04 June 2009

Once Upon A MAC Collection Contest + Adorable Blog Award

So everyone was doing the barbie look... I'm going to change my entry to the VERY first one shown, A ROSE ROMANCE!! :)

So everything I wrote down there is outdated :P


hello thereee! Here's my entry for mz krystall's contest :) it ends June 19 so you still have plenty of time to join if you would like to :D

I actually did this yesterday after I got off work but I didn't finish until night time so I went to sleep when I was done. Boy, I regret crashing. I realized I didn't take off all the nyx jumbo pencil and in the morning when I got it off, my eyes were so irritated :( and the other corner of my eye was hurting because I think I was rubbing it all night :/ It's okay though, it's all better now :) Well, enough blabbering and here are all the looks:
I did all of them in case you were wondering BUT my look I'm entering is the very last one as indicated :)

trying to copy her pose.. ehh! I suck and it's not flipped the right way! It's hard to copy these looks with the "asian eyelids" LOL

you have to connect the crease color to the bottom lashline!

I used the brow pencil to define the top of my eyebrow only because if you look closely that's how they did it and if you look at the facechart on the mac website it tells you :X

I look like I'm at a funeral :P

in order of application;;
- udpp
- nyx jumbo pencil in baby blue all over lid
- nyx jumbo pencil in lavender on bottom lashline
- urban decay eyeshadow in peace
- mac eyeshadow in grand entrance on top of peace to lighten the color
- mac eyeshadow in creme de violet on crease and bottom lashline
- mac eyeshadow in phloof! on inner corner of lid
- revlon matte eyeshadow in vintage lace as a highlight
- revlon colorstay eyeliner in black to tightline
- maybelline colossal mascara in glam black
- sephora eyebrow pencil in black
- mac beauty powder blush in summer rose
- dior lipstick in catwalk mauve
- nyx round lipstick in eggplant on top of dior to darken it
- mac nail laquer in love and friendship (not shown)

My Hello Kitty inspiration :) Too bad I don't have a fro :X

Don't have milk that I can spill everywhere for a picture, don't have patent leather cat ears, and don't have a nose! Haha, BUT I do have a finger :D

drawing the cat wing thing was so complicated! LOL, this was as even as I could get it :P

in order of application;;
- udpp
- nyx jumbo pencil in baby blue
- mac eyeshadow in too dolly
- mac eyeshadow in slately black
- mac eyeshadow in yogurt
- sephora liquid liner in black
- maybelline colossal mascara in glam black
- sephora eyebrow pencil in black
- nyx lip pencil in pinky
- mac beauty powder blush in fun and games
- mac lipstick in strayin'
- mac lipglass in nice kitty

STYLE WARRIOR! Well, as if you couldn't tell haha xD Took forever to figure out how to make the yellow pop like the picture!

trying to copy the pose. I think my stare is too blank LOL!

*acts like I heard a noise*

can't be a look without a goofy face :D

in order of application;;
- nyx jumbo pencil in yellow
- 88 palette mixes of golden color with check marks on top of jumbo pencil
- stila smudge pot in black
- mac bronzing powder in refined golden
- mac msf shimmery side of medium dark
- mac lipstick in real treasure
- mac lipglass in liberated

The sugarsweet look I copied ^_^ There's not much color to it and I don't have green hair so it's all pink xP

forgot to watermark this stupid picture! LOL

*kisses* tastes like icing LOL

in order from application;;
- nyx jumbo pencil in hot pink, from lid to brow bone
- 88 palette mixes of the two pinks with check marks on top off the jumbo pencil
- maybelline colossal mascara in glam black
- mac msf in perfect topping applied on my cheekbones
- nyx round lipstick in narcissus

Okay, so here's my actual contest entry LOL! I did this one last so my face is super shiny from all the shimmery-ness I used in the style warriors look xD Hope you enjoy my entry everyone! Hopefully you're not tired of looking at my mugg just yet :P

their faces are so thin and barbie like O_O

okay so I did my best to copy the look to make it suitable for my eyeshape :P

trying to smile.. it turned out a little crooked LOL!

I over-exagerated my eyebrows for this look

I clipped the lashes before putting them on this time :)

I tied my hair but I should've taken the picture with a colored background so you could see it!


blank barbie stare!

woo the last picture you get to see of my face for this post :P HOPEFULLY you didn't get tired of looking at me haha!

in order of application;;
- nyx jumbo pencil in lemon
- milani eyeshadow in garden mist, I might be lying though because the sticker isn't there anymore lol
- 88 palette, brown color in the crease and the pink colors as a highlight
- sephora liquid liner in black
- mac eye kohl in black funk on bottom lashline
- anastashia brow powder in medium ash
- dark duo eyelash glue
- ardell false eyelashes in 103
- mac blush in light over dark as a contour
- mac beauty powder blush in tippy on cheeks and up to the temple
- mac msf in blonde as a highlight
- mac lipstick in big bow for my hot pink pout :P

hm, did I miss any steps? Tell me so it'll be accepted as an entry! :)

Last but not least, I was nominated for (down there) by krystal! (I swear this post is especially dedicated to you LOL)

The Adorable Blog Award Rules:
Include the award logo in your blog or post.
Nominate as many blogs which you like.
Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Share the l♥ve and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Everyone's blog is adorable! :D If you're on my blogroll, I nominate all of you for this! LOL, I've posted so much I'm just too tired to try to link everyone xD Plus, I have to sleep!

PS! I took pictures TODAY for my revlon false lashes review :) Will definitely post it up the next time I update :D


  1. damn gurl.. u r good! those inspired mac looks u did is awesome!! u have to re-create all those looks for her contest? r u serious? my favorite is the first one! good luck <3 xoxo

  2. Hey, Hey ;) You did a great job! You did all of them! WOOOOW! Krystal is going to have a hard time, choosing a winner. lols! :)

  3. Wow you did a lot fo those!! Haha, looove them! Especially the last one! You really looked like a doll!

  4. hey lindah good job!!! i love how u recreated them ALL! they all look good! i think i wanna do that too.. lols... & u know what!? i have 3 entries doing that same barbie look so far, for my contest! lol im going to have a hard time choosing.. haha and i agree i think this po0st is dedicated to me.. lmao...

  5. lol lindah! so which one did you want to enter? the barbie or the rose romance? hehe

  6. lol. You did all of them.
    There all so good. Good luck!

  7. you're good.....I wish I could replicate all those looks...great job...damn...I can't even shape my eyebrows....LOL

  8. u did an awesome job on all of the looks....good luck!!

  9. hey lindah! yeah those pics are fine, i can see your makeup really well. good thing u posted a close up eye pic.. haha.. i love how you have on accessories too that matched the look!

  10. Wow! You attemped so many MAC looks and you had an Awesome job on ALL of them. All are super gooddd. u go girl. =)

  11. Wow you are so talented!! But thats not the only thing your talented at. *Wink Wink*

    Call me sometime :D

  12. all your entries are soooooo good :D

  13. Omgosh Lindah! Did you do this in one day? Its amazing!! My fave is the BARBIE look! I wish the Barbie collection comes back. I really love it when I was a lil kid :)

  14. hey there! : ) i just wanted to drop by & say hi.

    i love all the looks you replicated. all amazing & the barbie look was just too cute : )

  15. wow linda--- jeeeezus!! you did them all so well- must have taken alot of time!!!

  16. so nice lindah! you did awesome on recreating those looks. :)

  17. Wow, you're awesome! I love your make up looks especially the Hello Kitty one, I like the way you did it :)

    Thanks for following my blog!! Please check back for my upcoming contest, there will be some fab prizes! :)

    I actually didn't get any tanner, unfortunately the weather was crappy, it rained the entire time! :( Oh well, there's always next time...


  18. u should enter all of them!! i like the hair piece u used on the 1 st one! good luck!!!

    and i can't believe u don't know what mochi is?!?! and ur asian!!! hahaha jk...i didn't know what mochi was until i had red mango for the first time. it's basically rice cake...sweet n chewy!

  19. heh.. yeah, true about the cake foundie, not for lazy people like us. :DD

    thanks for dropping by! ~xoxo

  20. Dang girl! You got major skills! You nailed every look!

    Definetly super talented & beautiful!!!


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