18 June 2009


Here's my entry for whitz gold digga contest :) I have no idea when it ends but you can check her out HERE! Please go join :D IF YOU JOIN, you probably have a good chance of winning because not many people have joined yet! :)

I guess I'm still sporting purples somehow..

This was complicated to do, I wasn't sure what to do! lol, So I watched the video and saw the girl with purple as the only makeup color

Too much purple for me so I just went with purple lips :) I wanted to incorporate gold into it somehow but it turned out to be neutral looking! But oh well, I have no more inspiration right now lol

Now I ain't saying you're a gold digger you got needs
You don't want your dude to smoke but he can't buy weed
You go out to eat and he cant pay you all can't leave
There's dishes in the back, he gotta roll up his sleeves
But why you all washing watch him
He gone make it into a Benz out of that Datson
He got that ambition baby look in his eyes
This week he mopping floors next week it's the fries
So, stick by his side
I know his dude's balling but yeah that's nice
And they gone keep calling and trying
But you stay right girl
But when you get on he leave your ass for a white girl

haha, my favorite verse for some reason xD

So it's very simple and wearable in my opinion. I actually did wear it out lol xD

I look so fake flaunting fake lashes around LOL because they're super long :D

Here's a closeup, it's complicated working with pigments!

Time to bring out the money... :)

I stapled it so they wouldn't go out of place haha :X

Say hello to mister benjamin franklin

"I'm in love with my moneyyy"

Yes i cam whored just a bit

Pictures taken after wearing it for a few hours

My face is getting chubbier!

ahhh, and the last shot xD

I really hope you like it! It's pretty neutral looking :D

- mac rubenesque p/p
- mac gold dusk pigment on inner corner
- mac gold mode pigment on lid
- mac gold stroke pigment on outer corner
- revlon vintage lace e/s as highlight
- sephora liquid liner
- urban decay 24/7 liner in lust
- maybelline colossal mascara
- ardell demi wispies

- nyx pinky blush
- mac msf in perfect topping

- mac lavender whip l/s
- mac fierce&fabulous l/g


  1. whoa whoa whoa! i love it! daaanggg can i have some money haha jk.. love the purple lips!! goodluck! im thinking of joining this one... havent done a gold look yet! =]

  2. that lip color looks so pretty on you, you pull off the purple really well! purple looks weird on me, haha.

  3. Pretty pretty! Yes, I agree. That lip color looks great on you!

  4. I luv the bright lip color. Great look! =)

    p.s I also have a contest going on. ^^

  5. Can I borrow $20??? lmao jk... looks good, I like this look. I could never pull off purple lipstick, but you worked it!!!


  6. hehe baller! I never have that kinda cash on me. Pretty look, your lips are gorgeous!

  7. Ohhhh can i have those 20s? ahahah! J/K! You look great! I love your "long lashes" They look sexy on you girl!!! GL with the contest! :D

  8. are you havin a give a way ... money? im soo in!! hahahahhaha gurl wut a balller! shareeeeeeet the wealth! =D btw cute lipstick u have on u gorgeoussss thang!

  9. hahaha. This is cute!!
    The falsies look hot!

    I have too much nails to put those on right. lol It's such a struggle.

  10. You look great, good luck with the contest! :)

    & thanks for the nice comment, but haha, yeah right! LOL

  11. ohh damn! i see $$ & lavender whip lol.

  12. i love this look
    & damnnn girl look at them bills lol


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