09 June 2009

LOVEPINK's Giveaway and Blog Sale + Weekend Haul

TWO days in a row! Go meee! haha

First things first, my girl Beverly (love pink) is having a giveaway and blog sale :)

Click HERE to check it out and join in on the fun too! She's got great MAC products for sale. I wish I could buy the heatherette beauty powder but no money :( You'll see why when you scroll down.. LOL, maybe it'll still be there on my next pay check :D

Here are her prizes for the giveaway!

(Straight from her blog)
Little Lippie Bag from the Mac 2007 Holiday Collection All that Glitters
Mini Clinique bar of soap
Mini Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild
Mini Clinique clarifying lotion 3 lol ya'll know my obsession with clinique products :P
NYX lippie in BL 55 Glamour
Victoria Secret lippie in oatstanding
LUSH herbalism sample
LUSH Angles on bare skin sample *not pictured*
LUSH bath bomb in waving not drowning

1. Have to be a follower of my blog =)
2. Have a short post on your blog about my "big MAC" heh blog sale + MAC giveaway that links back to this post
3. Let me know you've been able to add the link

annnnd thats it!

winners will be drawn randomly and giveaway ends on Friday, June 19th 11:59pm EST

anywho, onto the weekend... :)

Mimi (beauty is androgynous) had a giveaway a week ago and surprisingly I won :D Shipping took only a day! Wow, Cali to Texas is pretty fast! LOL xD The scrub was bigger than I expected, still waiting to try it out :) Sent out makeup remover just in time, I'm almost out! hehe

Here's all the stuff I bought this weekend:

Shoes from Gap, $19.99. I went to return my mom's birthday present me & my boyfriend got her and one of them didn't fit so I ended up exchanging it for these flats! :) I thought the inside of the shoe was a leathery finish but it's actually suede-ish feeling :( Don't know if I'll wear them often!

Here's my saturday haul, victoria's secret! I bought 3 hand sanitizers (one I already gave away), 3 eyeshadows, 1 body lotion, 1 body mist, and I got a free gift with purchase! :)

These two smell really good :) I really don't like to wear scents but I could see myself wearing this every other day! only one at a time though.. I wore both yesterday and it was overwhelming for me lol

I went to victoria's secret again with the sole purpose to buy panties! I ended up with all this crap :X

Massage oil in Juicy Berry (smells yummy), sexy little things nior set (for my mother), 6 eyeshadows, 5 undies, and another gwp LOL

These are very pigmented! :D I think the're suppose to be mineralize or something like that because of the dome shape. Can be applied wet or dry :)

I needed some non-thong underwear for sumer dresses :D 5/$25! I had this incident last september in public at a party in a reserved bar.. Me & my boyfriend were drunk hanging out in the parking lot with friends and he picked me up so his arms are around my legs right? When he was letting me down he forgot that I was wearing a dress so everyone saw my butt!!! Some guy runs from inside and comes out there screaming "I saw your butt!" :( Very embarrasing!

anyway, I went to sally's after to get some nail polish base & new top coat.

I'm always looking for something to improve the longevity of my nail polishes because I wipe tables for a living :P and I'm constantly washing my hands or else I think I'd scare off all the customers LOL! I read a review from pursebuzz about the calcium gel treatment. You can get it at ulta for $6.99 or something around there. It did make my nails stronger BUT after a while my nails started to split :( I thought it might've been something else but when I switch to my other base the problem went away.. ackkk! My nails have finally recovered from that incident so I'm wiser now :P I've heard lots of great reviews about the topcoat but nothing really from the base so I thought I would just give it a try because it wasn't too pricey.

The sally's girl rang me up wrong... It was suppose to be $3.50 instead of $0.99! I would've told her but I didn't look at the receipt until after I got home. I was wondering why it was so cheap!

So you guys haven't seen much makeup hauls from me lately. I'm trying to keep my spending under control! :) I'm waiting for the upcoming mac collections to come out and see how much I will spend :X

And speaking of mac, there's going to be a sale soon from (courtesy of rai & pursebuzz)
June 16 - June 18
Code: SUMO
25% off online
US & Canada only
so I'm saving up for that.. I'd really like to buy more makeup brushes! I bought all of the travel size ones from the holiday collection to try out and I really like some of them :) I don't really have much makeup since I just started buying last year! YUP that's right!

Okay so I'll quit blabbing, check it out on the first day because I'm sure the good stuff will go fast lol.



  1. wow thats alot of VS!! haha i didnt know beauty rush had an e/s line! i want some nowww.. i love your haul! im so excited about that mac sale.. last time it happened, i was too late, all the brushes i wanted was sold out!

  2. Very cute shoes!! I'mma have to go to my local Gap and see if they have them.. perfect with jeans and dresses. :)

    I didn't know Beauty Rush had eyeshadows, they must be new...hmmm


  3. Maybe you're not getting my feed because I changed my url??? maybe try following me again??? I just thought it would automatically change for ppl to be redirected.. hmmm I'mma have to look into this... Thanks for leaving me know!

  4. Cute flats & underwears! & yey for the upcoming MAC sale! What are you planning to get? I would like to try some of those dazzleglasses, but the shipping fees are so expensive for Canada... but those Naked Honey eyeshadows look nice!

  5. OMG! How cute are those flats!!
    Darn it, our Gap closed here. =/

    AND THEY ARE GIVING OUT FREE GIFTS IN VS?! I would had bought something to get it. lol

    You have convinced me to get some of those Eyeshadows. Wonder how long they will have that 6 for $20 deal. Cute undies!!

    You just got into makeup last year? Wow you're skills are pretty good. I'm saving up for the sale, too! WOOT WOO! Getting any makeup?

  6. Oh and do you know how long they are doing the free gift thing? lol
    How much do you have to spend.

  7. Nice hauls girl! The flats are adorable

  8. Heyyyy! :) You did a great job with your shopping! I love the flat, they're so cute. & even the other things that you bought from V.S

  9. Great haul!! I love the shoes from GAP! :)

  10. yayy thanks for posting about my giveaway and sale =) just 4 more items to sell! haha great haul!! you bought tons! hehe i think my trip to Houston this weekend will be hard to not hauL! lol but i haveee to resist! + dont think im getting anything from naked honey! boo! lol are uuu??

  11. what a great haul linda! love them, specially the VS stuffs, pinky! :)

    yep, better to loose int connection than electricity. :( so sorry to hear that lindah. :((

  12. I don't know what's wrong with my feeds... maybe because I changed the name & adress of my blog for Gaby's Beauty Blog? But I don't know what to do to fix it... & it's annoying!

  13. haha geat butt story- i love VS PINK undies! soo comfy!


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