its halloween i dont want to dress up as a nurse or policewoman-- one because it's not scary and two because im not sexy enough to pull it off^^ what to do this year? i dont know!! xx

  17. omg this is perfect for halloween! It looks just like the movie! I love your blog! please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com Follow min as i will yours! xoxo

  18. trust me that's what used to happen to me too! even black liner won't really stay on...but the white fascinating eye kohl from mac is amazing!! it shows up very opaque! invest, it's worth it! ;)

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  20. OMG! aww you look super super cute i love helloe kitty :D


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