30 March 2010


Hiiii! :D I have something interesting I'm trying to do! I'm trying to use up all my products in my drawer.. lol, well not all of it but the stuff that should be used up easily! ^_^

I'm going to post up "project 5 pan" and stuff, but I'm sure I would still buy things here and there but I have noticed I've cut down on buying makeup (versus January lol if you guys have seen the posts for that month :X). Plus I do have things to pay for now so I'm learning to be responsible! :D Hopefully, I will get through some real things... like for example hit pan on something or finish a lipstick or even better finish a lipgloss! You girls know finishing lipgloss is like impossible right?! haha!

Okay so onto the products! Volume 1 is going to be the expired edition.

1. Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream, It expired at the beginning of this month. I didn't start using it until mid december and I've probably had it since summer. Being a natural product the life span on this doesn't last too long since it's free of the chemicals that's used to preserve it. It actually started to work really good withing the months I used it. (I was trying to finish my clinique all about eyes eye cream.) I saw my little lines start to disappear and it absorbed really nice. Reviews on sephora says that they give you way too much product so it expires before you use it all up.

2. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara, I've reviewed this and I'm glad I'm done using it. It actually expired before the 3-months was suppose to be up because I can definitely tell from the smell of it and the fact that it's so dry. This is too average of a mascara for me to purchase another but I guess at least it's not shitty to be a waste of money.

3. tokidoki for Smashbox lipgloss in Dolcissima, this gloss is really old. Like I should throw it out soon old because it's sooo contaminated! LOL.. so yeah, now I'm throwing it out! This is before I discovered the hygienic way to use makeup.

4. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, I love this thing but sadly it has dried out. It's so goopy and thick that it doesn't apply evenly to my nails anymore as a top coat so I'm gonna have to just chunk this and buy another one. I know you can buy a thinner but I'd rather just go buy another bottle. It was almost done though, and the brush on it had trouble reaching the product anyway so I guess it's time to let it go lol.

5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance, this was the first thing I ever bought from Sephora with my own money! (My first thing ever was the Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette with the $50 giftcard my sister gave me :D) I used to use it everyday and then I couldn't find it so I started using UDPP, Smashbox primer, and paint pots but the I found it not too long ago hiding in my makeup bag! I was going to go use it again and the consistency isn't the same anymore and it smells really bad.. but I've had it since the end of 2008 so I guess it's served its purpose. It's more than halfway gone so I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the use I got out of it. What I do recommend is that don't buy so many primers to where you can't finish them all! LOL.. that's what happened to me xD

Okay, so I hoped you enjoyed this little project 5 pan thing. I have another one coming up in about a week or two. It might be the "USED UP" edition haha! I think I'm also going to do a monthly favorites kinda thing but differently because if you guys watch hollyannaeree on youtube then you know she does more of the hits/misses kinda thing so I might just do a ROUNDUP :) Look out for that tomorrow!

I'm doing a good job posting everyday, but man my email is getting clogged up! I'm sorry if I've missed your emails, I've got to sort through then tomorrow! All my blog comments goes straight to there because I don't like to go to my actual blog to look at them lol and that way I can read each and every one of them even though I know I don't respond to some questions! :( I guess I could reply in the comments? It seems easiest because I get some questions from people that don't have blogs but they don't leave a way to contact them?



  1. yay for finishing it up! You know, this is why I don't own as much makeup as you! hahaha. Lip glosses are impossible to finish! I have one from 3 years ago and nope... still freakin full or at least 80% left. lol. I probably should throw it out but it's still smells good and doesn't seem like any build-ups O_O

  2. it';s a bit hard to keep track of cosmetics' life span..i mean when we actually start using it..so i started putting label stickers on them...i have a bad memory

    you're right about not being to finish gloss...really impossible

  3. After reading this, I went to check out the first page of your Jan. posts, and dang girl, you did buy a lot of makeup! Good luck on the project 5 pan! :D

  4. Ughh, I HATE when the happens to my bottles of nailpolish, it annoys me to no end.

    Good luck with project 5 pan.

    Anddd, lol @ "you girls know finishing a lipgloss is impossible right?" :P

  5. i started using the lash stiletto in brown on my eyebrows! gel + color + brush : D cuz I hated it on my lashes.

  6. Lash Stiletto is my HG mascara! It's sad you didn't like that much. It's the only mascara that amazingly lenghten my lashes ^^

    Some of the things in my stash have expired too, but I feel so bad about throwing them away, so I'm using them anyway LOL. As long as I don't get bad reactions!

  7. I just bought the stiletto mascara cuz its 40% off on walgreens lol. I got the red one, I hope it works fine. Im scared to do those project pan stuff because I know I can never commit to it.haha. And that's why I only have 5 lipgloss cuz I know it takes forever to finish and Im not really into lipgloss and stuff! Good luck with Project pan!

  8. Good idea to hit the stuff that's expiring soon in your collection!
    It's probably good that Korres gives a lot of eye cream in their tube. It's always better they give more than less I figure LOL you can always slather that stuff as night cream on your face if you're desperate to finish it right? ;)
    I know what you mean about throwing polishes once the brush doesn't reach the polish...but if you want to get that last bit out for some reason and need to thin it, just mix it with a few drops of nail polish remover (no need to buy a special "thinner").

  9. I'm on the lookout for a good eye cream, might check Korres Eye Cream. ^_^. The Lash Stiletto is gorgeous.

  10. I've been thinking about this... there is no way I can NOT buy more make-up, but I'm certainly going to be more careful what I buy. I'm going to use all my mascaras up and throw away my crappy foundations. I actually threw a couple of things away after reading this, a shitty old Clinique brush and eyeshadow Duo and some crappy Borjois eyeshadows I never use. So thankyou for making a tiny bit of space :)

  11. LoL! keep the tokidoki gloss for the packaging!! =D

  12. @ xoladiihoneyxo; omg woman! I have like less than 1/3 of my dazzleglass left!!! :D I'm pretty damn proud of myself ^_^

    @ ~tHiAmErE~; I should try to label my products when I start to use them! Or at least keep track of it somehow but all the girls that's seen me on blog tv has seen me smell all of my products like crazy! LOL :)

    @ Ritalime; I did haul a ton at the beginning of this year, and I still am sorta but mainly from one brand only :P It's okay if I use up all my products right? :D

    @ Arezu; I think this is the only nail polish that has happened to me since I use it weekly! I don't think I'll ever finish a bottle so that's why I've started to buy the mini sizes.. plus they're too cute!

    @ sssdawna; great idea on using it as a tinted brow gel! I would try that with some mascaras I don't like but they're all black haha!

    @ Gaby; I've started to "let go" of stuff that I don't use/need anymore so I think I'm really on a roll here! ^_^ Lash stiletto is great, but I really need that volume and it doesn't offer it for me! I can probably count how many lashes I have o_O

    @ Jbreezybaby; I can't really commit either, but I'm not gonna lie.. I actually do finish up some of my products pretty often ^_^ I usually get obsessed with a product and it really goes down really fast lol.. ESPECIALLY my baby sparks dazzleglass :D It's ALMOST finished!

    @ Karen; Sometimes I bring my eyecream all over because I end up getting too much out! But it's okay because it's really rich and hydrates well :) and I heard that in the long run putting nail polish remover inside of your polishes damages them! :( I think thinner would be worth investing in since it'll last forever lol ^_^

    @ twinsouls888; the packaging is gorgeous, did you enjoy the one I sent you?!?! I FINALLY finished mine. Well, it kinda finished on me because it dried out -___-..

    @ Eden Bue; no problem! I gotta clean some more stuff out of my stash! But I usually end up keeping foundations until I finish them :) EVEN if the color isn't right! I just can't waste it -- especially if it's a high end one which most of mine are xD

    @ Violet Honeybee; I would keep the tokidoki gloss for the packaging but it's all scratched up! lol, very painful to look at and I can't believe that's how I took care of my lipgloss! :O


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