25 March 2010



Omg, it looks horrendous doesn't it!?!? I'm not even sure if a NC35 would be able to pull off this shade alone! lol :) I think the only use for it alone is for the pale gals that want a nude lip for a dramatic smoky look! ^_^ (not a good way to model the bang bang bi0tch earrings lol)

Okay so what am I going to do with this lipstick now that it looks awful on me? (I knew it would be too light when I bought it online, but I just had to prove myself okay!)

So here are my bare lips:

I don't have a very defined lipline and they aren't terribly pigmented.

The lipstick.. okay so when it's lighter than the birch veneer it has got to be terrible on me! lol

The lipstick on my hand with flash..

The lipstick on my hand without flash.. Gosh, you can seriously see my veins! xD

And here is a close up of the lipstick on my lips! Sorry the picture isn't as focused, I didn't realize it when I was taking the picture.

So I saw a post that Livia did last week and I decided to try it out on myself! ^_^ And it worked like a charm.. I took MAC On Display Lipglass to lighten the color of it whenever I apply it over the fleshpot lipstick.

A dark plummy-raspberry color. It's really gorgeous and leaves a wine color on your lips when worn alone :) Unfortunately it only suits the fall/winter seasons.

Here it is on my lips! ^_^ I really like how the picture captures the gold sparkles :D

So I apply FLESHPOT on my lips first and then I take the lipgloss and put some on my finger (don't wanna contaminate the applicator especially with pale nude lipstick) and spread it out evenly on my lips! And here is the result :D

A pretty pinky color! It's actually pretty wearable after I add the super dark vampy gloss.

And without flash it looks even better :D Please excuse my little mustache hairs, I need to touch up on that lol!!

But I totally love the result! I'm still undecided if I want to keep this lipstick or if it'll end up on my blogsale.. only time will tell! ^_^ Thought I would post something different and will benefit the tan girls like me that are too afraid to buy certain nude lipsticks.. this is what you can do if it doesn't work out for you :D

I'm totally on a roll this week with the posts! I've got tons more planned.. *sigh* I guess that means I have too much makeup products LOL...


P.S. Linda I got my car! :D I am totally bummed... the clutch on this one is totally different from my RSX.. T_T I hope I can drive it okay and get used to it!


  1. hehe. i also cant pull some super nude lip color.


    But I love the pink you were able to make with it. Fleshpot is like putting concealer on your lip if you ask me...ehh.

  3. Im nc30 and it would look shit on me too...basically that colour... its for light peoples lol.

  4. Hahah love the picture. I'm an NC35 and I gladly swapped away Fleshpot! I love a nude lip but it's too light and too pink!

  5. I love nude lippies but I agree with the comment above me, it's too light and too pink!

  6. WOW! thats sad it doesn't look good with your skin tone, because that is a goregous color ;[.....

    what do you do about your mustace hairs? just curious because i have them too, and im afraid to shave them...

  7. eeekkkk... im glad i didnt get it! oh Jesus. I knew It would not suit my NC40 skin. I have snob and it looks great indoors but if u take picture with it, yikes! thanks for sharing!

  8. awwww but the one with the lipgloss quite nice!
    sorry i havent replied ur email,i will reply asap!hehe
    i hv been so busy!hehe

  9. It really doesn't look that bad! Nudes dont work for me generally because my skin is a little darker most of the time :)

  10. ermmm... yeah, def does not suit with you.... you look extremely wash out or you're just ill 'cause your lips are too light for your skin tone! lol. hmmm. I'm into pink lips rather than nude colors.

  11. hehe you look so cute in the first photo,its like you want to take the lippie off

  12. hehehe
    lol at your pic
    you're adorable,hun

    you made my day
    im happy with my blankety..although i would want to try out myth, but its not available here in the philippines..
    too bad

    but to be on the safe side, i'll stay away from fleshpot

  13. as a lipstick, nahhh but as a base.. LOVEEE IT! you're so cute with that lipstick on you! loved the facial expression

  14. lmfao lindahhh you are so funnyyyy!!!

  15. hahahah! =) love the 1st picture :P so cute! =) I love to wear nude lippies and yeah they can get really pale on me too because I'm NC30-35 :P but added with the other lippie, it looks great! =)

  16. your first pic is so cute! haha.. it looks too light for me too, but luckily you could pair it with On Display :)

  17. yep...russian red would look sexy as fuck on you :D

    ah well..you can always return fleshpot to mac

    oh snap...those heels i was wearing they did a really nice beige version too and it was on sale really dirt cheap in july... if only u lived in england... :(

  18. lol at the first pic...but it did work as a lip concealer....

  19. i thought you applied concealer on your 1st pic lol

  20. so w/u! the flash on the camera dont help too. hehe

    i think its a keeper! i like the color combo!

  21. yeah fleshpot doesn't even look good on me either and I'm NC25, so yeh but I love it with On display! and congrats to your new car!

  22. i keep having this problem too. i have given my bestie so many products because they end up looking ugh on me lol in fact, i'm about to send her the "fun and games" powder...de-potted of course, because that hello kitty case is too cute!! ^_^

  23. im getting two barry m lipsticks and a gosh lipstick lol! I want to find a good nude lipstick..you could always find someone to do a swap with, there really fun!

  24. Hey, good luck with the new car. I have the feeling you'll be fine. Hopped over from Sarah's blog :)

  25. hahah youre too funny/cute in the first pic! and yeah sometimes finding the perfect nude/pale pink is really tough, but im glad you found a way to make it work. and congrats on the new car!! that's so exciting and perfect timing since it's the weekend :)

  26. I have Fleshpot, also. At first, I found myself in the same predicament as you. But you know what? It works great if you put a little bit of balm on your lips first, swipe Fleshpot over your lips, then add whichever color lipstick you want on top! Especially if your lips are already pigmented as much as mine are :p

    You look so silly cute in your pic, hahaha

  27. I think what you did by adding the darker lip colour on top of such a pale lipstick, is genius! Great idea, good usage luck!

  28. It looks great with the lipgloss over it. I cannot pull off super nude lips...it makes me look like I ate powdered donuts and forgot to wipe off my mouth.

  29. Haha, your title made me laugh super hard! Nice blog you have here. :)

  30. nice post! I love how you made it work in the end. you look so cute in the first pic.


    Lindah, you totally made my day with that photo!

    You're so cute!

  32. Congratulations on your new car! Lucky girl :)
    Your first picture is priceless Linda LOL. I think it would look good on you alone if you did a dark smokey eye. Even though i love nude lippies (like concealer stuff) I wouldn't wear it without any dark eye makeup - it just looks weird. But I love how MAC On Display changed the lip colour more pinkish. I'm going to get MAC Fleshpot next! I've been eyeing it for sometime now.

  33. LOL I agree! Great photo :D
    It looks so much better layered with a lipgloss!

  34. I agree with Karen, maybe it can work with a really dark eye makeup, but if not, topping it with the gloss made it gorgeous. =) Cute first pic!!! LOL. =P


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