03 September 2009


I placed my order on Hautelook already :D I'm just really pissed off that this stupid survey thing didn't go through. I did it yesterday on my macbook but apparently it doesn't work good with macs! So I wasted 30 minutes last night and was like F*CK IT! And I just now did it and it went through and everything and then everything cleared out @_@... $#*@$!!!! So in the end, I hope I only waste 90 minutes total on this survey ordeal... ehh, but ANYWAY....

I spent a total of: $69! Not totally bad, I usually spend about the same at mac for four items and the fact that I didn't buy any of the mac palettes that came out says that I've been good :)

I got:
all images taken from hautelook.com




It says it takes about 2 weeks to get to me, but sometimes it could take 3 weeks! Hope it doesn't take too long x) I can't wait to try this out and review it :D and I shouldn't be disappointed because of the packaging! LOL :X

Anywho, I lied about posting one HUGE post! I'm too lazy to edit my pictures because as you can see there's a lot of clutter in the background and my boyfriend is somewhere on the floor trying to repair a 3g iPhone.. I'll really show you how messy my room looks when I do rai's tag post :D

This is the dress I'm going to wear to a wedding on Saturday ^_^ It's super cute and it's nice and body hugging :D BUT.. it's not a satin fabric so it won't show off EVERY ripple I have ahha, just a little bit :)

Sorry for the super blurry picture! How should I wear my makeup? I don't know what color combos I should do. Any suggestions? :) And the dress was only $22.80! What a steal.. I'm glad I got it because I would've shelled out some money for a more expensive one lol

How does everyone like it? I like it, but the only complaint I have is the ZIPPER. Just be careful when you zip it up because sometimes it doesn't go and you might end up breaking it LOL... I'm also wearing DSK earrings in the picture but you can't see :( I'll take a better "MODEL" picture of it later in the daylight ^_^

Good night girls! I'm thinking of having a contest soon, but I need prizes first haha! But I have an idea in mind :) It's really vague so I think everyone can participate lol



  1. cute dress! i totally know what you mean about the zippers. i was once putting on a dress from charlotte russe & the tiny thin zipper broke :\

  2. "my boyfriend is somewhere on the floor trying to repair a 3g iPhone" LOL!! that dress is really cute!! hmm..maybe you should do a wearable smokey eye? you know neutral colors but not too heavy cuz it's a wedding? wow rock&republic, i've seen it all!! lol can't wait to see how you like them!!

  3. Awesome hauls :D Hope you do reviews (: And cute dress!<3

  4. R&R! Sexxy!!! :)

    I really love that dress! So gorg! I say go for the classic smokey eyes or Metallic gray :)

  5. wow never heard of those cosmetics before!! i know, im laaame!! haha.. btw, love the dress! so sexxyyy!! you should do like a silvery-smokey look!!

  6. I never tried or heard of the brand. Is it any good? I saw it on sale before.

    The dress is super cute! I need to go hauling for F21 damn it. =D
    I say wear a smokey eye.

  7. love the dress! i agree with everyone else on the smokey eyes- and I cant wait to hear the reviews on the rock & republic makeup- my r&r jeans are my fave pair :)

  8. oooh that dress is hot! lol hmmm as for the make up i see something like some pale pink nude plumpy lips with some sultry sexy eyes.. either brown tones, or maybe purple would be cute.. but that's jus my 2 cents! ^_^

    nice stuff u got from hautelook... i was so dying to get their blushes.. all the colors look so cute!!!! can't wait to hear how spankin works out for you.. .. i am planning to shop soon.. i literally have nothing to wear on my body but lots to wear on my face hehe

  9. that makeup brand looks soooo cute & i love the dress. i have alot of black & white myself.

  10. i've always wanted to purchase rock and republic cosmetics! please do a review when they get in! :)

  11. congrats on winning Shar's contest!! I really do love your look and those photos!

    And oooh I didn't know that R&R has a make up line out... oooh. I'm still trying to save up to get a pair of R&R jeans this christmas heh...

    Yeah I hate anal people like that too! Who cares whos card it belongs to as long as you have the discount card right? and it's not like you were buying boxes of that stuff... haha I'd totally give her a hard time as well. Yester they redelivered the fridge and dented my walls by a LOT and this time I wasn't polite I totally b*tched them out! Hah I learned my lession from being polite!

    P.S nice dress btw, have fun at the wedding!

  12. Hi girl tnx for droppin' by my blog ^_^. And I just discovered that you won Shar's contest wow! Congratz!

    I'm lovin' all the makeup above, are you including it in your giveaway prizes ahaha ^_^. And that dress that your wearing is sooo pretty, you look sexy :) The BEAUTIFUL Blogger Award fits you perfectly. ^_^.

  13. I love the dress! A classic smokey eye would be great, but I think a soft grey or purple smokey would look nice too. That Alpha Blonde gloss is a gorgeous color.

    I'm 5'8" so I can only wear regular lengths if they're skinnies or if I'm wearing flats. I guess it just depends on your proportions though because my best friend is 5'9" or 5'10" and she doesn't need long jeans even in heels.

  14. LOL i like my white boys too...but i think he`s VERY good lookin! Channing Tatum just doesn`t do it for me for some reason!
    LOL i also love me some tall guys!! i WISH i was shorter so i can pull off some HIGH pumps, it`s NOT cute when you`re taller than your man!

  15. i was so tempted by the R&R sale on hautelook too but shipping to canada killed the deal . :( i heard many surprisingly good reviews about R&R cosmetics so i cant WAIT to hear yours !

  16. omfg that dress is HOT!!!

    r&r has a make up line wha?? lol im latee.

  17. Great dress! You look great in it hun!! That would look adorable with a purple eyeshadow/smoky... bring you into the fall. :)

  18. wow nice dress :P very sexay!


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