21 October 2009


Hello everyone!

First thing is I posted new items onto my blog sale!
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Sorry I've been MIA again, I've been exhausted with school for some odd reason. Probably staying up too late doing nothing too much. And the weather the past 2 months isn't helping with my mood. I just really don't want to put much makeup on because it's so rainy and my face is going to get wet anyway!

Like today, I was late to class (luckily I made it there and was only late like 5 minutes) and I JUST got out of the shower! My hair was dripping wet still but it dried by the end of the class period. None of my classes are in the same building and are a pretty far distance too. I got out and found out that it was POURING so hard! *tear* So my hair pretty much got all wet again like it never dried in the first place. I refused to run because my shoe will get water inside and it's never fun wearing wet flats. After that class was almost done, my hair was still a little damp and I had to go to ANOTHER building even further! I went back into the first one where my first class is to cut through to get to the other building but HOPELESS! I was soaked. My hair never ended up drying at all through that class and I had to go to lab after. I was not about to walk across campus to go to lab and be soaking wet some more when I get out and walk back across campus to get to my car! So I decided to move my car to the other side...

It starts to pour even HARDER this time! I said screw it, I'm gonna kinda run a little so my shoes were wet, my jeans, my shirt, my tote, my purse, my hair, and my face was dripping with water! OMG I was so pissed! I cranked up the heater in the car while driving across campus and it sorta dried me off and made me feel a little warmer. I got to the other side and COULD NOT find any close parking! (still better than walking across campus though) And lucky me, it was still pouring SUPER hard! I finally got into the lab room and my lab partner laughed at me. I mean, it was pretty funny but I was wet like all day. I dried off my face, my arms, my tote, and my purse and then I stuck layers of napkins into my shoes in hope of drying then up a little. It helped for like 10 minutes and then they were soaked too -____-"

When I got out of lab, it wasn't raining. Just a little sprinkle which was really good compared to what I went through today. I ran to my boyfriend's store so we could go grab some food to eat and whenever we were leaving to go get food, it starts to pour again! :( It's not as bad because the walking distance wasn't like at school but I was just tired of it at this point. I got to the place so excited that we were there and I get to eat the food since I've been craving for a while... and we found out "CLOSED WEDNESDAYS"!!!! OMG T_T.. Ran back into the car and ran home real quick.. nothing too much after that because I didn't walk very long distances in the rain.

Then I went to MAC tonight when he closed up the store and GEEZ.. it's STILL pouring! omg, did they run out of water yet? THIS IS TEXAS!! I went to exchange the face kit he bought for me (hocus focus) I mean it was kinda small, I thought it would've been a bit bigger so I figured it wasn't worth the money since I have pretty baby beauty powder and I didn't like the sunsparkle(?) color so much and peachy keen is permanent anyway. I could always go to the counter and pick up the regular size. I got the eyeshadow palette instead, but I can post about that next time right? :)

So after the mall, we decided to run to Saginaw (about 20 minute drive) to get some songs for my boyfriend to DJ with. The DJ wasn't home and was supposedly in Dallas (40-50 minutes from Saginaw) and wouldn't be home for a while. *stupid bailer* I decided lets go to walmart instead to get some more black ink for my printer and to buy an umbrella and nail filer. It was raining casually whenever we got there but when we left... *EEK* It was pouring as hard as when I got out of class and went to move my car! I got wet yet another time.... *sigh*

Well anyway, went home after that and now I have an umbrella for class tomorrow :) Thank you if you read my rant! I honestly haven't read anyone's blog. I mean I click on some and read it real quick but didn't leave any comments. I will definitely get to catching up tomorrow and posting some things :)



  1. Ugh, I hate rain! I hate it so much that before I wouldn't go anywhere when it was raining! Even school!

  2. loll didnt they run out of water yet?hahaha
    hope tomoro will be better for u hun !i have never been mia,my longest mia was only 3 days and when i get home i read ALL blogpost that i missed.hahaha
    i even read blogs in my class,i just hate my friends like staring at my screen and think im weird for reading all blogpost.hahahha

  3. btw serena is vanilla's new blog ID !

  4. It hasn't been raining here the last couple days surprisingly the weather has been rather nice. lol
    I can't stand getting soaked. :( Poor thing.

  5. awww, poor Lindah. This is why I hate big campuses! lol. I don't like running back and fourth between campuses... especially if it's back to back classes -___- Get's on my nerves sometimes. I mean, I guess it's a way of exercising but pouring rain is a big no! lol. That's how my classes are today, I'm walking from building to even a further building, back-to-back classes =[

    You should get rain boots like me! hahahaha! I have pink Juicy Courture's rain boot but I kind of hate it since the feet part is small in width than normal other shoes o.O So I might get another one from Target. HAHA. Look into it woman! Plaid pink rain boots and we'll be the two twin Linda's ;]

    I'll be looking forward for another post on whatever you got from the mall! HAHA.

    If you was here, I would of gave you some fried dumplings. LOL! I hate driving or walking+taking the bus to a restaurant or a store and find out that they closed -____- I think Wednesdays are the new Sundays for business. hahaha.

  6. I love the rain when i'm indoors but hate it when i'm outdoors! lol

    the weather has been changing a lot lately, one day hot, one day cold.. i wish it would just make up it's mind already!

  7. story of my life... it rains quite a bit in vancouver during this time of the year. :( that's why almost everyone here owns rainboots :) sorry to hear about your rainy day though!! i know the feeling of wearing wet shoes... when i went to sea world, i dont know why i wore SHOES but needless to say freakin' shamu soaked me so i had to buy flipflops to last the rest of the wet day. what's worse is walking around all day in wet underwear. hhaha! sorry if that was tmi! ;P

  8. yeah seriously i didnt like brad pitt at all but in this movie,omg his accent is cute !loll
    seriously does loose earrings make me look old or weird?im afraid its only my own judgment.lol.or is it?hahaha
    i didnt get clinique mascara ,instead i got hypnose waterpfoor,hope it really is waterproof !hehe


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