11 March 2010


Wow! Thanks to everyone that's participated so far in my giveaway! :) Still have another month so we'll keep that rolling! ^_^ Oh man, they came and towed the car today! It was really sad and the fact that the idiot towing it pretty much just tore off the bumpers! O_O How heartbreaking! It actually looked TOTALED after that shindig!


Today's post is a review about one of the things I've purchased in the month of January! I usually like to wait and use my products before I review them rather than review them right away (like 2 days later) of getting it because I like to see how they last in the long run :)

I've been using the eyeliner for about 1-2 months now and I think it's safe to say I can thoroughly review it now! ^_^

LORAC Front Of The Line
What is it:
A liquid liner in a convenient flow through pen form.

What it does:
It’s a no-budge, no-smudge, long-wearing eyeliner that keeps you looking fresh and fabulous for hours!

What else you need to know:
A unique automatic delivery system makes it easy and effortless to get a clean, precise line with its flexible tip for smooth strokes and ultimate control. Line up your options – from very fine to dramatically bold – and create true Hollywood Red Carpet style!

Price: $10.00
Size: 0.02 fl oz./0.8mL
Where to buy: loraccosmetics.com -- I think it got discontinued and replaced with their newer "PRO" version at sephora and ulta stores!

Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Repurchase? Yes, if they're still offering it for $10 when I'm done with my other eyeliners!

Close up of the tip! It's fine, but not super fine like the MAC Penultimate Liner yet it will draw bold lines or fine lines with ease. If you read my blog when I bought this, you'll know I had a little issue with this item! Mine actually arrived damaged and had to be replaced but they handled it really fast and easily ^_^

Here's a swatch of it, it's not as black as it used to be when I first got it but it still flows really good and comes out an average black color. When I first bought it, you needed no pressure to get the product to apply and it applied so effortlessly and was super rich! This was the first eyeliner pen that I've used so far that actually does that! The Revlon Colorstay one needed a little bit of a test swatch first on my hand to get the product to flow through and so did the MAC Penultimate which was kind've inconvenient at times because I really didn't need a black mark on my hand to wash off!

After a good 2-3 weeks, the effortless application wore off and started applying like the other two liquid liner pens I own. I felt that if I spent $20 (yeah that's how much it was when I bought it but now it's on sale! :O) it should work like new each time until the product is all gone! If I had only spent $10 on it then it would've been a different story.

  • Able to draw fine lines or bold lines
  • Flows through really easily!
  • Comes out a true, rich black color
  • Inexpensive for a high end liquid eyeliner
  • Felt tip makes it very easy to wing out your liner
  • No need to re-dip the brush into a pot to get more product
  • Starts to not flow out easily after 2-3 weeks of daily usage
  • Only available online at loraccosmetics.com
  • My first one came damaged and dried out
Overall, I really love this product! I think for the price it's going for now online it's really worth it to snag one and try out. I will definitely try out their new "PRO" one as soon as I'm finished with these current liquid liner pens :)

I've worn this with most of my recent looks I've done since I've got it and it's really quick and easy to get on and winged out!


I have a plan to keep my blog alive! LOL, it's really hard to go to someone's blog now and actually leave a comment or something. I always end up closing it out but whateverrr.. Okay but anywho, I will try to post reviews at least once a week with a maximum of two a week :) I've got tons of reviews I can spit out of my ass right now since last night I took pictures of a ton of the stuff I've got in line to review and swatched everything so now I just need to write up the reviews ^_^

Hope I can keep up with this blogging scene! I seriously was thinking about quitting but I really wanted to get my giveaway posted lol :X If anything, I will wait until the giveaway is over to quit if it really comes down to it. Well either quit or take a break until the summer.. I think I'll have a contest planned in the summer depending on my financial status since I'm going to have a car note now :(

Take care girlies! And drive safely...



  1. I'm in a blogging rut too, after I stepped away a little (I totally plan the Winter Olympics!), it is so hard to get back on track!

    Don't feel any pressure to post, just whatever you feel like doing =)

    I should really give eyeliners another try, they are usually too dramatic for me but I do love their perfect lines!

  2. this liner sounds great. i want to try it too! it's great that an inexpensive eyeliner is as good as high end prodcut :)

  3. hi! this is the first time i drop by your lovely blog. i'm a sucker for gel/pencil eyeliners, perhaps my eyes are too watery whenever i use a pen eyeliner the ink tend to creep inside of my eye and made my whites look kinda yucky. the only way i could make use of pen liners is when i use it over a line drawn by a pencil liner :p

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your car Linda :(
    $10 is a really good price for a liquid liner from Sephora. Too bad they only sell it on the Lorac website though - shipping to Canada usually adds up to a bit. I started using the MAC penultimate and it's the same idea as your Lorac one - I like it quite a bit but I always go back to my gel fluidline :)


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