05 October 2009


If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to post my packages in order on my "WHY HELLO THERE" post :)

Sephora post! I love what I got although I haven't used any of them yet! I'm in the process of trying to re-organize my makeup and post more things for sale that I don't touch anymore so look out for that sometime this week ^_^

First up, Urban Decay - Box of Potions, $65 (BUY HERE)
It comes with a brightening complexion primer potion, pore perfecting complexion primer potion, lip primer potion, eyeshadow primer potion, and a eyelash primer potion.

These are ALL full size products so you definitely save some $$$. I've actually gone to the store to play with these before I bought it though. The face primers do not have that silicon feeling to it (which I'm looking for) although I think it has dimethicone. The other products look mediocre or hopefully they perform well. I LOVE urban decay products so I hope this really works great :)

The next item I got, you ladies already know about it. Make Up For Ever - Best of Make Up For Ever Set, $49 (BUY HERE)
It comes with 3 full size items; HD Powder, Aqua Eyes 0L, Smoky Lash and 2 deluxe sample items; HD Microperfecting Primer, Sens'eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser.

Of course I wanted this because the HD Powder costs $30 alone and I need to restock up on some even though I'm barely half way.. LOL! :) And I've been wanting to try out the liner because of fuz's showdown she posted a while back. The primer would be nice for traveling since I do roam around a lot and it'd be a pain in the ass to carry the pink one I bought and it takes up so much room too! Haven't tried any of these items yet either and I'm not sure when I plan to because I lack free time :(

These are the samples I got for free! Smashbox Lash DNA mascara to try out as my beauty insider sample (this was before I found out that they were giving away that kat von d palette as the 500 point one!! How frustrating) and a deluxe sample of korres primer with the code I used :) It's a fair size for something that was free! I don't think the code works anymore though so sorryyy!

I went to lurk around in Dallas today so I ran into some asian stores! I'm talking about a 30 minute drive here... LOL :) I'm glad I found some interesting things though! I FINALLY ran into some SHISEM LASHES and got me some (not posted up today, deserves it's own post). I'm thinking about buying a crapload and maybe selling them on my blogsale? Would anyone be interested in buying them? I know that there's someone else selling them from the beauty blog sale directory but I don't know if I can trust a random person without a blog with my money? lol.. BUT on another note, I think one of my packages to Canada got lost because the person hasn't gotten it yet :( I'm so angry because the post office lady helped me fill out the customs form so I'm hoping it'll end up being sent back to me if anything.

I found this in the market I found. All the packaging was soooooo CUTE! OMG.. I wanted everything just because of that but I only got this to show my boyfriend :) I also had my first cup of frozen yogurt with STRAWBERRY && MOCHI! haha, so many experiences today xD

And I stocked up in on some random falsies, I'm a little sad because I don't think it's real human hair so they're not as soft as the ones I usually wear but none the less, they're still comfy :)

Here's a webcam pic of me wearing them, it's on my left side FYI! What a huge difference right? :D I might sell some away because I think I bought too many.. LOL

The highlight of my day was buying the SHISEM lashes and I ran into a ear scraper thing too! It was too cute I had to get it ^_^ But back to the shisem, where did I get them? I found an AMORE store! OMG.. I passed by I was like amore?!?! And I read the door and it had all the brands and I was so ECSTATIC! I don't want to order things online because I fear that something might happen on the trip to my mailbox like things getting damaged. I'm going to go back and buy all the things I've eyeballed in the past whenever I have enough money ^_^ That's why I was wondering if you girls would like the eyelashes too :D

And last but not least, GIVEAWAYS! I know I normally don't post these up because it's usually people I'm not following and I don't want to feel like a "free-loader". You girls know what I'm talking about? lol, I just feel guilty!

Rai @ La.Morena has teamed up with beauty ticket for this awesome giveaway!
Julie @ Pop Champagne is also having a giveaway featuring her Glam, Sparkle, and Pop items ^_^

Prize 1:

Prize 2:

I think that's it? I've been slacking on reading posts, BUT I do read them no matter how late it is! haha, and regarding comments on my posts, I will have to go through tomorrow after classes and answer any questions and such so if you get a random comment and you don't remember why I'm saying it, just assume it was in an old post of mine :) haha

until next time lovelies!

PS. I didn't go to class today that's why I went shopping xD haha, I KNOW BADDD!



  1. great haul! i really need to get my hands on the MUFE set, it's such an awesome deal.

    i'm definitely interested in buying some lashies off you if you get some more! i don't wear falsies much but i love stocking up on them (god knows why!) but they do eventually come in handy hehe

    discovering random stores are always exciting especially if they carry cool asian goodies!

  2. love the haul! *jealous! hehe

  3. I LOVE your haul! ^__^

    && your one eye falsies picture is super cute! haha!

  4. fantastic haul now go grab the award at namesherry.com :)


  5. hey girl, these are awesome buys. You definitely saved a lot of money and you get a lot of products. Soooo bad coz reading your post is making we wanna get them too lol.

  6. ive been eying on the urban decay box one, good deal right?!

  7. nice haul !and tons of free gifts
    thanks for the wishes hun !hehehe

  8. such lovely buys! envy!!!!

    have a beautiful day ♥

  9. oooh goodies! i think that set is awesome!!! i wish i never purchased my HD powder, so i can get that gift set!

    and hahaha i do know what u mean by freeloaders! i've done a giveaway b4 and girls are desperate for free shit...hahaha but i know ur not.

  10. I just bought the MUFE set! I can not wait for it to get here!! can you believe Ive never even tried the hd powder? but Ive heard such great things about it, Im taking a chance! Im also a mascara junky, so anytime I get to try something new, Im a happy girl!! love the hauls & super jealous of the awesome stores you have near you!! I have NOTHING where I live!

  11. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I see pretty things!! =D and a cheesy smile ;] hehe. what exactly is that last thing that you got? right before you mention the giveaways? O_O

  12. I'm glad you like the items I sent you! I was planning on sending out the package before the accident, but then I didn't get the chance to do that.

    Anyway, skinfood for me has reduced my acne... I'm not sure if it works for everybody though, I think you should try out the sample first, and if it does it for you, then buy the full size. :) I bought mines from ebay, because that's the only place that I know they actually sell it at!

  13. aw is that me ? a pckage to canada getting lost ? lol . i should be so angry but canada post sucks ass sooo bad that im not even surprised . i had a pair of citizen jeans stolen from canada post once too ! i think customs opened it and took the jeans cuz once it got to me, there wasnt anything in there . :(

    anywho . im still keeping my eyes on my mailbox altho to be honest, i dont think it'll ever show up again . i wonder where they are now . :|

  14. Thanks for posting the giveaway!!

    I want to go hauling so bad! lol I'm literally itching to go shopping!!

  15. hey girly! : ) yeah i still live at the same address cause im a commuter. thanks for remembering! i hope youre doing great. im glad you got a chance to shop. i barely have the time or money to do so anymore : (

  16. Wow nice haul! I'm loving urban decay too, I FINALLY got the deluxe shadow box.

    When eyelashes first became popular, I bought a bunch. But I can't get them to work (gluing them) and they are quite uncomfortable. But your eyes look AMAZING with them on, I'll have to try soon again :)

  17. I love your haul girl ^_^. Everything looks sooo pretty and the falsies too!! ^_^

  18. ive been wanting to try hd makeup for so long, but the funding was always too low, lol i guess that's why i stick to mac, lol.

  19. hey girl

    i also bought the box of potion from sephora but i kind of regret it

    and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.


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