24 March 2010


"steph: did you get any london stuff? or are you saving. :)"

Well! Since you asked... I was just about to get to that today! I really thought the collection was very nice over all! ^_^ They had a lot of different product selection; eyeshadows, lipglasses, lipsticks, nail lacquers, beauty powers, blushes, makeup bags, SCARF... I'm sure anyone would've found one thing they would've liked from this collection!

Personally, I did want the eyeshadows. I know I said I hate MAC shadows and the way they go on, but I think they're starting to grow on me! :X Yes, more money to waste. I want to be like those chicks with the billion mac palettes LOL.. no but seriously I can save that for the future as a little "HOBBY" to do. It's not like the limited edition shadows aren't dupeable. I really wanted to get birds & berries but I have strike a pose and it was virtually the same color so I passed! I also wanted bough grey but... since I wanted too many lippies I just skipped! The other colors are pretty too, I think I would be able to use them and incorporate them into looks.

All lipsticks are gorgeous! I wanted to get them all, but I know I don't wear hot pinks and I know it doesn't look good on me so I passed on petals & peacocks. The other three I got :X The lipglasses were really nice too.. I skipped on a different groove because it was wayyyy too frosty/shimmery for me and it was pretty dark too so I left that one at the counter.

The blushes were both pretty.. not the norm for me! I wanted both but with my heavy blush hand I knew I had to skip on dirty plum. I also fell in love with both beauty powders but I knew I had to leave one of my loves at the counter because I already have summer rose from another collection and it's definitely not pigmented enough to pick up another one! lol!

Nail lacquers... one was very unique (blue india) but I know it wouldn't be one of my favorites so I left it behind. And vestral white was kinda like... $12 for a white nail polish? Please, I will pass and go buy a china glaze one from one of the discounted sites I found! ^_^

Here's the video on my haul! I know it'll be the last big ones I will be able to haul. It's official! I will be paying on the 15th of every month to Wells Fargo for my car loan :) I'll still be able to haul a few things here and there AFTER I make sure I got the funds for my new baby! ***will be picking her up tomorrow evening!***

Okay! Well since I've been on this buying ban, I find it more and more harder to resist buying things xD I'm really lemming some jewelry now and then sephora has to send me this 10% discount code so now I'm a little frustrated! @$#*$!!!! But I got some birthday money so maybe I'll spend some of it on the things I'm really wanting ^_^

ALRIGHT.. until next time :D I think I will be posting the Project 5 pan tomorrow, and guess what?!?! I think I shall fulfill it in the same day because I was trying to clean out my stash yesterday.. (when I finish things sometimes I'll just leave it in the drawers lol) Also, there's some things that are expired so that's going on there too :P



  1. that's an awesome haul! btw, thanks for following me :)

  2. i really wanna see your new car pic!!! i'm so happy for you! btw cute look in your vid! haha i need to go on a makeup diet sigh ;x

  3. Wow, nice haul. I need to get myself to the MAC counter soon, I've been looking at the Beauty powders and it looks good. :)

  4. From this collection I bought the Birds&Berries because I don`t have a similar shadow. It`s a gorgeous shade :)


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