23 March 2010


Hello! Whoooo :) I'm 19 now! LOL, still a young buck but whatevs. I got responsibilities now! :D

I spent the day like any ordinary day though. Well not really. I slept really late because I was so anxious for my history test today (which I'm unsure how I performed... yikes!) I didn't get to sleep much because I couldn't fall asleep last night and I woke up at 7 to get to school early and read the article that I skimped out on last night :X I hauled ass on that test (kinda??) and I pretty much took up like 10-15 minutes to write the essay portion so maybe that's a good sign? IDK, but I can feel better about myself because I got a 90 on my microsoft excel test ^_^.. the fool that cheated off of me got a 87?! WTF o_O.. it seems like everytime he copies he doesn't do it right or something LOL.. *dummy* :)

After that I called the woman I am going to get the car from and we've set up a date for the exchange and form signings ^_^ I'm super excited! I ran into my friend afterwards and then we planned to go out tonight (which we did). I got to lab and oh man, it seems like we're the "in crowd" of the class LOL.. and we're a bunch of NERDS! But I guess because people don't make friends in college like in high school? o_O Lab took forever and we were hauling ass in there too! Man, I don't understand why I'm sucking right now in school?

I got out of lab (only a few strong acids today and I didn't manage to get it on me :P) and got home and ate totino's pizza.. the one in the red box that's like $1 from the supermarket. Well, the center tasted like shit! I like my cheap ass pizza better, this one tasted like some nasty ass medicine :( ugh, but I was hungry so I had to eat it but shit I ain't gonna eat the other one in the freezer! I went to the chiropractor and he fixed my back!!! ^_^ I knew there was something wrong with it today.. I could feel the crick in my back forreal!

I got home and then started playing with makeup and came up with this look! I wanted to try to recreate beyonce's look in Lady Gaga's video TELEPHONE and the sun had already went down so I had to use flash which washed out some part of the pigmentation so oh well! :( here goes the look! :)

I know I shoulda filled in my brows to make them a little darker, but I was too lazy to go look for my brow powder lol.. and you can't even see the brown I put into my crease!

Here's the inspiration! :) I know it must've been hella weird gazing into the camera with "I'm in love" look LOL.. I am camera shy! I hate the camera until I'm the one holding it! xD

hm, lip color turned out more pink than I had planned but I still think it suits the look!

OKAY, so after I did this look I fell asleep as I was watching this youtube video! (I swear youtube is the new way for me to fall asleep LOL) I woke up and then we went to eat Chili's where I planned with my friend earlier :) We were going to go hang out at her house but her boyfriend suggested a movie so we ended up watching Bounty Hunter. It was a cute and sweet movie! I enjoyed watching it and definitely recommend it. It was a funny and [somewhat] obvious ending but what else do you expect right? It wouldn't be right if it ended the other way because then what would have been the point of the movie lol.


What to look forward to this week:
- Project 5 pan (steph and verina knows about this! lol)
- A review of something, I just gotta figure out what I want to post first lol
- LOVE PACK FROM VERINA!!! :D lots of yummies..

Until next time!



  1. Doesn't it feel good to be 19? Hahaha :) I'm going to be 20, but not yet. Enjoy being one-nine! Btw, I love that look. Looks preeetty good just like Beyonces! I really want to watch the Bounty Hunter, hopefully this weekend! Thanks for the recommendation. :) Take care!

  2. woot woot! Finally 19, my age woman! But I'll be 20 in a couple of months... lol. Oh well, enjoy being the same age now c[= You're the crazy Linda though.

    Project pan 5!? Oh boy......... let's see how long you can last woman!

  3. Dang you best me to it haha! I love it :)

  4. Happy birthday! Wow, you're just 19. still so young :D
    the inspired look is really beautiful :)

  5. happy birthday girlllL! : ) i had no idea we were around the same age.

  6. everyone and their mama is trying out this look! i must try myself as well! lol. looks great on u, u did a nice job replicating the look! =)

  7. Oh, you did such a nice job! I really love the winged eyeliner on you - so flattering for your eyes!

  8. Happy Late Birthday Lindah!

    Aw, you did such a good job replicating Beyonce's eyeshadow here.

  9. You did a really good job!! :) It looks great! :D

  10. very nice try on that yellow eyeshadow + winged eyeliner look. I think u look better than beyonce in that mtv Hahaa...
    btw, I'm so in love & obsessed with lady gaga... just love her quirkiness :D

  11. Cute look, I was thinking of trying this out as well.


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