15 June 2009

in a purple mood..

I've noticed I've been wearing purple all week! HOLY CRAP! lol

I haven't been on blogger for so long! I try to comment when I do read your posts ladies! Sometimes I forget because I get so caught up in the moment.

I attended a wedding a week ago. It was for one of my sister's old friends. It was a cute little wedding in a chapel! :) The food was so delicioussss! I took one plate for my salad and the other for my meal xD Everyone else only had one plate!

Here's me drinking my margarita and eating the strawberry :) I didn't know it was a purple wedding! I'm so glad I coordinated with my eyeshadow LOL

The husband & wife cutting cake number 2. The main cake was a carrot cake :D

Me & Idalyis, my boyfriend's niece. She was the flower girl, so cute! lol, cute but EVIL...

Eww I look gross.. I shouldn't have drank so much! My lipcolor never stays on hehe. I was so sad, I rubbed my eye and forgot I had false lashes on! LOL so they're not even anymore :(

Oh yeah.. this was taken AFTER the wedding!

You can definitely tell the lashes are lop sided by now :X I used MAC Phloof!, Urban Decay Mayhem, and Urban Decay Perversion. Simple right? That's my no fail smokey look basics LOL

And here's a look playing with my new VS beauty rush eyeshadows. I used UDPP as a base.

I have puny straight lashes in the inner corner of my eyes! UGH I hate them!

I used Violet-Femme, Plum Crazy, and Gold Rush

Nars Orgasm on my cheeks and Nars Pillow Talk l/l and Nars Sexual Healing l/g for the lips

Meet my friend. Mr PIMPLE! He's right under my lip, you know where I talk! It's so distracting. I've been covering my chin at work haha because all of the cooks are making fun of me! :( I'm going to start highlighting my cheekbones on the daily.. lol my Blond MSF and Perfect Topping MSF looks untouched! :(

That concludes today's entry. Time to K-O. I worked hard today :)

Next up, Me & "Miley Cyrus"! YOU be the judge lol



  1. It must be a purple season. I find myself favoring purple also - in makeup and fashion... coincidence?

  2. Purple looks great on you!

    And darn their cake looks super yummy!! lol He has some long hair.

  3. hey pretty! :) yep, it's the baby birdy!. hihi.. thank's for the comment lindah!! <33

    you look good with purples! i love purple and it suit you well. stay pretty!

  4. lol ive been getting into purple lately too! & i love the eye makeup, girl!

  5. weddings are so fun & purples all the way! : )

  6. i looove purples- especially on you linda-love! :)

  7. Hehe you look cute sipping on the drink! The purple looks great on you!

  8. so pretty! purples are one of my favorites for eyeshadow looks.

  9. I bought it from Amazon. You should buy it too!

  10. Hey thanks for following my blog hun <3 I'm going to follow yours too :)

    BTW, you're so pretty. I love how you did your eyeshadow - so cute!

  11. always a fab job on the e/s :)

  12. purples are always pretty, great for work and also looks great smokey!

  13. purple is always the easiest way to go with me haha. i thought the groom kinda looked like one of my uncles..

    well slimming the legs? i'm still having a hard time with that for real.
    my hips n thighs are kinda hefty rite now but way better than they were.
    they are al ot more tone.

    what i do is go to the gym and lift weights as well as cardio.
    they have toned...and slimmed a little. definitely toned though.
    That's all I can really suggest is lift weights and do cardio. I like to do the elliptical machine with somewhat high resistance that way i'm burning fat as well as toning the muscles. I think over time it will start to show. I have less cellulite but I still have it..
    its a work in progress! good luck! just keep persistent.

  14. You look so hot in purple!! :)

  15. the purple looks good on you :) very pretty.

  16. hey lindah dearie.. thank you for the good luck! :) so glad u liked my HK lookie. :D


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