22 October 2009


Hello! Un-beauty related things today ^_^ More like personal life :)

I went to the state fair TWICE this year! The second time I went I didn't take any pictures because I didn't bring my camera, but mann... fried banana pudding *drools* it's good! Anyone know how to make regular banana pudding? I made some for my sister's birthday and her husband ate it ALL! xD

Please excuse my frickin` distorted arms and my scary greasy no makeup face xD

Here's me trying to grab Big Tex's boooty ;D This picture is VERY distorted! I swear my arms are NOT this fat O_O!!

Here's Big Tex from the front. He got some new boots this year ^_^

We didn't take much pictures together the first time and the second time we took pictures on my boyfriend's sister's camera so I don't got a copy of that.

My boyfriend & I in this blurry ass picture.. It was really hard to take a picture without the flash but it looked terrible with flash on!

The transformers camaro!

Battery was disconnected in the car because the trunk wouldn't even open! :( And another super distorted arm picture and plus I was smooshing my arm into my side xD

Onto the food.. :)

Fried Jelly Beans..

Tastes like a fresh out the fryer strawberry jelly doughnut. I think it was pretty good except I think my batter was a little under cooked :( It was kinda gummy in the middle x(

Fried Icecream

Comes with a fried breaded exterior, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and a cinnamon guitar crispy thing on the side. This was pretty good! My boyfriend killed it, I didn't eat as much fried ice cream as much as him.

Next up, right before we left. FYI, 20 tickets is $10.. do the math, this is some expensive bite size unhealthy food!

Fried peanut butter, jelly, & banana sandwich.

This was pretty good, but it's nothing special. We just needed to get rid of some tickets. I could barely taste the banana though so I wish there were more of that because I LOVE BANANAS! :)

Fried Butter, original flavor.

Here's a picture of it when it's spread open

I'm assuming it's cubed butter thrown into batter and fried then topped with powdered sugar. It isn't as gross as it sounded when I heard they were serving fried butter this year. When you hear that you'd expect "stick of butter" but at least it wasn't terrible. Just tasted like an over buttered bread, not totally bad. It actually tasted a little good, but I wish we tried another flavor xD

Funnel cake <3

Of course it isn't complete without buying a funnel cake! I like it original, no toppings because it's wayyy too messy since they don't give you napkins and I didn't come prepared with wet naps. This cost me 10 tickets, not too bad ^_^ You get a lot compared to the other ones.

I also got this FAT turkey leg, but I was SUPER hungry and didn't have time to take a picture of it. I tried it with lemon pepper seasoning and it was GOOD! I would've never expected that lol.

That's it for my post today, I'm just trying to post things I've been meaning to post up for a while now and just never got the opportunity.



  1. ahhh! you butt! You went to the state fair!?!!?!?!!?!? =O LUCKYYYY! I've been trying to get my hunnie to take me and he wouldn't! =[ and since I don't know anyone here nor do I have friends here, I have nobody to go with. boohoo linda! lol.

    hmmmz. pink usually doesn't show up on me until I used cliche's eye primer ;] hehehe. Lucky me, lucky me! I think we have the same skin color, maybe I'm a tad lighter? I'm def. lighter half body though. hahaha!

    the food looks yummyyyyy!! I haven't had funnel cake for a whole year already! =[ boooooo Lindah! you suck butt, take me next time! =O (ha, in my dreams =[ *wah wah*)

  2. okay, boot comment. LOL.

    Check this link out! plaid rain boots babyyyyy ;]


    I hope you can see it. THe third one is similar to my Juicy Courture's rain boot. I like the first, second, or fourth one. hahaha! It's so cuteeee. I don't know about the quality though. The one I currently have is not here but it's good quality (of course it have to be! It's Juicy Couture!). Just wear skinny jeans with them and something casual on top and bring your umbrella? lol. You don't have to wear skinny jeans, it's just easier in my opinion. I wear it with flare jeans because I only have one pair of skinny jeans! hahaha. do it my Asian way, stick the flare jeans in the socks! HAHAHAHAHA, or fold it on the side and try to stick your foot in, then do it to the other foot.

    There's some cute characters if you're into that ;]

    Or buy boots online from cutesygirl.com! Their boots are not expensive and the quality is pretty good, I have a hair of black boots made of suede. I have it here so whenever it rains (or when I know it's raining), I wear them. It keeps my leg/feet warm and my feet doesn't get wet! hahaha. Old Navy might have them but I'm not sure. oh oh oh! Payless Shoes! lol. Don't go all out on them though, it's not worth it to be spending like 100's of dollars on the damn rainboots. I only have mine because I wanted it and my hunnie spoiled me last year with it. hahaha!

  3. i love fairs! they always have the best (and fattiest) foods you can think of!!

    wow fried butter and coke sounds good haha and the fried jelly beans look delicious! i think i would definitely be on a sugar high

  4. aww I want to go to the fair...it sounds like a cute date!

  5. Fried Jelly Beans?! NEVER heard of that before! but I love jelly doughnuts!! that looked like so much fun!

  6. ohh food porn !
    wish we got that kind of fair in jakarta
    u n ur bf loks cute together
    okay i believe ur arms not that big

  7. Our fair was here last weekd, I didn't go! I just wanted a candy apple. :( ...but I didn't get one.

    ALL THAT DAMN FRIED FOOD?! Ew @ fried butter. I swear the fair is so overpriced, it gets higher every year. My little sister told me the tickets were $1 EACH!!! Psh.

  8. Cute pics!! And omgosh, love funnel cakes! hahaha. I'm hungry now, and the food looks yummy!

  9. OMG....I had to quickly skim down some of your pictures. The food looks so yummy and it's making me hungry! LOL.
    Oh yah, I have to agree with Rai above - what the heck is fried butter?! It better not be fried butter literally - I mean, that sounds weird and gross.
    Wow yah, the food is pricey! Sheesh, can't they just write the dollar amount instead of using tickets and the tickets cost a certain amount! Are they just trying to confuse dumb math people like me?! LOL.

  10. Haha! All that fried good food! I went to the fairs over here in California this past summer, and omg they had the fried oreos and the fried twinkle, and they are so good! :)

    Yes, the pouch I made was especially for you! If you still want it, let me know! :)

  11. I love the ass grab photo! Ahh, funnel cake...half the reason I love fairs :D.

  12. man I always miss out whenever they have county fairs over here ugh!! I just missed the l.a. county fair.

    I love any thing fried. I dont care if its unhealthy. You only live once to i devour fried food lol. I love funnel cakes!

  13. thanks hun!!! and you do have a nose on your beautiful face!!!! By the way all the food pics you posted, is making me want to break my diet!!!Esp the funnel cake! LOL... just kidding...

  14. omg everything looks soo fun! And whaa your arms aren't big! Everyone's arms look big when you take it from certain angles, like when people take pics when they're below you making you look like you got a double chin (i hate that lol). I love all the food pics, everything IS bigger in texas hahaha :D

    yeah not big fasn of Ashlee simpson, maybe they'd keep her if her character is mroe popular... that would be poportional with if she was more popular... haha whatever Jessica Simpson is still hotter and a better singer!

  15. haha Paula Deen has a recipe for fried butter and it has a realllly low rating, but your pics make it look okay, I'd try that. Paula's recipe is mixing cream cheese with butter and then making it to little balls, freezing it and then frying it so its just like fried butter goo. lol! mmm funnel cakkkkkkkkkkke

  16. aww nice i am yet to go to a state fair, and that looks like super fun.

  17. there's a lot of deliciosness going on in this post, me likey haha

  18. lindah i gave u an award on my blog!

  19. loll lovee the first pic! so cute!

    mm everything looks sooooo good! fairs are soso fun!

    gahh the smell of the VAE is sooo gross lol i cant get used to it! im so sad it didnt work for me, but im gna keep one and maybe it'll work in a few months when i give it a try again loll


    ps: misss yaaa! get twitter already girlll!! (or if u get find meeee!)

  20. Looks like you had great fun! I'm not really into fried food, though, so I suppose I'd save the money and end up spending it somewhere else, LOL

  21. aw man, I wish I went to the state fair. I never got around to it. fried butter will have to wait. *new follower* hi!!


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