25 June 2009

Graphic Garden Swatches & Review + Food Porn + Award

Today I went to nordie's for their anniversary presale :D I bring you swatches xD

It looks like I'm abusing my mashi... LOL!

Here's all of them in natural daylight. This is probably the only thing I've ever took a picture of when there was daylight :D

Fresh Cut 6 are on the left, Graphic Gardens is on the right. No base, 2 out of 6 eyeshadows on the Fresh Cut palette are lustres (yuck!) Graphic Gardens palette is really pigmented :)

No flash, bottom right one looks like Nars himalayas or iceland. I forgot which one it's called but it's the one that reflects a pinkish color.

Summer Crop is on the left, and Baby Blooms is on the right.

Summer Crop lipglass reminds me of the one from naked honey (she's a star)

So what did I pre-order? Both the eyeshadow palettes!

Fresh Cut Palette -
Floral Inc. - (Frost)
Sun-Shy - (Lustre)
Fresh Cut - (Veluxe Pearl)
Poppy Noir - (Velvet)
Bloomcycle - (Veluxe Pearl)
Part Peony - (Lustre)
#213SE Fluff Brush

The colors didn't apply easily with the q-tip but maybe it's different with brushes and a base. The lustre colors are so pretty but you don't even know how many times I went over it! lol xD The top left color (metallic rosey color) really appealed to me! It went on super smooth probably because it was a veluxe pearl. Highlight colors are okay, nothing too special.

Graphic Gardens Palette -
Social Climber - (Veluxe Pearl)
Botancial Blue - (Frost)
Straight Hedge - (Veluxe Pearl)
Wild Wisteria - (Lustre)
Linear Lilac - (Veluxe Pearl)
Graphic Garden - (Velvet)
#213SE Fluff Brush

This one is a must have if you're looking for some pigmented colors! None of the colors gave me a hard time to swatch like the other palette. They went on really smooth and stayed on my hand for a pretty long time! These colors are pretty frosty and the black color has pretty little pink glitters in it :) I really like the colors on this palette because I'm a fan of blues and purples and really frosty things lol. I really don't need anymore but I just couldn't pass this up for traveling! :D

Summer Crop Lip Bag -
Lipstick: Semi-Annual - (Lustre)
Lipstick: Garden Bed - (Lustre)
Lipglass: Summer Crop - (Frost)

These were a nice set of neutral lip colors. I would've picked this up over the neutral lip bag from the holiday collection because I think these are more wearable on more skintones. The lipglass is just an ordinary nude color, nothing special. If you're looking to grab some nudes go for it because it comes with a cute bag to put it in :)

Baby Blooms Lip Bag -
Lipstick: Soft Illusion - (Frost)
Lipstick: Spiceflower - (Amplified Cream)
Lipglass: Baby Blooms - (Frost)

This lip bag was nice also! I was going to originally pick this one up also from looking at the orginal product images. I liked the rose color but I swatched it and notice that it really looked like one of the lipsticks from the holiday set I got (to swoon for). If you're looking for that color because you missed it during the holidays then you're in luck! The lighter pink color was pretty also but honestly I didn't think it suits my skintone very well. I can only imagine lighter skinned girls wearing this lol. The lipglass didn't really appeal to me either because it goes on dark at first but it kind've goes more sheer as you wear it throughout the day.

The look boxes are pretty neat too! They're pretty much all from the permanent line so if you don't have a nordies and wanted to order online you could check out the colors at your mac counter. I personally like the seductress look box but I have all of those colors except for naked lunch xD If I were starting off makeup this would be a great place to start with purchasing a look box :)


My sister cooked me & my boyfriend dinner the other night :D I made cupcakes but didn't take a picture of that lolll

Yummy salad with croutons :P I like it with RANCH all over!

I love it when she cooks her famous pasta lol xD

So I got awards from the lovely adrienne & krystal!

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-Nominate as many blogs which you like.
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I nominate:
Ahoy Katrina

Okay... I would go on but that's all my brain can handle for now lolll xD

EEEEK I'm still trying to come up with these contest looks! lol, I've worn the makeup I WANT to wear, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of it. :( I'll try tomorrow to remember lol :D




  1. i love the swatchesss! and they're without base?! wow! super pigmented!

    oOoO salad, for me, its thousand island all overrrrr hahaha and *droolzzzz* over that pasta pic. looks so yummay!!

    and yes girl, its ALL them awards. haha gosh i have alot of contests to catch up on too! but im just so lazy these days... UGH! hopefully i can post them up by next week. ive already missed whit's golddigger one! mannn ive wanted to join that! =[

  2. Thanks for the award :) I love the swatches.. so when are these babies coming out? I so want to check them out! :D

  3. aww thank you for the award! I want the graphic garden palette soo bad! I kinda want the other one too, but IF I had to pick one...*sigh* Thanks for the swatches...it's really helpful =D

  4. looks really pigmentented, i hope i could try them sometime.

    oh.. lindah.. u made me hungry! that looks gooood!!!

    and thank you for the award! <333


  5. Lovely swatches. =)
    I luv pasta and that looks yummy. =)

  6. btw babe, i'm wearing geo nudy brown lenses. :))

  7. Thank you girl!! <33 Wow your sister can cook! You're lucky, hahahaa. Thanks for the diligent swatches and short reviews.

  8. Love the colors! They all look very summery! :)

  9. Mmm gotta love swatches and food porn. My 2 favourite things to look at on people's blogs lol! Some of those colors are so pretty!!

  10. You should had taken pictures of the cupcakes you made; for some reason.. cupcakes always look sooooo good! Haha :)

    The food your sister made looks so delish!

    LOL! It does look like you're abusing him! I'm going to report you! Hahaha.

    (Regarding about my post) I CAN SEE THAT YOU'RE 99.99% of what I am talking about.... You made new purchases! Blaaaaah! LUCKY! Hahaha :)


  11. Ooh, thanks for the swatches!
    But it looks like I won't be getting anything, nothing catches my eye.

  12. lol it does look like youre choking mashimaro!

    food looks really good!

  13. beautiful swatches! i'm not gonna buy anything from this collection cuz I don't get my discount lol.
    hey linda you really need to get a CBOX! will you do that for me? haha

    hey, do you want the occ bonedaddy nail laquer? also, do you want clover and glisten loose colours? i only swatched them once- I just have too many colors like these- let me know if you wanna do another swap-ah-roonie! lol

  14. I don't really want the set. I am more interested with the cup. ahahah :P

  15. Wow, awesome colors, very pigmented!! Congrats on all the awards too, that's awesome ;)

    Thanks for the sweet comment!! :)


  16. i like both for different reasons, but I can't use my MAC foundie because it's too light. I splurged to get the MUFE HD foundie because I got tan in hawaii and needed to look normal rather than pale in photos. The mac has heavier coverage, but tends to break some people out and is not so camera friendly (spf!). MUFE has more medium coverage with a natural look and camera friendly. I really like it for summertime. It should be set with powder too!

  17. Tagged you for an award!

  18. *New Follower! The salad and pasta look yummmmy! So do the swatches haha!


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