28 May 2009

Lashblast + Colossal Showdown + Review

What a pretty day in Texas :D SO HOT THOUGH! I roll around with a mashimaro plush doll on my dashboard, yeah I know I'm cool LOL! I think I was driving to dairy queen to eat with my boyfriend :) DQ's are almost extinct in my area

So today's post is about covergirl's lashblast versus the maybelline colossal. Everyone knows that maybelline carries the #1 leading drugstore mascara. UNTIL covergirl came out with lashblast! All my friends use this mascara, even the ones who doesn't really wear any makeup. But they all have the lashblast! So I'm doing my very own comparison thanks to BOGO's from cvs! xD

Some things you should know about my lashes:
- the eye with the covergirl mascara on it is very slightly shorter than the maybelline one, there's not that much difference though.
- I have almost no lashes on my bottom so I'm not even going to any on there lol.
- Mascara is usually a hit or miss with my lashes :P
- You'll also notice my eyelids aren't symmetrical so that's why in some pictures my eyeliner doesn't look even! They are I swear, it's just the eyelids! haha :D

The Victims:

- Clinique lash building primer, $13, available at clinique.com, department stores, and sephora
- Maybelline Colossal volume mascara in glam black, $6-$8 depending where you buy it, available at ulta, drugstores, supercenters
- CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara Waterproof in very black, $6-$8 depending where you buy it, available at ulta, drugstores, supercenters

The Wands:

Colossal's wand is big and fat. The bristles are like the old school mascaras but you can see there's more space at the beginning and after it's not curved anymore they're all bunched up. It's pretty stiff so when I accidently poke myself in the eye I tend to tear up a little bit. There's a definite shape to it that the picture doesn't capture. Smells like.. something? It's not pleasant but it doesn't really smell bad. 3 month life span like all mascaras.

Lashblast's wand is big and fat too. Unlike the other mascara, the wand is plastic like most of the new mascara that's been coming out lately. It's very soft and doesn't really hurt when I poke myself in the eye on accident lol. I don't like how the beginning of the wand starts, there's barely any length to the bristles and it's always hard to get the baby lashes. It separates lashes great!

The Experiment:

Here's how my lashes look uncurled. you can definitely tell my lids are uneven now that there's no eyemakeup! LOL, sometimes I feel like one eye looks bigger because of it.

I curled my lashes with my shu uemura eyelash curler and took a picture of how they look before any mascara.

CG Lashblast is on the left and Maybelline colossal is on the right. I applied my primer and then 1 coat of the mascaras and took a picture. You can definitely tell that the colossal mascara lengthen my lashes a bit more.

Here's how it looks with 2 coats of mascara. Colossal makes my lashes stick together a little and is darker and looks like it thickens more. I think maybe because the way the brush is designed because it only did it to my inner lashes. If you look closely at the brush picture you'll see what I mean. Lashblast separated my lashes neatly but did not lengthen as much as the other mascara and doesn't seem to be as deep of a black.

I didn't get to take a side view of how they looked in the end but you definitely notice that there's length difference. I don't really prefer one or the other. I think I like them both the same. Nothing really wowed me with either of these mascaras. I would definitely repurchase both of them when I run out probably depending on which one is having a better BOGO at the moment lol. I don't like to read the casing and read what they have to offer because I don't judge them on that. I like to judge them on how they perform because the colossal mascara says it has "collagen" in it but who cares? Well maybe some of you do but I don't haha. Depending on the occasion, I'll probably chose lashblash if I want a more natural look because it separates my lashes reall well and the other one for maybe a dark, smokey look.

Hopefully everyone didn't get tired of reading my blabber. I think I'm starting to actually write more nowadays instead of just posting tons of pictures LOL! I also took time to watermark my pictures. I don't think anyone would steal my shit because I don't really have a billion followers like some other bloggers but just in case they do I watermark now :P Besides, I have photoshop on the PC unlike the mac :D

So who found this useful? Give me some constructive criticism (and not be rude because there's a difference!) on what I should improve, add on, and other stuff :) Thankss everyone!

I want to have a small sale, but I still don't know how to use paypal! xD I feel like a dork :P



  1. LOL yea I don't think collagen is gonna do anything for lashes, hahaha. Great showdown!

  2. I love both LashBlast & The Colossal! They are amazing!

  3. nice review lindah! i wanna give this maybelline one a try... my CG is almost dryin up... =) xoxo


  4. <333 thanks so much hunnie!

  5. lol. true about the huge bag. :DDD hihi, yeah our nephew looks smart when they use the computer even they don't know how to. :)

  6. great review! i think i should give collosal another try, but i couldn't stand the smell.

  7. Thanks for this review girl!!! I want the Colossal so I will buy it this weekend!! YAY! :D

  8. Thanks for the review......just followed ur blog......

  9. lol girll why would i be mad. hahah u can recreate all the looks if you want, just make sure to chose one that u want me to count in on the contest LOL. ur so funny. but i hope u enter!! =]

  10. hey girl~
    Thanks for the mascara reviews. I have never tried any drugstore brand mascaras besides the Maybelline biglash or something like that a long time ago. My fav mascara is by Shiseido because it works wonders for my lashes. =)
    Cute blog. I'm going to follow. =)

  11. hey girlie! i have an award for you on my blog! =]

  12. hey babe- no this palette came out just in may 30th i believe- i have no friggin clue why they'd come out with it so late?? weirddd- if i could, i'd buy you 10 solar white e/s's you'd LOVE IT!!!

    oh and i just saw the new lash blast commercial and i guess they've sold over 6 million of them- and it's the number one seller now?! crazy beans.

  13. hmm both of them made your lashes look really great!!


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